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So it's goodbye from me, and on BBC One, we now join


There are renewed concerns over the way the police handle emergency


calls as officers prepare for their busiest time of the year.


Storm Barbara is expected to bring winds of 90mph,


with travellers warned of disruption in the run-up to Christmas.


Help we were due to Eve, but with the weather forecast


we thought we should change the plans, so we changed it to Friday,


then yesterday we changed it to Thursday.


MSPs unite to call for an end to what they describe as "the horrors"


And stay tuned to find out which Scottish football fans


for Christmas number one in the charts.


An investigation has begun into the way police responded


to calls from the public about a parked van


in Stirlingshire in which a man's body was later found.


It took them two days to act, and the leader


of the Scottish Liberal Democrats is demanding to know


It's the latest concern about call handling and comes as emergency


services gear up for their busiest time of the year.


Here's our home affairs correspondent, Reevel Alderson.


The front line for police, calls from the public range from


emergencies to domestic abuse, wildlife crime, and storm related


incidents. And this is the busiest time of the year. But how is police


confidence in call handling? Operators at this call centre failed


to tell officers about a couple who lay in their car on the AM nine for


three days in July last year. Four months later, police apologised to


the family of a pensioner after faults in the investigation into her


disappearance. And in the case of an Inverness pensioner found two months


ago, the independent police investigator was asked to review


police actions. It is now also investigating the police response to


calls about a man in which a man's body was found last week. Opposition


parties are also demanding answers. We do need to find out what has gone


wrong, whether it is the front line, with the pressure on front line


police officers, or the call centre, with the old story about the backlog


on calls. Whatever it is, we do need to understand what has gone wrong so


we can learn lessons. The Government says it awaits the outcome of the


investigation, but the Justice Secretary says he is confident that


call handling procedures have improved. It is appropriate that we


allow the investigation to take its course, the staff do a very good


job, and there have been significant changes in the way we handle calls.


I am confident that we are making as much progress as we can to ensure


that they work in a coordinated fashion. Police say 30


recommendations made by the Inspector of Constabulary have been


implemented, with a new process to ensure high standards of call


handling. 99.996 of our calls were handled without any issue at the


point of first contact so that I am confident in our process, and the


public should be too. The force says it cannot comment on the recent


public should be too. The force says incident while the investigation by


Pirc is continuing. Police Scotland say they're


reviewing their security measures at the Hogmanay celebrations


in Edinburgh following They emphasise that there's no


specific threat but that the public Our correspondent Andrew Kerr


is in Edinburgh for us tonight. Did the police voice any concerns?


Well, Jackie, I am at the heart of the capital's Christmas celebrations


here at the Edinburgh Christmas market, and of course there also the


centrepiece of the nation's Hogmanay celebrations too. Police have been


saying that their Hogmanay preparations have been in place for


some time, of course, but just in light of what happened in Berlin,


they are now reviewing those plans. The joy of Christmas, bright lights,


tasty food, and a seasonal atmosphere at Edinburgh's market,


but there was festive lights have been deemed at Berlin's


Kurfuestendamm after the terrorist attack which left 12 dead. A


delivery lorry was turned into a deadly weapon. But back in Scotland,


people say you cannot live in fear. If something is going to happen, it


is going to happen, and there's nothing you can do. Feel a bit


isolated here in Scotland, you feel as if it is not going to happen. If


you look at anything and think, are we going to get attack today, nobody


will ever go out. Police are preparing for their busiest time of


year. The message that we keep repeating is be aware of your


circumstances, don't be alarmed. If you see something suspicious, if you


feel uncomfortable about something, approach a police office and tell


them about your concerns. In Aberdeen the organisers of the


Christmas village are working with police as the First Minister also


says to be aware. We must be vigilant, the police will continue


to be vigilant, the Scottish Government, working with their


partners in the UK Government, the police and the intelligence


agencies, will make sure we are vigilant, but the public should be


vigilant as well. The threat level is still severe, defined as an


attack being highly likely. Well, Jackie, one security expert


spoke to today said that counterterrorism is like being a


goalkeeper. Even the world's best goalkeepers can occasionally let a


goal in, and that is the trouble is that the security services face with


these low-tech methods that terrorists are using, such as


lorries. It is not like some big conspiracy that is easier to detect.


But as the police, and that the people we spoke to also said, life


must go on. Andrew Kerr, thank you very much.


The second big storm of the winter is expected to cause widespread


travel disruption in the run up to Christmas.


Calmac is advising ferry travellers to check for updates with winds


of up to 90mph due to hit the west of the country on Friday.


