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Police investigating the murder of a man in a deliberate house fire


in Milngavie make a fresh appeal for witnesses.


Scots are urged to give their views on a second independence referendum.


Operations in Grampian are cancelled due to a shortage of nurses.


We speak to the Costa prize winner on his advice to would-be authors.


Definitely give up and get another job! Know, if you believe in what


you're doing and have a desire to get better and take on criticism


then keep going. As the transfer window opens,


Celtic agree a ?3 million fee Police have made a fresh appeal


for witnesses who may be able to help them find the killer


of a man who was murdered 23-year-old Cameron Logan died


in the blaze Milngavie His girlfriend, Rebecca Williams,


remains in a critical condition. Mr Logan's parents were also


injured but have been Our reporter Huw Williams has been


following this story. Huw, what have the police


been saying today? They asked for anyone to come


forward and in particular a list of people either spotted by passers-by


or recorded by CCTV on New Year's Day morning at the time that the


fire was deliberately started. They listed a man in a grey hooded top


walking of people and another person in a dark top walking a couple of


springer spaniel is and also a third man in dark trousers. And a couple


of joggers a man and a woman seen running together at eight o'clock on


New Year's Day morning. A warning that my report contains some flash


photography. Searching woodland behind the house


where Cameron Logan died. Did whoever started the fire use these


past to get two or away from the property, did they leave any clue


behind. Whoever is responsible for this, we know they have made off


from the crime scene. Perhaps they have dropped some evidence and if


from the crime scene. Perhaps they that is out there we intend to find


it and will search every area where we could recover any potential


evidence. Whoever set the fire was targeting this house. Targeting the


Logan family. But investigators cannot or will not say yet if


Cameron Logan was the intended target. At this time there is no


information coming in that anyone had a grudge or there was any


fallout with the family members and that is why it is imperative that if


anyone knows anything that they come forward, hopefully to give is that


vital bit of information forward, hopefully to give is that


establish why this horrific crime has taken place. Today police gave


details of dog walkers and joggers seen by CCTV or eyewitnesses in the


area at the time that the fire was begun. They could have vital


information and the revealed that the heroic efforts of David Logan to


save his son and his girlfriend Rebecca Williams. He was assisted by


a neighbour and it can only be Rebecca Williams. He was assisted by


described as heroic actions, the managed to get Cameron was my


girlfriend out of the house. Unfortunately she still remains


critical, at this time, and we are still unable to speak to her. But


police have been speaking to surviving members of the family who


they describe as being traumatised. They hope that members of the public


may come forward with information to help catch the killer of Cameron


Logan. But is asking people to come forward if they have CCTV systems or


even a dashboard camera in their car, if you have recorded anything


in the area on New Year's Day can morning. They're also trying to


trace the dog walkers, joggers and other motorists driving past and


they said that you can contact them on the non-emergency 101 number or


anonymously Crimestoppers. With a week to go the Scottish Government


is urging people to register their views about the independence


Referendum Bill with just one week left of the public consultation.


But the Conservatives say the people of Scotland made a very clear


Our political correspondent Andrew Kerr looks at


The UK and Scottish Government agreed a deal on an independence


referendum back in 2012 and now the Scottish Government is seeking your


opinions on a fresh Referendum Bill as Brexit looms. It is broadly


similar to last time around, and they need the permission of


Westminster. So do you think they should be another vote? I do not


think so, we had the referendum. We should just carry on. It is a bit


too much politics now. I think they should be. No because I think it is


causing enough issues already. The decision has already been need,


maybe wait another generation for a younger generation to decide. Do you


think Brexit changes anything I do not have the answer for that,


unfortunately. Brexit is seen as a threat to the Scottish economy and


so to protect their place in Europe another referendum may be required,


Mr stay. Nicola Sturgeon faces a tough decision, when to call the


vote. We are trying to get an agreement on what should happen


after Brexit in Scotland, we put forward proposals for that. If they


are rejected and we cannot find agreement then it will be a need to


re-consult people on Scottish independence. With those accusations


that Theresa May is independence. With those accusations


Brussels, the Conservatives hit back and said that the people of Scotland


voted decisively against independence in 2014. But the UK


Government Brexit plans are not decisive. At least according to the


former ambassador to the EU who resigned blaming muddled thinking. I


think the government is rightly taking its time, it is not in a


mess. Brexit is complex and unravelling more than 40 years of


legal and economic integration between the UK and the rest of


continental Europe is not going to happen overnight but will take time.


