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prisons. On BBC One we now join the BBC News


teams where The world's anti-doping agency


criticises Scottish football for failing to carry out any drug


tests in the last Claims of discrimination


against former oil and gas workers by employers in other industries


Also on the programme, An increase in the illegal


sport of hare coursing - farmers say it could be a sign


of a bigger rural crime wave. We meet the former bad boy


from Angus who's turned himself And "wood" you believe it -


locals left wondering why a council gave this football pitch a root


and branch transformation. There's not really much to do in


this area. Everybody is saying, get your kids out. Do something active.


All of a sudden, you've got trees. Not one player was drugs-tested


in Scottish domestic football The Scottish Football Association


says funding is in place to ensure tests take place for the rest


of this season - but tonight the President of the World


anti-doping agency criticised The fight to keep drugs out of sport


has never been more intense or high-profile. From state sponsored


doping in Russia, investigations into cycling and a lengthy ban for


Maria Sharapova. A year ago, BBC Scotland published figures that said


only eight drugs tests had been done in Scottish football in a nine-month


period. Now it has emerged that in another nine-month period not a


single test was carried out. The Scottish FA lost its funding


from the UK anti-doping agency last April and finally agreed its own


funding package in November. Alasdair what's the response


been from the SFA? I know there was disappointment at


the SFA when they lost funding, and the message that sent, but the SFA


has agreed its own funding package. The statement says the association


is in final negotiations about providing funding for the remainder


of this season. Additionally, the security and integrity officer has


completed a comprehensive anti-doping programme. He's been


going round the senior clubs to talk about this. The funding now


available should mean we will see figures improve for the next quarter


at least. It is worth pointing out that a separate investigation in


England revealed that 39% of players had not been tested. The fact those


figures are not deemed noteworthy and yet no players were tested here


at all underlines how grim the situation has become.


There are calls for an investigation into claims of widespread


discrimination against former oil and gas workers by employers


BBC Scotland can reveal an MSP has passed documentary


evidence of the practice to the UK employment minister.


Some workers claim companies won't hire them in case they quit


Colin McIntyre was made redundant from his job as a procurement


manager in the oil and gas industry more than a year ago. He's applied


for hundreds of jobs outside the sector and has been turned down. The


reason shocked him. I was told they are not interested in people from


the oil and gas industries because they will go back up to Aberdeen


when the recovery starts. Tens of thousands of oil workers have been


laid off as a result of the downturn. Some believe the


experience could be the tip of the iceberg. I heard anecdotal evidence


but a couple of weeks ago I saw actual documentary evidence. It was


the first time I'd seen it written down from a recruitment company on


behalf of a client and that worried me greatly. This is just one of the


examples in which it has been made clear that they are quite explicit


in not wanting people from the oil and gas industry. Four: is just


about getting a level playing field. For people to see beyond that, they


should see beyond the skill set. Give them an interview. Thousands


more oil workers are expected to lose their jobs, swelling the


numbers of those simply seeking a chance for a new future.


That's the message from the Scottish Conservative leader


in a speech in London tonight - as speculation grows


about a second indepedence referendum because of Brexit.


The Labour leader is making a similar call.


Yesterday, the former First Minister suggested an eighteen month


timetable for a fresh poll - and today the SNP said the ball


Our political correspondent Andrew Kerr has more.


Coming soon, very possibly, to a country near you. The former First


Minister Alex Salmond said another Paul could be held in 18 months with


the future of the UK in doubt because of Brexit. But two party


leaders are in London arguing the case for the union. The people in


Scotland do not want more uncertainty when we already have


questions. They are asking the government give them a break and get


back to the day job they are being paid for, to improve the health


system and stop desperately trying to leveraged Brexit. Scottish Labour


stands firmly against a second independence referendum but we are


not in favour of the status quo. I would like to see a federal United


Kingdom. Back north, for the SNP, the impression is it is not full


steam ahead. They want to hear what is made of the plan to keep Scotland


in the single market. There will only be a referendum if we cannot


reach a compromise and we believe it could work very well for everyone.


