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Tonight, on Reporting Scotland: It's not hard and it's not soft -


the First Minister urges Scottish business leaders to back her search


It's been just over a month since the RAF gunner Corrie McKeague


went missing and his mother now worries a third party may be


It's very hard to think of anything else that has happened to him other


than he has gone in a vehicle. The Rangers mid fielder


Joey Barton will get clarity on his future with club,


when they meet tomorrow. And is this how to encourage girls


to take up a career in engineering? The First Minister has urged


Scottish business leaders to back her in seeking a deal


to protect Scotland's interests Nicola Sturgeon argued that the top


priority was to maintain access to the European single market


in goods and services. Otherwise, she warned that trade


and jobs would suffer. But her political opponents


challenged her to drop her back-up This from our political


editor Brian Taylor. Nicola Sturgeon, in Edinburgh, in


search of common ground. I think there is a real opportunity to


present to the UK Government a unified Scottish position, and all


Scotland coalition support for the single market. And all Scotland


coalition of businesses and universities and others to resist a


hard Brexit. The aim, to put weight behind Scotland's demand to stay


close to the European single market. In the audience, concerns over


investment. In Scotland, outside the single market, there are concerns


these companies will go to other parts of Europe. I think it is


important to retain a Scottish identity and retain some form of


focus on Scotland in the single market. There is real anxiety as


well. I don't care if you live in Scotland, England, Wales, Northern


Ireland, whether you are male, female or kangaroo, I just want


certainty so that I can give that to my staff and grow the business. This


matters. Scotland trades heavily with the EU. A report reckons Brexit


could cost up to 80,000 Scottish jobs. In relation to the issue of


clarity on the aim is the government has in relation to Brexit... The


Prime Minister says she understands and wants a deal that will benefit


the whole of the UK so what might happen? The single market consists


currently of the 28 EU member states plus Iceland, bleached and Steyn and


Norway -- Liechtenstein. Then there is Switzerland which has accessed


through multiple treaties. Now some EU voices questioning the existing


membership. Crucially, all members of the single market are full


autonomous states, not like Scotland, a devolved section of a


bigger state. EU legal experts like Doctor Tobias Lok spell it out. That


poses a challenge for Scotland. The starting point he says would be to


get the UK Government on side. Scotland needs new powers under the


devolution system. Not only to sign up to an organisation like this, but


to comply with all the rules and organisation has, such as rules on


product standards, rules on financial services and importantly,


rules on immigration. Doctor Lough stresses that anything is possible


in the EU if the will is there will stop Greenland was allowed to leave


in the EU if the will is there will the EU while remaining part of then


mark. Could Scotland example lie here, the French Belgian speaking


province of Wallonia. The parliament is currently blocking a major deal


between the EU and Canada. But it is not in the single market, that is


reserved to Belgium. In all, the sort of conundrum which might appeal


to Wallonia's famous son, the artist Renae Matt greet. -- Magritte.


What'll happen in the meantime? I expect they will publish proposals


for ways that Scotland's interests will be protected as much as it is


possible. They will publish proposals before Christmas setting


up options for ways of protecting those interests. I will not be at


all surprised if they don't feature heavily in the European Economic


Area that I referred to there. The options will be advanced and put


forward to the UK Government. That is confirmed by Mike Russell,


Scotland's Brexit minister. We also know there is something else in


Nicola Sturgeon's back pocket, and independents referendum? This is


like a Magritte masterpiece. It works on several levels. This is


within the ambit of the United Kingdom, a genuine issue of policy,


but there is strategy as well. In the longer term, they might wish to


demonstrate that they have pursued every avenue, that they have


exhausted every option and that it came to nothing within the ambit of


the UK, and at that point, they might argue and convince the people


of Scotland, that it is justified to seek a further vote on independence.


Thank you. Meanwhile fishing industry leaders


in Scotland say they're encouraged by talks they've held in London


with the UK government on the opportunities and challenges


presented by Brexit. The organisation, which campaigned


for a Leave vote in June's referendum, says control over


British waters will bring huge potential benefits


to Scottish fishing. We have a very strong hand that is


completely understood of course, by the secretary of state, and we are


now asking both governments for us in Scottish fishing, both relevant


governments, to work together on this, because this is one of the


best patches of maritime real estate in the world.