2016 was a big political year, 2017 will be a make or break year for


some politicians, leaders on both sides of the border face tough


choices. A health board has had


to cancel operations because of a shortage


of theatre nurses. A patients' group says elderly


patients in NHS Grampian are being affected


disproportionately because of the lack of staff


with specialist skills. Steven Duff joins us


from Aberdeen Royal Infirmary. Steven, what type of procedures


have been affected? It is not the emergency operations


that have been cancelled, it is elective surgery, people with


appointments to get their cataract in two, a hip or knee replacement.


appointments to get their cataract Earlier today NHS Grampian had to


deny that up to a quarter of these types of operations had been


cancelled. In the last couple of hours they have said that more than


180 have had to be cancelled since November. To put that into context,


every year NHS Grampian carries out around 30,000 operations. The reason


is they do not have enough theatre around 30,000 operations. The reason


staff. Highly qualified nurses to cover the operating theatres behind


us. Every cancelled operation has an impact on an individual patient and


one patient group believes elderly patients are being worst affected.


The acute care if you like will be the last to suffer. But it is a


symptom that there is underlying problems in retention and


recruitment of staff. For whatever reason. And it is something which


needs to be addressed. Not only within Grampian but within Scotland


as a whole. NHS Grampian has apologised to anyone who has had an


operation cancelled, they do say that this is not about funding, it


is about being able to recruit and retain highly qualified nurses.


More than 40 years after the Equal Pay Act was introduced,


research suggests there is still a significant gender pay gap.


In fact, the Resolution Foundation thinktank found that,


for some age groups, the gap is still widening.


I am a 33-year-old solicitor based in Glasgow. I'm also a young mother.


I have three-year-old son. I have worked for this company since


leaving university, for ten years now and I was promoted to partner


last year. Laura Connor has bucked the trend. The latest research shows


that when many women hit their 30s they can expect to pay a big price


if they opt to have children. Our research shows that the generation


born since 1980, since they turn 30 begat shoots back up very similar to


where it was for the generation before and what that suggests is


that the old challenges around when women start to have children really


are enduring for young women today and they can expect a significant


lifetime earnings penalty looking at their whole life compared to male


counterparts. According to research women born between 1981 and 2000 and


around 5% less than their male counterparts. As soon as they hit


30, the pay gap widens to 9%. The differential taking over the course


of a career that can mean they lose out to the tune of hundreds of


thousands of pounds. The energy firm SSE was one of the first


thousands of pounds. The energy firm companies to publish is gender pay


gap and it is ahead of many in the field with a number of initiatives


to eliminate it altogether. We looked at what we're to get the


gender diversity into the organisation, so gender neutral


advertising to bring people in. We looked at helping people to promote


themselves within the organisation, for example returner programmes.


