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Two years after the country voted to stay in the UK,


proposals are published for a second independence referendum


Two years after going on the run, this violent criminal from Glasgow


Scotrail promises to improve its performance,


after admitting its service isn't good enough.


Scotland's only Labour and Conservative MPs are at risk,


under plans to redraw the country's Westminster constituencies


And the better team won, Brendan Rodgers' verdict


on a disappointing night for Celtic in the Champions League.


The Scottish Government has published a consultation


on a new independence referendum bill.


The First Minister said she'd been forced into the position


because of broken promises from Westminster and


But opposition politicians have argued that Nicola Sturgeon should


Our political correspondent Lucy Adams reports...


A macro if you think for one single second I am not serious about doing


what it takes to protect Scotland's interests, then think again. It's


not the first time the Scottish Government has launched a


referendum. That led to this but failed to get the result they


wanted. Greenock is one of the few parts of Scotland that voted with a


50-50 yes no split in the independence referendum two years


ago. But in June of this year, 64% of the electorate here voted to


remain in the EU. Today is not necessarily about securing


independence. It's just a first step and might not even lead to a bill.


In effect it's the Scottish Government's insurance policy


against a so-called hard Brexit removing Scotland from the single


market. It's important to protect Scotland's interests against a hard


right Tory Brexit that could cost up to 80,000 jobs. So we are consulting


on a draft referendum Bill. Should it prove that independence is the


best way or indeed the only way to protect Scotland's interests. But


opponents say they should get on with running the country. We


promised the people of Scotland two years ago that if they came out and


voted in the independence referendum, their voice would be


respected. The majority of people don't want independence and the SNP


should take this off the table. Experts have reflected on the legal


status of a second independence referendum. This time round the


Scottish Government says they will ask the UK Government to authorise


the referendum. That's what they did in the last referendum. However I


doubt if the UK Government would agree to that. Parts of the


waterfront in Greenock have been transformed with EU funding. Its


people living in areas like this that the Scottish Government will


need to persuade of the requirement for a second independence


referendum, and who they hope will be swayed by the UK Government's


moved to leave the EU and the impact they say that will have on trade.


Voted to stay part of Europe. I also voted to stay part of the UK. I just


think economic and I wouldn't vote to break the UK up. For me, Scotland


being part of Europe is really important and I think I would vote


accordingly for that. I would still vote for independence because I feel


that Scotland did not vote to leave the EU market. The bill would have


the support it needs to be passed, but questions remain as to whether


it will get that far. A man has gone on trial


at the Old Bailey for the murder in London


of an Inverness-born policeman. Stefano Brizzi denies murdering 59


year-old Gordon Semple, saying his death was an accident


resulting from a "sex The Scot had been with


the Metropolitan Police Earlier I caught up with our


reporter Richard Lister. Richard, what happened in court


today? Well, opening the prosecution case today Certainly for the past


few hours we had a lot of gruesome detail about this killing. He came


to the UK from Italy in 2011. But the jury heard that he was in


contact with PC Gordon Semple, originally from Inverness, but a 30


year veteran of the Metropolitan Police force. He used a gay dating


app, they arranged a meeting and Mr Semple spent several hours at the


flat. The jury heard he was almost certainly killed between 7:30pm and


10pm. His body was not discovered for a week until a neighbour called


police complaining about the smell coming from the flat. Lease officers


attended the flat and when they were met at the door by Mr Brizzi, the


court heard he had said he tried to dissolve the body. He said Satan


told him to. There were emotional scenes in court when the jury was


played CCTV footage of Mr Brizzi buying power tools and buckets and


cleaning fluid from a shop near his house as Mr Semple lay dead in his


flat. Mr Brizzi burst into loud sobs and eventually the afternoon session


had to be stopped and will not resume until 10am. This case is due


to last three weeks. Mr Brizzi denies murder but he has admitted to


the charge of obstructing a coroner by trying to conceal Mr Semple's


body. Scotrail has unveiled an action plan


detailing how it's going to tackle the problems that have plagued


the rail network over It comes the day after a petition


was handed into the government calling on the company to lose


the franchise to operate Our reporter John McManus


is at Queen Street Station for us - That petition yesterday was the


result of enormous public pressure calling on ScotRail to either


improve its performance or give up the franchise. And they have had


problems on the reliability and punctuality issues means they


dropped below a certain standard of performance, 90.3%. That is what has


triggered transport Scotland to order the company to publish this


improvement plan. It has not all been bad, there have been


significant successes over the past year for ScotRail, not least the


introduction of the new borders railway. The company admits it does


have problems. It says it will spend ?60 million over the next two years


putting those problems right, but ?60 million over the next two years


they are under a lot of political pressure. I asked the company


whether they were now involved in a PR battle with government ministers.


