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Scottish exports are growing, but where we're sending them


is fuelling the political debate on both Brexit and independence.


Still no agreement at Holyrood as the budget deadline gets closer.


David Goodwillie leaves Plymouth Argyle a week


after he was judged to be a rapist in a civil case.


Declassified CIA documents reveal that an American submarine crashed


with a Soviet one in the Clyde at the height of the Cold War.


It is an embarrassment, really, to the American and British forces that


they could get that close in. Also on the programme,


we'll be taking the bus - It's cutting truancy and improving


performance at one Fife school. Scottish exports are up


across the board in the UK, to the EU and other


international markets. They also show that Scottish sales


within the UK are four times Ministers said this could change


after Brexit and that it is vital that Scotland stays within the


single market. Here's our business and economy


editor, Douglas Fraser. This factory has just hit four


figure sales of its wind generators. Trade winds bring orders from all


over the world, most used to go to UK customers, but now most customer


is foreign. There is a lot of need in Britain and Europe but we also


sell turbines in the United States. It could get mode of God to -- it


could get more difficult to export their, and so there is a lack of


clarity, but also new opportunities. The increase in wind power is one of


the reasons why Scotland is selling more beyond its borders, the total


increase in sales in 2015 was around 4%. Of that ?50 billion was sold to


the rest of the United Kingdom, and beyond, the rest of the world, ?29


billion, and within that, ?12 billion sold to the rest of the


European Union. View from Holyrood, ministers said the figures prove


that Scotland must maintain free access to the single market. We


appreciate the extent to which our nearest neighbour is very important


but that does not mean we should not have an eye on the potential we can


have for our colony -- for our economy with the rest of the EU and


jeopardise that with a high Brexit. jeopardise that with a high Brexit.


-- hard. Four times as many exports go to the rest of the United Kingdom


than go to the EU, but of course the EU is important. Let's focus on our


partners and friends in the rest of the UK because that is where the


really significant impact on our economy is coming and we should not


be doing anything, anything at all to prejudice that. Most sales to the


rest of Britain our services rather than goods, the biggest export


figure is whiskey, showing it is the biggest net contributor to Britain's


trade position. The biggest export market remains the United States. We


are looking for a trade deal to improve the trade between our


countries. Theresa May visits the White House on Friday and talks


trade with President Donald Trump, not the man with a liking for


Scottish wind turbines. In the wake of Brexit,


these export figures take They are especially significant?


They precede the Brexit vote, there has been a slight slowdown since


then, they also don't tell us about imports and there is a word to be


cautious about sales of the UK that they give an indication of where


Scotland's economic trading interests lie, although that can


change. Indeed Britain is removing the key pillar of its trading


relationship with a promise that there will be new pillars put in


place underlined this debate in Scotland, the question of how the


independence movement builds the economic case if there is to be a


move to another Scottish independence referendum. We are told


that is becoming more likely because of the working out of the politics


of Brexit. One of the things the SNP and others will want to explain if


there is to be another referendum, is how Scotland's trading


relationships might work if Scotland was in Europe and outside the UK.


There is so much uncertainty about Britain's trading relationships that


it looks like a choice of two very uncertain futures cover these


figures give some help, if only in locating the starting point for that


choice. Thanks for joining us. A budget debate at Holyrood has


ended in stalemate after MSPs were unable to agree tax


and spending plans. Opposition parties set


out their price for backing the Scottish Government's plan,


but none of the motions before The Finance Secretary has warned


that if the budget stalls, Here's our political


correspondent Andrew Kerr. This is a talking mannequin.


state-of-the-art dummy for trading medical staff, is the First Minister


announced extra funding to support student nurses -- training. The


Scottish Government is sweating it out in their budget as they cast


around for another party's support. This dummy has suffered severe cuts,


labour said the same fate awaits local services -- Labour full stop


and have called on Holyrood not to back the budget. Labour are not


behaving in a responsible way, they are being destructive and have not


actually brought forward any reasonable suggestions. Labour want


big changes. This ?327 million cut in this year's budget will mean more


jobs going and even greater pressure on staff and services that are


already struggling to cope. They want a penny on the basic rate of


income tax but the finance sector to reward what would happen if the


budget was not supported. It puts all of our public services at risk,


crucial public spending, that pays for our teachers and doctors and


nurses, and local government employees and emergency services.