Shirley is living proof, undaunted at the prospect of entering a


traditionally male domain, the qualified engineer now heads up


their network division in Perth. It is an excellent career choice for


females, engineering. Younger girls are better at the same subject but


they do not choose to go into these professions for one reason or


another. I get to solve problems every day and with an organisation


that is respectful of diversity. Back a the solicitor 's office in


Glasgow, Laura? Colleague specialises in equal pay claims. We


have been pursuing tens of thousands of equal pay claims across Scotland


in the public sector in ten years resulting in hundreds of millions of


pounds of compensation for women paid less than their male


colleagues. Any pay gap at any stage is unacceptable. I would never


contemplate working anywhere where I was paid less than a male colleague


doing the same job as them. And no woman in Scotland should have to


settle for that either. You're watching BBC


Reporting Scotland. Police investigating the murder


of a man in a deliberate house fire in Milngavie make a fresh


appeal for witnesses. Why a growing number of campuses


are bringing in a new and unusual A man has been charged


with the murder of a 40-year-old man in Bonnyrigg in


Midlothian yesterday. Police say the victim


was found seriously injured at a property in Auld Coal Grove


around four o'clock in the afternoon The 36-year-old man in custody


is due to appear tomorrow A man has gone on trial accused


of raping and murdering Bala Chinda is alleged to have


killed Jessica McGraa at a property on Union Terrace


in February last year. The 26-year-old is also accused


of attempting to defeat And police in Fife have named


a 25-year-old man who died after he was attacked


in Kirkcaldy on Monday. Alex Forbes, from Edinburgh, died


at the scene after he was seriously injured in the incident


in Victoria Road. A 51-year-old man has been


charged with murder. 50% of us are on prescription


drugs at any one time, But, despite medical advice,


many don't take their drugs Now a Glasgow company thinks


they may have a simple solution. Our social affairs correspondent


Reevel Alderson reports. It is estimated up to 50% of


patients prescribed medication by their doctor do not take them at the


right time or in the right dosage. Nationally it cost the NHS around


?300 million per year and Scotland, up to ?50 million according to the


British pharmacological Society which says that failing to take


medication properly can lead to repeat GP visits or even a trip to


accident and emergency. Pharmacists and doctors are under pressure and


we want to help pharmacists and doctors and people to look after


themselves better. This free app for mobile phones and tablets has been


launched by Glasgow a technology company and is aimed at helping


patients take the medicine at the proper time and notify them if they


need further advice. It is easy to use even for technophobes. The keys


to make it simple, you just point your camera smartphone at the bar


code of the medicine and information is uploaded for you. You do not have


to remember complicated names dosage. Pharmacists say it is vital


in conditions like diabetes, mental health and asthma, even


contraception, but medications are administered correctly and it is not


just forgetful older patients that this is aimed at. It would be good


for the younger generation as well, there are more likely to be using


their smartphone and I think there is the assumption that it is always


older people but forget. But people, young people lead busy lives now and


they're quite likely to forget to take important medicine. Information


gathered by the act can help pharmaceutical companies understand


how their products are used. But the designers said no personal data


identifying patients can accessed. Three young European brown


bears have gone on show Brumm, Maja and Brumma have


come from a Swedish zoo. They're the first new bears


to arrive at Camperdown Wildlife centre in 30 years and will be


companions to an older bear Their enclosure has been improved


to allow them to behave With the separate enclosure they are


able to hibernate and that is more akin to the natural rhythm. When it


becomes cold in winter we want them to be able to feel that they can


hibernate outside if need be and not cause bother to the keepers in


managing them or to the other bears if they choose not to hibernate.


A look at other stories from across the country.


After two major incidents in the Cairngorms since the start


of the New Year, in which three people were rescued,


hillwalkers and climbers are being advised to ensure


they are aware of the conditions and are suitably equipped.


We are blessed with quality avalanche information services, and


a quality weather forecast. They are at our fingertips. But people need


to ask reasonable questions of themselves in terms of their


experience of the snow. Often if there is doubt, that's normally a


red flag. Glasgow based company Aggreko has


has won a ?32 million contract to be the official temporary electricity


provider for the Winter Olympics It will provide power


across 18 venues, and the international


broadcast centre. A prominent Aberdeen mansion


is being demolished, after a campaign to save it


ended in failure. Strathcona House,


on the site of the former Rowett Research Institute,


is being flattened as part of the project to create


a new Aberdeen Exhibition A petition was launched in a bid


to save it from demolition. Irvine Welsh is fronting


a campaign to revive The Trainspotting author has become


the patron of Leith Theatre and is launching a drive to raise


an initial ?250,000. It's synonymous with lethal and


artistic works. -- Leith. In contact with us. We hope he will raise the


profile. I'm sure he will. And through raising the profile, we will


attract more investment and donations to our project.


Exams are a stressful time for students, but a growing number


of campuses are bringing in a new tool to help them keep calm.


They're using dogs, known as Therapets,


to come in and spend time with young people who are needing


This is Mercy, and 11-year-old dog who is not just good at tricks but


is part of a team of dogs visiting the whole at Edinburgh University to


give students a focus away from the pressure of exams. I have had my dog


as long as I can remember. She's kind of one of my best friends.


She's always there. I can tell her anything. So I associate pets with


calming me down, relieving stress. I have three dogs of my own at home.


Since I'm all away across the ocean, I cannot see them, and I need animal


contact or I will go crazy. The students book 15 minute sessions


known with the dogs, known as Therapets, and the event is becoming


increasingly popular. They are not just in our catered accommodation,


we go to the self catered flats all over the city and we have an room


facilities like these, where they are able to bring in the dogs and


offer the same services elsewhere. Dogs like Tigger have chosen to be a


Therapet not because they are anything special but because they


are good family dogs. They have proven over the years that they get


on well with people and other dogs. Despite the fact some of these


sessions appeared to be brief, the students are only here for 15


minutes, the positive feedback the University is receiving is very


encouraging. A growing number of campuses are bringing in the dogs at


exam time, and it's clear this is a mutually beneficial arrangement.


I think the dogs are enjoying it too!


The first significant signing in Scottish football's January


transfer window came a step closer today.


Celtic have agreed a fee of nearly ?3 million


Our reporter Kheredine Idessane is at Celtic Park and can tell us more.


