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It's emerged the Scottish serviceman Corrie McKeague,


who hasn't been seen since September, is to become a father.


I had the support of everyone around me, my family and friends, which was


great, but it is still not the most pleasant thing to go through on your


own. Especially when the person you love is missing.


Also on the programme, the Scottish Conservative leader


says she wants the UK to have access to the EU single


Her opponents accuse her of selling out.


There's been an increase this year in the number


of people caught drink-driving over the festive period,


and most of those would have failed the old, higher limit, too.


Calls for increased support to help people retrain,


as more of us work longer and change career direction.


And Scotland's top badminton player is calling for the decision


to remove the sport's Olympic funding to be reversed.


The Scottish Conservative leader has insisted both


she and the Prime Minister are intent on securing


the best Brexit deal for the whole of the UK


But Ruth Davidson's SNP opponents challenged her to back


plans to keep Scotland inside the European single market.


This from our political editor Brian Taylor.


Like all politicians, the Prime Minister prefers to sound decisive.


She has colleagues that want to quit the single market entirely, but has


business leaders that want to maintain links so appears to


indicate no to single market membership but yes to access. But


how much access? This morning Gary Robinson suggested that she had


shifted ground to Ruth Davidson. A couple of days later you said what I


want to see for Scotland is access to the single market, why the


change? I don't think there's a huge difference here. There's a weird


conception the single market is a binary choice, and it's not, there


are gradations. As somebody who not only recognises the result didn't go


the way I want, but who is arguing passionately to stay in it, I want


the largest amount of access to the single market. Temptations all


around as Nicola Sturgeon carries on the day job, visiting a day centre.


But she's not tempted yet to name the date for a second is


independence referendum, although she hasn't said it will be this


year, which rivals says a statement of blindingly obvious. Some say the


Tories are letting Scotland down. But is deeply disappointing that


instead of representing the interests of people that work in


Scotland, Ruth Davidson has committed to try to prevent the Tory


party into splitting into a civil war. What's that? You want precise


details about the future? Mind if I get back to you about that one?


The girlfriend of the missing RAF serviceman Corrie McKeague has


revealed she's pregnant with his child.


21-year-old April Oliver discovered she was having a baby in October,


weeks after Corrie disappeared after a night out in the Suffolk


She said she'd always hoped he would return but has now decided


She's always wanted to be a mother, but looking at the scan of her and


Corrie's unborn child, she wishes circumstances could be difficult.


The personal trainer first met him on an online dating site last summer


and only discovered she was pregnant fortnight after the RAF gunner went


missing. Being a mother is something I always wanted to be, right from


when I was younger, but it is just... It is just a horrible time,


isn't it really? Corrie's mother and April's parents have known about the


pregnancy since the outset and they are supporting her. It's something I


hoped he would be here to help me make the decision but he isn't so


it's a decision I've had to make alone. Not the most pleasant thing


to go through on your own, especially when the person you love


is not present. Corrie was last caught on CCTV in the early hours of


Saturday the 24th of September in the centre of Bury St Edmunds. The


23-year-old had been enjoying a night out with friends before he


left this nightclub alone in the early hours. After entering an area


behind some shops, he disappeared. As this home video shows, Corrie


McKeague is an extrovert and happy As this home video shows, Corrie


to perform for family and friends. His family say he would talk to


anyone. Every week, his mother flies to Scotland to coordinate the search


for her son. It is difficult to balance the excitement of a new baby


to what we are trying to focus on now and that is finding Corrie so it


is just one day at a time. We will get through this but just now I have


got to, for my own sanity, just try to concentrate on trying to find


Corrie and doing everything I can to find him. Preparations are already


in place for the birth of their baby. April now hopes to


in place for the birth of their personal privacy for her and her


baby's health. Both families are now determined that efforts are focused


on finding Corrie, this unborn baby's father.


Scotland's tougher drink-drive limits are still failing to deter


motorists from drinking too much and getting behind the wheel.


This festive period there was a 38% rise in the number of drivers


who failed a breath test, and it seems the majority would have


failed the test under the old, higher limit.


Our home affairs correspondent Reevel Alderson has been taking


This was the third festive season with the new,


lower Scottish limits for drinking and driving, introduced


And there's concern that the message that you really shouldn't drive


if you've drunk any alcohol isn't fully getting through.


The drink-drive limit is 50 milligrams of alcohol in 100


Until two years ago, it was 80 milligrams of alcohol.


The new limit's probably less than a pint of ordinary-strength


beer or a glass or ordinary-strength wine.


