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A minimum price for alcohol gets the go-ahead


after judges reject an appeal by whisky makers.


A drink driver is jailed for seven and a half years


as she returned from her son's wedding.


You always remember your wedding day, it is the highlight of your


life and to lose your mum the next day in tragic circumstances is top.


Everyone who was there have seen the happiness, then the sadness.


after making what are described as homophobic comments at a dinner.


The Scottish Green Party urges the people of Scotland


to back holding another independence referendum in the wake


as Morton take on Aberdeen in their first Hampden


Scottish Government plans to set a minimum price for alcohol have


The Court of Session in Edinburgh has ruled against a challenge


to the legislation from the Scotch Whisky Association.


It claimed the plans were a breach of European Law.


The ruling now paves the way for the Scottish Government


It's four years since it was passed in Holyrood,


where ministers argued it would save lives and reduce crime.


Steven Godden reports from the Court of Session.


In a country with a complicated, often troubled relationship with


alcohol, ?5 is enough to drink more in a week than doctors would


recommend. Those who deal with the consequences of problem drinking


believe minimum pricing is the best way to tackle it. What minimum


pricing targets is the cheapest, strongest alcohol, which is


precisely the alcohol that is drunk by the people who end up in our


hospitals and who end up dying from alcohol-related causes. It is a


very, very targeted policy. It is not about your bottles of wine, it


is about cheap cider, cheap supermarket vodka. A minimum price


of 50p per unit would ensure a bottle of spirits cost at least ?14,


or cheap, strong side could double in price. MSPs approved the policy


in 2012, but a court challenge, led by the Scotch Whisky Association,


stopped it in its tracks. After four years of legal argument, here at the


Court of Session in Edinburgh and at the European Court of Justice, the


ruling boiled down to one key question- would encasing the tax on


alcohol be as effective as minimum pricing -- increasing the tax on


alcohol be as effective as minimum pricing when it came to protecting


people's help? Today, the panel of three judges ruled it wouldn't and


rejected the appeal. Obviously, we regret the ruling today, we believe


it is a barrier to trade and not the most effective way to deal with


alcohol related problems. But we will decide on it before the next


steps. Now it has that report, it has the overwhelming backing up


Parliament and we need to move forward with this policy because it


will save lives and the evidence points us in that direction, so I


would hope it does now spell the end of the legal delay. An appeal to the


UK Supreme Court could be launched within the next month, but the


Scottish Government said today's judgment should be respected. Their


aim, to make minimum pricing a reality as quickly as possible.


A drink-driver who crashed into a taxi


as she returned from her son's wedding has been jailed


21-year-old Steven Bennie was being chased by police


at the time and had been driving at speeds of up to 80mph.


Marie Laurie was getting into the taxi with her husband


when the crash happened in the Easterhouse area of Glasgow


Aileen Clarke reports from the High Court in Glasgow.