Absolutely not. People are expressing their frustration, that's


fine, we would not be critical of anybody doing that. For us it is


about making sure we do everything as well as we possibly can to make


sure we provide our customers with the best experience they can have on


Scotland's network as they go to their jobs and to see their family


and friends. And what do the customers or passengers make of


this? Well there's a lot of promises in this report, not least, for


example, things such as bringing on my new electric trains, upgrading


existing older rolling stock with new doors and Wi-Fi for example,


upgrading stations and spending more money on all the services they offer


to customers. But it's a big ask. For example 200 carriages over the


next three years is something ScotRail have promised. I asked


passengers at Queen Street earlier today whether they thought ScotRail


could deliver on those promises. If they put their minds to it they will


be able to but I'm not sure I can trust them. They are a bit delayed


but they are consistent. They might not be there on time but from my


but they are consistent. They might experience it's a minute or two they


are delayed by. Half an hour and the like, barely acceptable. They used


to be an old advert, let the train take the strain, I think they forgot


about that. This is an extremely frustrating issue for passengers.


People just want to get home and get to work on time. They are probably


not interested in the finer details of the improvement plan, they just


want the trains to run on time. Thank you.


Senior investigators have warned an "extremely violent" Scottish


fugitive is likely to be hiding in Spain's ex-pat community.


36-year-old Jonathon Kelly is one of 10 people who feature


on a new "most wanted" list, revealed by the National Crime


They believe each of the fugitives are hiding in Spain.


Kelly, from Glasgow, is wanted by Police Scotland


to serve a jail term for a number of serious assaults.


The violent offender is said to pose a high risk to both


Our reporter Aileen Clarke has more details.


Armed police surrounded a Glasgow tenements two years ago. Officers


poured into the Govanhill Street in a bid to capture a violent career


criminal with a string of assaults to his name, including a machete


attack. They'd been looking for Jonathan Kelly since he had gone on


the run two weeks earlier, but if he'd been here he had moved on. When


released from prison on licence one of the conditions was that he would


turn up here at his local police station every day. That lasted less


than three weeks, and then he cut his electronic tag off and went to


ground. Two years on the police have still to catch up with him. Now


detectives believe he has fled to Spain and is one of ten fugitives


the National crime agency is targeting in this latest push to


trace button 's most wanted. We are hoping people who know the


whereabouts of these fugitives get in touch through crime Scotland. We


can work in punisher with our Spanish counterparts and arrest and


extradite the fugitives. Kelly is not the only one on the list


Scottish police are keen to chase. There is a European arrest warrant


out for Marc Quinn, a 52-year-old man from Liverpool. It is believed


he was involved in a drug dealing operation in Glasgow. The


authorities hope that more raids like this will result from tip-off


is on the latest figures they are targeting. Previous campaigns have


flushed out more than 70 fugitives. Amongst them William Paterson who


fled to Spain but is now serving at least 22 years in jail for the


murder of Kevin Carroll in a supermarket car park in Glasgow six


years ago. Over the years some arrest in Spain have come just hours


after the mug shots have been publicised. Sometimes it takes days


or weeks. But detectives say they play a long game. We are very


determined, we never give up. We will keep looking for these people


for as long as it takes to capture them. In the case of such a


dangerous criminal as Jonathan Kelly, police hope their tenacity


will pay off sooner rather than later.


You're watching BBC Reporting Scotland.


Two years after the country voted to stay in the UK,


proposals are published for a second


As final preparations are made to host the Old Firm League Cup semi


final at Hampden the police say they won't tolerate any misbehaviour


Scotland's MPs have been looking at new proposals


to reduce their number and re-draw the Westminster constituencies.


It means some SNP MPs will have to fight each


other to stand again, and it puts the only


Conservative and Labour members in Scotland at risk.


The UK Government wants the change in order to cut the cost


of politics and have more equally-sized constituencies.


Our political correspondent Andrew Kerr has more.


Battle ground Glasgow in the 2020 general election. SNP MPs might have


to fight each other before polling day. Journalists have been poring


over these new proposals. The UK Government wants to cut Scottish


constituencies by six to save ?12 million over the next Parliament. We


are tossed with drawing boundaries and coming up with names of


constituencies and we would very much welcome public engagement on


each of those elements, particularly where people think there are


improvements that could be made. These multicoloured maps could leave


MP careers in tatters. There are going to be some SNP MPs who lose


out. Those particularly vulnerable are those where it is not obvious


that they have the best claim on the new seat that is being created in


their area. In the last general election the SNP won 56 out of 59


seats. In SNP health Glasgow the constituencies have been cut from


seven to six, that means a fight in the party to stand again unless


someone steps aside. Meanwhile Scotland's only Labour MP could be


at risk in the redrawn constituency has he is losing traditional areas


of support. It's the same story for the soul Conservative MPs. Areas


added into the new constituency taking a chunk of SNP support.


