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police investigating a New Year's Day fire


and left his girlfriend critically injured,


say the occupants of a car seen nearby


The hillwakers forced to spend the night in a Cairngorms blizzard,


with snow up to their waists before being rescued.


We decided that we couldn't go on any further, because we didn't know


where we were going, you couldn't see a hand in front of your place,


or so we decided to get the survival see a hand in front of your place,


bags out and get down for the night in them.


the polar adventurer who helped bring 200 penguins


Murray finishes in convincing to Edinburgh Zoo.


Murray finishes in convincing style...


the first win of the new year for Sir Andy Murray in Doha.


And we're on the trail of the vinyl revival.


Police investigating a New Year's Day fire which killed a man


and left his girlfriend critically injured say they want


to trace the occupants of a car which was seen nearby.


23-year-old Cameron Logan died in the fire which police


say was started deliberately at the family home in Milngavie.


Huw Williams is there for us this evening.


Huw. Jackie, police have been giving us


details of the fire here at the Logan family home in Milngavie and


of their investigation to try and establish who started it


deliberately and why. In particular, they have revealed details of that


dark coloured car which you mentioned, seen parked in a nearby


lay-by around the time the fire was started. They are keen to trace it


and we have seen for ourselves evidence today that officers on the


ground are widening the area that they are searching.


Teams of police officers searching hedgerows, Ben Zand pavements along


Teams of police officers searching the road where, half a mile or so


from the scene of the fire, and detectives have revealed they are


from the scene of the fire, and keen to trace a dark coloured car


seen parked in a lay-by on this stretch of road at about the time


the fire was started. Unusual was that the engine was running, the


passenger door was opening. There could be a reasonable explanation


why that vehicle was there, I am appealing for the owner of the


vehicle or any occupants to come forward and tell us why it was


there. Likewise, if you know who's car that was, please get in touch


with us, give us that information. The fire which killed Cameron Logan


has left his partner, Rebecca Williams, in a critical condition in


a spittle. Her boss says the thoughts of everyone at the company


with Rebecca and her family. Meanwhile, friends and investigators


are continuing to work at the scene of the fire. They described as a


complex crime scene, with officers also checking local CCTV and talking


to neighbours. Detectives say the fire was started deliberately and


was a targeted attack, but they will not say whether they think Cameron


Logan was the intended victim. We are satisfied that it was not a


wrong house that was picked. Given that we know that this is a


deliberate fire, we are satisfied it was targeted. However, we are still


working to try and establish who the intended victim more victims were.


Police say they are doing everything they can to catch whoever was


responsible and will be keeping a high-profile presence in the area.


Police said today that whoever was responsible for what they called


this despicable crime did not deserve to be protected. They have


called for anyone who has any information or suspicions about


whoever may have been involved to come forward with any information


that they have. Jackie. Thank you very much for that update,


phew Williams. Rescuers say a couple forced


to spend a night in the Cairngorms were caught out when a planned


hillwalk took longer than expected. They sheltered with their dog


in survival bags in whiteout conditions before being found


by a mountain rescue team. This was the moment members of the


Cairngorm mountain rescue team came across Bob and Cathy Elmer, 4000


feet up on a snow laden plateau. They had been hill walking in


Scotland for 25 years, but they admit that despite their experience


and equipment, they were unprepared admit that despite their experience


for the conditions they were to face when they ventured out on the first


for the conditions they were to face day of the year. We knew it was


wintertime, we probably did not quite judge really how long it was


going to take, the journey. It became an issue when I got two


thirds of the way down, Cathy was struggling to keep up with me. So


then I knew that it was going to take a lot longer than what I had


anticipated. With their dog in tow, they found themselves in deep snow,


in darkness, and with the batteries in their head torches having given


out. The snow was at times up to our waste, so we decided that we


couldn't go on any further, because we didn't really know where we were


going. You could not see a hand in front of your face. So we decided to


get the so Bible bags out and get down for the night in them. Mountain


rescuers say that despite temperatures of minus six and high


winds, their decision to stay put on a mountain and wait for daylight


probably saved their lives. Whilst a night out on the Cairngorm plateau


in Arctic conditions isn't that attractive, it probably was the


decision that saved their lives. And the pair say that being prepared is


key in the mountains. You can go up Ben Nevis on a summer's day and be


knee-high in snow, you know? We have been there, we have done it. So


yeah, you have to go equipped, you have to have the right kit, even if


the sun is shining. We are now well into the winter climbing season, and


while Scottish weather can be and with a double at the best of times,


that is especially the case of here. That can be unpredictable. The hills


is make sure you have the equipment, the skills, and always be prepared


to turn back. Craig Anderson, Reporting Scotland, Cairngorm.


with their arch-rivals, the SNP, to help defeat


but nationalists say their door is always open to a deal.


