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in connection with the attempted murder of two police officers.


ScotRail are fined almost ?500,000 for failing to meet


performance targets, including on cleanliness.


The Independence Camp protestors outside the Scottish Parliament have


The parents of the missing French student Antoine Maury


appeal for his return, saying they're desperate.


All we want is for him to turn up, to show up and find him so we can go


ahead with our lives and he can be the happy young man that he is.


A new lease of life for this retired rescue helicopter -


providing glamorous camping accommodation.


Three men have now been arrested in connection with the attempted


murder of two police officers in Glasgow.


They're expected to appear in court on Monday.


The officers were struck by a car while they attended a call-out


in the north of the city on Sunday night.


On Sunday night at around 11:15pm, two officers were called to a


disturbance here in Knightswood and then deliberately hit higher car.


They were seriously injured after being run over by a blue Nissan, and


they were both taken to hospital. The 30-year-old woman officer was so


badly hurt she was treated in intensive care. And as the officers


had lain on the road, hurt, that balloonists and was driven away,


hitting parked cars, including the police car, as it went. Police have


today arrested three men in connection with the attempted murder


of the officers, a 28-year-old man this morning and a 24-year-old and


30-year-old man this afternoon. The 30-year-old is David Maclean, who


detectives issued a photo of earlier today and were very keen to trace.


The woman police officer, although out of intensive care, remains in


hospital. ScotRail has been fined almost


?500,000 for failing to meet required standards


for trains and stations. The inspection results follow


criticism of the franchise for delayed, cancelled


and overcrowded trains. What exactly are ScotRail


being fined for? This is another rap across the


knuckles for ScotRail. They have already been told by the Scottish


Government that they must improve on what are called their hard


performance targets, things like reducing the number of trains that


are late, reducing delays and cancellations on their services,


reducing the amount of overcrowding cancellations on their services,


on their trains. But they are also assessed on what are called soft


performance targets. Inspectors go onto the trains and walk around


stations and ask difficult questions. They look at things like,


do the ticket machines work, how clean on the train toilets, are the


announcements clear enough, what is customer service like? It would seem


that on those performance indicators, ScotRail is also


struggling. In July, August and September, ScotRail did not meet


targets in five out of 17 performance areas when it comes to


stations, and when it comes to trains, they failed on ten out of 17


measures. The end result is that ScotRail has been hit with an


enormous fine of almost half ?1 million, which will now be


reinvested in the rail network, but which will, of course, hit ScotRail


and their parent company's profits. Any response from the government?


Well, the Scottish Government says that these performance indicators


and performance targets are a key part of their effort to try to


improve the passenger experience. They say it is the toughest testing


regime of its kind in the UK and that changes will have to be made,


and that transport Scotland, their agency, will now approach ScotRail


to get answers, clear indications about how things are going to


improve. As far as ScotRail are concerned, they have said tonight


they will never stop striving to deliver. They point to long-term


spending of almost half ?1 billion to introduce new carriages,


refurbished carriages, and things like improved Wi-Fi on the trains.


But I think they now know that it is the day-to-day performance, the


day-to-day service that now has to improve.


Independence campaigners holding a vigil outside


the Scottish Parliament have lost their appeal against eviction.


The Court of Session upheld an earlier ruling


Steven Godden is at the Scottish Parliament.


Defiant, determined but almost out of options. The pledge from those


running the camp was that it would remain until Scotland was declared


independent. But today the Bell told, as judges threw out an appeal


over plans to evict them. Hello again. The handful of people at the


camp today did not want to be interviewed, but the sense here was


one of defiance, and as far as they are concerned, today's judgment has


not changed anything. Ever since it first appeared, Holyrood's corporate


body have wanted the camp removed, arguing it was unlicensed and a


threat to Parliament's neutrality. But when they were ordered to leave,


the campers took their case to the Court of Session, claiming their


human rights had been breached. Seven months of legal argument would


follow, social media projecting and often surreal courtroom to the wider


world. It is based on the declaration of Arbroath and the act


of union. There are spiritual arguments based on the idea that


Jesus has returned to Earth and is campaigning for Scottish


independence. But there is a serious issue of human rights at the basis


of the case and that was what the judgment was about. Today's ruling


gives the authorities the right to apply for a court order to clear the


camp. We will apply for the order and it will probably take several


days. As soon as we are in possession of that, we will seek to


remove the campers if they have not left voluntarily. Our preference is


that they respect the ruling and leave the site. The campers say that


fundamentally this has been about their right to protest. The Scottish


Parliament say they will discuss finding an alternative way to allow


that, but only once the camp has gone.


