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The helicopter manufacturer, Sikorsky, grounds all of its S92


aircraft after an incident on a North Sea platform last month.


Confusion in the Labour party over immigration with mixed messages


on the free movement of people from the EU.


Families coping with the effects of Type 1 diabetes call for more


research to find a cure for the condition...


It was an absolute poster because we had no history of this in our family


and we knew very little about it. Also on the programme,


Could a change in the format of the World Cup improve Scotland's


chances of reaching And it's hoop dreams


for the Glasgow Rocks basketball team as they bid for cup glory


and try to inspire the young. Good evening. Offshore helicopters


were grounded today after urgent safety checks were ordered. It


follows an incident on a North Sea platform.


Our reporter Rebecca Curran is at Aberdeen Airport


The skies above the north-east have been unusually quiet as much of the


helicopter fleet has remained on the ground but there's been an awful lot


of work ongoing in the hangers behind me as engineers undertake


mandatory safety checks. It is expected those checks will be


completed by midday tomorrow. It is hoped that in the next 24 hours the


aircraft will return to the skies. Going nowhere fast. Every S 92


helicopter around the world spent most of today on the ground. The


manufacturer issued an alert over concerns about the tail rotor


following an incident in the North Sea when an estimated two


experienced a technical fault. Nobody was injured but it left


significant marks on the deck. Operators were told to take out


immediate safety checks before the helicopters could return to service.


It will cause concern given the history of helicopters. I think the


delays must be accepted for what they are, precautionary measure to


ensure it is safe. I'd rather put up with the delay. We've got to make


sure the aircraft are safe. Oil and gas UK cannot say how many workers


have been affected by the delays but have described the restrictions as a


precautionary measure to ensure the safety of them workforce. The safety


group met in Aberdeen and say they will keep in touch with the


operators at the manufacturer for any further updates. As these safety


checks have been ongoing, in the background the investigation into


exactly what happened on the platform on the 20th of December is


also ongoing. In the last half an hour, the Maritime and coastal


organisation have issued an update. They've confirmed that they are back


in operation and they say the rest of the fleet is expected to fly


soon. There's confusion tonight


over Labour's position In a speech this afternoon,


the UK leader Jeremy Corbyn said Labour wasn't wedded


to the principle of free movement But he also said he


wouldn't rule it out. Our political correspondent


Andrew Kerr has been It's the first day back after the


break at Holyrood. Coffee counter is doing a roaring trade as people look


a New Year pick me up. The Ricoh. Jeremy Corbyn is looking for a


boost. He attempted relaunch with a major on Brexit. He was due to say


that his party is not wedded to freedom of movement, hardening his


stance, hoping to appeal to traditional Labour voters. This


morning, no new restrictions on immigrants. Undercutting payment


restrictions and the directive... In the speech there was a caveat. We


are not wedded to free movement of the EU as a point of principle but I


don't want to be misinterpreted, nor do we rule it out. So, not wedded to


and not ruling it out. Jeremy Corbyn may have been hoping to make clear


his stance today. As you've seen, perhaps there needs to be some more


clarification. Scottish Labour are setting out their own position. We


believe the freedom of movement in Scotland is good for Scotland but we


understand concerns when they cannot get a house and they cannot get an


appointment. The answer to that is not to blame free movement of people


but to invest in public services. Opponents seized on the


contradiction. Jeremy Corbyn is saying he is not sure whether he's


in favour of freedom of movement or not but is in favour of the single


market. You cannot be in the single market without freedom of movement.