This family have lost a mother, wife, a grandmother, because Marie


Laurie was all of these things and more. They came to court hoping for


a sentence which might begin to reflect their loss. It is never


enough, compared to what we have lost, but we got enough for us to be


happy today. Marie Laurie was killed and her husband seriously injured


when Steven Bennie crashed his car into the taxi they had just got into


last November. Steven Bennie, 20 at the time, was being followed by the


police and driving at high speed when he drove through a red light


and then hit the taxi. The judge jailed him for seven and a half


years. On sentencing, Lord Boyd said to Steven Bennie that Marie Laurie


had been returning home with her husband from her son's wedding, one


of the happiest days of her life, he said, and in an instant, that life


was gone. He said it was difficult to imagine a more serious level of


dangerous driving. You had no licence, he said, you weren't


insured, you had taken alcohol, he didn't stop when the police


signalled to you to do so and you reached 80 mph in a 30 mph zone. You


had even turned your headlights off, he said. It was the wedding of her


son Martin that Marie Laurie was on her way home from and although the


two events are now intertwined, he says he can't dwell on Steven Bennie


and his reckless actions last night. He is just a boy that had a bad


experience and he has caused the death. To be honest with you, he


could be regretting for his life as well, so let's hope he takes that. I


have no hatred. As I say, I do not want to be filled with anger. The


first anniversary comes next month. A difficult time for the family. I


will never forget those two days of my life. You always remember your


wedding day, it's the highlight of your life and to lose your mum the


next day in such tragic circumstances is going to be tough,


it's going to be tough for the whole family, you know? Everybody was


there, they had seen the happiness, they've seen the sadness. The man


accused of murdering an Inverness born policeman may have cooked and


eaten parts of his body, a court has heard. The remains of 59-year-old


Gordon Semple were found when investigators searched a south


London flat. They found his DNA on cooking utensils in the kitchen


belonging to Stefano Fritz Lee, who denies murder but admits


dismembering and disposing of his body. The UK Brexit


secretary David Davis has been hearing a range of Scottish opinions


on negotiations for leaving the European Union. He met his opposite


number in the Scottish Government as well as business leaders during a


meeting in Glasgow. And he heard a call for more clarity about the


shape that Brexit is going to take. Here is Douglas Fraser.


Protective headgear may be required for the man with a challenging new


job. Secretary of State for exiting the European Union. Tell me what


you're doing. David Davis was in listening mode at Clydeside today at


this business start-up centre, a new fruit from the Glasgow deal. Across


the North Sea, his boss was at her first Brussels summit as Prime


Minister, emphasising that Britain is fully in until it is fully aired.


Yet other governments think the British will eventually change their


minds and remain in the European club. That's not going to happen,


the Prime Minister has made clear that the now infamous phrase "Brexit


means Brexit" is going to happen, the people have given us an


instruction, we have to carry it out. The UK Government has to


negotiate with 27 governments across Europe and devolved administrations


around the UK. The trickiest one is probably with Scotland's Brexit


minister. After they met today, they Holyrood minister was looking for


clarity other than the hints of what we might expect. This is a matter of


enormous significance to Scotland, to our economy, to the way we live


in the European citizens that live here and citizens of Scotland but


live elsewhere. Hints are not good enough, there must be meaningful


open discussion about what happens next and that is the message I gave


to David Davis. This is about tone, attitude, the human component. Next,


meeting business representatives at Strathclyde University, they raised


concerns about foreign recruitment and access to markets and while


rebuffing calls for devolved power over immigration, David Davies


insists this is more than just listening to pressure groups. These


are not just lobby groups, these are the people of Scotland, they


represent various groups of the people of Scotland and it will have


an influence on things like fisheries policy, on farming and our


approach to negotiations there, it'll have an influence on our


approach to things like data, the single issue that came today raised


by one of the financial services people here, management of data.


Every time we have one of these meetings, some important new issues


up. There are many Scottish voices around the table at the meeting here


today, from fisheries to universities, all looking for risks


as well as opportunities in these extremely complex Brexit


as well as opportunities in these negotiations ahead. They are not


your talking about outcomes, they're talking about the inputs and the


process that will decide which voices dominate.


Two people have charged with human trafficking


for the purposes of prostitution, the arrests took place


A 40-year-old man and 32-year-old woman will appear at


The charges follow a day of action by police to target


A well-known Aberdeen hotel owner has apologised after making


what were described as homophobic comments at a fundraising dinner.


Stewart Spence used the term - regarded as highly derogatory


and which will be mentioned in Steven Duff's report


Steven joins us now from outside the five-star Marcliffe Hotel now.