625 motorists failed a breath test - that's an increase of 38.3% over


the previous festive period, although 15% more breath


Worryingly, only 57 of the drivers who failed were under the old limit,


meaning a whopping 90.9% would have failed before the new


Police tested more motorists over the festive period than in recent


years, campaigners say that the only way to deter drivers who


deliberately chose to take to the wheel after drinking what they know


is too much. The focuses on making sure the majority of people get the


message, and majority do. Unfortunately the people breaking


the limit now I fear don't take any notice of campaigns, or limit. They


need to be caught by the police to stop them. And there is apparent


need to be caught by the police to support in this Edinburgh pub for


the tougher limits and tougher enforcement. I believe there should


be zero tolerance on drink-driving. I don't think you should get in your


car after drinking. You are out of control when you've had a drink so


the answer should be quite simple, you shouldn't allow a limit, you


should just... If you drive, you don't drink and that's it. Police


say although drink-driving has had a high profile during the festive


period, it will continue to be high profile during the festive


focus for the force. When not going to stop targeting drink-drivers


simply because the festive period is over. There will still be a focus on


it throughout the year because there is a hard-core element of motorists


disregarding the safety of other people and we will continue to


pursue those individuals. My message is still the same, regardless of


pursue those individuals. My message whether it is Christmas or summer,


don't do it. The figures also showed an increase in the people caught the


morning after drinking, which police said was reckless. Campaigners south


of the border have been calling for a reduction in the drink-driving


limit there and have expressed concern to that with so many


Scottish drivers being over the old limit, it may dissuade legislators


from bringing England and Wales into line with Scotland.


from bringing England and Wales into Rank you. -- thank you.


The driver of a lorry which crashed into a house killing a woman had


blacked out with what a court heard described as an "explosive


55-year-old Catherine Bonner died and her partner, Jim McColl,


was badly hurt in the crash in Fairlie in 2013.


A Fatal Accident Inquiry heard from a doctor who said


driver George Marshall had an underlying medical condition.


A charge of death by dangerous driving was dropped by the Crown


after it had looked into his medical background.


The way skills are taught in Scotland needs to be urgently


overhauled to cope with rapid changes in the economy.


That's according to a leading think tank, which is warning more needs


done to help people train for a longer working life,


Here's our business correspondent David Henderson.


They are here to retrain and keep pace with changes at work. This


class is popular with mature students who want to take on new


skills for a career in nursery education. You learn to deal with


people differently, your communication changes as you develop


different working relationships with your mentors and lecturer and other


classmates. I think it is vital that we keep learning and not give up at


the age of 37, you know, decide to change your life for the better.


Soon the owners classmates will take this training to where they work.


For some, their first full-time job. For others, just a fresh start. Most


of the students here are under 25 but the average age is on the rise


as more people look to renew their skills after years at work. The


college principal told me those skills are focused on the jobs that


awaits students. Employers help shape and design the courses in the


programmes, in some cases helping deliver those programmes with us and


our lecturing staff. They provide real live work experience and


projects for the students studying in college so they are tapping into


talent that exists in the College at the same time as preparing the


future workforce they will need. Technology is becoming ever present


in the workplace, like this robot, which was taught to sort clothes,


and the gathering pace of change in so many lines of work means skills


and the gathering pace of change in training may have to adapt. In


Scotland there is an issue with people moving from low skilled and


medium skills into more highly people moving from low skilled and


skilled positions and we've also found there is an issue around


skills mismatch in Scotland, where the skills are not meeting the needs


of employers. We feel the skills system needs to reform and become


more flexible to meet these needs and to be able to be fit for the


future. One the things we have done to respond to that particular


challenge of helping people progress in their careers is extra funding to


the tune of ?10 million. So working patterns are being redrawn and very


few can expect a job for life. Instead, change is the order for the


day. That presents challenges but opportunities too.


A new forecast on the oil and gas industry says future tax


income will be wiped out by rebates for decommissioning.


Analysts Wood Mackenzie say dismantling and abandoning North Sea


assets will cost the public purse ?24 billion.


That's 50% more than the Treasury's own forecasts.


Our energy correspondent Kevin Keane joins us now.


If you look at the most up-to-date sets of figures of what the oil and


gas industry contributes to the Treasury, it reveals that the net


taxation paid at the moment is less than zero, partly because it's not


really making any significant profits with the downturn is going


on, partly because it's been receiving rebates because of


exploration out wearing the North Sea. What this latest analysis has


revealed and suggests is the total amount of tax that will be paid back


to companies because of decommissioning is significantly


higher than previously forecast. The Treasury's own figure of that is ?16


higher than previously forecast. The billion, this latest analysis


suggests it will be ?24 billion and it says that figure is more than the


amount it can expect to receive from oil and gas in taxation in the


future. This is a fluctuating figure because decommissioning is an


industry in its infancy and Wood Mackenzie says it recognises that.