Back at the coffee shop, maybe Jeremy Corbyn is having his cake and


eating it, wanting to mix it up on immigration but not change his


views. Political parties should be fined


if they fail to ensure just under half of their candidates at general


elections are women, Less than a third of MPs


are female and representation Our Political correspondent


Nick Eardley reports. The Prime Minister and First


Minister, two of the most important politicians and Age UK. But are


there enough women in politics more generally? Kirsty Blackman was


reprimanded for taking her kids to a committee meeting. It feels very


male dominated. We've got that committee meeting. It feels very


female as a figurehead but you don't see her kicking around the House of


Commons, she's not in there with MPs most of the time. Less than a third


in the House of Commons are women. The figure is slightly higher for


MPs representing Scottish seats. The main parties had more men standing


than women. A proportion would help improve gender balance. If there is


not significant progress at the next general election, made major parties


be required to have 45% of their candidates as women, then we believe


there could be fines for parties. The Scottish Parliament fears only


slightly better for gender balance. Campaigners said some parties have


made efforts to address that what they want legislation at Holyrood as


well. We only make up 35% of women MSPs and councillors and there is a


long way to go. I think people see politics as guys in suits. It's not


something I woman would naturally go far but personally, I would rather


have got it on merit and got it because they needed a female to fill


a role. That's a view shared some at Westminster. They think the best


candidates should be chosen regardless of their gender. Even


those who support S92 admit it won't solve the problem. But those on the


committee think this is an important first step -- quotas admit it won't


solve the problem. We are increasingly familiar with


the problems with type two diabetes. But in Scotland we also face a major


battle with Type 1 diabetes which is an auto-immune condition


not caused by lifestyle factors. We have the third highest rate


of the Type I in the world, and today families and people


affected have been taking their case to Parliament to press for more


to be done to find a cure. Here's our Health


Correspondent, Lisa Summers This girl was diagnosed with type


one diabetes when she was three years old. I check the CGM quite a


lot to make sure my levels. Nobody in the family had any history of the


disease and learning to live with it has been a roller-coaster for the


family. Being that young, the insulin was too large so she was


spiking. At night she is unaware so if she drops then she will not


spiking. At night she is unaware so up. For two years we did not get it.


Now she uses a pump and the monitor known as a CGM. It will connect to


my phone so when she is at school, even though I know school take care


of her, I can see what her levels are. They had to fight for it to be


funded by the NHS. We would like everybody to be given access to this


funded by the NHS. We would like technology, it is fantastic and I


would like other parents to not go through the struggles we go through


to get them. 30,000 people in through the struggles we go through


Scotland have type one diabetes and the number is growing every year. It


is not clear why Scotland has such a high prevalence of type one


diabetes. It is up there with other North European countries. Charities


believe Scotland is well placed to find a cure. We need to see some


funding behind fellowships so we can attract the best researchers here.


They were joined by families and people in parliament to press their


case. We've put investment to help people cope with it but we will work


with groups and people who have type one diabetes to make sure if there


are further improvements we will see where we can make them. Technology


has been vital to her quality of life. Her family hope it will not be


too much longer before there's a cure.


It's been just over a week since the first families


received their baby boxes - the scheme where new parents receive


a package of essential items from the Scottish Government.


The initiative is costing six million pounds -


but critics believe the money could be better targeted.


Our reporter David Deldy has been finding out what parents think


in one of the pilot areas for the scheme, Orkney.


Little over a week old but already with plenty possessions. This baby


and parents are the first to benefit from a baby box. Changing mat which


is always handy. We've got clothes in all sizes, newborn, 0- three,


3-6, 6-9. Over 50 items are included, from clothes to nappies


and much more. We've got books, we've got a play mat. Things that he


will use. And Alicia who is three and a half still loves a good toy in


the bath. When this stuff has been cleared out of the box one of the


main ideas is that the baby can sleep in it. But if that something


main ideas is that the baby can parents in Orkney have been making


use of? For this baby it is an old but it is a different story for


Cameron. She slept in hers as everyday. The parents said the box


itself has been handy but they won't use everything. For first-time mums


there is a lot of things they will need but this is my fourth baby so


there's a lot of stuff that we don't necessarily need. If they were


giving it to parents that already had children they would need to have


a scheme that you could return items they don't need. It is estimated it


will cost ?6 million a year to run the scheme. The government say it


will give every child and equal start but critics claim there are


many parents who do not need this level of support. I would like to


see the money targeted at those most in need. I understand the problem


with stigmatising certain families but we need to be more imaginative


how we deal with that, can we look at ways where accessing some kind of


extra support doesn't involve lots of difficult form filling are being


interrogated? What do new mums and dads think? It is for the child, not


for the mums and dads, I think every child should get it.


You're watching BBC Reporting Scotland.


The helicopter manufacturer, Sikorsky, grounds all of its S92


aircraft after an incident on a North Sea platform last month.


When Old Macdonald had a farm, I bet his cow didn't


We look at the growing use of technology in agriculture.


