28/12/2016 Reporting Scotland


The latest news and weather from around Scotland.

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A man has been arrested in connection with the death


Police were called to a house in Main Street yesterday afternoon


where they found the body of a 30-year-old man.


His death is being treated as unexplained.


A 49-year-old man has been arrested and is expected to appear in court


Women who binge drink are portrayed more negatively by the media


than men who do the same thing, according to researchers at Glasgow


They claim that news stories about women drinking excessively


are given more than double the amount of coverage than men


and that they're stigmatised, often being portrayed


It is pictures like these which will often see when the media is covering


issues with alcohol. Young girls with short skirts falling over


drunk. It may be an issue but apparently not as much as you have


been led to believe. Images of women binge drinking appear more often in


the media, even though men drink more. Things may happen on


nights of binge drinking such as ripped clothing and a scraped knee,


which is more likely to make women talked about. Scantily clad is used


very frequently for women. There is language is not apply to men. Women


are drinking more than the argues language is not apply to men. Women


used to but men drink twice as much twice as often, and twice as many as


them die from alcohol-related illnesses. A picture of a guy lying


in a gutter in a sweatshirt doesn't sizzle but a picture of the girl in


a nurse's uniform throwing up, that sizzle but a picture of the girl in


is a fantastic picture for the newspaper. Them find themselves


scrutiny so perhaps the only way to avoid embarrassing pictures is to


drink responsibly, regardless of your gender.


Preparations are in full swing for Stonehaven's famous


Thousands turn out on Hogmanay in the Aberdeenshire town to watch


The flaming balls are swung round the heads of the marchers then


The tradition dates back around 150 years.


It is totally unique. Nobody else done it. Lots of places have


fireworks and bands but we are the only ones to actually have the


fireballs. It is just who we are. Ambitious plans are underway


to restore an historic Fife theatre which has lain derelict


for nearly two decades. Work is taking place


to transform the King's Theatre on Kirkcaldy's High Street


into a 2,000-seater venue. Those behind the project hope it


would help revitalise the town. Following in the footsteps of


generations of Fifa's. It was reborn as a hippodrome. It played live


music in the 1916. It was first admitted musical


hall and cinema. In 77, they did a massive refurbishment of this room.


Stephen Harper tries to bring back the glory days and even in this


dilapidated state, it is still possible to imagine how grand this


auditorium once was. There was a lot of work to be done. We held the


essence and made sure any damage. Welcome the theatre began in 1904.


It open to Macri years later. Plans for the new theatre were big news. I


have come to the galleries, where they have got other copy of the


press in 1984. There were a couple of illustration said, one in


particular which is the grandeur of the auditorium. This grainy photo


weight is one of the few images remaining which shows the original


grand interior of the building. But it closed in 2000 and quickly fell


into disrepair. Now the vision is to create a 2000 seater venue to


attract bands. A restaurant, bar and function suites are also part of the


plan. The project team believe could transform the town. The whole idea


and of this is to have a unique landmark to bring people back to the


town who think live entertainment will do. Right now, the priority is


to get the roof back on and keep up the rain and pigeons. The hope


though is that this data will entertain generations to come.


Sport now, and there are four matches in the Premiership this


evening - among them, Celtic at home to Ross County -


the league leaders looking for their 14th consecutive win


Hearts, meanwhile, are celebrating their first under


After two draws and a defeat in his first three games,


his team beat Kilmarnock at Tynecastle last night,


As these photographers realised, Win, lose or draw, Ian Castro was


likely to be the main story from Tynecastle. The headlines today, all


about the release of getting that first win. Colin Paterson! Couibaly


again. He is Jamie Walker. The satisfaction marooned in relief. I


think... And that stems from the fact that the players have worked so


well throughout their time here. We have made small improvements in


play. Satisfaction tempered by news that Calum Paterson will be out for


up to nine months with a knee injury picked up. Derek Magennis watched


his Aberdeen team take the lead against Hamilton. The bronze then


conceded a controversial penalty. Danic goes, and it is a penalty


kick. And it equalises for Hamilton a confident penalty kick. The dons


came out on top. Four points behind Rangers in what looks like the race


for second place. The Ibrox club play Saint Johnstone tonight in one


of four premiership matches. Generally dry and settled across the


country. Windy in the North West and chilly in the North East.


Temperatures down to freezing. In the North West, the threat of rain.


Elsewhere, the winds are lighter. Temperatures 4-6 office. Where we


have clear conditions, closer to freezing. Tomorrow, high pressure


not to far away to the south, at the tightly packed is about this weather


front threaten outbreaks of rain in tightly packed is about this weather


the far north-west. But for many, another largely dry in cloudy day.


There will be some sunshine though. And perhaps brighter moments in


towards West Central Scotland. But generally dry in cloudy afternoon.


Temperatures from those 8-10 C. Around the West Coast, those winds


strong. Gusting to gale force would outbreaks of rain. Fringing into


parts of Sunderland. Later on, those high winds transferring the Orkney


and Shetland. Rest of the afternoon into the evening, patchy rain edges


its way south eastwards. Come Friday, a wet day in store. Perhaps


drifting as far south as Glasgow and a few spots across the hills.


Temperatures milder than we have seen and in the north-east, into the


teens. But that rain becomes a problem on Saturday because the


edges its way southwards but the timing is open to doubt. It should


be south of the border come the bells but it is one to watch. Behind


it, as we had to the 1st of January, a blast of cold with the of wintry


showers to welcome the New Year. I'll be back with the late bulletin


at the later time of 10:40pm. Until then, from everyone on the


team right across the country,


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