Well, Stewart Spence and the Marcliffe Hotel here in the west End


of Aberdeen, the city's only 5-star hotel. He is a well-known


businessman, entrepreneurial, awarded the MBE for his services to


the tourist industry. At a fundraising dinner last night, he


was speaking and he used the term "poofs" a number of times when he


was claiming the hotel industry had a history of employing homosexuals


and he said himself he had never employed a homosexual. Now, today,


he apologise sincerely for what he described as ill-advised comments,


saying he was mortified and he said as far as he was concerned, the


Marcliffe Hotel was inclusive for staff and guests, whatever their


sexual orientation. You say he has apologised, what has


the reaction been to his remarks? Well, the event last night was for


the hospitality industry trust, which helps find funding for young


people who want careers in hospitality. We were told by one


guessed that the chief executive quickly disassociated himself and


the Organisation from the comments, getting a round of applause in


response. Today, it put out a statement saying it was shocked and


distressed by what Stewart Spence had to say, saying the hospitality


industry is known for being inclusive and diverse. Stonewall


Scotland says the comment shows how far there is to go before LGBT staff


can feel safe and included in the workplace. It says if there is one


positive from what Mr Spence had to say, it is the strong reaction and


strong criticism he has received. Thank you very much. The Scottish


Government says it will carefully consider proposals to introduce


measures to pardon gay men who were convicted of historical offences


which have since been abolished. The SNP MP John Nicolson failed


earlier in a bid to have automatic pardons introduced


in England and Wales. The UK Government has said it


will grant pardons to those still living who apply


and meet criteria. The operators of the Fort William


aluminium smelter have confirmed they are in negotiations


to sell the plant. The operation employs around 170


people and is one of the largest There have been local fears that


a review by owners Rio Tinto could lead to the closure


of the factory but it's believed the discussions


could lead to its being sold You're watching BBC


Reporting Scotland. A minimum price


for alcohol is given the go-ahead after judges rejected an appeal


by whisky makers. Greenock Morton prepare


for their first Hampden semi-final The Scottish Green Party is urging


the people of Scotland to back holding another independence


referendum in the wake Speaking at his party's autumn


conference, the co-convener Patrick Harvie pledged his support


for the Scottish Government's stance - but he said he would also


push the SNP to make Our political correspondent Andrew


Kerr is in Perth this evening. Independence and Brexit dominating


yet another party Yes, that's right, Sally. Like all


the conferences, I suppose, Brexit has been the big issue and it was


the big issue here today on the first day of the Green Party


conference. This is the final conference of the autumn conference


season and as the green leaves turn golden at this time of year, I


suppose, the Green Party here think they are entering perhaps a golden


phase, because at Holyrood, they entered... At the Holyrood election,


they managed to treble their representation, they overtook the


Liberal Democrats and they are now very powerful in a way, because the


SNP is a minority Government, so their votes do matter. They are very


important. So it looks like the Greens are going to push the SNP


when it comes to issues like fracking, proposed cuts to air


passenger duty and local authority taxation. They'll really giving the


SNP a push in the way they want them to go, they are claiming, and now


their co-convenor Patrick Harvie spoke to the conference this


afternoon, he addressed the members there and it also looks like he


wants to push the SNP, the Scottish Government, left wing when it comes


to the Scottish Government's budget. So the SNP must make significant


moves from their manifesto position in the direction of progressive tax


if they expect to see Green support for their budget plans in the coming


months. Now, back to Brexit and the


Constitution. Patrick Harvie essentially spoke at his disgust at


Brexiteers, the vote that has taken the UK out of the European Union. He


wants to, as he says, protect Scotland's place in the EU, so he


was fully supportive of the Scottish Government's plans to launch the


consultation on the draft Referendum Bill, because he says the people of


Scotland, their voice must be heard. This is what he told the conference


when it came to independence. Scotland's mandate, that 62% remain


vote, is being utterly ignored by Theresa May's Government. Well, we


will respect that mandate. We will commit to keeping Scotland's place


in Europe, because that's what the people living here voted for.


APPLAUSE. One of the consequences of this vote


is that the Scottish Government must be supported in their decision to


publish a consultation on a bill for an independence referendum.