The Greens and the Conservatives set out their opposing positions on tax.


What it delivers is a situation where Scotland becomes the most


highly taxed part of the UK. There is a wide range of ways in which the


Scottish Government could raise the revenue. And the Liberal Democrat


leader said don't expect him to roll over and support it, everyone had to


compromise or else. Those who have not lifted their shovels and made an


attempt to reach an agreement on this budget will bear the


responsibility of having an election forced. Yes, 63, no, 63. When it


came to the vote, MSPs were not able to agree. The budget will still be


made here at Holyrood and the first crucial vote is a week tomorrow and


by then ministers will have had to find some support.


The Scotland international striker David Goodwillie has left


It comes eight days after a judge ruled that he and another


footballer, David Robertson, had raped a woman.


Mr Goodwillie asked to leave his club to focus on a possible appeal.


I'm joined by our home affairs correspondent, Reevel Alderson.


It certainly doesn't look good for a man who was capped for Scotland


three times, scoring one goal. It was the subject of a move from


Dundee United to Blackburn Rovers a few years ago. He has been playing


for Plymouth Argyle in the English League 2, and in a statement this


afternoon the club said that he would ask them to terminate his


contract so he could focus his time on a potential appeal. Don't know


what the grounds of appeal will be, but that is likely to come before


the court later on. Given the verdict, how difficult would such an


appeal be? It would be difficult, bearing in mind that David


Goodwillie was not in court in a criminal case, you was in court


because a woman, Denise Clair, claimed that he and David Robertson,


a former team-mate, had raped her during a party. She was suing them,


it was a civil action, and the judge ruled that he believed they had


raped her and he awarded her ?100,000 in damages. David


Goodwillie could appeal against the level of damages being awarded, but


it emerged that he had offered Denise Clair something more than


that, more than ?100,000, to avoid going to court, and that will be


difficult. It will be difficult if he is trying to get the finding of


the judge overturned because the judge ruled that he found neither


footballer to be credible or reliable in their evidence. Appeal


judges would have two second guess the original judge, effectively,


when he made his decision. Save the time being David Goodwillie is


without a club and he is concentrating on his appeal -- the


time being. He has 21 days to lodges appeal from a days ago and we will


see what happens but it doesn't look as if it will be playing football at


any level at any time soon. Thanks for joining us.


In the week that an unarmed missile fired from a Faslane-based submarine


caused huge political debate, how about the news that two enemy


submarines actually collided off the west coast of Scotland?


It did happen, but it was more than 40 years ago.