Pioneering research carried out at St Andrews University could lead


to a new generation of medical devices which prevent infection


It involves coating them in a powder which can be


loaded with antibacterial and healing agents.


Here's our science correspondent, Ken MacDonald.


Sometimes trying to make you well can make you ill. Science is


fighting a constant battle against healthcare acquired infections. They


have a new weapon, metal organic frame works or Mofs. This is what it


looks like. It's full of holes, that's a good thing. The microscopic


holes can be filled with substances that fight infections. They can take


a healing gas where a gas couldn't otherwise go. They are metal organic


frame works. They are porous materials. You can think of them as


being sponges. What I can do now, I can put inside these a gas. It's by


logically active gas. We would open this valve here. It changes colour.


Solid with a gas inside can fight infections in new ways. These


coatings will make a huge difference to people who use medical devices


which are prone to infection, healthcare acquired infections and


people with chronic and slow to heal rules. The delivery from the


products will reduce these infections and increase healing


routes. The company has been spung out from St Andrews University. It


won an award and a big new investment to take it to the next


stage. W-he are the first company who used this technology in the


healthcare market. We are excited about this. This has got our


investors excited well. They can be loaded with pay loads to turn back


the tide of healthcare acquired infections.


An amateur sailor, who grew up in Scotland, has been awarded


the Yachting Journalists' Association Yachtsman


of the Year Award after rescuing five crew from a stricken vessel


28-year-old Gavin Reid was taking part in a Round the World Yacht Race


Despite having no previous sailing experience and being deaf,


he swam to help rescue four crew from the vessel and a fifth


who had been trapped in the rigging for nine hours.


you could be looking at its effects in a whole new light


when you discover cows are being given something similar.


That's because their walking activity has a direct corrolation


It's another example of how technology is increasingly


Our rural affairs correspondent, Kevin Keane, can tell us more.


After the Christmas excesses none of us wants to put on an activity


monitor. This is being higher. It's a better heat. This is about more


than fitness. It tells the farmer when she's ready to be artificially


inseminated. A text to his mobile phone tells him when the cow is


ready and how long he's got. For me, when building my c o ow numbers up,


I couldn't justify to have a bull about. So this way was a lot more


efficient for the way I was working things. A lot more cost effective


and a better management tool. Two years on and he is less reliant on


and a better management tool. Two it. The neck collars provide lots of


helpful data. My activity monitor is worn around my wrist and told me I


have done 3,000 steps today. With these animals, it's much more


sophisticated. It's on this strapped device here, the data is contained


in this and they wear it around the neck. She's actually due to be


served... The technology is more widely used in the dairy sector


where the animals are kept indoors widely used in the dairy sector


in a controlled environment. They are like the Usain Bolt's of the cow


industry. Every technology we can are like the Usain Bolt's of the cow


use to maximise and Ute lice the genetic potential in these cows, the


more advantage for us. The technological potential doesn't just


stop at pedometers according to those promoting what is available.


The temperature... Drones, satellites, virtual fencing and


robots are being used to help the farmers. Not replace them. With the


next generation of farmers coming along, most have a smartphone in


their pocket. They are able to use apps and orbits of kit that helps


them until their daily job. I think we will see a shift. There will be


more of this technology used in the future. All of this is down to the


bottom line, but the technology is getting cheaper and that is seeing


uptake increase, albeit slowly. For Scotland football fans who dream


that maybe, one day, the national team could join those


greats holding the World Cup there From 2026, Fifa is to expand


the finals from 32 to 48 teams. It's been welcomed by the SFA,


but what effect might it have Alasdair Lamont has


been finding out. At Fifa's headquarters today the


first changes to the makeup of the World Cup in almost 20 years were


agreed. The new format means an expansion from 32 to 48 teams. That


will mean 16 Groups of three teams each. A minimum of two games per


country. So what is the likelihood of one of those countries being


Scotland? Well, Europe is likely to get an additional three places. That


would take the total number of spots on offer to European nations to 16.


