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The latest news and weather from around Scotland presented by Sally Magnusson.

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Scottish Power announces a big increase in energy prices,


with electricity rising by eleven per cent.


Welcome to the launch of Andy Murray live...


Concern that tickets for Andy Murray's charity event


in Glasgow are being sold online for ten times their face value.


We're with Scotland's rugby fans in Paris as their team prepares


to take on France in the Six Nations.


The Celtic boss tells us that too many Scottish footballers aren't


Other things come into their life. Going out becomes more important.


Then they become wasted talent. And later in the programme good news


for winter sports enthusiasts. Relief for Scotland's ski centres


as the snow arrives in time Scottish Power has become the latest


of the Big 6 energy companies It will mean an increase of nearly


eleven per cent for electricity and almost eight per cent


for dual tariff. The price rises come into effect


at the end of March. But this morning Scottish GAS said


it was freezing prices until August. From dawn till dusk and right


through the night, the energy that powers Scotland and in which we all


depend, the news that ScottishPower will soon raise its prices for


electricity and gas will not be welcome them. The company says it


has been absorbing higher external costs for months and now it is


passing them on, to its customers. Something to think about next time


they stick on the kettle. About 1.1 million of them will pay more. On


average 10.8% for electricity and 4.7% for gas and those on dual fuel


deals will see rises of 7.8%. The company says two


thirds of customers will not be affected because they are already on


cheaper fixed-price deals. In a statement it said... The energy


companies buy gas and noticed a wholesale in advance and in theory


customer bills should reflect lower as well as high prices. We saw big


falls in the price of wholesale energy through 2014 and 2015 that


were probably not reflected particularly in the big six standard


tariffs as opposed to the best deals in the market. It is an interesting


question. We do see increases in non-energy charges, so charges for


the grid, wires and renewable subsidies and so on and they are


features of stopping prices falling so far. With M Power also raising


prices recently, their customers may feel the chill. We know a third of


households in Scotland are living in fuel poverty. We are most concerned


about them. Especially when we hear about energy suppliers putting up


the price of fuel. It is not cheap to heat your home any more and any


increase in the price will be a worry for people. Energy price rises


can seem particularly cruel while the weather remains so cold. One


company, Scottish Gas says it is freezing its prices until August.


John McManus, reporting Scotland, Edinburgh.


Our Business and Economy Editor Douglas Fraser joins me now.


Douglas, why is Scottish Gas freezing prices while Scottish


These companies do a bit of gambling. They buy supplies of


energy months and years ahead and take an informed guess as to where


they think the prices going and that is an insurance policy against


volatility in the future called hedging. What they do not do is


share or tell the public what their strategies are and it be that


Scottish Gas parent company, Centrica has a different strategy


for hedging from ScottishPower or you could get one company that is


willing to accept lower profits for a while, in this case until August,


for Scottish Gas, to attract more customers to switch during that


period. The big pressure here is an electricity, that is with rising


demand, fewer power stations, they have been closing, subdued wind


strength for turbines was winter, all putting an upward squeeze on


power prices. We were hearing there, it is not just about wholesale cost,


households and businesses are paying the costs of government policy for


green measures, more wind turbines, subsidise, also improved building


insulation and they are paying out billions to offer a smart meter to


every home in Britain by 2020. That should help people to save money


over time, to use energy more efficiently, they are not doing that


out of the kindness of their hearts, they are doing that because they


have been told to and because we indirectly are paying for it through


our bills. A one hundred and eighty million


pound innovation centre has opened in Aberdeen to help the offshore


industry out of The centre will aim to develop


cost-saving technologies and pair the firms behind them


with the big oil players. Our energy correspondent


Kevin Keane reports. It is the same technology used to


see babies in the womb, but here, used to check pipes for corrosion


and the people behind this ultrasound scanner hope the new


technology centre can take this to a wider market. What we are hoping and


expecting for the technology centre is that it will allow us as an


organisation which has solutions to particular problems that we know


exist, to get a better connection, with end users and clients to allow


us to take this out into the field and give us the opportunity to


demonstrate to potential clients. We are now 40 years on... The ?180


million facility was opened today by the oil tycoon Sir Ian Wood and it


aims to replace the research and development which has tailed off in


recent years. Can you imagine if we suddenly had 250 small feels... With


the landscape changed significantly, technology is considered more


important than ever. We have much more operators in the North Sea now,


more than 60, or is back in the 1980s there were five or six so it


is a hugely different world. Though smaller operators do not have a


technology operation, they cannot support that. The centre will work


with institutions like universities to develop the technology. This


drilling rig simulator will be used to trial the principles of some of


the design been developed. They will be able to get the results back from


that, whether they are talk and drags or hydraulic models, they can


be tested here, more cost-effective, than trying to do it on a real rig.