Details of the inciden involving a US and a Soviet vessel


were contained in a top-secret CIA memo which has just


This is Scottish CND's appeal... Antinuclear protesters up protesting


against the presence of American nuclear submarines. Details are one


series encounter have come to light. A top-secret memo sent to the


Secretary of State Henry Kissinger in the event the 1974, which has


just been declassified by the CIA, revealed a crash between a US and


Russian submarine, very close to home. What we know from the memo is


that when this incident took place, the US ballistic missile submarine


James Madison was leaving its base here at holy Loch to head out to sea


on patrol. Lying in wait near the mouth of the port, a Soviet


submarine hoping to follow it, and it was at that point when the two


collided and they both surfaced before the Soviet submarine then


once again submerged, and that, as far as we know, was the end of the


incident. It is thought that James Madison suffered minor damage, but


the issue experts are now pondering is, how much worse could it have


been? It would have been a diplomatic incident, have that


submarine not been so deep into our home waters that it was an


embarrassment really, to the American and British forces, that


they can get that close in. The US continued its presence at the base


until the Cold War ended in the early 90s, and who knows how many


more stories will emerge from one of the most fascinating periods of our


modern history. You're watching BBC


Reporting Scotland. Scotland's exports to both the UK


and EU continue to rise, according We meet the Scots sisters who've


topped the classical music charts with their take on the works


of Rabbie Burns. At some schools, the number


of children arriving late or playing But a primary school in Fife says


it's found a way to help solve this. It's a surprisingly


simple and cheap idea - encouraging the children to walk


together to school in In just three months,


it's had a dramatic impact, as our education correspondent


Jamie McIvor reports. You are ready. Liam is getting ready


to get the bus to school, but the bus doesn't have an engine or a


driver. It is a name for a group of friends going to school together.


The walking bus runs to a fixed timetable and youngsters joined at


the stop nearest their house. What you like most about it? Lots of new


friends? Yes. Your friends are there and you, instead of walking to the


school by yourself, you are walking with them and it is fun. A number of


schools have got schemes like this to encourage children to walk to


school, but here the effect has been quite extraordinary. The primary


school here covers areas officially classed as disadvantage, a


relatively high number of children were arriving late or absent, and


that in turn was making it harder to improve academic performance. The


data tells us that we have gone from an average of 25 lates in a day to


ten, sometimes less than that, so that is a huge improvement. Not


perfect but it is an improvement already. Teachers can get started in


the morning first thing without thinking, I going to have 30 people


coming in late? They can get started straightaway. It is helping the


schools strengthen links with the community. We waved to people who


are sitting in their houses and we have been chatting to parents for


the parents who I would not have engaged with previously. The


Scottish Government talks of closing the attainment gap and they have


schools like this one in mind. He school is getting government money


to help it reach another STUDIO: -- to reach a number of other


measures, but the school bus, the walking bus, costs virtually


nothing. Liam loves it and he is able to get out of his wheelchair


for some of the journey. A look at other stories


from across the country. A man has been charged following a


collision on Aberdeen's union Street after which three people needed


hospital treatment. The incident happened on Monday when a bus hit a


scaffolding. The 18-year-old man will appear at court at a later


date. Unite says that action must be taken to address a shortage of


emergency ambulance cover in the Highlands. They say that the service


is stretched and point to the routine use of emergency ambulances


for routine transfer of patients to Inverness. The Ambulance Service say


they are aware of pressures and are working with NHS Scotland.


Meanwhile, unprecedented budget savings are needed, to cut over ?100


million from its budget by 2020. Historic items belonging to a crew


million from its budget by 2020. member who sailed with Captain Scott


million from its budget by 2020. have been donated to the museum in


Dundee where his ship Discovery is now in birth. The memorabilia was


donated by the family of one of the sailors on board. I wanted to make


sure it was gathered together for posterity for the family members and


anybody else to be able to see it. If it was broken up, it is


historical, it is unique. Vern Cotter is preparing


for his final Six Nations campaign And he's told BBC Scotland he wishes


he could stay on in the job. The New Zealander will be replaced


by Gregor Townsend this summer. The first match of the tournament is


against Ireland in ten days' time. This is the Hurlingham club in


London and today is the official launch of the RBS six Nations 2017.


For Vern Cotter it's the final time to take part in this traditional


campaign opening event but before travelling south, he spoke


exclusively to BBC Scotland, beginning with Scotland's top opener


against Ireland. Under Joe, they are one of the top teams in the world.


You don't beat the all Blacks through luck. A really big


challenge. When they see as individualist, they know they come


to the game as favourite and very confident they will beat as. So, our


job is to surprise them somehow. While collectively Scotland may need


the element of surprise, individually there are some standout


performers. Vern Cotter believes up to ten are worthy of joining the


Lions tour. If fit and close, they are right up there. The grey


brothers. Greg could be somebody who is great for the team. Finn is


playing great rugby. Taylor played very well last year. Alex Dunbar.