So, as I said, the Greens supporting the Scottish Government when it


comes to another referendum, but it's interesting, they are not


looking for a quid pro quo when it comes to that, they are not looking


for something in return. As I mentioned, votes are really vital to


the Scottish Government. More on Brexit tomorrow, the Green


conference here in path. They will hear from the German Green MEP


outlining Scotland's connections with the rest of Europe, and the


co-leader from the Scottish Green Party will be pushing the green


message when it comes to the local authority elections next year.


Andrew, thank you very much indeed. A look at other stories


from across the country. A 12 year old boy has


died, after falling Lachlan MacKenzie from Muir


of Fowlis in Aberdeenshire was visiting relatives in Troon,


when the accident Police in Suffolk have released


new CCTV footage of the missing Scots RAF serviceman


Corrie McKeague. He vanished after a night


out in Bury St Edmunds Aberdeen Harbour is playing host


to a flotilla of NATO ships The vessels from countries including


Germany, the Netherlands, Norway and Finland are part


of a mine-sweeping group that's been A councillor is calling for more


central government investment in roads in the Argyll islands,


to help cope with the large Much of the surge is down


to the introduction of the Road Equivalent Tariff -


which has seen a significant All the infrastructure is done by


the council, said the council has to get more funding for the


infrastructure, for the increase of traffic. It's great that all that


traffic is coming, but I'm afraid the infrastructure is not going to


cope. The highest red phone box


in the UK has been saved, after a local campaign to keep it


in place.It sits two thousand feet above sea level at the base


of the ski-slope in the Cairngorms. Almost a third of public payphones


in Scotland have been earmarked for removal by BT,


because of under-use. Pink and orange clouds


appeared in the sky The phenomenon was captured


in photographs taken by BBC Scotland website readers and BBC


WeatherWatchers around The clouds are believed to have come


from the Ineos petrochemical It's believed they were caused


by heat from cooling towers, which created


instability in the air. It's the Scottish League Cup


semi-final weekend. Celtic and Rangers meet on Sunday,


but tomorrow the action kicks off The Dons are heavy favourites


to progress against the side But as our Senior Football Reporter


Chris McLaughlin reports, the underdogs, who haven't enjoyed


Cup success since 1922, On the banks of the River Clyde you


don't have to look far for reminders of its industrial maritime past. But


this is no misty eyed tale of long forgotten shipyards and days gone


by, because for over 140 years here in Greenock, as the industry has


ebbed and flowed like this great river, there has been one great


constant. Morton's success can be enjoyed


mostly in black and white, but things could be about to change.


That's ?15 altogether... Merchandise tills ringing to the sound of


optimism. We haven't had an easy tills ringing to the sound of


time at Greenock, there have been ups and downs, but it is an


incredible community with an incredible community spirit. Just


ask the kit man who has been at the club 41 years. Would it be going too


far to say this club has been your life? It's cost me about a dozen


girlfriends in the past! I'm still single. I've been here since I was


nine, a ball boy, then I got too old for doing that. I was 16 and I


started on the kit and full-time 16 or 17 years. You can feel a buzz


around this place and not just from the Longmore, the fan to make the


pilgrimage here every other week has been starved of success for so long.