The family of a missing French student say they can think of no


Police believe Antoine Maury may have become disorientated


after leaving friends on Monday evening.


They have been searching Holyrood Park after what they describe


as credible sightings of a topless man spotted there on Monday evening.


In our eyes, everything is OK, we just want him to come back. Laura


and Pascal flew into Edinburgh to assist police with their


investigation. It is four days since Antoine went missing. His parents


say he loved Scotland and wanted to live here. We spoke to him last week


on Thursday. He was extremely happy to be here. Every time I heard him


on the phone he was very happy to be here. He was succeeding in his


exams. He was very interested in what he was doing. This is where


Antoine studied. The Edinburgh college campuses about one mile from


Holyrood Park. He was with friends on Monday night who said he was in


good spirits before he suddenly left. There is no suggestion of any


acrimony, any arguments. He went along the road, along to the back of


the golf course, we think. We found clothing within the golf course area


again, which ties in with the sighting that we are looking into.


The focus of the police investigation this week has been


around the lock. Teams of divers have been out and search dogs have


been in the area and officers have carried out door-to-door enquiries.


Police have two sightings of a topless man seen in this area at


around 10:45pm on Monday evening. One is here, and the other is just a


little further along the road. This afternoon, his parents asked people


to check their sheds and Garrard shoes, in case their son has sought


shelter there. But they acknowledge it has been difficult to cope. My


son is missing. I have two children, one of my children is missing. How


can I feel? I am devastated. Tomorrow, the family say they will


organise a search of the area with family and college friends.


Farming leaders have been setting out their vision for how


the industry should be supported once the UK leaves


Most of Scotland's land is classified as "less favoured"


and farmers say without subsidies they just couldn't exist.


Life is not easy for Joyce Campbell on her remote sheep farm on the


north coast of Scotland. The quality of her meat is high. She is Scottish


sheep farmer of the year, but that standard can only be achieved, she


says, because her farm is subsidised. All of the Glens and


small crofting townships like this are really reliant, anybody


producing sheep and cattle, are reliant on the subsidies to keep


going. We spend money with a conscience, a social conscience, and


that money is spent in our local shops. Farming subsidies are


guaranteed until 2020, even after Brexit, but after that, everything


is up for grabs. It is not just farmers who have a stake in the


system. Much of the funding pays for schemes which enhance our natural


surroundings. And this man once the environment, rather than farming, to


be what drives future policy. We now understand that land produces so


much more than commodities. It produces a range of environmental


goods and services. Flood prevention is topical, but there is carbon


sequestration, biodiversity value, tourism and recreation, it host of


things. I think animals on hills is tourism and recreation, it host of


better than butterflies. But there is a balance between environment and


asked a every food. At its annual conference near Perth, the Scottish


Secretary David Mundell told farmers the next few years will be difficult


for rural communities as they adapt to life outside the EU. He urged


for rural communities as they adapt farmers to shout loudly for their


industry. I want to see a support system that supports agriculture in


Scotland and across the UK in an appropriate way. This is an


opportunity for us to fashion our own system. It will be a long time


before the UK agrees and agricultural policy for post-Brexit.


Today was about NFU Scotland and others setting out their stalls for


how it should look. The daily struggle on this hillside just got


harder, and not just for the farmers.


You're watching BBC Reporting Scotland.


Three men have been arrested in connection with the attempted


Brown is back - the Celtic captain has a change


of heart and comes out of international retirement.


A plane was diverted and escorted to land under military escort


The flight had lost contact with air traffic control,


which led to RAF Typhoon jets being scrambled.


People along the west coast heard sonic booms


as the jets went supersonic, breaking the sound barrier.


Graham Stewart is at Prestwick for us tonight.


Graham, those on board are safe but what caused this alert?


