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Tonight, on Reporting Scotland: Hospital bed-blocking.


Figures suggest patients are still ending up stuck in hospitals,


instead of finding community care, despite extra investment


Air accident investigators head to Aberdeen after a helicopter


A call for the UK Government to devolve power over immigration -


allowing the Scottish Government to let more people


A record-breaking run - Laura Muir smashes the British


First race of the season, haven't raced for a while. It was great to


get out there and put a marker down, and a pretty quick one at that.


Also on the programme, not going the distance?


The route of last year's Great Scottish Run is to be measured


again, amid concerns it wasn't long enough.


Nearly 700 patients died in hospital while awaiting discharge,


over a 19 month period from March 2015.


That's according to figures released to Scottish Labour,


The Scottish Government says it's allocated more than ?30 million


Our social affairs correspondent, Reevel Alderson reports.


Doctors agree when a patient is well enough they should leave hospital.


But sometimes it's not possible, because there is nowhere suitable to


meet the patient's needs. This is bed blocking. Very many of the


people that are blocking beds in hospital, if you use that


expression, are people affected by dementia. If they are very poorly,


they have to go into a care home. If there is not a bad for them there,


they have to stay in hospital until they die. The reason for there not


being a care home bed can be financial, or it can be that the


care homes are full. In the majority of cases, it is a question of


organising finance, that is something we should do earlier. The


Scottish Government pledged two years ago to eradicate bed blocking,


but it is still happening, with years ago to eradicate bed blocking,


Scottish Labour calls shocking results. In a 19 month period,


almost 700 died in hospital, though judged fit enough to be discharged.


In almost a quarter of cases, it was in NHS Grampian, with Lothian and


Lanarkshire close behind. Overall, bed blocking is reducing by 9% last


year. Labour says that is no consolation to those whose relatives


died. This is 700 people who have lost their lives in hospital while


waiting for a care package. It could be your mother, father, grandfather,


tragic cases and tragic stories. I think the Scottish Government needs


to wake up to do reality, the impact it's having on patients and


families, the that cuts are having on patients and family. The Scottish


Government insists that patients continue to receive care in hospital


and says that while being discharged is preferable, there is no evidence


to link the deaths with patience with delays in leaving. We don't


ignore them, they are well looked after in the hospital. The delay


means that we cannot get them home or to a nursing home, or a social


care package. Sometimes, that might be a more appropriate place for them


to die, at home or in a nursing home, with family around them.


Ministers say they have given ?33 million to the NHS to tackle the


wider problem of bed blocking. Air accident investigators


are being sent to Aberdeen, after the wheel of a helicopter


caused damage to a helideck The helicopter has since been


brought ashore by boat. Our energy correspondent Kevin Keane


is at Aberdeen airport. Well, as you say, the incident


happened on Wednesday of last week, on the west Franklin platform in the


North Sea. It was in the final stages of landing, the Cessnock


helicopter, when it failed to respond to some of the inputs being


issued to it from the pilots. It landed heavily on the deck itself.


The wheels caused a few points of significant damage, although CHC


described as minor. Photographs on social media taken by somebody on


board the platform clearly show some degree of gouging in the metalwork.


The nine people, the passengers and crew on board, none of them suffered


any kind of injury and they were taken off the platform. The


helicopter itself has been brought back here to Aberdeen by boat and


investigators are examining it. Neither the company nor any of the


unions involved in offshore work have been willing to be interviewed


about this today, but they have jointly issued a statement saying


that the investigation is focusing on part of the tail rotor. That tail


rotor has been the subject of some concern in other parts of the world


in recent months. The group responsible for helicopter safety in


Aberdeen says it has been assured that previous incidents bear no


connection to what happened here. Thank you very much, apologies for


the quality of the sound. A 36-year-old man has


appeared on petition at Edinburgh Sheriff Court


charged with murder. It follows the death


of Carlo Volante, who was 40, after an alleged incident


in Bonnyrigg on the Robert Kay made no


plea or declaration, The investigations editor


for the Scottish Sun newspaper has told a jury how acid was thrown


at his face by a man, during Russell Findlay was giving evidence


at the trial of William Burns and Alexander Porter -


who deny targeting him Mr Findlay also described


how his ten year-old daughter ran for help as he grappled with the man


on his doorstep. From the High Court in Glasgow,


John McManus reports. On the first day of the trial, the


court heard evidence from Russell Findlay, the investigations editor


for the Scottish Sun newspaper. He told the court he had been at home


on the morning of the 23rd of December, 2015, when he answered his


doorbell. The caller said they were a postman and wanted him to sign for


doorbell. The caller said they were a package. He said that when he


answered the door, he felt a liquid on his face and then saw a bottle


fly past his head. Then he came through the door and attempted to


fight me, I pushed back and we both exited the front door and fell while


holding onto each other. Mr Findlay said his ten-year-old daughter,


Daisy appeared, and he sent her to get help from neighbours. He


continued to grapple with the attack. He told the court he said to


the man, why did they send a fat clown like you? Is that all I am


with? He said that the defendant spat at him and said wee Jamie sends


his regards. He said he had contact with one of the accused in 2006, but


he denied a suggestion that he and asked him to come round to his house


the night before the incident. I would find it beyond laughable that


he would come up with that, he told the court. The trial continues.