In fact, you have to go back to 1979 to find footage of Morton in a


League Cup semifinal. That was also against Aberdeen, and the Reds


progressed with help from this goal. These days the dons are led by a


former Morton midfielder, back in the days when short work short and


strips were interesting. My job is to get Aberdeen to a cup final and


hopefully go and win it. We're looking forward to the game. I think


the players have done well to put themselves in this position. So the


dons versus the tonne, two sides with plenty of history on one side


with nothing to lose. The Commonwealth Games gold


medallist Ross Murdoch has lost his top Podium level of funding


for the Tokyo Olympic Games in 2020. Instead he drops to "podium


potential" after missing out on a place in the 100m


Rio Olympic final. There are four Scots named


in the elite Podium category. They are the Olympic relay silver


medallists Stephen Milne, Duncan Scott and Dan Wallace along


with the three times Olympian and multiple international medallist


Hannah Miley. Scotland's men and women take


on representatives from Ireland tomorrow in the annual


shinty/hurling The Scots ladies were emphatic


winners last year but will expect their toughest challenge of recent


years as they face With the men's competition only over


one leg this year, Ireland has met senior men's under


the most of home advantage. Ireland has met senior men's under


21 and Dublin women's hurling teams arrived at Inverness today ahead of


their clash with their Scottish shindig counterparts tomorrow in


Inverness. The Irish are under no illusions that a tough challenge


awaits them. You have two Celtic nations who enjoy the physical


contact. We're looking forward to the contest tomorrow. Scotland won


outlast year before losing the return leg in Dublin. This year


Scotland's manager thinks playing just one leg will be a benefit.


Normally when it is a two legged affair, the next leg we struggle,


and get turned over having had a nine or ten point lead. Last year


there was nothing between the teams. We could have. Both games are there.


Points scoring specialist Kevin Bartlett has set the Mac as a


priority. The last two years we have read from the first half, which has


gone on to help us win those games. They come back better in the second


half. Scotland's women have been honing their skills this league and


are hoping to keep the winning run from 2010 running, despite recent


opposition in recent years. The whole of the women's game has


progressed quite a bit but we are expecting a hard, fast, physical


game, as always, with the Irish. Scotland's teams will hope to build


on last year's successes at home. Let's see what we can expect


from the weekend weather. Good evening. Fairly settled


conditions this weekend. Much like today. There was a fair amount of


cloud around. Sunshine and a few showers and we hold onto a lot of


black cloud as we had overnight. Nothing desperately cold. Reasonably


dry for many. The exceptions, a few showers in the North Sea. Those are


likely to edge inland overnight, some patchy rain perhaps in the


Western Isles, but for most it is dry. With that cloud, nothing too


cold, temperatures in towns and cities around 6-8dC, but some clear


conditions in the Highlands leading to a touch of Frost. Perhaps in


western fog to start the day tomorrow. Quite a busy pressure


chart this week but the low pressure and rain staying away from us. We


are under the influence of a ridge of high pressure and there is an


easterly flow coming in off the North Sea, so that means a bit of an


east-west split weather-wise. In eastern parts the country, more


likely some cloudier skies. Further west, more likely to and brighter


weather. When we have that cloud there will be a few showers at


times. Not a wash-out by any means, but cater


for one or two coming in. In the West, sunshine more likely. We


generally light winds, reasonably pleasant, temperatures 11-13. But on


the East Coast with the breeze coming in off the coast, pressure at


times, something just a touch cooler. Around the Northwest, plenty


of sunshine, a pleasant afternoon in store will stop also in the Northern


Isles comedies and spells of sunshine. If you are thinking of


walking or climbing across the north-west, plenty of sunshine on


offer. Temperatures good and winds moderate light. Across the eastern


areas, little more in the way of cloud, a few showers but not a


wash-out, but cater for one or two coming through. Temperatures are on


the summit. The rest of the coming through. Temperatures are on


afternoon into the evening, generally dry for many, still a few


showers and eastern parts of the country. Into Sunday and little in


the way of change. Still an easterly flow. There could be a little fog


around to start the day on Sunday but plenty of sunshine went it comes


up in western parts. Further ease, likely to have more cloud than some


showers. The wind backing north-easterly, so shades down


temperature wise perhaps. On Monday we do it all again. A bit of an


east-west split. In the West plenty of sunshine and dry, further east


are little more cloudy. Temperatures 10-11.


Thank you, Chris. Now, a reminder of


tonight's main news: Scottish Government plans to set


a minimum price for alcohol have been backed by the Court


of Session in Edinburgh. The Scotch Whisky Association


claimed the plans were The people of Aberfan in Wales have


been marking the 50th anniversary of the day a coal slurry avalanche


buried at school. 26 people are being treated at the scene for


breathing difficulties and two taken to hospital. I will be back with a


headline that eight and the late bulletin just after the ten o'clock


News. See you then, goodbye.


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