That's not to say though that this is an industry that is not worth


anything to the Treasury and to the economy in the future because


decommissioning will bring with it many, many jobs. Thank you.


You're watching BBC Reporting Scotland.


The girlfriend of missing Scottish serviceman Corrie McKeague has


revealed she is pregnant with his child.


And still to come, we visit one of our most remote destinations


Towards the end of last year, we heard that Glasgow was to be


the first location in the UK for so-called fix rooms.


These are places where drug addicts could inject or smoke hard drugs


like cocaine and heroin under medical supervision,


Our reporter Divia Talwar spent a day inside a fix-room in Copenhagen.


A warning that her film shows scenes of illegal drug-taking.


It is 8am and inside users have already turned up. My name is


Elliot, and I'm 25, almost 26 years old. Tell me what you are about to


inject. It is good cocaine, a lot of heroin and diazepam to make the


heroine stronger. Elliott is originally from Sweden, he's


homeless and will beg, borrow and steal to buy hard drugs. He injects


so often that it is difficult to find a vein. I will find one. There


will... Ah! How are you feeling? Alert, euphoric and relaxed. This


place opened three years ago, funded by the city with public money.


There's always a nurse here to supervise the users. When they come,


the only thing they have to bring themselves is the drugs they will


the only thing they have to bring consume. Everything else we give to


the only thing they have to bring them is for free. This is just an


example, we give the needles, and of course the main thing is to save


lives and to prevent diseases from spreading. I think we prevent a lot.


Elliott is one of about 500 users who will come here today. This feels


like a second home. And it is a safe place to take things in. When I take


something that is really strong, I turned to the nurse sitting by the


computer and I tell them, I'm going to take this strong dose, so they


know what to expect if anything goes south. The fixing room will stay


open through the night. Some people would say that having a facility


like this is encouraging people to use drugs. It doesn't encourage


people. It's a very hard life to be a drug addict in this environment.


It is a very busy life. People are working to get drugs 24 hours a day.


It gives people a place where they can be safe. But it is clearly not a


It gives people a place where they treatment facility to get addicts


off drugs and many people, like the users I've met here today, will come


in and out of the fix room and go back to their difficult and


sometimes dangerous lifestyles. You can find details


of organisations offering information and support with


addiction at bbc.co.uk/actionline. Or you can call for free at any


time to hear recorded The centralisation of the control


room of the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service as is being blamed for a


series of call-out errors. Emergencies from across


the Highlands and the north-east are now handled by operators


in Dundee, but critics claim a lack of local knowledge has led


to a range of mistakes in sending Fire brigade control centres in both


Aberdeen and Inverness were closed down at the end of last year with


the new North operations hub in Dundee part of a ?10 million


reorganisation and investment in call handling. The closures were


always controversial and in recent weeks it is alleged that emergency


fire crews have been sent out when there were other crews close at


hand. One crew was called out from leg to attend an incident on the


Isle of Skye -- from Lairg. Five other crews were nearer. Another


station was asked to go to an address in Dundee and that defies


station was asked to go to an belief that a life-threatening


situation and a life safety service, these things are happening.


Councillors in the Highlands have always been against the


centralisation and now calling for the closure of the local call centre


to be reversed. Politicians are demanding answers to the current


claims. We need to sure that fire engines go to the right place right


across the Highlands and Islands and that has not happened recently so


Parliament should look into it and find out what went wrong and make


sure the Fire Service operate as it should do. Scottish Fire and rescue


declined to be interviewed about the allegations but in a statement they


said they had reviewed what were unsubstantiated claims and was set


aside that in all cases the correct results have been sent to the


incident involved. The added that in any area local knowledge came not


just from control room staff but also from highly experienced local


crews. Official figures on Scotland's


tourism industry in 2016 Analysts will be watching closely


for indications of what, if any, impact the Brexit vote halfway


through the season might have had. Willie Johnston went to one


of the country's most remote destinations to find out how tourist


businesses there fared last year. You cannot go any further south


than the Mull of Galloway. It comprises a lighthouse and news


on the bird reserve, holiday cottages and a cafe. The land here


was bought by the community three cottages and a cafe. The land here


years ago and is committed as a visitor experience. We are down 8%


occupancy rate in the Cottagers compared to 2015 and also with the


visitor numbers to the experience, which is the exhibition and the


tower, we are down by 3000 people. We have also noticed that the


visitors are spending less money than in 2015.


