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So it's goodbye from me, and on BBC One we now join the BBC's


The UK government is accused of a cover-up over the malfunction


of a missile in a recent Trident test.


A claim that some rape victims in Shetland are being put off


going to the police - because they have to


travel to the mainland for forensic examinations.


And then you decide to start your own company.


We meet the couple who are doing just that.


Choose life, choose a sequel, choose hanging out on the red carpet -


we catch up with the stars of T2 Trainspotting


We were a bit nervous about making a sequel and not pulling it off and


damaging the reputation or leaving a stale taste about the original film.


And also on the programme, one of tennis's all-time greats


tells us why she thinks Andy Murray crashed out of the


The UK government has refused to say whether an unarmed Trident missile


veered off course during a test of the system last June after being


The submarine is based at Faslane on the Clyde.


Labour and the SNP have accused the Ministry


Here's our Westminster correspondent, David Porter.


A foggy Monday and business as usual at the home of Britain's submarine


nuclear deterrent. The mist may be a metaphor for the confusion


surrounding the recent test of a Trident missile and how UK ministers


have responded. Reports have emerged that an unarmed missile eyed from


the base submarine page most engines last June the off-course -- fired.


It should have headed towards Africa, but instead headed to the


US. Yesterday the Prime Minister was not forthcoming the subject and she


briefed on the certificate that it briefed on the certificate that it


-- successful syndication of HMS vengeance, but we don't comment on


these issues. -- certification. The difference secretary was reticent to


give too much away. Neither myself or the Prime Minister I going to


give too many details of our submarine operations or the systems


and subsystems which are tested to a demonstration and shakedown


operation. That cut little ice with opposition MPs. Who took the


decision not to inform Parliament of this incident? How could the nuclear


deterrent be certified for use when the system has filed? Is it not the


case that the unilateralists who are complaining are in the position of


the of eunuchs complaining about the cost of Viagra? Some say it bolsters


the case for getting rid of all nuclear weapons. I don't want no


renewal of Trident, no nuclear weapons. It is just disgusting,


complete injustice, that is what it is, they don't care. Some MPs say it


raises questions about renewing Trident altogether. Others argued


that is what tests are for, to iron out problems. We can go to David at


Westminster. Did the Defence Secretary do enough


to placate MPs, David? No, and I don't think so Michael


Fallon was ever in the view that he was going to win any prizes for


disclosure to MPs -- Sir Michael Fallon. He was ordered by the


Speaker of the House of Commons to come and address MPs. By and large


of a Conservative MPs were very supportive of Michael Fallon, by his


argument that it would be wrong to try and give details of operations


that the Ministry of Defence carries out particularly on something as


sensitive as Trident. Opposition MPs did not buy that and they wanted


more information. They did not get it. He was offered the chance to


speak to MPs tomorrow on the defence committee in private but he did not


seem to want to take that offer, and another development, in America more


details are coming out on this from the Trump administration. That will


annoy many MPs. Thanks for joining us.


The Cowdenbeath footballer David Robertson, who was last week


judged to be a rapist in a civil case, is retiring from


Robertson and his then Dundee United teammate David Goodwillie


were sued by Denise Clair, who said the two men raped her


David Robertson's professional playing career is now over, a


statement on the website at Cowdenbeath said he was retiring


from the game and the club's chairman said he wanted to thank


David for his work. David Robertson and his former Dundee United


team-mate David Goodwillie were found at the Court of Session last


week in Edinburgh to have raped a woman in a flat in January 2011,


Denise Clair. She took a civil case against the men because the Crown


Office said it would not proceed with a criminal prosecution and it


did not feel that the evidence. The love. But the court found in her


favour -- did not feel that the evidence was strong enough. That the


two men had taken advantage of her when she was under the influence of


alcohol. They were ordered to pay compensation to Denise Clair. David


Goodwillie is at Plymouth Argyle and they said they are making a decision


about his future and by going to issue a statement in the next few


days. -- by going. -- they are going to issue.


Scotrail has announced who'll be replacing its current boss,


Phil Verster, who announced last week he's quitting


to take up another job in the industry in England.


The current managing director of Arriva Rail North, Alex Hynes,


There's been recent criticism of Scotrail, centering around


Fatal Accident Inquiries are to be held into the deaths


of two teenagers at Polmont Young Offenders'


The deaths, which are not believed to be linked,


Police said there appeared to be no suspicious


Some rape victims in Shetland are being put off going


to the police to report the crime - because they have to


travel to the mainland for forensic examinations.