Assuming that the UK Government is intransigent about that process then


we will move onto the next stage. Politicians live by the polling and


Professor John Curtice has been examining voting intentions since


the EU referendum. On average they point to a 47% support for yes, 53%.


Those figures are exactly the same as the months prior to the EU


referendum so we are still in a situation where the SNP cannot be


sure but equally, Theresa May cannot presume that Nicola Sturgeon would


lose one. Maybe we should stand by for another political thriller.


We've got the SNP conference next month. That is being seen as a key


moment on the road to another independence referendum? Yes, that


is right. It will be interesting to see exactly what Nicola Sturgeon


does at that conference as she sets out her thinking. She will need to


say something that will get the audience out of their seat, but it


might be quite procedural. We have seen that before, we've seen the


First Minister announce that she was publishing the independence


referendum Bill. Perhaps next month she could seek Westminster's


permission to hold the referendum, section 30 order. She needs to keep


the pot boiling but does not want it to boil over. We've got local


government elections. For the prounion party making their


speeches, Ruth Davidson is saying the SNP must stop this talk of a


second independence referendum, give the country a break and focus on the


day job. She's saying the case needs to be made a fresh for the union.


A former Catholic monk accused of child abuse at a Scottish school


has appeared in court in Australia facing extradition.


Father Denis Alexander was one of several monks accused


of abusing boys at the former Fort Augustus Abbey boarding


He has always denied the allegations.


Denis Alexander appeared via video link from a remand centre here in


Sydney. He was in a wheelchair. He did appear to be fragile but fully


aware of the legal proceedings. His barrister said given his age and


medical conditions, his client should be released from custody


pending what could well be a lengthy extradition process. A lawyer for


the UK Government argued against the application, saying he was a flight


risk and may even be spirited away to a Benedictine monastery. Lawyer


argued that the medical conditions would not be made worse in custody.


The magistrate said it was a difficult application to consider


and he rejected a bail application. This means he will remain in custody


pending that full extradition hearing.


Concerns are being raised about an upsurge in the illegal


A total of six arrests have been made in the North and South


Farmers fear the activity, which involves dogs chasing


and killing hares, could form part of a bigger rural crime wave.


A vote on the hunt for evidence of here coursing. Nice open fields.


Long distances. They rely on site. This was filmed in England were the


blood sport is more prevalent. Operated by small groups who bet on


the outcome, it was banned in Scotland 14 years ago but that


hasn't stopped our new surge in activity, with a number of arrests


in the past few months. It has been banned since 2002, completely


illegal. They're Heyer suffers a torturous death. Sometimes it is


exhausted. At the end it is torn apart. It has been outlawed with


good reason. Farmers are worried that the illegal activity of here


coursing could lead to more rural and organised crimes. Rural


communities are on high alert in a bid to protect livestock, property,


and people from the allegedly intimidating individuals. They can


be potentially violent people. There is a feeling that they might be


involved in other crimes as well and this might be the tip of the


iceberg. The public is being urged to help police stamp it out.


The world anti-doping body says it's concerned that no drug tests


were carried out in Scottish football for most of last year.


And still to come, there's doubt over whether Scotland's rugby


captain, Greig Laidlaw, will be available for the rest


From growing up with a reputation as a bad boy in Angus


to working as a bounty hunter on the Atlantic coast of America,


Christian Matlock's story could come straight from a TV script.


He left Scotland six years ago to escape a life heading


Sally McNair has had a snapshot of the 28 year-old's new life.