Meanwhile, the airline Loganair is switching passengers


onto earlier flights amid concerns that high winds could


In Shetland, at Lerwick this lunchtime, travellers headed for the


Aberdeen Ferry which had been bought forward five hours to try to beat


the worst of the weather. They were very keen to make itself for


Christmas. I was supposed to be leaving on Friday, but due to the


weather conditions I have had to leave today otherwise I will be


stuck on Shetland for Christmas, which I don't fancy. Sometimes we


are delayed, sometimes we get away on time, all part of it. The wind is


gathering, this will hit the Western Isles... At Loganair HQ, they are


keen watches of the weather. They have been booking people onto


flights going today and tomorrow to try to avoid the worst of the storm


later in the week. Friday will see the storm at its worst, and we have


moved a number of flights earlier in the day to try and plan around the


moved a number of flights earlier in weather forecasts, and for a small


number of flights later in the day we have decided to cancel them based


on the forecast showing there is no reasonable prospect of being able to


fly. Travelers here at Glasgow airport are pretty relieved to be


getting away today for Christmas, rather than leaving it to the end of


the week, when that storm will be at its height. Where are you heading?


Were you always going to travel today? I was supposed to be


travelling on Friday, I had to change it because of the weather.


You wanted to get home for Christmas? Oh god I did not want to


spend it in Glasgow. I had always planned to travel to Shetland today,


safer to travel early. My brother was travelling on Saturday, but he


has changed his flight as well. So you will be both home for Christmas.


Thankfully! In Kirkwall, it will be breezy on Friday. There has been a


frenzy of changing of plans here too. Wheel was go south for


Christmas, we were due to go on Christmas Eve, then we changed it to


Friday because of the weather, then we changed it to Thursday. Spare a


thought for around 100 staff on this oil platform west of Shetland. The


seas will be too high for the helicopters to operate there, so it


looks like they once now get home for Christmas. For others still


heading for that family reunion, though, the advice from very


operators like CalMac is keep checking the websites, because there


will be disruptions. Storm Barbara is bearing no gifts -- only very


high winds. And we will have a full weather forecast at the end of the


programme. Earlier this week, we told you how


hundreds of women have still been receiving controversial


mesh implants despite a call from the Scottish Government


for their use to be suspended. Now new research has found


that they should only be used and not other conditions


like pelvic prolapse. Our political correspondent


Lucy Adams Before I had the surgery, I was


really active, I walked five miles everyday... Lorna's mesh implant of


2008 has completely changed her life. I now have chronic pain, from


the moment I opened my eyes until I go to bed at night, I am in pain. A


steady today looked at hospital readmission up to five years after


mesh surgery. Some women can take up to years before the problems arise.


In my case, it was six and a half years before I got surgery to have


it removed. And the actual removal surgery is really complicated. The


substance attaches itself to organs and tissues, like I said, so it is


really difficult to get it out. The report found that mesh should only


be used in certain circumstances. Mesh surgery for prolapse,


particularly for prolapse of the bladder or bowel, should not be


recommended as a first-line treatment. Conversely, mesh surgery


for incontinence, currently available evidence does support the


use of mesh surgery in that instance. This is a strip of


polypropylene mesh... The lead clinician on the study says that


obligations could happen much later, as in Lorna's case. The study


compared the number of adverse events that required admission to


hospital following procedures, comparing mesh procedures and


non-mesh procedures, but it did not look at the severity of these


complications, or indeed the impact of these particular complications on


patients's quality of life. The continued use of mesh in spite of


patients's quality of life. The government advice was brought up in


Parliament yesterday. We all welcome the Scottish Government moratoriums


and it was announced, many health boards have respected that


moratorium, can we include other than that those health boards who


have not have wilfully acted, putting women's lives at risk? We


can't get away from the fact that it is the job of the agency to regulate


medical devices across the UK, and that so far they have not issued a


medical device alert regarding the implant is concerned. The Scottish


Government's own report on mesh will be published in the New Year, but


forlorn at the damage is irreversible. Lucy Adams, Reporting


Scotland. -- but for Lorna. for an end to the "horrors"


of puppy trafficking. It comes after a BBC Scotland


investigation earlier this year of dealers who make millions


from the illegal trade. Meet the Springer spaniel looking


for a new home. And Nicola, the First Minister, who has a fear of


dogs. You might not ever get this again! She was here to open an


extension to the Scottish re-homing centre in Glasgow. It can now


accommodate twice the number of abandoned dogs and cats, all waiting


for new owners. The problem of abandoned dogs and cats is always in


the spotlight at this time of year, but it's the growing practice of


illegal poppy farming which was discussed in Parliament this


afternoon. These ewes were highlighted in a BBC Scotland


investigation earlier this year. -- of the issues. This poppy farm in


the Republic of Ireland was filled with boxes full of dogs bound for


the UK market. These are kept in appalling conditions, they have very


little human contact, very little light, they do not get the chance to


interact with each other, it is not like regular breeding kennels that


we might conceive of over here. Due more politicians with cute poppies.