Judges are to issue a written decision on whether a private


Final legal arguments were heard at the Court of Session


Relatives of three of the six people who died in the crash in December


2014 are seeking permission from the court to bring charges


One of two police officers seriously injured after being deliberately


run down by a car has been released from hospital.


The man and his female colleague were knocked down


after they responded to a disturbance in the Knightswood


The woman, who was more seriously injured spent some time in intensive


Police are still hunting the occupants of the car


and are treating the incident as attempted murder.


A campaign is growing to cut speed limits in a Perthshire town after


the death of a baby girl. Someone changed 30 mph signs to 20. That has


been criticised by the police that some have said they wanted to be


enforced throughout the town. Flowers still mark the scene where


Harlow Edwards was killed two weeks ago. She was walking along the


pavement when she was struck by a car after it collided with another


vehicle. The two-year-old's funeral took place yesterday. Her older


brother and teenage sister are recovering from serious injuries. An


investigation into the cause of accident is continuing, but it has


shocked people in the town and has led to increased calls for speed


limits to be cut. There is a 30 mile per limit in force on these roads


but a couple of hundred yards further on it changes to 60. People


here say they have campaigned to have a 20 mph limit throughout the


town and that Harlow's death adds urgency to that campaign. But


opinions on whether that would work are divided. There are lots of


people, possibly kids knocking around, I think 20 mph would be


reasonable. I think it is a very good idea. Everybody who knows the


area knows the police are there twice a week. Someone took direct


action, changing some of the signs to 20. They have been changed back


but it is perhaps a sign of frustration. A lot of people are


very angry, however, that was an illegal action. While it might have


given people a bit of cheer, it was soon rectified. Whoever did it


removed it very quickly. The police have issued a stern warning. They


say they regularly carry out speed enforcement activity in the area and


altering statutory signs, as well as being an offence, risks jeopardising


police efforts to enforce the listing legal speed limits. The


council say they are planning a range of further measures to


discourage speeding on this road. But the death of this little girl


has made campaign is more determined to get a permanent lower speed limit


in their town. A 26-year-old man has been charged


with the murder of a 52-year-old man John Smith died


following a disturbance Today Allan Robertson appeared


at Kilmarnock Sheriff court He made no plea or declaration


and was remanded in custody. Police say they are looking for


Craig Munro whose picture they issued last week.


A plan is in place for the Scottish Government to take over


the running of the country's railways, if Scotrail fails to meet


More than 19,000 people have signed a petition calling on the Transport


Minister Humza Yousaf to strip the Dutch firm Abellio


of the Scotrail contract if they fail to improve.


Mr Yousaf told MSPs that contingency plans were ready for ministers


BBC Scotland has learned VisitScotland has suspended the five


star rating of an Aberdeen hotel at the centre of a row


The tourism agency has removed the Marcliffe Hotel


from its website and suspended it from its quality assurance scheme.


On Friday, the hotel's owner Stewart Spence,


apologised after using derogatory terms about homosexuals


Police in Suffolk have again been searching the countryside


near Bury St Edmonds for an RAF servicemen who went missing


Corrie McKeague, who's from Dunfermline disappeared.


RAF serviceman Corrie McKeague has been missing for over a month.


The 23-year-old from Dunfermline was last seen near his base


in Bury St Edmonds, and despite widespread coverage


of CCTV showing the 23-year-old after a night out, his


Now his mother Nicola, who has campaigned relentlessly


for information, says she believes he was taken in a vehicle.


From Suffolk, Katherine Nash reports.