This is Christian Matlock, bail enforcement agent. This is Christian


Matlock's life now, he has never been busier. Days and nights spent


tracking down and apprehending fugitives who have skipped bail,


drug addicts and criminals, people down on their luck. I'm about ten


minutes away from you. I will be with you soon. He's no stranger to


their troubled lives, and at 21 he was into drinking, ecstasy, without


a job, in trouble with the police. He decided to try his luck in the


USA. Bounty hunting is a full-time, forlorn job. On a recent trip home


to Scotland, old friends treat him like a hero. He's actually something


with his life. Probably the only one of us who has turned his life


around. His mother is happy with the life he has made far away. We


noticed when he was young there is no potential here for young people,


nowhere for them to go of an evening and do things. It was just walk the


streets and that's what you did with your mate. He fled to escape one


dangerous life, now he says he would like to quit the criminal chasing


dangerous life, now he says he would but he's addicted.


And you can see a documentary on Christian Matlock's life later


The Scottish Bounty Hunter is broadcast at 10.40.


A look at other stories from across the country...


There's been an improvement in the punctuality


The latest ScotRail figures show last month more than nine out of ten


arrived at stations within five minutes of their scheduled time -


an almost two percent increase on the previous four weeks.


However, a key yearly punctuality target is still being missed.


It's now 90.1%, short of the 91.3% required in Scotrail's franchise


contract with the Scottish Government.


The former chairman of Ukip in Scotland has avoided jail


after admitting making a series of sexual phone calls


Arthur Misty Thackeray pled guilty last month.


At Glasgow Sheriff Court he was placed on the sex offenders


register for three years, and told to complete 270 hours


of unpaid work as part of a community payback order.


A car overturned in a busy street in the West End of Glasgow.


A man in his 80s was freed from the vehicle by firefighters.


He was taken to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital.


However there are no details about his condition.


The sister of a kayaker who was found dead days


after going missing has welcomed what she called the "phenomenal"


response to the family's plans to set up a charity


The campaign in memory of Dominic Jackson has raised more


Mr Jackson was reported missing last Sunday after he failed to return


from a sea kayaking trip off Portsoy, on the north


The film, advertising and broadcasting industry generated


over ?16 million for Glasgow's economy last year, according


to figures gathered by a special unit to promote the city


The Glasgow Film Office says the figure has gone up significantly


from ?ten million generated two years ago.


Major productions, which have used Glasgow locations, include


The Scotland rugby captain Greig Laidlaw's availability


for the rest of the Six Nations is in doubt tonight.


Laidlaw has left the national squad to have his injured ankle assessed


Yesterday's defeat in France also left several


Rhona McLeod supplies the Monday medical report.


The return of the walking wounded from France. The Scotland rugby


squad arrived in Edinburgh mentally and physically battered and bruised.


It was a catalogue of injuries and started with the sight no Scots fan


wanted to see, their number nine bottling in pain. The captain and


highest points scorer, playmaker and inspiring team member rolling to the


ground and taking off. His future in the championship requires further


assessment. Calling the shots from the sideline was never in the game


plan. To help recovery now, sometimes when they get sent back it


means they will -- be out for a number of weeks. It is a great loss


because he has proved himself over the couple of seasons as a leader


and a fantastic player. There were positive moments for Scotland... But


a whole lot of negative too, after Greig Laidlaw went off his


replacement John Barclay went off. After Barkley was sidelined, his


positional replacement John Hardy also succumbed to a head injury, and


finally the Hawker Fraser Brown. Another head knock and another


player taken off not to return to action. They were all subject to


continued head injury assessment. The game is so brutal you can


understand if you get one or two had knocks but to get four in a game and


those players to be crucial players to Scotland, it shows you how brutal


and physical the game is becoming. Questions will be asked about this


bungled conversion attempt. Would the calm head of Greig Laidlaw have


fared better under the pressure of being told to rush and take it? The


squad have until week on Saturday to recover when the next wave of attack


will come, this time from Wales. Football now.


Rangers' search for a new manager continues this evening.


Mark Warburton left the position amid controversy on Friday,


and a weekend of speculation has followed.