This comes as a Labour-leaning think-tank said the party was too


Our political correspondent Andrew Kerr reports.


Remember this man? It will be 20 years in May since Tony Blair swept


to power, but now a think tank closely linked with the new labour


movement warns that the party is too weak to win and too strong to be


displaced as the UK's main party of opposition. Pollsters agree with


that analysis. The position in the polls seems to be even weaker than


it was back in 2015, and to that extent at least we are asking the


question, how badly could Labour do? Not really whether it has any


prospect of winning the election. So the idea from the Fabian Society is


for leader Jeremy Corbyn to aim to win enough MPs to form a governing


partnership with other parties. If Labour is able to gain some more


MPs, but not a majority, it will have to think about working with the


Lib Dems and even the SNP, because those parties would rather see a


partnership between themselves that another Conservative government.


Winning more seats might be a distant goal for one former Labour


MP who was ousted in 2015, while a partnership with the SNP is ruled


out. This is the party who hates the Labour Party, who views the


destruction of the Labour Party as they way of gaining independence. We


are a unified Labour Party that wants to heal the divide in the


country, bring people together, and that message of solidarity needs to


take old right across the United Kingdom. The Conservatives used this


to warn about the SNP calling the tune in the 2015 election.


Nationalists insist they are still ready and waiting - if Labour wants


to come forward. As far as the SNP is concerned, that door is open, but


it is a decision that Labour need to make, decide whether staying on


their own is more important than forming progressive alliances to


oppose the right wing Tory government that we see just now in


Westminster. Labour says it comes down to a straight choice for the


SNP, back either a Labour government or a Tory one. But as the Labour


leaning think tank said, and polling evidence indicates, Labour in power


is still a very distant prospect. Andrew Kerr, Reporting Scotland,


Glasgow. Police Scotland paid out record


levels of compensation last year, according to figures obtained


through a freedom of In the year to the end


of last March, the force spent ?1.27 million


in damages claims. I'm joined by our home affairs


correspondent Reevel Alderson. Reevel, why are the police


paying out compensation? Well, these figures were obtained by


the Scottish Conservatives, as you say, under freedom of information,


and the pay-outs were for a variety of reasons, but the information


released does not allow us to know what individual cases were. But we


do know from the past that they can be for serious incidents, like a


police car hitting a pedestrian, or a parked car. They can also be for a


civil legal matter, such as unlawful detention, things like this --


losing a person's properties when they are in custody. And they have


to pay out for employer's liability they are in custody. And they have


when a worker is injured at work, for instance. In total, in the year


2015-16, they paid out just over ?1.25 million, ?100,000 more than


the previous 12 months, and the average claim was ?2500 per


claimant. Now, the Tories say that these figures are worrying, they are


except of course that a large organisation like Police Scotland


will have to make compensation claims, but they say pay-outs are


worrying because of the pressures that Police Scotland is under. It is


facing a black hole of something like ?70 million in this financial


year alone. What is not clear is how many of these claims actually go


back to that year, 2015-16, because you can make a claim for up to three


years after the incident. And of course it takes a number of years


possibly before they are settled, and cash is paid out. What the force


itself says is that it does have money in its contingency reserves


for exactly this sort of claim, because it knows it will have to


meet compensation claims, and it points out that the figure it has


paid out is a very small proportion of its overall ?1.1 billion


spending. Thank you very much, Reevel.


Nearly one year on, residents in a flood hit area of Aberdeenshire


say they're living in fear it could happen again.


Almost 100 residents in Inverurie and Port Elphinstone


were evacuated when the River Don burst its banks last January.


Rebecca Curran has been to meet some of them.


For residence in Inverurie and Port Elphinstone, it was an unforgettable


start to 2016. Heavy rain caused the river Don to burst its banks. Roads


turned to rivers. Families were forced to flee their homes. The


water was getting higher and higher, so we just had to get out. Kevin


Adams family moved back home in so we just had to get out. Kevin


July, but the past year has been hard. Even once we got back, it took


a while to settle back here, especially my son, because every


tiny bit of rain, he just went, it is going to flood again. There is no


point talking to him, you are better leaving him to cry and come back


when he is calmer. Vice Angela's home was badly hit. Her friend was


trapped inside, surrounded by rising water. He stayed because the water


was not in the house at this point, but he ended up having to evacuate


as well, you cannot stay in that. This is where the water came from, a


bank has now been installed to protect the area from a future


flood. Some fear it is not enough. That is all they have really done. I


mean, I think they need to be doing more, especially around by the canal


and stuff. Quite a lot of land was taken away, it could easily happen


again. I have no qualms about that. As rebuilding work here continues,


Aberdeenshire Council say a study to identify further flood prevention


options is under way. It is expected to be completed in summer 2019.