Searches today at great live Amir. The latest in the hunt for missing


service man Corrie McKeague. This week, a possible breakthrough. A


sighting of him on the Hollow Road industrial estate behind the sugar


beet factory. But for his mother and brother, hope in finding him have


faded fast. Our thoughts have changed initially, from as the


police thought, it is very hard to think of anything that has happened


other than he has gone into a vehicle. Somebody drunk at three


o'clock in the morning is not going to be able to walk without being


seen. Earlier this week, a man came forward to say he had possibly seen


Corrie behind the sugar beet factory. Do you think that could be


Corrie? I don't think it could be him. I cannot thank this gentleman


enough for coming forward. We cannot... We have checked CCTV from


where this gentleman has seen Corrie. You are a police officer but


you are also a mother. From the heart, what would you say to people


who were in the area at the time? I am a police officer but I am


definitely a mother first without a shadow of a doubt. If Somerby has


tried to help Corrie, if they have given him a lift to try and help him


get a lift up the road but they have taken him to the wrong place, and


then they have dropped him off, and now they feel


guilty, they did something nice to begin with so please carry on. Let


us know where you have dropped him off. Something untoward has happened


to him which is why he has not been able to come home. If it is somebody


who has taken him, I do know why you have taken him. You clearly don't


want anything because this is not a kidnapped. Nobody has come forward


and asking for anything of any description so why would somebody


have taken him? Tell us where he is. You came down from Scotland to


suffer a month ago, how long will you stay here? We were coming back


from London the other day on the train and my other son said I cannot


wait to get home and he meant Berry. It is really difficult to say when


we will go home. We know we need to for our own sanity because we will


feel like we are giving up on Corrie. If we stay too long and then


decide to go home, but they are making it so easy for us to cope


down here that it makes it really difficult to go home. Over the past


four weeks, police, the RAF and volunteers from Suffolk rescue have


been out in force. Their main focus is the area around Bury St Edmunds


and RAF Honington where Corrie was based. More than 5000 man-hours have


disappeared so far without a trace disappeared so far without a trace


-- looking for the air man. Catherine Ashton joins us from


Suffolk police headquarters. As we have heard, CCTV has led to a lot of


publicity but no clues. Where does this report go now?


INAUDIBLE Well, apologies, we are having some


technical problems. We will try to get things sorted and hear from


Katherine Nash later in the programme.


Politics in Scotland has become quite divided. I want the public to


re-engage with Parliament. Then we can be confident we can carry out


the duties on behalf of the people of Scotland.


You're watching BBC Reporting Scotland.


The First Minister has been urging Scottish business leaders to back


what she calls her search for a "flexible" exit to Brexit.


How an Aberdeen school encourages girls to take up


The future of the Rangers' midfielder Joey Barton should


The former Manchester City and Burnley player is to hold talks


with the club after he was suspended for a training ground


Here's our Senior Football Reporter Chris McLaughlin.


Well, Rangers have a league match here at Ibrox this evening. Joey


Barton will play no part he hasn't featured for Rangers since the 5-1


defeat to Celtic last month. That was over five weeks ago. Why is this


problem dragging on? It is understood that Rangers are trying


to build a case to say he is in breach of contract. We understand


Barton will fight any notion of that. Tomorrow's meeting of the


first time that both parties have sat down to discuss this problem.


Now, if Rangers failed to sack him, they may well have to pay up the


remainder of his contract, around ?2 million will be a resolution


tomorrow? Maybe. We are told this could be the first of many meetings.


It is safe to say no matter what happens tomorrow or in the future,


Joey Barton's rear at Rangers is already over.


The death of a man in Aberdeen early this morning is


Police say they're following a positive line of enquiry


after the body of a 26-year-old was found by officers


called to a property in Mastrick at around 5am.


The man, who has yet to be named, was pronounced dead at the scene.


More than 30 police and rescue experts have joined an extended


search for a missing French student, in Edinburgh.


Divers have been scouring Duddingston Loch for signs


of 21-year-old Antoine Maury who was last seen on Monday night.


A new possible sighting of him running between the Loch and


The public is being urged to check gardens, outhouses and garages.


As he lost his footing, across from the loch, there is water and it was


freezing cold on Monday night. It would be treacherous if anyone fell


in that forms the basis of our main concerns.


A look at other stories from across the country...


Police have named the three-week-old baby who died at a house in Fife


at the weekend as Violet-Ivy Turnbull.


Emergency services were called to a home in Cupar, early on Saturday.


Production has resumed on a platform from which 95 tonnes of oil


BP's Clair installation - to the West of Shetland -


was shut down more than three weeks ago following the release,


which happened due to a fault with the system that separates


A Dundee-born scientist has died in Antarctica after the snowmobile


50-year-old Dr Gordon Hamilton was killed after the vehicle plunged


Dr Hamilton was a professor at the University of Maine


A man who brought stun guns back to Scotland as a souvenir


of his holiday has been jailed for five years.


Niall Dinsmore was caught with the weapons -


which were disguised as torches - when he returned to Edinburgh


The High Court in Edinburgh heard the 28-year-old from


Northern Ireland bought the stun guns as presents because he thought


The former artistic director of the Arches in Glasgow is to take


over at the National Theatre of Scotland.


Edinburgh born Jackie Wylie will start her new job next spring.