A group of MPs and Peers have called on ministers in London to consider


giving the Scottish Parliament more control over immigration.


The group wants the UK government to look at a system


similar to that in Canada - where individual provinces can issue


The Scottish government believes Scotland's immigration needs


Our political correspondent Nick Eardley is in


Why does this group think Scotland should get some control


Sally, the future of the immigration system will be a big talking point


as the UK prepares to leave the European Union.


This group thinks more needs to be done to help


new arrivals integrate with local communities.


They want for example compulsory English classes


But they also argue it's a good opportunity to move some


control over immigration away from Westminster.


And they're urging ministers here in London to look at Canadian


model which could see areas like scotland given the power


They would be based on local economic need and allow immigrants


to live and work in an area, though not across the UK as a whole.


The Labour MP Chuka Umunna chairs the group.


He explained why he thinks devolving powers could make


You get to decide how many people are allowed to come and settle into


your community, based on the needs of your local businesses and local


labour market. We think that way you will actually be able to give people


greater control and detoxify the immigration debate in the United


Kingdom. The Scottish Government held a similar view. What do UK


ministers then? The Scottish Government has long argued it needs


more powers over immigration. It thinks Scotland has different


population needs, indeed in the document it published last month on


its Brexit proposals, more flexibility in the immigration


system was one of their key demands. Ministers in London have pledged to


look at those proposals. I think there is a degree of scepticism in


London as to whether a separate immigration system could work.


Ministers are worried it would make things too complicated, that it


could actually affect the integrity of the immigration system across the


UK. Of course, they want immigration numbers to come down. For now, the


Home Office says it is focused on creating an immigration system that


works for everyone, across the UK. That's one conversation that's been


going on about Brexit But the Scottish Labour leader has


questioned the Scottish Government's attempts to keep access


to the European single Kezia Dugdale - who says


the UK's more important to Scotland than the EU -


claims arguments are being Ministers say she doesn't


even have a plan. Here's our political


correspondent, Andrew Kerr. It is eight o'clock, Thursday the


5th of January... On air, and time for Kezia Dugdale to be on message.


It is the first in a series of for Kezia Dugdale to be on message.


leader interviews on BBC radio Scotland. She says she is trying to


save the union. She used the opportunity to make clear which one


she prefers. The EU is very important, and I campaigned hard for


a Remain vote. But you can't argue, as Nicola Sturgeon often does, that


Scotland's relationship with Europe is more important than its


relationship with the rest of the United Kingdom. She claims the


Conservatives put the union at risk as they push for a hard Brexit,


although they question their commitment. She says the SNP threat


net by pursuing independence. The Scottish Government's attempts to


keep Scotland in the EU single market came in for criticism as


well. I would like to see evidence it is possible. I said to Nicola


Sturgeon at the start of the summer that I wanted what she wanted, that


we shared those values and I wanted to work with her on that. I've done


that over the past months, in good faith. But good faith is fast


becoming blind faith, because she is faith. But good faith is fast


yet to present any real evidence it is possible. That critic is


yet to present any real evidence it dismissed from the man in charge of


the Constitution for the Scottish Government. What we are doing is


standing for Scottish interests, making sure we get the best deal


possible. That means putting forward a proposal. But Labour have no new


ideas when it comes to the Constitution or our position. The


Scottish Government has put a proposal and it is up to the UK


Government to consider that. We are keeping all options on the table to


get the best outcome for Scotland. On the point of Kezia Dugdale saying


the UK union is more important than the EU, Derek Mackay says he is not


asking people to choose between the EU and the UK. Depending on how


things work out, Scottish voters might be asked once again for their


opinion in the not too distant future.


You're watching BBC Reporting Scotland.


are still ending up stuck in hospital, instead


of being offered community care, despite extra investment.


are using a unique system to create completely new materials.


It has been a great start to the year for Laura Muir. Last night, she


smashed the 5000 metres record, eclipsing the time set by Liz


McColgan. But she and her coach


have their sights set much higher, No TV cameras to record the


occasion, but this piece of history was recorded by one alert spectator.