The player in question is Kouassi Eboue, a 19-year-old midfielder from


the Ivory Coast. He flew into Glasgow today for a tour of Celtic


Park and also to discuss personal terms after his Russian side


Krasnodar agreed to part with him for close to ?3 million. Let's take


a look at him and see what Celtic will be getting for their money. At


six Eboue is a holding midfield player but he can get forward and


score the odd goal. He has done well in Russian football as Krasnodar


qualified from their Europa League group. Interesting to see how he


gets on with Scottish referees. This was how he reacted to getting sent


off in a Russian league match. He may have to work a little on his


temperament. As he's only 19, plenty of time for that if the move goes


through. How much work is still to be done before the transfer can go


ahead? Assuming there are no problems with the medical, there's


one final hurdle to be overcome. A work permit. Eboue would qualify for


one if he played enough times for work permit. Eboue would qualify for


his country, the Ivory Coast, but he has yet to be capped. So the initial


application is likely to fail, Celtic can then appeal to the


application is likely to fail, Scottish FA panel. S F A guidelines


say the criteria Celtic would have to satisfy is that the player is on


the highest calibre and can contribute significantly to do the


development -- to the development of the game at the top level in


Scotland and not stifle young Scottish talent. If Celtic are


persuasive in their argument, Eboue's arrival would send a strong


signal that manager Brendan Rodgers is already planning for next


season's Champions League campaign. Thank you.


The prestigious Costa children's book award has been won


by Lanarkshire author Brian Conaghan.


The success of his book "The Bombs That Brought Us Together"


followed more than 200 rejections from publishers and agents.


Just before we came on air, Brian joined us from Dublin, and I asked


if his literary career was a perfect example of persistence and patience.


Er, yeah... Blind stupidity! One of the two! I think I'm quite a


tenacious person. So it was important for me to keep going in


the face of adversity. Tell us about the book. The book The Bombs That


Brought Us Together centres around a friendship between 214-year-old


boys. In the midst of a war situation. -- two 14-year-old boys.


They come from both sides of the war. It's about their friendship,


loyalty and the moral choices they have to go through. To navigate


around this war situation. Is it the case that writing for the teenage


market was inspired by the fact that you used to be a schoolteacher?


Possibly. Spending your life around teenagers, teenage voices, it tends


to influence your creative work. There's also a rich tapestry of


language and dialogue and conversation and anecdotal stuff


that I can use in books. So probably, absolutely it has


influenced me. You have had a chequered career. You were also a


painter and decorator, so was there always a burning ambition to be an


author? Well, there wasn't a burning ambition to paint fences! When I


left school, I was a painter and decorator for three years. There was


no burning desire to be a writer, to be an author. It's only when I went


to university that I started to become more creative. What will this


to university that I started to win do for you as a writer? I think


it will bring my book, hopefully, to more readers. It's notoriously


difficult to get yourself a footprint in the publishing world.


Hopefully, this award will give me a little thumbprint. And your advice


to aspiring writers who have suffered a few hundred rejections


themselves? Definitely give up and get another job! No, my advice is if


you believe in what you do, and you have a desire to get better and take


on criticism, keep going. We wish you well. Great advice. Thank you,


Brian. The weather is oscillating between


mild, breezy and damp, to cold and frosty, which we will see tonight. A


wonderful picture of a frosty pair of old boots. We are going to see


Frost. Temperatures falling away under clear skies. Showers peppering


the north coast, leering away, dry overhead. Widespread frost nearly


everywhere. -- clearing away. Temperatures of -1 or two in the


towns and cities, as low as -5 in the countryside. Perhaps a few


freezing fog patches by tomorrow morning in the high land glens. High


dominating tomorrow under the high it will be a dry and cold start. And


frosty. Once the sun rises, a beautiful day. Crisp winter


sunshine. The first signs of a change with cloud thickening up


towards western coastal areas and the winds picking up. In the day,


much of the country will stay dry. Temperatures struggling inland. They


will start to rise on the west coast as the wind strengthens. Sunny


spells. Some cloud in the afternoon, along the west coast, but not


spoiling the day. It will be lovely. In the evening, we will continue to


see dry conditions, but cloud across western


areas continues to thicken up. Some rain in the north-west, sweeping


enduring tomorrow night with a strengthening southerly wind.


Introducing milder weather. Initially it will start chilly in


the east. The rain does spread into the Northern Isles. The high


pressure responsible for all of the weather we are seeing at the moment


will pull away. Some rain on Friday, come Saturday another ridge of high


pressure and a lot of dry weather during the daylight hours of the


weekend. Friday starts with an breezy but improves from the


north-west. The rain starts to clear away and brightens up away. It will


be mild. In the last few moments, some sports news. Andy Murray has


just reached the quarterfinals of the Qatar open. The winner over the


Austrian Gerald Meltzer means a career-best run of 26 victories in a


row. Tomorrow he will play for a place in the semifinal. That's


Reporting Scotland. I'll be back at eight o'clock and just after the Ten


O'clock News. Until then, have a very good evening. Goodbye.


Mildred is our first student from a non-witching family.


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