You're watching BBC Reporting Scotland.


Police investigating a fatal New Year's Day fire say


the occupants of a car seen nearby may have vital evidence.


And still to come, the efforts to give the oldest surviving music


He's the man who helped bring the famous penguins to Edinburgh Zoo.


Polar adventurer Bill Mitchell is one of the last surviving members


of a team that set sail for Antarctica nearly 60 years ago.


at life in one of the world's most hostile environments.


It was actually an advert in the papers saying there was an


expedition going to the Antarctic, and they were looking for some


people do go on the expedition. So I thought, I quite fancy that! I got a


letter saying I had to go down to thought, I quite fancy that! I got a


Southampton and join the ship, the Royal Research Ship Shackleton. I


started getting introduced to people you were well-known people, people


who had been in previous expeditions, Vivian Fuchs was to be


the leader of our expedition, and suddenly I realised, you know, this


is a lot more than I expected. My first job was to go to a place in


the south Orkney Islands called a Sydney island, and that is when I


got this message about penguins. Could I collect 100 chinstrap


penguins and 100 Adeli penguins they Could I collect 100 chinstrap


were for Edinburgh Zoo. I was delighted when they took them away,


because I had been looking after 200 penguins and feeding them strips of


fish and also lots of bits. It is a lot of work. Of course, my


experience of husky dogs was nil. And there was a little dog called


Tim, and I started training him to be a lead dog, and he turned out to


be a first-class lead dog. The sledge has no nails or screws in it,


it is held together with Rawhide answering, believe it or not! --


rawhide answering. Travelling most of the time would mean running


alongside the sledge, rather than being on the sledge itself. On a


good day, you could probably do about 25 miles.


It was presented to me by the Queenen in 1965. It was a nice


experience going to Buckingham Palace and meeting the Queen and


getting presented with the medal. Memories there of Bill Mitchell.


World Number One, Sir Andy Murray, has started the New Year


just the way he wanted - with a new career best.


He extended his unbeaten run of matches to 25 with a win.


There are worst ways to see in the new year. Drenched in Doha sunshine,


Andy Murray first footed his old new year. Drenched in Doha sunshine,


Nemesis, Novak Djokovic. Great stuff. Well done. You played well.


We played many big matches over the years and slams. Played at the


Olympics and, you know, obviously the match at the end of last year


for Number One ranking. We competed many timeses against each other for


some of the biggest prizes. Yeah, hopefully it will be the same again


this year. A new year, a new challenge for Andy Murray, who has


never started a season as World Number One. He certainly began like


the best player on the planet. Wrapping up the first set 6-0


against Jeremy Chardy in 20 minutes. Wrapping up the first set 6-0


The second set at least was a contest. Every time Chardy posed a


problem, Murray had an answer. COMMENTATOR: That's why he's the


world's best player. The new Knight of the Realm had to go into battle,


but won the match in a second set tie-break to claim his 25th


consecutive win. A fine start to 2017 in which there are four key


targets. A week on Monday, the first Grand Slam of the new season will be


underway in Melbourne, where Murray has contested and lost five finals.