Currently Scotland are ranked 33rd in Europe, which suggests it will


take more than tournament expansion to lead to a World Cup return for


the Scots. Nonetheless, the move has been welcomed here at Hampden. The


SFA's Chief Executive For Scotland to make an impact on


the world stage again, further changes appear necessary. There has


been a lot of mistakes made over the years and, hopefully, now, they have


a job to improve this aspect of developing the game, hopefully that


will happen. I think a lot of good young players are there and they


need to be brought along in the right fashion in order to develop


them to the tlaefl you need for the highest level of football, which is


both at World Cup and European level. Few Groups have missed that


level of competition more than the Tartan Army. Do fans view this as a


favourable move? On the surface, from a Scotland perspective, good


news, more chance of qualifying. It comes with caveats. Those caveats


are with that expansion there is potential only to travel far


distance for only two games. A cost implication there for fans. The


bigger picture here is that, what is going on at Fifa in terms of the


politics. Critics of world football's governing body say


today's decision is about power and money. Others feel tl dilutes the


tournaments quality. Fifa believe it's a fairer deal for improving


nations, many of whom have left Scotland in their wake.


The Glasgow Rocks basketball team has reached the final


of the British Cup, they play arch rivals Newcastle for


But as well as excelling on the court, the Rocks are hoping


to play a valuable part off the court too, helping young people


Getting ready for one of the biggest games of the season. But when the


day job is over, Glasgow Rocks mentor school children and


vulnerable young people in themes which can be life saving. We will be


here talking to you guys about healthy eating, staying away from


smoking and drinking in order to become a combood athlete and also


bouncing back from bad situations, all right. It can be school, home


sport, I will talk anything. To you about not smoking and the effects it


could have on your body from smoking. This is tar. Not a pretty


sight at all. Disgusting. Terrible. Making a mistake is a bad thing true


or false? Positive messages for our children. The Rocks head coach


places great value on his players' work in communities. Because you


learn from your Mistakes. Excellent. It's very important. I think with


the amount of time our professional athletes have in a day, things like


that put them in positions to be role models for these young kids. I


think if you do that, that role models for these young kids. I


them going in the right direction and us as an organisation as well.


Who can tell me what alcohol is? Yeah. A drug. Yeah. Antidepressants.


Right. Dangerous depressant. Definitely. One of the most


important thing the Rocks said to me today is about drinking. If you


drink you can't do a lot of sports. That's how I've learnt today. I will


never drink. They tell us not to give up and some things are hard,


you pick yourself up and bounce back. We come in here with 100%


effort and mentality. We come here to have a positive change on what is


going on and the kids react to us in such a way they want to give us a


medal. Them feeling that, you know strongly about us, thatst poive way,


I think that's the light we want to shone. The Rocks will look for more


medals in Sunday's BBL Cup final. What an inspiring bunch. I wonder


how #24e they will deal with the weather forecast, Christopher? Not


much to cheer about. It was OK today, wasn't it? Cloud and rain,


reasonably mild. The calm before things turn wintry and windy. This


air will bring a cold snap as we head through the latter stages of


Wednesday into Thursday. Warnings out for the strength of the wind and


the risk of snow. Let us start with this evening, we have rain west to


east, pushing through quickly and gone by midnight replaced by showers


and the wind gusting to gale force, severe gales in the far north.


Wintry really only over the mountains at this point.


Temperatures around zero to four Celsius. Those high winds will mean


tomorrow morning likely to be disruption on the bridges and


potentially the ferries as well. It will be a windy day for all. The


showers will be frequent. For most, the showers will be of rain, perhaps


sleet or wet snow mixed in, certainly on the higher ground.


Brightness with them at times, the best of which around the east coast.


A windy showery day all today. Temperatures lower than today, four


or five Celsius generally. As the showers come through the temperature


will drop and add on the wind it will feel cold. Best of anything


dryer and brighter around the east coast, East Lothian to Aberdeen. The


showers will be frequent. Around the coast they will be of rain, inland


more likely to be wintry. That is when it starts to bite. As we head


through Wednesday evening those showers increase in number, as does


the intensity. We will see snow to lower levels and higher parts of


these roads likely to see a covering at times too. The heaviest of the


showers will drive the snow down to sea levels. The showers nowhere the


snow will occur, that's the tricky bit. Thursday, another windy and


showery day. The warnings still in force. It will be cold, bitterly so,


with the strength of the wind. That's the forecast for now. Jackie.


That's us all terrified. Thank you very much, Christopher that's


Reporting Scotland. We will be back with the headlines at 8.00pm and the


jurs after the Ten


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