You never know what Jones and those guys are going to throw out. Tommy


Seymour has been a good performer. And we finish up with Hogg. I don't


think he's done any harm to himself to perhaps get a starting position.


Vern Cotter admits disappointment that his tenure is almost over.


Would I have liked to have continued? Yes. Probably would. You


go out, National anthem, that's a great moment for players and it is


for coaches and people involved in the game. It's been a privilege, the


whole thing. I've only got fond memories of it. Vern Cotter.


A piece of footballing history could be made


The champions take on St Johnstone in the league and if they avoid


defeat, they could equal a significant club record.


It's not the only game of importance tonight, though.


Here's our senior football reporter, Chris McLaughlin.


Celtic are 19 points clear of second place Rangers and are cruising


towards their sixth league title in a row so you would be forgiven for


thinking this midweek match against Saint John Stone would be


run-of-the-mill. You would be wrong because this was Scott Sinclair


scoring in a 3-0 win over Albion Rovers in the Scottish cup at the


weekend, Celtic's 25th domestic match in a row on Beaton. The club


record is 26, set by the famous Lisbon Lions captained by this man


Billy McNeill back in the 1960s. That would give them the chance to


break the record against hearts at the weekend. They are also involved


in the Scottish cup replay against Raith Rovers. This was a result at


the weekend that leaves Ian Katz wrote, the hearts boss, under


pressure. Two huge matches this evening for very different reasons.


I suppose it's fitting this Burns Night that some of the Bard's


well-known works are currently topping the classical music charts.


They're performed by two sisters from Bearsden whose rise to fame


includes catching the attention of one of the world's most


successful pop music producers with their version of one


The haunting melodies of some of Scotland's best known works. And the


sisters performing them at Glasgow's Royal concert Hall. Laura and Sarah


Ayoub, whose Egyptian parents give them a special Scottish inheritance.


Their new album contains some of Robbie Burns best known works. The


sisters have been making music since they were young, often performing


for visiting relatives. We grew up with these melodies and one thing


led to another and we strung them along into a medley and thought why


not release it in time for Burns night? They don't just have musical


talent. They are adept at spotting opportunities. After they uploaded


their own version of Mark Robinson's Uptown Funk to the Internet, they


came to the attention of the producer himself. We recorded a new


version that he ended up producing. A fantastic opportunity. Now the


sisters are making use of their first album, making full use of


their musical talents. And after using him as inspiration, how will


they be celebrating Burns night? Eating haggis. Most definitely. We


had haggis last week but we will probably have it again. The bard


would be proud. It's been a predominantly dry day.


We had this beautiful sunset sent in by a weather watcher on Shetland. We


do have a bit of patchy rain out towards the far north-west. There is


a brisk southerly wind. Indeed, across the Northern Isles as well. A


combination of cloud and clear spells. Clear skies towards the


north. Temperatures falling away sharply tonight. In contrast,


temperatures well above 6 degrees for the likes of Shetland and the


Western Isles. Tomorrow, a slight change in wind direction. It is


coming from the near continent and will be a much colder day. You will


notice it first thing tomorrow morning. Quite a breezy day. The


wind strongest always across the West and the Northern Isles. Come


the afternoon, a dry picture for the south-west, North Argyll. Some


sunshine at times. The best of the sunshine in the north-west. A bit


more cloud in the way for Shetland. Orkney fairing fairly well. A brisk


south easterly wind will make it cold in the wind. Towards the rest


of the afternoon, nothing really changes. It will be a cold night.


Winds falling a bit lighter with a frost developing as we head into


Friday morning. Low pressure across the Atlantic and high-pressure


across Europe. It means we are seeing a lot of dry weather. A cold


start on Friday but spells of sunshine but it will stay on the


cold side. Thank you very much. Scottish exports are up across the


board. Sales from Scotland to the rest of the UK are four times as big


as those to the EU. That's reporting Scotland. I'll be back with an


update in our main evening news bulletin just after the ten o'clock


news. Until then, from everyone on the team, enjoy the rest of your


evening. Goodbye.


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