That's according to Shetland Rape Crisis which is calling


for facilities to be set up in Orkney and Shetland so victims


don't have to go through the ordeal of travelling by either boat


Linda Gray helps rape victims in Shetland and she says the way it is


investigating the island is prolonging the pain rather than


helping the victims. At worst it can mean a 12 our journey by boat to


Aberdeen. -- 12 hour. You would be asked not to wash and you have got


to give a brief statement, and not to change your clothes or the police


will take your clothes and give you new clothes and then you will be


escort it on the next available flight to Aberdeen. -- escorted. To


do the forensic tests. There were 12 sexual assaults and three rapes in


Shetland over the space of 12 months but those working with survivors


said the true figure is much higher. Because currently there is no


forensic tests available on the island, the evidence I'm hearing


from the survivors is that is putting them off going forward and


reporting the crime to the police. But the problem in the Northern


Isles is finding the local expertise together the forensic evidence. The


health board is looking at ways to provide the service. It is very


difficult in Shetland because we have small numbers and it is hard to


maintain the expertise we need to do the forensic examinations properly


to meet the legal requirements but we are working hard to speak to


other people, to improve things and come up with a better way of doing


it. For Linda Gray and the victims she helps that can't happen fast


enough. A former Catholic monk who taught


at the Fort Augustus Abbey school in the Highlands has appeared


in court in Australia facing extradition on charges


of child sex abuse. Father Denis Alexander


denies the allegations. The move to bring him back to face


trial here follows a series Here's our Investigations


Correspondent Mark Daly. Around a dozen Benedictine monks


were accused of carrying out physical and sexual assaults against


boys in their care at the Catholic Fort Augustus boarding school in the


Highlands. One of those accused was Father Denis Alexander, also known


as... Confronted here by me in Sydney for a BBC documentary in 2013


which prompted a major police investigation. Just get off my


property or I will call the cops. Three and a half years after the


programme that investigation has taken a significant turn, he has


been arrested in Sydney and remanded in custody, pending his extradition


back to Scotland to face trial. He will face a hearing in the local


court in Australia on Wednesday. One of his cues is Hugh Kennedy has


apparent delays in the extradition apparent delays in the extradition


-- one of his accusers. But today means he might now mean his alleged


abuser, aged 80, in a Scottish court. It has been a long and


frustrating journey for the likes of Hugh Kennedy and there are still


many legal hurdles to overcome, but the arrest of Father Alexander Sigel


is the beginning of the extradition process in Australia -- signals.


That means the Scottish and crucially the Australian authorities


believe that there is significant enough evidence to justify bringing


Father Alexander back to Scotland to face trial for the crimes he is


alleged to have committed here more than 40 years ago.


The Transport minister says the government is to hold


a consultation on changes to free bus passes amid reports it wants


Currently people over 60 are automatically entitled to one.


Now transport minister Humza Yousaf says he wants to extend it


And he's confirmed he's reviewing the age at


We understand that people are living longer and they are staying in work


for longer which are great things, but we have got to look at the


long-term sustainability. We are having continued cuts on the


Westminster government and we have to make sure our budgets go further.


If you have the pass you will have that, and you can use it in the same


way, but I would urge everyone to get involved in the consultation.


Meanwhile a retired couple from Bo'ness are trying to set up


a new bus service - so people from their town can travel


They say cuts to existing bus services makes it difficult


Last week, the Unite union urged the Scottish government to improve


bus services in remote and rural areas.


Our transport correspondent David Henderson has this report.


It is Scotland's most popular kind of public transport, everyday buses


carry more than a million people to work, school, the shops, and home.


But services can be patchy. Helen and Rab live in Bo'ness and for many


years they have taken a bus to the city centre but that service has


been cut back and now only runs morning and evening. For while I had


to stop going to events, educational staff, to do research, and I've even


turn down work in Edinburgh and my family is in Edinburgh. I found


other ways but it involves using our car and getting my husband. I've


even thought about thumbing a lift. They may be retired but they have a


plan, to set up a new bus service for people in the town. It is up to


us to take another route and anyone who wants to relative STUDIO: --


anyone who wants to visit a relative has got to take a different road,


and anyone who wants to go to university has got to take a


different road. Meanwhile, on some routes people are spoilt for choice.


By ongoing to run the route on a not for-profit basis, but some bus


routes are operated by 200 companies and they do look to make money, and


critics accuse them of cherry picking the most profitable routes.


Bus operators say they rely on subsidies to run a service on


quieter routes. Quite often the bus that goes missing can be a bus that


has been supported by the local authority, the financial challenges


they have got have made it a difficult area for them to continue


to support. The industry tries its best and by working in partnership


with local authorities we can get the best outcome for everyone. The


Scottish Government says it supports bus travel to the tune of more than


?200 million a year. But some are calling for a change in the rules,


so gaps in the network are filled by bus firms, not by people in towns


like Bo'ness. You're watching BBC


Reporting Scotland. Ministers refused to say whether the


last test of Trident missile system went wrong.