Laura Muir, wiping 14 seconds off the British indoor 5000 metre


record. That beat Liz McColgan's time, set in 1992. As she reflected


today, it adds to the British 1500 metre record she sets last year.


Being in the record books is always very special, especially the names I


am getting them off, Dame Kelly Holmes and Liz McColgan, big names.


I'm really honoured to be alongside where they were. I just hope I can


get a feel more. An element of doubt has emerged about whether the time


she ran would qualify as an official record. Liz McColgan congratulated


her fellow Scot, but did query whether the official criteria have


been met by the race, in terms of the doping controls at the event and


also the fact the other athletes in the race only ran 3000 metres.


British athletics told BBC Scotland today that, subject to normal


checks, she expected the time to be confirmed. With that in the bag, the


focus is very much on turning record sometimes into major medals. It


takes time to learn to racing championships, to get that


experience. So, that is why I tried putting more realistic times on. She


was running remarkably fast times in 2013-14, but I recognised there was


still some sort of athletic development, some learning to go on


before you are probably in a position that you should be


challenging for those models. I think that is where we have got to


now. Definitely, I think I had been unlucky in previous champion chips.


The World Championships, I was placed fifth. That was a really big


achievement for me. Getting back into the medals. Diamond League


success shows she can beat the best. Now she is ready to do that on the


biggest stages. The distance of last year's


Great Scottish Run is to be checked amid concerns that the route


was too short. Olympic distance runner


Callum Hawkins broke the Scottish half marathon record


during the race. But an official responsible


for measuring the course says he believes athletes may have run


a different route. It is a highlight of the year for


thousands of people, elite runners, club competitors and sweaty


enthusiasts. They fill club competitors and sweaty


centre, their supporters lined the streets, and good causes across


Scotland benefit from all that sponsorship money raised. Last year,


the added excitement of a new Scottish art marathon record. He's a


record-breaker here in Glasgow today! An absolutely staggering run


from Callum Hawkins - a new star is born! I was not expecting anything


near as quick as that. I am just pleased I went out to win, and


that's what I did. But now, the record could be in doubt, after the


man who satisfied the distance watched BBC Scotland's coverage and


felt that the runners were not following the route that he had


measured. The questions were also raised by competitors, like these


runners we met today training on the banks of the Clyde. Hundreds of


their GPS recorders told them that they had run less than the official


distance of 13.1 miles. It is still a personal best for me regardless. I


think that will still be true for 95% of the people who ran. It does


not make a difference for your average one, I don't think. Some


people are just in it to compete and have fun. For them it probably does


not matter. But if you are more of a top Enron, looking for a personal


best, it will have more of an impact. It is best if you are


comparing year-on-year. I would be pretty annoyed, actually. If it is


not an accurate time, I would be annoyed. It is good you want to run


your half marathon, but for me, it was just about finishing. Organisers


say an independent re-measuring of the course will be completed by the


end of January. They say they're confident that it will be confirm


that it was the correct distance. COMMENTATOR: He deserves this! An


official measure is due to cycle the route later in the month. And then


we will know if that new record can stand.


In exactly four months' time, it'll be polling day -


More than 12,000 councillors in Scotland will be elected.


In many areas, the elections will see fierce battles


Many Central Belt councils are the remnants of Labour's


old dominance of politics in urban Scotland.


Our local government correspondent Jamie McIvor sets the scene


It is a scene even the most optimistic Labour councillors


scarcely expected. At the last council elections, Labour reinforced


its control of Scotland's largest local authority. Many thought the


SNP would make big strides forward. In fact, councils became the last


citadel of Labour's code power. Google government is the one thing


where Labour is still very strong. It did well in May 2012. It seems to


be under serious threat. In by-elections, on average, Labour's


vote is down by 12 points compared with five years ago. In fact, in


2012, across Scotland, the SNP won the most votes, with a narrow lead


over Labour. The SNP also has more councillors than any other party.