Today's debate in Hollywood was not so much about changing laws but


highlighting best practice when it comes to buying poppies. --


Holyrood. Do not buy a poppy unless you see it with its mother, do not


buy a dog from a car park at night. The message from politicians is that


we can all do our bit to stop the multi-million pound trade, and where


better to start than with some of those deserving cases at your local


dog and cat? -- dog and cat home? You're watching BBC


Reporting Scotland. Police control centres say


they are ready amidst renewed concerns


over their call-handling systems. a forest in the Highlands


which features in Harry Potter. Children with disabilities have been


entitled to mainstream education But are their needs


and the needs of other children In a documentary tonight,


our correspondent Ian Hamilton looks at the challenges


facing an education system already facing


tough financial choices. Ella is in her first term at a busy


Glasgow mainstream secondary school. Despite having complex medical


needs, she is doing well. My first years been really amazing. I've had


a good transition from primary to secondary. I'm encouraged to do most


of the work myself. Which is good. Are you happy here? Or a special


school? I'm quite happy here. Until 1974 children with a disability had


no legal right to an education although most blind and deaf


children attended special schools. In the 1970s campaigning started in


earnest. Disabled people wanted the right to a full life. Through the


80s and 90s the disability movements started to get a bit of traction.


They wanted to see change on one of the big changes they wanted to see


what's in education. They believed inequality of education and


opportunities were limited. In 1985 it became illegal to diss


discriminate man with a disability. The thinking was it will provide


better academic chances for those children with different support


needs. But not everyone is coping. This mother has three children with


additional support needs. Caitlin at, ten, has cerebral palsy and her


brothers have favourable problems. Caitlin is doing well in mainstream


but it's not working for Ali. We are very concerned about how much he's


missed. The amount of time he was excluded from school last year... No


educational input from a teacher, as well. Sometimes they just can't


cater for kids with extra needs. There's not enough support, not


time, funding, and I think more speciality school would be a better


option it's a mixed picture and there's a role for many teachers to


make mainstreaming work. Teachers want to be inclusive, they want to


have a comprehensive system that supports every youngster, but what


they're finding at the moment is that I'm not the resources to do so.


Whether it is bodies on the ground, appropriate training for staff... It


makes it more difficult to help in that way. The Scottish Government is


about to start a review. Critics of the current system say children with


disabilities may go to mainstream schools, but are they really


included? And you can see more


of Ian Hamilton's investigation in Am I Included?