His next big goal will be to peak for the French Open at the end of


May. Help was a hes Leesing finalist in Paris last year. The defence of


his Wimbledon title begins on Monday, July 3rd on Centre Court in


SW19. August 28th will be highlighted in the Murray household,


the start of the season's final Grand Slam in New York. Right now,


his sights are set on a Qatar quarter-final which he will meet if


he beats his next opponent. A look at other stories


from across the country. The number of oil and gas companies


in the UK becoming insolvent It follows a slump in


the price of oil and gas. A report by accountancy firm


Moore Stephens said a total of 16 businesses became insolvent


last year, up from two the year before, whereas there


were none back in 2012. Edinburgh Airport has


announced plans to further expand its retail offering this


year, leading to about 100 new jobs. The news comes as the airport


continues to redevelop There's an increased confidence


in business in Scotland, according and it's higher here


than in England and Wales. A survey for the Bank of Scotland


shows a sharp rise in business confidence


since September of last year. The most common threats


that companies spoke of were economic uncertainty,


and weaker demand for Hundreds of diseased or dead trees


are to be felled across Aberdeen. The trees include a large number


that have been infected Aberdeen City Council says about


400 trees would be taken down. but others are in parks,


gardens and play areas. Edinburgh's festivals


are to be given extra funding to celebrate their 70th


anniversary this year. The Scottish Government is giving


an additional ?300,000 for the events as the city marks


the 1947 origins of the Edinburgh International,


Fringe and Film Festivals. Tributes have been paid


to Borders industrialist The former director


of Edinburgh Woollen Mills after overseeing major changes


in health services there. Interactive games, apps


and virtual-reality tours are to be created using detailed 3D scans


of the Forth bridges. The road and rail bridges,


and the new Queensferry Crossing, were digitally mapped on foot,


using ropes, and from vehicles and boats


over a 90-day period. Now the information gathered


will form the basis of technology aimed at promoting engineering


skills for schoolchildren. It calls itself the world's oldest


surviving music hall. In its 160 year history,


Glasgow's Britannia Panopticon hosted performers like Harry Lauder


and Stan Laurel. But after decades of decline a team


of volunteers is working Our arts correspondent,


Pauline McLean, reports. It's more than a decade since the


Panopticon music hall in Glasgow featured on the BBC's Restoration


programme. This A-listed building had a real chance, but didn't win.


Today, much has changed thanks to a small team of experts and an army of


volunteers. They had the auditorium open to the public for the last 13


years. They can see the auditorium. The biggest changes in the last


couple of years is bringing the original stage back to life. We had


to rescue from underneath a toilet. It's meant variety theatre has also


returned. Performers delighted to be treading the same boards as a young


Stanley Arthur Jefferson who made his debut here and went on to become


part of the most famous comic act in the world as Stan Laurel. The last


time I was here would be in 32 and 36. It's great that it's still


standing here. After all these years. Supporters are now staging


regular shows here to raise funds for urgent repairs. Daddy wouldn't


buy me... Also to raise the profile of the Britannia Panopticon. It's a


drop in the ocean. It's partly to help get heating in. Anything they


want to use the money for to keep it going. Upgrade it, maintain it and


get public awareness of it as well. More people might come in. The


Panopticon has had many names and many owners over the years, but the


Trust hope in its 160th year they can buy this historic music hall and


put it in the hands of the Scottish public.


Charming. Here is something else making a comeback.


They're calling it the vinyl revival.


Despite the downloading revolution in music,


sales of good old fashioned records soared in 2016 to their highest


level in 25 years and Scotland's record stores are enjoying


The unmistakable sound of vinyl. Despite the convenience of digital


downloads, a new generation is discovering its delights. Younger


music fans have helped to take vinyl sales to their highest level in 25


years. It just sounds warmer to me. The I like the whole process of


putting on a record and listening to the whole album instead of skipping


through to select tunes. Vinyl seals are soring, sales of CDs are


falling. It has been a good year for the music industry. 123 million


albums bought in all the various ways you can buy music these days.


Back in 2007, vinyl sales had slumped to just 200,000 a year in


the UK. Last year, they soared to more than 3 million. The ninth


consecutive year sales had increased. Mick Clarke. Scottish


record stores like this one in Edinburgh are enjoying the


renaissance. Douglas McShane has been selling vinyl since the early


1980s, never discouraged despite the arrival of CDs and downloads. There


always was record collectors about. Now it seems to be an important


thing for the kids to pick up on, which is great for me, you know.


Happy New Year to you. The biggest vinyl fans have to have a clear out


now and again if only to make space in their collection for new


materials. I've got a room at home and someone like me, I'm afraid, has


materials. I've got a room at home dumb ply indicates of a lot of


albums. Every so often you need to have a clearout and make room. Do


you give one away that you think - I wish I had never done that? All the


time! time!


# There's a star man... # Whether you are an old rocker or


young hipster, vinyl, it seems, may well still have a place on your


shelves. Memories, indeed. Good evening. It's been quiet


weather wise today. Reflected beautifully in this weather watchers


picture. Tonight there will be rain, but wide spread gales to the


Northern Isles. That weather front will sink southwards. It will become


dry overnight with lengthy clear spells. Winlt ril showers to --


wintry showers too. Frosts to inland parts of Aberdeenshire and the


Borders. Tomorrow we have high pressure building in. This high will


stay with us over the next couple of days. A lot of dry, settled weather,


cold by night mind. This weather front will feed in on Thursday night


introducing outbreaks of rain. Tomorrow morning it's a beautiful


start to the day. Fine sunshine on offer. Breezy across the northern


isles and north-east corner. The winds will ease. In the afternoon it


will feel colder. Temperatures around four or five Celsius at best.


Lovely sunny spells across the southern half of the country in


towards the central lowlands. Yes, we will see more cloud coming and


going across northern parts it will be a fine winter's day. One or two


showers feeding into the northern isles they will ease as we head in


towards the evening time. As we head towards the evening time under clear


skies we will see a widespread frost, as low as minus five to parts


of the highlands. A cold night indeed. That is how Thursday starts,


cold and frosty start perhaps some freezing fog patches here and there.


The it does stay cold during daylight hours. We will start to see


the beginnings of that weather front edging in from the far west.


Southerly winds will strengthen, rain will cross the country on


Thursday night. That is the forecast. That's it from us. Good




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