But in most of central and southern Scotland, it is Labour that is in


power. In fact, the party won outright control of some councils in


the west, including this one, Glasgow. Faggot the last five years


have seen seismic shifts in national politics, with the independence


referendum, the surge in SNP politics, with the independence


membership and the Labour results. Come the council elections, will


voters be thinking of local or national issues? All the media


coverage will nor be for the national issues, to be honest. I


would be having an opinion on the candidate, and if that candidate I


felt was going to do his job or her job. A lot of people are talking on


social media about Donald Trump and things. I think they may need to


change their tactics to catch the eye of the public. In urban


Scotland, undoubtedly it will be party preferences on the most part,


national party preferences, which will be most important. However, in


rural Scotland, there will be a different picture, with the three


islands councils still dominated by independence to call when the votes


are counted eventually, the consequences for the Labour Party in


Scotland could be huge record A woman's been taken to hospital


after she was knocked down by a taxi The pedestrian had been


crossing Princes Street, opposite the Waverley Steps


at around 12:20 this afternoon Police say inquiries


into the incident are ongoing. A woman has been cleared


of attempting to murder an 89-year-old man after she hit him


with a hammer to fend 43-year-old Gillian Lavery


was cleaning Tom Winter's flat in Clydebank when the incident


happened last February. A jury found her not guilty -


after accepting she Two climbers were airlifted


to safety after getting A coastguard search and rescue


helicopter was called out following a report that a man had


injured his ankle on the mountain's Both climbers were eventually


winched to safety. Police are trying to find a


54-year-old Dutch national since setting off for a walk


in the Glen Affric area Cornelius Van Der Wetering was last


spotted after leaving a guest ?500,000 is to be spent


to try to refurbish one of Europe's largest dry docks at Kishorn


in Wester Ross. The site was originally built


as an oil fabrication yard in the 1970s, but has been


mothballed for 25 years. It's hoped to regenerate the yard,


for decommissioning North Sea a remote Shetland Croft owner was


forced to deliver his own baby at the side of road yesterday. Alastair


Morgan was driving his wife to hospital after she had gone into


labour. Along the Hill track, they hit a pothole and her waters broke.


Alastair says there was no time to think. You do not have time to worry


about that, you just go and do it. It was just a case of getting out of


the car, jacket off, their sleeves, and deliver the baby!


Physicists at St Andrews University are using a unique system to create


The new centre for designer quantum materials will help create the next


generation of electronic devices, one atom at a time.


Our science correspondent Kenneth Macdonald has this report.


Despite appearances, this is science fact, not science fiction. For what


is it exactly? This is a molecular-beam epitaxy system, which


is an instrument which allows us to build materials, one single atomic


is an instrument which allows us to lay at a time, basically changing


the material, with each individual layer. You will not find these


materials anywhere else in nature. To make those materials, the machine


creates a vacuum close to that of deep space with temperatures at


around 1000 Celsius. Creating quantum materials means many plating


things at the most a sick level, where a phenomenon like the spin of


an electron comes into play. What that in particular means is that the


spin of the electron plays an important role for what we observe.


So, for example, one relatively large field of potential application


is in what is called spin-tronics, where one can it spite the spinning


of the electron for different functionalities. Stick it has been


compared to Lego, making new stuff which is very in interesting indeed!


Content with this machine, we will be able to make materials in single


atomic layer form, and then one can cast them into devices and make, for


example, censors with completely new bodies, which are unheard of, and


which are potentially much more sensitive. The components inside our


current computers and electronic devices are getting close to the


limits of the materials they're made of. The stuff being created in here


is giving a sequence of the future. Now over to Christopher for a look


ahead to the weekend weather. Thanks very much indeed. It was a


lovely day for many of us today. But tonight, the cloud hills and the


rain arrives, but not straightaway. Initially there will be some frost.


But watch what happens as we had through the next few hours. Loud


arriving, rain moving in and temperatures creeping up. As the


rain falls on cold ground, there could be some icy patches around.


Tomorrow, with all that cloud and rain, a very different day in store


compared with today. There is the weather system crossing the country


during Friday. It will be really quite soggy for many west and


south-western parts. The rain quite soggy for many west and


heavily and persistent at times, slowly edging eastwards. More patchy


across the north-east. In the west, heavy and persistent, but improving


by the afternoon. By mid-afternoon, still fairly cloudy and damp and


breezy, but the winds easing. Much milder than today. Up into double


figures in places. There will be some brightness around, most likely


around the far north and the Moray Firth. Still some showers here,


however. And the winds for Orkney and Shetland, still brisk. Friday


night, damp and murky at times, but heading through towards the weekend,


not too bad. High pressure is with us, so it's largely dry. Fairly


settled but also fairly cloudy. As we start the weekend on Saturday,


yes, it is dry and cloudy but there will be some spots of light rain.


The winds are very light. Knowing exactly where the breaks in the


cloud will happen is tricky. Sunday morning, still fairly cloudy but


settled. A few spots of rain in the far north and north-west.


Now, a reminder of tonight's main news: Nearly 700 patients died


in hospital while awaiting discharge, over a 19 month


The Scottish Government says it's allocated more than ?30 million


I'll be back with the headlines at 8:00 and the late bulletin just


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Someone who can keep an audience on the edge of their seat.


Something like this could change my life.