The oil prices still refuse to top the $60 mark and the industry has


been adapting to that so with margins tight, the new centre is a


big hope for sustaining the future of this sector.


More than sixteen hundred people in Scotland visited


a self-help website last year, designed to stop them viewing


Sexual abuse prevention campaign, Stop It Now, also said that 78 men


The service offers "anonymous, effective support" to those worried


Police Scotland are encouraging anyone with concerns


Andy Murray's management team have expressed concern about the prices


that tickets for his charity event at the Hydro are fetching online.


Tickets for his exhibition match are being sold for up to a ten


times their face value on reseller sites.


Our reporter Suzanne Allan is outside the Hydro for us tonight.


Well Sally, a night out at a concert is something millions of us look


forward to, but how much would you pay for that experience? In around


six months' time Andy Murray will come here to the Hydro to play an


exhibition match against Roger Federer and today his management


team said they had some concerns about the high prices of tickets.


Yesterday in London, the man himself was there to announce Andy Murray


live, it is an exhibition match for charity, with Roger Federer. Images


by Annabel Croft, one of the selling points was the ticket price. 10,800


tickets will go on sale today, with over half of all of those seats,


just ?25, making the event are very accessible for all. But today those


tickets were selling for it many times the price. The digital age


makes it more of a problem, because professional touts use computer


programmes to buy up large numbers of tickets to sports and


entertainment events. It means real fans often miss out. I have not done


it and I don't think I ever would. I think it is a bit unfair on the


artist or whoever is doing it and it is just some secondary guy making a


big buck. I missed out on some and I had a look and thought I cannot


afford that. It is just not worth it. If there is a band that you want


to see, I will have a look. If we like them that much, we will pay,


whatever is left in our wallet. Artists like Adele and Elton John


have both come out against the websites that sell at inflated


prices. Elton John said he would rather have empty seats. The resale


of football tickets is banned. But the reselling of live music tickets


is not. Is it time for a new law? It is a very complex


issue, it would be nice if the government would take some


legislation against it, but I don't think that will happen. Don't hold


your breath. I think the easy answer would be if the public just voted


with their feet and just said, were not paying the inflated prices, we


will definitely not by secondary tickets at five times over the face


value, we will not go to the gig. That is easier said than done. The


fanfare alliance which campaigns for better laws says that wait until


nearer the date as more tickets may be released. You heard there are


from the fanfare Alliance say more tickets might be released and we


spoke to the Hydro and asked if they had come to any agreement with the


management team and they did not comment but I can tell you that one


of those sites that were selling the Andy Murray tickets, reselling them,


says they have taken them from sale as it is not their policy to resell


tickets for charity events. Thank you very much.


It's another big weekend of sport, and in rugby it's


Scotland are playing their first away match of this year's


Our sports reporter David Currie is in Paris to look ahead


Lovely shot there. Thank you very much.


Where The Scotland team has arrived on a wave of optimism.


Looking to follow up their win over Ireland at Murrayfield last weekend


But history tells us that might be difficult.


Take a moment to savour the city of light. Its sights and sounds. Its


ambience and its architecture. This is one of the city 's most famous


and controversial buildings, it is the Pompidou centre and this year it


celebrates its 40th anniversary. And in all the time that this building


has been open, Scotland have only won twice in Paris. It is still


Scotland with the champs. They must score. The most recent triumph was


in 1999. Every time we go across, we are always written off. We were


always playing second fiddle. We went across there and I always


always playing second fiddle. We remember, a bright sunny day


everyone thought we were here, 18 years to wind in Paris, that is a


long time and hopefully that will change on Sunday. Scotland beat the


French last year at Murrayfield, getting the better of them on their


home soil might be more difficult. I believe that this is the game will


set the 6 Nations alike. We know that. We have seen and heard the


noises coming out of their camp. It is pretty clear what is coming. Life


is certainly rosy for these Scottish rugby fans. Travelling hopefully and


looking for another famous when. I definitely fancy it. It keeps us in


line for the Grand Slam. Not counting our car jet, but hopeful.