Scottish rugby is in fine fettle as the national side prepares for the


Six Nations. Hundreds of people turned out


in Edinburgh last night for the premiere of T2


Trainspotting. The sequel to the cult Scottish


film, reunites the main characters Our arts correspondent


Pauline McLean met the with cast, It may have taken 21 years for a


sequel to Trainspotting to arrive, but for hundreds of fans it was


worth the wait. I always hoped they would be a sequel and thankfully


there is, I'm a huge fan of Danny Boyle and Ewan McGregor. The film


reunites the gang, they are all older if not necessarily wiser. We


were a bit nervous about making a sequel to Trainspotting and not


pulling it off, and damaging the reputation or leaving a stale taste


in people's mouths about the original film. It was amazing to


step back into their shoes and hear those voices again, very special. I


was very nervous about doing the play and then the film, and I've


been nervous about doing the sequel. But I'm glad that we made it


through. I think it was really quite epic. The film was a game changer


for the Scottish industry, launching not just the careers of the cast,


for the Scottish industry, launching but encouraging other film-makers.


The production has almost doubled in Scotland in the last decade,


including T2 which was able to use more locations from the capital. A


lot of what you see is Edinburgh, but they have utilised both cities,


and they have built their six in the pyramids of Bathgate -- they have


built their sets. And before the sequel has even made it into cinemas


they would be thinking about the next chance to reunite for stop it


is possible. There might be a book about them again, but there is a lot


of unanswered stuff about them, and I've also been working with Danny


and John and Andrew, buzzing about that. Danny always said to wait this


amount of time to do it and I had not really understood it until we


shot it, because it is more about the life experience that you have


and that you gone through 20 years, even though it is not Robert Carlyle


on the screen, a lot of my 20 years experience is gone into that part.


It is the span of time, almost a generation. We will see you again in


another 20 years? Watch this space. LAUGHTER


A look at other stories from across the country.


Lawyers for parents affected by the Aberdeen baby ashes scandal


say they've been astonished by the number of people


A total of 67 families will be represented


by the same legal team as they seek compensation


from the city council over the scandal


Baby and adult ashes were mixed together,


and families of infants were told no ashes could be recovered.


Two health boards paid more than ?1,500


for an agency nurse to cover a single hospital shift.


The figures were obtained under Freedom of Information


by the Scottish Conservatives, who branded them "a slap


Health Secretary Shona Robison said agency bills were down 11%


Three people have been injured after a bus collided


with a car and crashed into scaffolding in Aberdeen.


It happened on Union Street beside the Summer Street


First Bus say they're assisting police with their investigation.


Police investigating an attempted murder outside a Glasgow primary


school have been speaking to parents and passers by at Penilee,


Detectives say Ross Monaghan - who'd been previously cleared


of involvement in a gangland shooting - has gone to Spain


which was making things very difficult for the enquiry.


The National Theatre of Scotland has officially opened


The new base is by the Forth and Clyde canal and will house both


creative and administrative functions alongside rehearsal


It's just amazing having a room that is the proper size for rehearsals.


So often you are in tiny spaces that are not equipped with what you


really need. Sir Andy Murray is flying


home from Melbourne, after his shock loss at the last 16


stage of the Australian Open. Although his world number one


status remains intact. Kheredine Idessane's been speaking


to one of the biggest names in world tennis,


who says mental Foremost tennis fans it was business


as usual around Melbourne Park. As the Australian open continued


without its top seed. Some were even playing it for laughs. Among the


tennis legends, one of the game 's greatest exponent shed some light on


the world number one's shock exit. You cannot exclude the last six


months of anti-'s life. Maybe just too much, too soon. With the season


being this short, he gave so much of himself, winning Wimbledon and the


Olympics and the number one ranking on the line in the very last match


of the year, that's a lot of emotional and mental energy. He just


didn't look happy, he was yapping at his box even when things were going


well. I think it's just mental tiredness and I'm sure he'll snap


out of it. Frustration for Murray yesterday but words of encouragement


today from a man who has known him since he was a boy. It's going to


hurt, and it should do, it will hurt since he was a boy. It's going to


that he has lost in the fourth round. But he's made of tough stuff,


is very ambitious he's got a huge amount of passion, he wants to get


better. After some days of reflection then time. Taking shape


and he'll start thinking about the rest of the year and realise there


is an awful lot of grabs, still. He's the number one player in the


world, still. You'll want to hold onto that. Leon Smith takes the


Davis Cup team to Canada at the end of next week but will Andy Murray


play? After such a gruelling end to of next week but will Andy Murray


last season, and a disappointing start to this one, I wouldn't be too


surprised if he missed the trip to Ottawa in favour of some rest as he


tries to turn misery in Melbourne into joy in Paris and London later


this year with the twin targets of the French Open and Wimbledon.