Finally an unusual merger, the rural Angus Glens and busy Dundee East.


The people in that area we spoke to don't mind the change as long as it


saves money. I think we've got far too much government. There Rafah too


many MPs in London, Scottish or otherwise. We don't need all these


people there. Quite right, saving money, anything to save money. But


the SNP are critical of the plan to cut MPs and deny there will be in


fighting has MPs search around for a seat. Identix so. For us what this


is about is the overall representation, this is about a


reduction in the representation of the people of Scotland, not picking


on certain areas or looking at communities. For that Labour MP in


Edinburgh who could be at risk, battle begins now. Of the seats made


and created out of the Edinburgh South seat I'd be happy to fight and


hopefully win, but there is a long way to go. We've been making some


suggestions to make it reflect local communities and local community


ties. Back in the south-west, Scotland's only conservative


welcomes a cut in politicians but he's not impressed at his boundary


changes. I support their being less MPs, I think it will make Parliament


more cost-effective and that inevitably means more boundary


changes. Obviously it is a disappointment to see a constituency


I represented for 15 years being broken up. This is just the initial


plan and it could change. MPs will have to pass it, but not until


A prisoner, who went on the run from Castle Huntley


open prison near Dundee, has been traced in Paisley.


Police said Arthur had convictions for violence and they had warned


members of the public not to approach him.


The mother of an RAF serviceman from Dunfermline,


who went missing after a night out in Suffolk, has renewed her appeal


CCTV pictures show 23 year old Corrie McKeague in the centre


of Bury St Edmonds almost four weeks ago.


Since then there have been land and air searches, but no trace


His mother says she believes he's still alive.


Honestly, so many people have asked me that question and and absolutely,


the thought that he is going to come back in weeks saying you will not


believe what's just happened to be, that is him. Nobody can just


disappear. I know that. I know that as a police officer, I know that you


just don't have any evidence and there is nothing.


A look at other stories from across the country...


Almost 50,000 people have signed up to donate stem cells in a bid to


save the life of a three-year-old girl. Eva Stark from Fife lost out


on a life-saving transplant for the second time after a donor pulled out


for medical reasons. She has a rare blood disorder and will die without


a stem cell transplant. The donor has to be a ten out of ten identical


match for genetic markers. Emergency services have been attempting to


remove two empty cars which plunged into the sea in Edinburgh. They were


spotted by Walker at West Shore wrote in granting early this


morning. Police said they did not know how they ended up here but


confirmed the body had been heart. Stagecoach bus passengers in


Scotland may be able to pay their fears using contactless technology


by next year. Ahead of some services elsewhere in Britain. In a ?12


million scheme the company made plans to introduce the equipment on


all of its UK regional bosses by the end of 2018. Political uncertainty


is being blamed for a slowdown in growth for Scottish construction


firms with modest expectations of business improvement over the next


12 months. The quarterly survey by the Royal institution of chartered


surveyors found more were expecting growth than contraction but only by


a 7% margin. An American writer has won this year 's Dundee


International Booker prize. She has been awarded ?5,000 and a publishing


deal for horror novel, the margins, a coming-of-age story set in the


1980s with a lead character who is transgender. I've always been


interested in gender and gender roles and why we have them, how they


are played out. I was looking for a book like this and I couldn't find


one and I have always had a cliche, write what you want to read so


that's what I did. Glasgow's top police officer says


the behaviour of some Celtic and Rangers fans


is an 'embarrasment' to the city and country,


and is promising more on-the-spot arrests for any serious misbehaviour


at Sunday's League Cup semifinal. Chief Superintendent Brian McInulty


is deploying extra officers, claiming the police and the public


'have had enough' . From the national stadium,


Kheredine Idessane reports. Preparations are well underway here


at the National Stadium for two big football matches this weekend,


Martin against Aberdeen on Saturday, Rangers against Celtic on Sunday, up


for grabs a place in the League Cup final and it's particularly the


match between the Glasgow teams on Sunday which is exercising the minds


of police. They are promising extra resources, additional officers here


at the National Stadium on Sunday. There will be extra searches and a


change in emphasis as well. There is going to be more arrests say police.