Confidence is high, lot of skill level, really exciting times. Even a


Frenchman with a heart of stone is open to the romantic possibility of


another Scottish wind. Have a good day and good game. Rugby! Yes. Viva


Scotland! And I'm sure my friend in White will


be delighted to learn that Scotland have made just one change to the


be delighted to learn that Scotland team that beat Ireland. Ryan Wilson


is out with an injury, he is replaced by John Barclay. The team


will train tomorrow at the Stade Francais for the big game on Sunday


and we wish them all the very best. Thank you. Just coming up to 17


minutes to seven. Scottish Power announces a big


increase in energy prices, And still to come, people in some


towns are more than five times likely to be their own boss


than those living in other When hospital patients


suddenly deteriorate, getting them the help they need


quickly is vital. A hospital in Fife has found that


technology might hold the answer. Nurses at Victoria Hospital


were given touch screen tablets to help them easily identify


the patients at highest risk. At the Victoria Hospital every day


begins like this. Each department coming together to share


information. The purpose of the meeting some up in three words. It's


safe to start. Fulfilling that mantra requires a combination of


traditional and modern methods. Fife are the only health board in


Scotland using this technology. Patients' vitals are entered into


the tablet, generating a score. Information is instantly available


throughout the hospital. It is very easy for people to see patterns and


have they calculated early warning score. We can see where the sickest


patients are. So we can ensure resources go to the right areas.


Ride introduced in one ward as part of a pilot project, the technology


is now used throughout the hospital. It has helped to reduce the number


of cardiac arrests. Pleased with the results, the hospital are now


considering an upgrade, wearable technology that constant updates the


patient's readings. -- constantly. Information has gone through to a


phone. How would you feel about wearing it? It feels all right. I


can move around? Yes. Just like the current system, a high score


triggers an immediate call to the doctor. The longer it takes for


doctors and nurses to recognise a patient is deteriorating, the longer


and more serious that is for the patient. The quicker we can respond


and initiate treatment, the better it will be for the patient. This


trial points towards the future but it still needs to pass an age-old


Does it help staff help the patients who need it most?


People in some Scottish towns are more than five times more likely


to be their own boss, than those living in other parts


That's according to research by the Federation of Small Businesses.


It's calling for more government help, to encourage


It's time for a copy break in a village just north of Glasgow.


Business is brisk at the Three Sisters Bake. There I met one of the


owners, a self-starter who is enjoying being self-employed. Having


said it is really tough, the upside is by far outweigh the difficult


days. It is unbelievably rewarding to walk into your own cafe business,


for example, and see it full of people who are enjoying the


atmosphere and drinking our copy and eating our food. You get such a buzz


from that. Being your own boss is not for everybody. But here, lots of


people have gone down that route. Sometimes they have even higher


rates of self-employment. When it comes to jobs and work, there are


huge differences across the country. This is North Lanarkshire, once home


to heavy industry. Now though its rates of self-employment are among


the lowest anywhere in Scotland. A few people are their own boss but


the rates are low. Five times lower than in wealthier towns. Industrial


decline has left a long shadow and one business support group told me


new entrepreneurs are thin on the ground. We are certainly seeing low


levels of self-employment in towns which used to have one large


employer. The impact of that change is evident almost 40 years later in


places like this. What we are not seeing is that there aren't good


small businesses in place, there are. But the key challenge is the


increasing number of self-employed businesses in some of the most


deprived areas in Scotland. Starting a business can be a grind


deprived areas in Scotland. Starting Scottish government has poured in


millions of pounds to help Scottish government has poured in


entrepreneurs through measures. But even then, the recipe for success


can still be elusive. David Henderson, reporting Scotland.


Brendan Rodgers says too many Scottish footballers have


become wasted talents who blame everyone else.


Speaking to the BBC, the Celtic manager says, in his experience,


players here can do more to make the most of their ability.


Scotland haven't qualified for a major tournament


in nearly 20 years, and have tumbled down


More from our senior football reporter, Chris McLaughlin.


