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Police say a young man was killed in a deliberate house fire just


hours after celebrating the New Year with his girlfriend.


23-year-old Cameron Logan had been out with his partner for Hogmanay


before returning to his family home in Milngavie,


She's in a critical condition in hospital.


From Milngavie, Huw Williams reports.


23-year-old Cameron Logan, who died in a fire deliberately started up a


family home in Milngavie. His body found at around 7:30am yesterday


morning was removed from the house by forensic officers and undertakers


earlier today. Cameron Logan had been celebrating Hogmanay with his


girlfriend. She suffered serious injuries in the fire and is in a


critical condition at the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital in


Glasgow. His parents needed treatment for the effects of


breathing in smoke, but they have been discharged from us but all.


Investigators say this attack was targeted and wilful. -- discharge


from hospital. Police are treating it as a case of murder and attempted


murder. I opened the curtains, we saw the police cars and ambulances


and fire and dreams in the street. We thought, oh my goodness, what


happened -- fire engines. We thought maybe something had happened in the


woods. But my husband went to walk the dog and he found out that I have


had been on fire. We thought, oh, my goodness, New Year's Day, poor


family. Whatever has happened. At that point we didn't realise there


had been a fatality. Investigators have not given any details into


precisely how the fire was started. They are still working at the scene,


and officers have been talking to neighbours and checking local CCTV.


Police or by viewing for anyone who was out in the area so they morning,


jogging, walking the dog, all motorists driving past, to contact


them in case they saw anything significant. Detective saying


formation can be passed to the investigation team on the


nonemergency 101 number, or anonymously via Crimestoppers. There


will now be a postmortem examination to determine exactly how Cameron


Logan died. Huw Williams, Reporting Scotland, Milngavie.


A couple who got lost overnight in the Cairngorm mountains have been


The man and woman, aged 60 and 57, were reported missing yesterday


after failing to return from a day's hill-walking with their dog.


Rescuers say all three spent the night near the summit


of Cairngorm mountain in sub-zero temperatures, and only survived


thanks to the emergency shelter they'd brought with them.


They were found today after a full-scale search involving


police, mountain rescue teams and a coastguard helicopter.


Rescuers say they were lucky to survive. It was -6 up there. The


wind last night would have been 20-20 miles per hour. Not strong


enough by any means, but enough to add a bit of Winchell. They were


very, very cold. Certainly if we hadn't brought them, they would not


have survived another night. A 16-year-old boy has appeared


in court charged with the murder of a former semi-professional


footballer in Leith An 18-year-old man,


Mohammed Zakariyah, has also been The man who died has been


named on social media as 30-year-old Shaun Woodburn,


who used to play for The club described him as a top


player who was well-respected. He died in Edinburgh's Royal


Infirmary after a disturbance in the city's Great Junction Street


early yesterday morning. A man has died near Girvan in South


Ayrshire after being hit by a car. It happened on the A77,


north of the town, just The 38-year-old man


died at the scene. A BBC Scotland investigation has


found Scotland's publicly-funded elite athletes are drawn


overwhelmingly from middle The research looked at where


athletes went to school. Where data could be found,


it shows that almost nine out of ten of the group either went


to a fee-paying school or a state Our elite athletes have been winning


more medals than ever before. It is a golden start for Great Britain!


Over 500 receives support from sport Scotland, but who are they? There


has long been a suspicion that those on these programmes are


disproportionately from better off on these programmes are


backgrounds. But we asked sport Scotland for a demographic breakdown


of the elite performance athletes. And they said they didn't have one.


So we set out to find out. That meant doing some maths. We used


publicly available information to work out where they went to school.


We found data for over 70% of the over 500 able-bodied athletes that


we fund. We decided to look at what kind of school it was. Was it a


private school? And if it was a state school, was it one that served


better of children? We used free school meals entitlement to measure


that. Over 20% when the fee-paying schools. And almost 70% one of the


best of 20% of state schools. Those two groups represented almost 90% of


the performance athletes. It looks like elite sport is for elites when


it comes to wealth as well as talent. I think anything that comes


from public servers should have generally wide public merit good,


and I'm not convinced that elite sport does that, I'm not entirely


sure that elite sport is something that is accessible to the public in


general is the bike I wanted to know whether sport Scotland believed they


were doing enough to fulfil all athletes' potential. We are working


to get every sport which goes with a pathway from school, the community,


the performance, if they have the talent and they want to go the. We


are winning more than ever. Whether that means we are providing equal


opportunities to everyone who might be able to win is less clear.


And you can see more of John Beattie's investigation


in The Medal Myth, tonight at 8:30pm on BBC1 Scotland.


An annual rail fares increase has come into force today.


Scottish Labour had called for a freeze, as Scotrail has faced


strong criticism for late and cancelled trains.


But the Scottish Government says a free week of rail travel that it's


funding will save some passengers more money.


Labour argues that a freeze would benefit every single traveller.


ScotRail will set a specific period this year when the free


Scotland's Gary Anderson plays in the PDC World Darts


The defending champion beat fellow Scot Peter Wright in last night's


If he beats the Dutchman Michael Van Gerwen tonight,


it'll be his third world title in a row.


A whisky distillery is investing nearly ?600,000 in community


projects to mark its 200 years on the island of Islay.


Lagavulin is selling more than 500 bottles of its single malt to raise


Those bottles are priced in the region of ?1500 each.


Time now for the latest weather forecast with


as he explores Naples, Venice and Florence.


Join Jackie Bird for the latest news headlines, and Glenn Campbell for a special debate with voters quizzing both sides on what the EU referendum means for Scotland.

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