Well, you may be able to make out the tail-lights of the plane in


question behind me. This was a brand-new plane, operated by the


Mexican low-cost airline. It was on its way from its manufacturing base


in France to reactivate in Iceland. The alarm was raised this afternoon


when it lost contact with air traffic control and immediately RAF


Typhoon jets were dispatched from RAF Lossiemouth, and also from a


base in Lincolnshire. These jets are on stand-by 24 hours data guard


British skies against possible terrorist attack. As you say, they


are authorised to operate at supersonic speeds and people have


been getting in touch to say they heard the sonic boom across the


North of Scotland. Communication was re-established and the RAF jet from


Lossiemouth escorted the plane to Glasgow Prestwick airport where it


landed at a roundabout 4pm. A number of roads in the area were closed as


a precaution and have since been reopened. I can tell you tonight


that the airfield has been reopened and Basinger journeys are getting


back to normal. Thank you. -- passenger journeys are getting back


to normal. The governing body of youth football


in Scotland is "urgently" reviewing its guidelines on heading


the ball following new evidence A Stirling University study


suggested repeated heading could impair recall


for up to 24 hours. The Scottish Youth Football


Association says it would be "inadvisable" for a child to do


repetitive header drills - but also rejected suggestions


that football should be Plans have been submitted


for a redevelopment of military There has been a Ministry of Defence


tracking station on the remote island archipelago


for over 50 years. The new buildings will be designed


to blend into the landscape. If approved, they will take


two years to complete. It's a suitably strange and scary


story for Halloween. In 1954, police were called


to a disturbance in a Glasgow cemetery where they found


hundreds of children, many armed with home made weapons,


searching, they claimed More than 60 years later,


the Gorbals Vampire has become a stage play,


with a huge community cast. Our Arts Correspondent,


Pauline McLean, reports. It's the perfect tale for Halloween.


A Scottish graveyard in the shadow of a steelworks, and the possibility


of a vampire with iron teeth. 200 kids decided to descend upon the


necropolis because they hear that there is a vampire that is called


two of their classmates. ASBO in the graveyard, they start to see a hand


appear behind the tombstone. -- as they are in the graveyard.


What makes the story even stranger is that it true. Police were called


to the Southern Necropolis in Glasgow in 1954 to disperse the


crowds. Tommy Smith was among them, just seven years old he had tagged


along with his aunt will stop once we got -- tagged along with his


aunt. Once we got to the graveyard, there were sticks, pots, pans.


Anything. There were flames going up into the night sky. There were


shadows over the trees in the graveyard, they were all moving


about. Politician that the time blamed


American comics and brought in tough new laws to ban them. For more than


half a century later, the story of the Gorbals Vampire lives on. This


comic made by local schoolchildren is part of a huge project. The thing


comic made by local schoolchildren I love is the idea of a vampire in


your community and Glasgow's reaction to that is that they're not


going to hide under houses, they're going to go and get it.


I'm so excited. It was six years ago and I feel excited as I did that


today. Maybe more! The Scotland football team has


a better chance of beating England next month if Celtic's captain,


Scott Brown, is involved. That's according to Scotland's


assistant manager. Brown had retired from


international football, but two months later he's


had a change of heart, COMMENTATOR: Brown, 1-0! Since Scott


Brown's international retirement 70 days ago, his club form has


blossomed. Just yesterday he will that a return to the Scotland fold


for the game against England. -- he pulled out a return.


Here's hoping Scotland do really well. I wish God and all the best.


But not only can Gordon Strachan rely on Brown calves support, he can


also call on his considerable international experience. That began


exactly almost 11 years ago as he made his debut as a substitute under


Walter Smith. He went on to amass 50 caps, scoring four goals in the


process. His recent absence has been keenly felt.


I was disappointed when he announced his retirement. Arguably he is the


best player in Scotland. He's certainly the best Scottish play at


the moment, think. I think if we have our absolute best players


available it can only help us. Arguably, in the last campaign he


was our most significant player. But that campaign ended in failure.


Sidibe Scottish public believe bringing Brownback is the right


call? I think some players have been poor recently but Brown is


definitely a good one. I don't think we'll win, but I think it is a good


choice. I think we would definitely push them on. He's got a lot of


experience, a lot of national experience. It's whether it's


enough. Scott Brown may well improve the Scotland team. But doing so


sufficiently to beat England is a different matter altogether.


Rugby league is not a sport greatly known in Scotland.


However, our national team has a massive challenge ahead.


It's taking on the top three teams in the world -


New Zealand, Australia and England - to contest the Four Nations trophy.


Three giant in the rugby league world. And Scotland. The Scots are


making their debut in the competition after winning the 2014


European Cup. So how did they view the task in hand? It's a daunting


task. Playing the three best teams in the world. We just want a


challenge and to try and give our all give 110% for Scotland. Scotland


begin their campaign tonight against world number two sides Australia.