The sky's the limit it seems for Scottish rugby right now.


Glasgow and Edinburgh are both into European quarter finals.


The success is timely with the six Nations less than a fortnight away.


Stuart Hogg epitomises all that's good about Scottish rugby at the


moment. A world-class operator. A long-term commitment to playing in


Scotland. And a near certainty for a place at this summer 's British and


Irish Lions squad. And he's not alone. 32 of this 36 man Scotland


squad are now European quarterfinalists. The challenge is


to take that form to the international stage, where they end


to be title contenders. For us we will concentrate on Ireland first


and foremost, here's hoping we can hit some form and train well and


take that into the first game. I think especially the Glasgow boys,


Finn has been playing awesome at ten. If we can get outside him it


will be grand. If you think you've heard this kind of positivity going


into a six Nations before, you'd be right. There have been several false


storms in recent years. With Glasgow pulling up trees in Europe, and


Edinburgh enjoying European success as well, maybe this time can be


different. You've got an all Scottish starting 15 at Glasgow who


have just destroyed one of the best English clubs, whatever the problems


at Leicester R. To counteract that you've got to say that the six


Nations is incredibly brutal. It's only five games but it can feel very


long and drawn out if you are losing. Ireland have just beating


the all Blacks. We've been optimistic before, and we have


reason to be optimistic now, but you've always got to temper that if


you are Scottish. But that confidence, boosted further by


recent results, will take some tempering. If Stuart Robinson


company can recreate their performances for Scotland it may not


even be necessary. And from a gruelling game of rugby


to another feat of endurance - a cycle all the way from Lands End


to John O'Groats. It's been achieved by


Aaron Puzey, a digital games However he's claiming to be


the first person to have done Here's our science correspondent


Kenneth Macdonald. It's a lovely day to go out for a


spin, and an even better one to stay in. Aaron Pusey knew his exercise


bike was good for him, but staring at the wall was boring. So with the


help of Google Street view he's been cycling from lands end to John O


groats in virtual reality. Cycle complete. Congratulations, you can


take the goggles off now. Thank you. I know we are supposed to ask how it


feels. Feels fantastic, such a good thing. After six to seven months of


cycling it feels so good to finish this finally. To travel across


Britain, the first person to do it. Aaron programmed those flying cubes


to show him which way to go. He only took three wrong turns in 1500


kilometres. Among the sites along the way, a woman in dressing gown


and wellies, several horses and carts, and a fight. He found the 3-D


information buried in Google Street view. The rest of the tech was easy,


for him. It was just a little mobile phone app I wrote in my spare time,


probably took me three or four weeks. Just a little bit of research


on how it works. And yeah, it just came together really quickly. Now


he's hoping to make it a commercial proposition, and to crowd source


suggestions for where to go on his next epic virtual tour. Virtual


reality is now well into its third decade, but the technology has


advanced so much in recent years that the possibilities now are


almost endless. Now the reality of the weather. Good evening. Many saw


decent spells of sunshine today, especially across central and


eastern parts. Lovely pictures sent in from weather watchers. This


tranquil scene in Fife. Not much wind around today but that changes


heading into this evening. Increasing cloud but clear spells


further east. Early frost for parts of the north-east, freezing


temperatures. Our breaks of rain pushing in across the western isles


around midnight and the West Coast by the early hours, and drawing in


milder hair. By the end of the night, up seven or eight Celsius.


Tomorrow cloudy and wet further towards the West. Persistent rain


for Dumfries and Galloway and also Argyle. Misty and murky conditions


and as the rain spread eastwards it will fragment, become like and


patchy. Best of sunshine across the East Coast. Heading out at 3pm, best


sunshine likely across Orkney, around the first area, too. Some


mist and Merck over more inland areas up over the hills. Part of the


Central Belt and also for the South West. Nine or 10 Celsius. Tuesday


night into Wednesday. High pressure continues to slip further eastwards.


We allow that dare to come from the south around it, and very strong


winds to come, too. You see how tight the isobars are, that means


stronger winds, and whether France pushing in some outbreaks of rain.


Here's the map for Wednesday. Strong winds, touching gale force for temp


Skye, and the best brightness for the borders and the north-east


corner. Still quite mild, around nine to 10 Celsius. Thursday the


wind direction changes subtly to more south-easterly. We draw in much


colder, bitterly cold air from the continent. Only reaching three or


four Celsius. And that your forecast.


I'll be back with the headlines at 8, and the late bulletin just


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