The current director Laurie Sansom, announced his departure


What I have been doing was working to spread the tendrils of theatre as


widely as possible in order to reach as wide a spectrum of the population


in the broadest sense of audiences as can be achieved by theatre. It is


a continuation of that spirit of innovation.


Experts who repaired the Forth Road Bridge have won


the coveted Saltire Society award for civil engineering.


Scotland's longest bridge was closed to all traffic in December last


year after fractures were found in the steelwork.


Andy Murray's quest to end the year as world number one continues: Now,


he has to win the final two ranking events of the season


-- to have a chance of overtaking Novak Djokovic.


is the Vienna Open - where he's just won


through to the second round by beating


Some of you may recall our school days when the boys headed off


to metal-work or technical drawing and for the girls -


As you know there's been a concerted campaign to get more


girls into engineering, and today nearly 100 interested


female pupils were brought together by Aberdeen University.


This is the car I was talking about. A world away from the cliche of boys


and toys, today is about the girls and encouraging more of them to


build and create their way into the career of engineering. I don't think


people give women the opportunity to have a career in engineering. I


think it is down to stereotypes. Hopefully that is changing and


events like this are doing their job is to encourage us to be engineers.


I think it started off as a male dominated field. A lot of people


would have been discouraged from doing it. It is following the trend.


More female role models would help. There were plenty on hand. As a


female engineer, I feel we can actually give ourselves more


opportunities and that is why this event brings them to try and see


that they actually have skills for this profession. This is what we are


doing, trying to challenge this misconception. The proportion of


women studying engineering has remained virtually static since 2012


at 16%. Only 9% of the UK engineering workforce is female.


That is so the car is not too bumpy. There are signs of a more level


playing field. I would say it is a wee bit daunting. Some might think


it is a male -based industry. I would say don't let it put you off.


Things are changing. More women are going into engineering, which is a


positive thing. We need more. These girls can be part of that future.


Challenges have been met and fun has been had, important ingredients were


getting more girls into engineering. Now here's Graham Stewart


with details of Scotland 2016. Student debt has doubled undersupply


of university places is failing to keep up with demand. Hours of


Scottish Government is going to improve the prospect of young people


from poor background? -- how is the Scottish Government going to


improve? And improving day. After a damp


morning, things did improve. You can see on the satellite radar picture,


this weather front edging southwards. A few spots rain. Some


sunshine coming through the cloud will stop the cloud reforming


tonight. Fairly breezy and fairly mild. The exception will be the


north-east across Aberdeenshire. We will see temperatures fall away to


two, three Celsius in the countryside. Still breezy around the


West Coast, the far north and the Northern Isles. And tomorrow, we


will have a similar setup. We are a good way away from the setup in the


English Channel and the weather front will get the chance to affect


us with the outbreaks of rain. The packed ice above mean there is a


breeze on offer. On Thursday, a few spots of rain which will dry up.


Most of the activity in the north-west with persistent rain


through the and Islands. By mid afternoon, in the central belt and


south, it will be fairly cloudy. Some sunshine coming through,


certainly towards five, in towards Aberdeenshire. Further west, cloudy


and damp. Brightening up later on once the heavy showers have cleared


through. It will be windy with gale force gusts at times. The wind will


edge its way southwards and we will see a spell of it overnight. On


Friday it is gone. Lighter winds to come. Generally dry and cloudy was


some brighter moments at times and a few spots of light rain. In the


weekend we have high pressure across the near continent and low pressure


in the Atlantic. A bit of a battle. Foremost, on Saturday and Sunday,


largely dry and fairly cloudy. Perhaps a few showers in the west on


Saturday. Temperatures around 12, 13 Celsius. As we head through towards


Sunday, more of the same for many. Perhaps the of a weather front


edging in, bringing outbreaks of rain in the north and north-west.


For the weekend, generally dry and cloudy.


Now, a reminder of tonight's main news...


The First Minister has urged business leaders to back her in her


decision to stay in the European Union. French officials in charge of


clearing the so-called Jungle migrant camp in Calais say they have


accomplish their mission. Aid workers have raised concerns over


the plight of the number of children who have yet to be accommodated.


Just over a month after an RAF servicemen went missing, her mother


says she believes others may be involved in his disappearance.


I'll be back with the late bulletin just after the ten o'clock news.


And after some sort of baking competition that is on tonight.


Until then, from everyone on the team - right


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