The Scots are ranked ninth, but still holds some concern for the


Aussies. Scotland, the danger is the unknown about them. We know a few of


the guys in their team who play out in Australia, but I don't think


there will be too many people who think they can beat us this weekend,


which is a danger for our team. If we go into that much complacent,


there's a chance they could knock us over. It's telling that no team


about this poor's big three have ever won a game in four editions of


the Four Nations. A challenge not lost on the Scotland coach Doc Green


I think it's probably one of the biggest challenges. As always, the


key for us is making sure we get the best for our squad. We went get any


one from the -- we won't get anyone from the Scotland squad giving


predictions but we are quietly confident. The first problem is to


solve tonight in holed. The Australians are already focused on


business and of the competition. Our expectation is to make the final and


be successful. I don't think it's -- I think it's going to be an exciting


tournament. The Kiwis are number one. The English, coached by


Bennett, where striving to win the competition and get back to the


number one spot. The Scottish side deserved to be here we Scots plan is


that as they take on the board's top three. If it works, more than


high-fives to follow. Glamping, or glamorous camping,


has taken off in a big way in recent years,


with holiday-makers swapping draughty tents for more luxurious


field-based accommodation. It's unlikely that any of them have


ever boarded this new addition to the scene, though -


a genuine Sea King helicopter. John McManus has been to its new


home in Thornhill, Stirlingshire. Autumn in sterling. Amongst the


rolling hills and farmland, this unusual sight. A Sea King


helicopter. There is no emergency, though. It is what militant duties


for CB street. Retired from the Royal Navy it's now been conscripted


to serve as one of Scotland's most unusual glamping pods. These are the


kings make their final fly-past over Scotland earlier this year. -- bees


seekings made their final fly-past. Martin was one watching. He went on


to bid for a retired helicopter. When we went for the helicopter, we


brought the rotors first. Because they went first in the auction. We


were not auction, then we panicked thinking, what rotors without a


helicopter? Then anybody bid against us so we got them both. No longer


out to seek and destroy enemy Subs, it's now less about the Cold War and


more about the fight to keep warm and snug. But its original features


did provide some inspiration. We had a good idea where the bathroom would


go. This was a submarine Sea King helicopters that it had a hole in


the floor where equipment used to be lowered down on a big meal into the


sea. We knew that area had to be the bathroom where we could put the


plumbing. The Sea King attracts a lot of attention. Time for its


closest neighbours, Thornhill primary pupils, to conduct their own


reconnaissance. This project is now cleared for


take-off with hopes the wider community will also benefit from the


increase in trade. The weather might be changeable, but


the view is always stunning. The one thing you need to make this


experience completed your own glass of in-flight is. Cheers! --


in-flight fizz. And the weather now


with Christopher. Good evening. Largely dry and cloudy


conditions across the country this evening.


Down for some as well as we have an approaching warm front moving up the


western side of the country bringing patria outbreaks of rain through


Ayrshire in towards Argyll and up through the north-west. Elsewhere,


largely dry. Sinclair conditions early on across the north-east


allowing conditions here to fall away. Elsewhere you will notice it


was reasonably mild around 7-9 Celsius stop to the weekend and high


pressure is in charge, mostly. You will also see we have in the


Atlantic this weather fronts trying to edge rain into western parts of


the country with the cloud. The best parts of any sunshine are likely


across the north-east. Let's take a look at Saturday in detail and you


see we get off to a drizzly start with the mist and murk around. But


the rain and low cloud lifting in towards the hills by the afternoon.


Largely dry, but fairly cloudy. The best of any brightness across the


north-east, as they say. Winds generally light, too. By


mid-afternoon, a few spots of rain. generally light, too. By


But that should be over the hills are many and it should be generally


dry, cloudy and mild. Where the sunshine does come through across


the north-east through Aberdeenshire, perhaps in towards


Murray, perhaps even 15 Celsius here. In the north-west, fairly


cloudy with drizzly spots of rain for a time. And drizzly conditions


for Shetland tomorrow. If you are walking or climbing across western


Rangers, that is where we will have thicker cloud and write and patchy


outbreaks of rain. -- light and patchy. Fairly expansive hill fog.


In the east, we are more likely to see something dry with the best of


any brighter conditions across the north-east. Steady wind speeds there


but across the Cairngorms we could see winds of around 40 mph. For


those thinking of diving on Saturday night, largely dry. Perhaps the odd


spot of rain at times. On Sunday, a night, largely dry. Perhaps the odd


fairly cloudy and damp start. A central southern and eastern areas,


any morning maintains to clear away but it will hold on to areas north


and west of the great Glen. Into Monday, a weather front moving in


from the north-west will edge its way ever so slowly across the


country, reaching down towards the south-east by evening. This weekend,


don't forget the clocks go back overnight on Saturday and Sunday.


That's by one hour. Now, a reminder of


tonight's main news. Three men have now been arrested


in connection with the attempted murder of two police


officers in Glasgow. They're expected to appear


in court on Monday. The police officers were struck


by a car while they attended a call-out in the north


of the city on Sunday night. Drivers who work for the cab service


Uber are entitled to holiday pay, the minimum wage and other


employment rights, according to a landmark ruling


from a tribunal today. The company says it will appeal


against the decision. I'll be back with the headlines


at 8, and the late bulletin just Until then, from everyone


on the team right across the country -


have a very good evening.


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