Uneconomic study showed in 2009 ?25 million was spent by the anglers


in the area and I think that figure would have dropped a lot recently as


the fish stocks drop. You go to the pub in the evening, it is normally


full anglers telling tales of the fish they have caught but these


numbers have dropped. You can see that is not the same number of


people in the Tehran sites. Overall I would say we are about 10% down --


caravan sites. Anglers used to provide almost all the trade for the


pub and caravan park. We have seen a decline but luckily we have been


able to increase the couples and families and general toasts but


overall it is a reduction unfortunately -- general tourists.


But other attractions save the day 16 was OK, even though there seem to


be fewer people around overall -- say that 2016. We had a 2% increase


and that is often reflected in the amount of events which we are now


running for all the family. Four businesses, four views but a general


impression that tourism footfall in 2016 was down on the previous year.


Nobody I spoke to thought Brexit was eight factor. More things like the


weather, transport infrastructure, tougher drink-drive law and sheer


remoteness. Tourism remains fundamental here but what is the


outlook? Against the many attractions and accessibility of


Scottish cities, the fear is it may become harder and harder for them to


compete. Scotland's top badminton player says


she's worried about encouraging children to take up the sport


if proposed cuts go ahead. Kirsty Gilmour, who won Commonwealth


silver in Glasgow two years ago, is hoping a decision to remove


badminton's Olympic Back on court, on the comeback


trail. It is tough when you have had knee surgery. Tougher still when


your sport loses its elite funding despite winning an Olympic medal. I


specifically remember being in Rio, seeing the boys get that men's


doubles medal and I can't tell you, it gives me goose bumps. Everybody


was like, yes, we burn it, a medal, this is amazing. Best we have done


it. And then a funding cut. I don't think any other sport has


overachieved on their target set and then had funding withdrawn


completely. Badminton's Olympic funding has been on the slide for a


completely. Badminton's Olympic while. In 2012 it was ?7.4 million


but by this year that had dropped to ?5.7 million and there is no funding


at all for the next games in 2020 which would leave Scottish badminton


with a shortfall of ?40,000 a year and also mean that Scottish players


training at the British base in England would be sent home. We have


and hope and Patrick MacHugh who are in Milton Keynes and they will be


sent home -- Adam Hope. It is very sad. It is a drastic participation


sport for all ages -- fantastic. And we have the World Championships in


Glasgow in August. There is a lot to look forward to and this is a major


setback. The poster girl for Scottish badminton is deeply


troubled by the message that cuts sent out to kids. If I do in school


talks, I can't go to kid and be like, it badminton is your dream, no


matter what, if you reach a certain level you will be funded. I can't


preach that message because the future is more uncertain. UK sport


told BBC Scotland... British badminton will appeal and


hope to have the decision reversed by March so that athlete like Kirsty


Gilmour will not have to worry about by March so that athlete like Kirsty


finance as they test themselves against the best in the world.


Today has been a mixture of brighter moments but heavy showers as well


and it was quite a fine end to the day in Aberdeen but looking ahead to


this evening, we will continue to see those showers merging into


longer spells of rain, especially in the West with some brisk winds,


maybe even gales in the north-east corner. Those showers are mainly in


the West with some clearer moment in the east allowing a touch of frost.


Towns and cities holding up to about three or four Celsius overnight.


Fairly cloudy to start the day three or four Celsius overnight.


tomorrow with outbreaks of rain, mainly in the north and west again


and the cloud will thin and break-up with brightest bulb in the east. In


the afternoon there will be some blustery showers. Quite a cloudy


afternoon in store as well, some breaks with some bright moment in


the central belt and further east and we still holding onto fairly


mild air with temperatures around nine or 10 Celsius in the afternoon.


Tomorrow evening we will start to see that change with a weather


system moving from bringing outbreaks of rain but behind it on


when states you can see very tight isobars and it'll turn Windy -- on


Wednesday. And cold air coming in from the north and north-west.


Showers will be increasingly wintry looking at two Wednesday night and


Thursday. Several warnings out from the Met office, yellow warnings for


the strength of the wind, dusting and up to 55 mph, maybe severe gales


in the far north. And blizzard like conditions on a higher road routes


with snow in the mix, especially on Thursday daytime. This is Wednesday


and you can see those wintry showers even in the morning but by the


afternoon more so, especially in the north and even at lower levels at


times. Some brighter moment in between but bitterly cold with


temperatures only five or 6 degrees. By Thursday, even colder with the


snow showers pretty much anywhere across the country.


The Mart - a place to expect the unexpected...


You've got to get the figures stacking up at the end of the day.


Join Jackie Bird for the latest news headlines, and Glenn Campbell for a special debate with voters quizzing both sides on what the EU referendum means for Scotland.