He is the man who brought Champions League football back to Scotland,


whose side is 27 points clear in the lead. And he has a message to young


Scottish players. Be the quickest, the quickest, the strongest, the


biggest, the most skilful boy in school, but as you progress to


professional life, it's about the talent plus the hard work. This man


can relate to those words. A career in England and Scotland, and perhaps


potential unfulfilled. Now keen to hear more of the Celtic manager's


thoughts on footballers here. They stop. Other things, going to their


life. Growing up becomes more important. Doing other things and


then they become wasted talent. With wasted talent what you get is, they


still play but they blame everybody else. As soon as I made the first


team, I thought I had done it. But what Brendan is obviously saying is,


the hard work starts them. But it's difficult, because you are young,


you have got all of these things that are pushed out you in your


contract. You can have a good life. Sometimes you forget how you got


there. Brendan Rodgers is not the first manager to come to these


chilly shores, high Labour football failings and suggest possible


answers. But the bare facts are brutal. No major international


tournament for most 20 years, and 67th in the world Fifa rankings. His


message was a message for footballers in general but he had


this for their own players -- his own players. For them, if they want


to be in my team, we're trying to build a consistent Champions League


club, you have to have the Champions League mentality. You need to be a


professional. If they don't, it's OK. It's fine. I don't lose sleep


over it. There will be someone else. There will be someone else to come


and take their place. Record numbers of three species


of dolphin have been recorded off The sightings were noted


by the conservation charity, Hebridean Whale and Dolphin Trust,


on its marine research Volunteers and scientists recorded


over 2,400 dolphins. The reasons for the


increase is unclear. Scotland's ski operators


are breathing a sigh of relief, as the wintry weather they've been


hoping for finally All five snowsports areas now report


varying levels of ski-able snow, and they're keeping their fingers


crossed that the cold Craig Anderson reports


from the Nevis Range This is a scene Scotland's ski area


operators have been desperate to see since before the start of the year.


It has been an anxious time with the mountains refusing to turn white.


Now the weather has obliged and just in time for the crucial half term


break. It's a busy time of the year. It seems to have grown over the


years. The English schools are off It seems to have grown over the


for the whole weekend coincides with long weekends in Scotland. It is a


busy time. The last few years we have had some of our best seasons.


The snow has come. It has been here through to the end of April and we


have had some great skiing conditions. Be snow cover may be


thin but given this is the first opportunity to head for the slopes


this year, enthusiasts weren't complaining. It is still a bit


rocky. But yeah, good condition so far. Enough covering for a good ski.


I'm looking forward to the rest of the day. We couldn't get up here


yesterday because of the wind. Today is fantastic. I am really happy. I


got a season pass and it is great to be able to use it. Winter sports are


worth about ?20 million a year to the Scottish economy. While the


season had a delayed start, there is a long way to go. No two winters are


the same. Sometimes we started November. It is not unknown to start


as late as February. We need to a manner that at the end of the


season, most of the resort. Offering snow sports because there aren't


enough people, not because there isn't enough snow. There's plenty of


time to enjoy the conditions. The five mountain ski areas in Scotland


have invested heavily in summer activities because that provides


them with all year-round income. But skiing and snow sports remain their


core activity. Frankly, without it, they wouldn't exist. So with the


white stuff now having arrived, they will be keeping their fingers


crossed it stays here for a good few weeks to come.


Any joy for skiers? There is some snow on the forecast. Some lovely


blue skies for some today. Great picture from Tina. But for many,


rather leaden skies and wintry in places as well. In fact, the cold


wintry theme continues tonight. We have a beer where warning from the


Met Office, referred -- affecting the borders, the Lothians and


Edinburgh. Elsewhere, largely dry. Few wintry showers in the


north-east. In the south-east, rain, sleet and snow moving in through the


early hours. Modern -- moderate accumulations of snow on the lower


levels. Difficult driving conditions. It is a cold night.


Temperatures well below freezing for most. In the coldest glens, -8 to


minus ten. Tomorrow, in the West, largely dry. Some brightness. Come


further eased and it is cloudy. Some outbreaks of rain, sleet and snow.


The snow mainly over the hills and high ground. It pretty unpleasant


weekend across the south-east, including Edinburgh. And it will be


cold for all. But again, those strong winds through central and


southern Scotland adding to the bitter feel. Fairly cloudy in the


south-east. Further north west, like today, this is where the best of the


site will be. Sunny but cold for Orkney and Shetland. If you are hill


walking or climbing, across the West, driest. In the north-west,


sunniest. Eastern ranges, more on the way of cloud and strong winds. A


severe winter chill. There will be snow and some extensive hill fog as


well. As we just heard, there is some snow in some of the ski runs. A


handful likely to be open tomorrow. In the eastern part it will be windy


and quite wintry. The rest of the afternoon into the evening and


overnight, we still have that area of rain, sleet and snow moving west.


It will tend to ease off. As we head into Sunday, high pressure still in


charge of conditions. Starting to change its orientation somewhat.


More of a south-easterly, if not southerly by the end of Sunday.


Really it means most of the second half of the week and largely dry but


also largely cloudy. A few showers dotted about. Perhaps snow and they


had ground. Rain from any. It will be cold, wet afternoon highs three


to 5 degrees. I'll be back with the headlines


at eight, and the late bulletin just Until then, from


everyone on the team,


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