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Now it's time for the news where you are.


Previously secret files show, for the first time, the extent


of a security breach at Faslane in 1988.


Documents from the National Archives detail how, in October that year,


three protesters were able to access a nuclear submarine's control room.


Our political correspondent Nick Eardley has been looking


through the documents and speaking exclusively


Same pace in the night 1880s. At the period which saw regular antinuclear


protest and remarkable breach of security. For antinuclear


demonstrators broke into the submarine base in Scotland. One of


them is reached to have reached a dry dock wearer submarine was


birthed. That is how it was reported at the time. But now the extent has


been revealed. Previously secret files show protesters gained access


to the control room, leaving Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher furious.


She demanded an urgent report into what happened. Few know better than


Phil Jones. This is the first interview he is given about what


happened. I expected to be arrested, almost in minutes. Phil and two


others intended to act as a decoy for a friend. She was trying to swim


to one of those submarines but is series of security failures meant


they were free to roam. We were passed by a police van, close enough


to recognise the driver. At one point it was literally meters away.


All the time we were expecting to be arrested any moment. They weren't,


and bashed again access. We were on the deck, there was an open hatch,


we dived down it and we were in the control room. There was the


periscope, things were operating the planes, the driving the subs, or we


had was a marker pen. So we daubed a few peace symbols... The trio was


eventually caught and detained. A court martial was avoided because it


would have given activists publicity. Armed guards were given


new powers. The rules of engagement governing armed guards have been


amended to make clear they may open fire. We knew they would change.


Phil and the others were eventually cleared in court on a technicality.


He spent several further years living in a protest camp near


Faslane. From midnight tomorrow,


owners of air weapons are required to have a licence,


following a tightening But more than 3,000 owners who've


applied for a permit are being warned that it won't be


processed in time for Thousands of air weapons


have been surrendered These are the guns that by the 1st


of January will be illegal unless their owners have a licence for


them. Already 11,000 people have applied for in egg and certificate


and anyone with a gun licence already can add elegance to it. But


thousands of air gun owners have missed the deadline of the 31st of


October to apply for a permit. Anyone who applied for a city forget


before the 31st of October is OK. They applied early. Unfortunately


those who played from the 1st of November up today and for the next


couple of weeks will have to wait some time before their certificate


is processed. They will have to make alternative arrangements for safe


storage of their guns. Registered gun dealers like this one in


Inverness are providing a safe house for our weapons whose owners want to


keep them but won't be licensed by Sunday morning. Many of those in the


gun trade think the clamp-down is using a sledgehammer to crack a nut.


Shooting people out of high-rise flats is illegal. You can't do that


and you never could. This legislation is a piece of tokenism


which will retrieve nothing. The people who will miss use air rifles


are not the type of people who are going to go to the trouble of


licensing them then anyway. But backers of the new law say our


weapons are involved of half of all gun crime in Scotland and with an


estimated half a million of them in Scotland, tightening legislation is


justified. Thousands of airguns have already been handed in to police to


be destroyed. The arguments about the new legislation will continue


well into 2017 but the fact remains that if you have one of these and


you don't have a licence for it, as from two morrow night you will be


breaking the law. There will be a possible penalty of up to two years


in prison. Small investors in Royal Bank


of Scotland are pushing for the bank to set up a shareholder committee,


to give them a bigger say in areas Groups representing small


shareholders argue they should be involved in ensuring


good corporate governance. Investors hope RBS will serve


as a test case, so that other companies will consider installing


a shareholder committee. The bank said it had


not seen full details, but pledged to "look


closely" at the idea. Edinburgh's tram network is running


at only a quarter of capacity, Passenger numbers almost doubled


between 2014 and 2015 to just over 5 million,


but the services have the potential to carry 21 million


people each year. An Edinburgh Trams spokesman said


the figures are from last year, and that 2016 is expected to show


a significant increase. Three days of Hogmanay celebrations


begin in Edinburgh tonight. 10,000 torchbearers,


led by Up Helly Aa Vikings from Shetland, will illuminate


the streets of the Old Town, with Normally you expect to see these


fearsome looking characters on Shetland but tonight they are in the


centre of Edinburgh, helping to kick off the city's Hogmanay


celebrations. Just a few final photos before, at seven o'clock,


they head out at the head of the torchlit procession. 33 Kings -- 30


Vikings will walk the route along to Carlton Hill. Along the route there


will be third -- crowds of 30,000 people. This is the outset of a


three-day festival and crowds are helping to generate what will be ?42


million for the local economy. The main event comes tomorrow, that is


the concert in the gardens, headlined by Paulo detainee, and


then the fireworks display from the castle watched by 75,000 people at


the street party below. The pictures will be beamed across the globe but


before then it is the turn of these guys.


Police are investigating damage to fossilised dinosaur footprints


Plaster was poured into the prints on Staffin Beach.


Police believe a man driving a white camper van may be responsible


A second ?5 note, engraved with a tiny portrait of Jane Austen


and said to be worth up to ?50,000, has been found in Scotland.


Four of the special fivers were put into circulation


The first was found in a South Wales cafe, earlier this month.


Now let's get the weather forecast now, from Judith.


Thank you. And a good evening to you. South-westerly winds brought a


lot of clout across the country but that Claridge did break as indicated


by one of our weather watchers. Tonight it stays very mild and will


hold onto brisk winds as well. We have a band of rain line across the


north of the country, it is persistent and there are some heavy


bursts within it. There will be a yellow warning for the Northwest in


force from midnight tonight till six tomorrow evening. Elsewhere it is


try, breezy, around 8010 Celsius. Tomorrow morning starts largely


driver the south and east. The rain line across the North sinks


southwards, it is a slow-moving affair, heavy rain fairly persistent


starting to change. We will see cleaner air across the North and


that is a sign of things to come tomorrow night. Brisk winds tomorrow


and Miles during daylight hours. Colder as we head towards dusk. The


weather front heading southwards. Sofa the bills it will be


predominantly dry with clear skies, a chilly nights to come, the risk of


ice and we start to see some wintry showers heading into the North as


the northerly winds pick up. New Year's Day will be cold and windy


with some sunshine particularly in the West, frequent wintry showers.


If you're still up, I'll see you then.


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