tonight on BBC One Scotland at 7.30. A look at other stories


from across the country. The Scotch Whisky Association is to


take its appeal against a minimum price for alcohol to the UK


Supreme Court, judges have ruled. The Association was given permission


to go to Britain's highest court at a hearing at the Court


of Session in Edinburgh. The whisky body believes


that the proposal contravenes A health watchdog has found almost


4,000 women in Scotland weren't called for breast screening


within the recommended Health Improvement Scotland has


reported the women weren't sent routine invitations to be screened


during the timescale. National Services Scotland has


apologised and said all the women The Maritime and Coastguard Agency


has signed a five-year deal to maintain an emergency tug boat


in the north of Scotland. A newer vessel is moving


from the Adriatic Sea to replace the current emergency towing


vessel, the Herakles. Health-and-safety standards


in the oil-and-gas sector have dropped in the past six months,


according to the Unite union. It surveyed more than 700 offshore


workers, and just over 58% claimed Just over 3% reported


an improvement. The union said many respondents


felt unable to report an incident The industry body Oil


And Gas UK said safety Engineers have just completed


the first mile of what will be a three-mile long tunnel to channel


waste water under Glasgow. Scottish Water's ?100 million


Sheildhall Tunnel project is part of the biggest upgrade


of Greater Glasgow's waste-water infrastructure


since Victorian times. It's hoped the project will help


improve river water quality and tackle flooding in parts


of the city. A new Conservative MSP


was sworn in at Holyrood today. Bill Bowman replaces


the late Alex Johnstone Mr Johnstone died two weeks


ago at the age of 55 A forest in the Highlands


which could contain a hidden hoard of Jacobite gold has been taken over


in a joint buyout by a community Loch Arkaig Forest near Fort William


provided a training ground for commandos during World War II


and even featured in A toaster Scotland's latest


community land purchase, but this one is a big one. Loch Arkaig Forest


stretches to 2500 acres, one of the largest remaining remnants of


Scotland's pine. But over the decades it's been degraded by


unsympathetic tree felling, overgrazing and the planting of


unsympathetic tree felling, non-native trees. It's part of an


ancient Caledonian pine forest. It is very special woodland and we will


restore that. It's been planted with non-native species, we will take


those away and encourage the native forest. Wartime special forces


famously trained here. Harry Potter pals flew over on a dragon and it


has wildlife from pine marten is to wild boar, to wild birds of prey. We


had sea eagles nesting in one of the Woodlands and ospreys and we have


red squirrels. I think it will help enormously in the wildlife, flora


and fauna, of the area. The Woodlands have been sold off by the


Forestry Commission, keen to encourage more groups to take over


local forests. It's been one of the success stories of the last decade,


how communities have become more involved in the management of local


woodlands, and we welcome the opportunity to do more. As well as


the wildlife and connections with commandos and Harry Potter, there is


another potential attraction here, because in 1745 the French Centre


consignment of gold to help Bonnie Prince Charlie's Jacobite uprising.


It was supposedly buried in these hills and hasn't been discovered


since. Finding that has got to be one attraction for a walk in the


woods. Now to a seasonal


tale with a twist. It pits one


of Britain's biggest pop bands - against supporters of one of


Scotland's biggest football clubs. The price resulting from this list


feud... The Christmas number one. More from our sports


reporter David Currie. It's become a bit of a festive


tradition, like decorating the tree or squabbling over what to watch on


television. Talking about the fight to be the Christmas number one in


the music chart. This year it's taken a turn for the bazaar.


Britain's biggest girl band are in the mix, they're called Littlemix,


and their song is called touch. One of their rivals for the top spot is


the 60s band. Not down to a wave of nostalgia, but to Rangers fans.


Rangers fans, for some bizarre reason, have adopted this by the


Dave Clark five as a musical tribute to their player Joe Gardener.


A social media campaign to get the original to number one seems to be


having an effect. The company compiling the official music chart


have confirmed glad all over was one of the biggest selling songs in the


UK in the last 24 hours. So could it be the Christmas number one? Dave


Clark five winners 250-1, Littlemix 25-1. We think Aleem Dar and it will


come in, 25-1 on to win this competition. In the old days you


would have to go around and walk in at 15 or 20 minute intervals and by


physical copies of the single. I know it, I've done it myself over


the years, to try and get some Scottish bands into the top 30. Now


you can sit in the comfort of your own home with your computer and you


can steer a record to the top of the charts. Joe Garner is nowhere near


the top of the scoring charts, but he might be celebrating being top of


the Pops, sort of, this Christmas. We will find out on Friday. We will


also find out about storm Barbara, what is happening weather-wise?


Some lively weather in the next few days. Today has been blustery and


showery. Wintry showers, especially over high ground in the north and


west on that theme very much continues tonight. The showers


continuing to pile in an blustery, gusty west of south-westerly winds.


Snow falling, and continuing to accumulate across high ground, and


some sweet at times at low levels. An additional hazard tonight will be


thunder and lightning, which might lead to some power outages. There


will be clear spells in between the showers. As temperatures fall to


around freezing or just below, there will be the risk of ice on untreated


roads and services. Tomorrow dawns on a very showery note. That theme


continues throughout the day. A similar dated today. Snow over the


high ground, especially inland areas north and west, leading to very


difficult driving conditions. Few if any showers across much of the South


tomorrow afternoon and more in the way of sunshine. For the most part,


the showers continuing. Snow over the high ground, some sweet at lower


levels, and some brightness or sunshine in between these showers. A


cold feeling day in exposure to the gusty westerly winds. Fewer showers


across Aberdeenshire tomorrow gusty westerly winds. Fewer showers


afternoon and plenty of sunshine. Tomorrow evening, the very same


theme continues. Plenty of showers feeding in on these strong westerly


winds and again, wintry in nature. The risk of ice again on any


untreated roads and services. Friday heralds the arrival of storm


Barbara, our second named storm of the season. Bringing with it some


heavy rain and exceptionally strong winds for some. As a result of this,


the Met office does have several warnings in place. The yellow and


amber warnings across the Western Isles, the north-west coast and on


Friday in the northern isles we are expecting winds to dust around 90


miles an hour. Here is the chart on Friday. Heavy rain pushing in as we


go through the course of the morning and following that rain there will


be a number of showers feeding in. All the while, the south of


south-westerly winds continuing to strengthen. We are expecting travel


disruption quite widely. There may be power outages and we may see some


structural damage. That is the forecast.


I'll be back with the late bulletin just after the 10 o'clock news.


Until then, from everyone on the team -


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