Our senior football reporter Chris McLaughlin


Chris, it's now nearly three days since Mark Warburton's departure -


No specific update as yet. Rangers' next match is against Dundee on


Sunday. The under 20s coach remains in charge now, but the favourite to


take over is Alex McLeish. He has been a manager here before, a pretty


successful spell between 2001 and 2006, he led them to a domestic


trouble and the Champions League, but would he take it on a temporary


basis? Because the chairman Dave King released a statement today and


said because of the time constraints the club may have to consider an


interim solution. The Saint Johnstone manager has also been


linked with the job and said it is pure speculation, but still plenty


of fall out from the departure of Mark Waugh on Friday. The club say


he resigned, the man himself said he did not. It is currently with his


lawyers and this is another mess this club and its fans could well do


without. Aberdeenshire Council has apologised


for planting dozens of trees The trees appeared on the playing


field at Logie Durno over the weekend, sparking


confusion among residents. We sent our reporter


Rebecca Curran to investigate. Tree up an unusual formation in


football nowadays but not this pitch, dozens of trees have been


planted here and residents are not happy. There's not really much to do


in this area, get the kids out and do something active. There is a goal


in this place and all of a sudden we have trees. The council say the plan


was to turn over parts of the area for biodiversity as anecdotally it


was rarely used. Whenever we play football we always play here, not on


the full-sized pitch but I don't know why the council put them there.


But they are good for dribbling round because it gives you good


practice. Aberdeenshire Council couldn't confirm how much it cost to


plant the trees or how much it could be to remove them. The trees will


stay where they are until an agreement is reached with residents.


I am not just for the occasion and these are definitely not football


boots, but it is just a ball and some trees... How hard can it be?


COMMENTATOR: It is picked up by Eddie Gray, chipping a lovely ball


across goal... ! It could be a new national sport.


Now time for the weather. It has been mainly cloudy start of the


evening but earlier there were some spoils of sunshine. You can see from


the satellite image most of the cloud across central and eastern


areas but in the west and north-west we have lovely spells of sunshine.


In the east temperatures only reached three Celsius today, but in


the west 11 degrees. This evening will be mainly cloudy and quite


breezy too. South-easterly winds which become quite strong across the


south-west, maybe even touching gale force. As we had through the night,


quite a bit of cloud further to the east but clear spells towards the


west and temperatures could dipped below freezing for west highland for


example. In towns and cities, temperatures holding up to three or


four Celsius. Tomorrow cloud towards the east but during the day good


four Celsius. Tomorrow cloud towards spells of sunshine developing across


many central and western areas. Around three o'clock still further


cloud across Shetland and in the east but good spells of sunshine


elsewhere with temperatures reaching up to nine Celsius. Across the


central belt decent spells of sunshine and looking at around eight


Celsius here as well. The wind is strong to start the day but easing


through the afternoon. It is during the evening we will see thicker


cloud rushing in from the south-west bringing patchy outbreaks of rain.


We start to see a change as we go from midweek onwards, low-pressure


to the west, high pressure to the east and the wind direction is a


southerly drawing in mild air but unsettled conditions too. On


Wednesday a reversal of fortunes, that she rain to the west of the


country and to the east the best of that she rain to the west of the


the drier weather. Similar conditions on Thursday too. For all


of us it is feeling much milder than of late.


Thank goodness for that, it has been bitter!


Now, a reminder of tonight's main news...


Investigations reveal widespread drug abuse and security failings


An undercover reporter worked as a prison officer


for two months and filmed inmates threatening staff.


The world's anti-doping agency criticises Scottish football


for failing to carry out any drug tests in the last


And there are calls for an investigation into claims


of widespread discrimination against former oil and gas workers


Until then, from everyone on the team - have a good evening.


Join Jackie Bird for the latest news headlines, and Glenn Campbell for a special debate with voters quizzing both sides on what the EU referendum means for Scotland.

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