29/12/2016 Reporting Scotland


The latest news and weather from around Scotland.

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we are back with the late news at 11pm, now on BBC One it's time


The organisers of Edinburgh's Hogmanay street party have warned


people not to travel to the capital unless they have a ticket.


With 75,000 people expected, Police Scotland insist


they have a "proportionate" security plan in place.


At the top of the mound, a stage is taking shape, but high up on the


ramparts of the castle, a fireworks display is being carefully prepared,


sure signs that Edinburgh's Hogmanay celebrations are approaching.


The buses and restaurants and bars are a fool. There is a huge


build-up, ?42 million being brought to the city for the local economy.


It is great for Edinburgh's reputation as the capital of


Scotland that we can put on a fantastic event like this.


It is an event that has grown into a three-day festival, with tickets for


the headline act Paolo Nutini disappearing within three hours. For


those thinking about going to the street party, there was a gentle


warning. We encourage people to buy their


tickets now and not travel unless they have bought a ticket because


the event will sell out beforehand we do not want people to turn up


disappointed. And other consideration is security.


New Year's Eve, this place will be filled up with tens of thousands of


partygoers, and the recent attacks in Berlin are focusing the mind of


those policing the event. I'm confident we have the


proportionate and appropriate plan in place to keep people safe. In


terms of the overall threat level within the UK, that remains at


severe, meaning an attack is highly likely. We ask members of the public


to be alert but not alarmed. As the preparations continue,


there is the one thing that organisers can't control,


and that is the weather. In the past, it has not always been


a friend of Edinburgh's Hogmanay, but this year's forecast doesn't


contain anything too dramatic. Some rain and windy conditions,


so the advice is to wrap up warm. Police say a robust plans are in


place to ensure public safety for the Hogmanay football match between


Rangers and Celtic. About 50,000 people are expected


at Ibrox on Saturday lunchtime. Large crowds are also expected


in the city centre for shopping My focus is about delivering a safe


event but not only the football match, we want people to enjoy a


safe environment in the city centre to do their shopping and enjoy the


New Year celebrations. I would say to people, make sure you act


responsibly. If you are having a drink, drink responsibly and make


sure you plan your transport to and from home.


Hundreds of people, who were given infected NHS blood in Scotland


in the 1970s and '80s, have now received extra


financial support, according to the Scottish Government.


They include more than 300 people infected with hepatitis C,


who received lump sums totalling tens of thousands of pounds.


The news has been broadly welcomed by campaigners but they also called


for urgent action to address payments to widows.


From the 1st of April next year with this Scottish scheme, we have the


opportunity to support Windows and widowers who have been left behind.


Work has been ongoing to make sure those widows and widowers get


support, because we know for many of them they are struggling


financially. Is important to acknowledge that


Scotland has done a much better job than south of the border in


recognising the payments that have been necessary to make people who


have suffered in many cases. Mark Bunn in terms of the losers, and I


am afraid the widows, there is a lot of work to be done.


A year ago parts of southern Scotland experienced their worst


As Willie Johnston reports, Storm Frank brought around half


a month's worth of rain in 24 hours and heralded New Year


This is what people here will cover two on December 30 last year,


festive cheer destroyed by reigning horror. -- it was rain.


The water and walls started to go dark and the water came up. It is


not a nice feeling and you see it all the time on the news, flooding,


you do not understand the impact. That is until it happens to you. You


cannot explain how it feels. On the same day, another river burst


its banks, the count's worst flood in half a century. The First


Minister came to meet those affected, including one man who had


two shops flooded in Cumbria. He says English authorities


responded better. Can more be done from Dumfries and


Galloway Council? Is there a bigger plan for flood defences for the


area, basically? In the past few weeks, the council


has repaired the river bank and removed an old bridge which


effectively became a damp. More prominent flood prevention measures


here are years away still. I am always looking at the websites


but we are not really any further forward. We have built our own flood


defences... Hopefully to try to forward. We have built our own flood


mitigate some risk. The river wall has been rebuilt


here, and rainfall so far this winter has meant that this river has


remained down, but some people are looking anxiously at the weather


forecast. In the run-up to the Old Firm match


on Hogmanay, the Rangers manager Mark Warburton says he shouldn't be


judged on results against Celtic. But at Celtic, Brendan Rodgers says


the pressure's on the Ibrox side. Just ahead of him, he goes for a


goal. While Celtic were doing this...


Finding the net... Rangers were doing this.


Saved, but it comes out to Mackay. There is Maclean interested in that


one and he gets there first. He keeps his goal to equalise for St


Johnstone. Last night's results widen the


points gap between the clubs at the top of the Premiership to 16 points.


In terms of where Rangers are at in relation to the points, and with


Aberdeen closing in behind them... They will want to win the game as


much as we want to win. Whatever way the result goes for us... We have


had a brilliant opening time to season.


The league champions were better than Rangers in their Premiership


match at Celtic Park, and in the League Cup semifinal at Hampden


earlier this season. Rangers managed to have their manager believe he


should not be judged on games against the archrivals. He says he


spoke... Brendan Rodgers says Celtic's


average this season of three goals per away game gives them confidence


for their trip to Ibrox but this is either proof that even red-hot


strikers like Leigh Griffiths can misfire or it is proof of his


accuracy. David Currie, Reporting Scotland.


Let's see what we can expect from the weather.


Good evening. Mild but breezy conditions across the country


tonight, and whilst we will be dry foremost, some of rain in the far


north-west. You can see it they are, the weather front moving into worst


part of the north-west Highlands. Elsewhere is fairly cloudy and


reasonably mild. Temperatures in towns and cities perhaps no more


than nine or 10 Celsius in the West and north-west coast, wind gusting


to kill force for a time. Tomorrow, I pressure in the near continent but


stepping away to allow this weather front pushing into the north-west.


Tightly packed isobars means a breezy day so wet across the far


north. Heaviest rain north of Inverness to Stornoway and Orkney


and Shetland. South of here is cloudy with a spot of light rain or


drizzle but mainly over of high ground... Double digits mostly, but


Bradley Moray Coast and Aberdeenshire, 13 or 14 Celsius is


possible. Wet weather in the North moves upwards as we head to the


weekend. On Saturday there will be a wet day across the Highlands and


Islands. Yellow be aware warning from the Met Office because of


Islands. Yellow be aware warning difficult conditions on roads.


Elsewhere, after a Tri-Star, wind edging its way southwards and once


fairly breezy. For the celebrations, Hogmanay, that rain still with us,


but it is clearing away so a wet evening but by the time we reach the


bells, hopefully it should have cleared away towards the south.


Behind it turning much colder with a few wintry showers to come. That is


the forecast. The next bulletin


is at 11.12 tonight. If you're still up,


I'll see you then.


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