This comes off the back of a match last month at Celtic Park in which


effigies were hung from one part of the ground and some severe vandalism


was done to toilets in another part. It becomes an embarrassment for


Scottish football fans, it becomes an embarrassment for Scottish


people. We should be talking after a football match about the game. We


should not be talking about these senseless act by a minority of


people who tarnish the event for everybody else. For that reason we


will be focused on doing everything we can to prevent it from happening


in the first place. If people do engage in that type of behaviour we


will be looking to make arrests this weekend. There is possibly a more


controversial Rangers and Celtic match later in the year at Hogmanay,


controversial Rangers and Celtic will the template be said that this


weekend, are you happy for that match to go ahead on that day? The


fixture is being held at Ibrox, Rangers home ground, which is a


different environment to the National Stadium but again we will


learn from every game but the focus at the moment is absolutely on the


two games this coming weekend. The last big club match held here at


Hampden Park was the cup final involving Hibernian and Rangers and


we saw the disgraceful scenes afterwards with bands on the pitch


behind me and the subsequent enquiry into the going on and the failings.


Police say they have learned and are continuing to learn lessons from


that match and they will put procedures in place here at Hampden


on Sunday to try to best preserve public order and make sure the


majority of fans come here and enjoy the football in safety.


The Celtic captain Scott Brown says beating Rangers in the semi final


of the League Cup this weekend could provide the perfect tonic


after their Champions League defeat last night.


Borussia Monchengladbach were two nil winners at Parkhead.


Brown says attention must now turn to their rivals but he's warning


fans to be realistic about the scoreline.


Here's our Senior Football reporter Chris McLaughlin.


Footballers rarely get a chance to let Champions League wins these


days, dust yourself down captain, forget last night and promote a


League Cup semifinal. But is it that easy? It looked and sounded like the


start of another memorable Champions League night at Celtic Park but it


didn't last. From the Germans pushed, pressed, fought and fought


and silenced and then scored with a little help from Kolo Toure. It's


football, it's about how you bounce back and he's a great leader from


the back, he talks and communicates and always wants the ball. I think


that the statue of a great man and what he's done for us since coming


in here has been phenomenal and he will push on as well. If he is to


push on he will have two key mistakes to forget, this was the


second last night, the goal which finished it for Celtic. Toure's


indecision. All in all night to forget for the Scottish champions. I


think the best team won, I don't think there's any argument about


that. My players gave absolutely everything tonight, we were up


against a top side. But we had some good spells as well. We were just


beaten by a side that was very, very good. Celtic win could have had them


pushing per second, now they look cut adrift at the bottom. Perhaps


putting Rangers to the sword on Sunday would help it will be a lot


tighter, everyone thinks it will be three, four, 5-0 for us again but it


would be that, it'll be a lot harder again. Yet again we got the pace and


quality, we can score a couple. Focus, promotional push over on


Sunday, it will be back to business. Let's get details of Scotland 2016.


The draft bill has been published but are we any closer to the second


independence referendum? I will be talking to the Scottish Government


Brexit minister fresh from his visit to Brussels.


Lets see how the weather is shaping up.


Asset obey across the bus majority of the country and on reflection if


you had the sunshine it was quite pleasant. Little in the way of


change tonight, driver most, settled again thanks to this high-pressure


overhead, but this weather front trying to edging towards the Western


Isles and some showery outbreaks of rain across Orkney and then east


coast but for most of the mainland most of the night it's dry. Fairly


cloudy and it will be cool but not perhaps as cold as last night. In


towns and cities we are looking at temperatures around about six or


seven, in the countryside coaster three or four. A touch of frost and


a few mist patches in the Highlands. Tomorrow we still have that ridge of


high pressure connected to the high cell just passed Scandinavia, the


weather front into the Northwest so damp start in towards the Hebrides


and showery rain affected east of Aberdeen and down towards Edinburgh


and the Eastern Borders but that cleaving through. The wet weather in


the north-west clearing away also but for most of the country for most


of the day it's another dry and settled one. Cloud late but some


brightness coming through. Highs around 12, it's not too bad. One or


two residual showers around the coast but should be a dry afternoon


compared with the morning, still a bit damp across the north-west but


again that should be clearing away. As we head through the course of the


rest of the afternoon into the evening still a bit damp across the


vast North. To the weekend the settled theme continues, and


east-west split. The East cloudy with showers, West likely to be


drier with sunshine because we have an East south-easterly wind coming


over the North Sea and picking up moisture, more likely to see cloud


in the East with showers further west, likely to be drier and


brighter with the sunshine. All told fairly settled, best of the sunshine


in the West. A reminder of the main news, the


Scottish Government has published a consultation on a new independence


referendum bill. The First Minister says she's been forced into the


decision because of broken promises from Westminster and the Brexit


vote. The opposition say she should get on with running the country.


That's Reporting Scotland, I will be back with the headlines at 8pm and


the late bulletin just after the ten o'clock News. Until then from


everyone and the team right across the country have good evening.




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