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plans for children as young as four to be taught about healthy


relationships in schools all over England.


Hundreds of people chant Islamist slogans at an event to honour


the killer of Glasgow shopkeeper Asad Shah.


TRANSLATION: We're proud of the fact and we stand with him.


We have an exclusive report from our correspondent in Pakistan.


Also on the programme, a man has been arrested


in connection with the disappearance of RAF airman Corrie McKeague.


Scotland's councils are spending millions importing


food for school meals - from thousands of miles away.


A report shows fewer women in Scotland are terminating


pregnancies following a Down's Syndrome diagnosis.


of Loch Lomond as new restrictions come into force on wild camping in


this Scotland's biggest National Park.


Hundreds of people have attended an event in Pakistan held in honour


of the killer of Glasgow shopkeeper Asad Shah.


Crowds chanting sectarian and Islamist slogans gathered


at the family home of Tanveer Ahmed in the city of Mirpur on Monday.


Ahmed is serving a life sentence for the murder of Mr Shah,


whom he claimed had insulted the Prophet Muhammad in videos


But, as our Pakistan correspondent Secunder Kermani reports,


he continues to inspire extremists in his home country.


Outside the family home of Tanveer Ahmed in the city of Mirpur, a 400


strong crowd shouting slogans praising him but he's not here, he's


in jail in Scotland. Last year he killed Glasgow shopkeeper Asad Shah


who is from the persecuted Maddie Secco. He believed Asad Shah


committed blasphemy by claiming in online videos to be a prophet. From


committed blasphemy by claiming in many here, though, that killing was


justified. They sit Tanveer Ahmed as a hero. TRANSLATION: Before nobody


knew who he was, now after what he did God has made him so famous that


the whole of Pakistan and even people abroad have heard of him.


This gathering organised by a hardline ocular Pakistani cleric who


leads the anti-blasphemy movement but he is not here either, he is


under house arrest. We met him at another rally earlier this month


where he got a rapturous welcome. They are chanting prophet of God, I


am here. It has become the rallying cry of the anti-blasphemy movement


but it is also the slogan Tanveer Ahmed shouted defiantly at a court


in Scotland as he was sentenced to prison. His social media pages


heavily promote Tanveer Ahmed and have even released audio messages


sent by him from inside jail. Like this one where he says the


penalty for blasphemy is death. Rizvi says he has spoken to Tanveer


Ahmed from jail every couple of weeks. TRANSLATION: We are proud of


the fact and we stand with him and that we are in contact. Lots of


Muslims would say one of the central characteristics of the profit was to


show forgiveness and he forgive people who insulted him. -- Prophet.


Even if you gave somebody it was his right to forgive them but somebody


who insulted him does not have the right. The Scottish Government has


stopped the audio messages from Rizvi but he says his support in


Pakistan will continue to grow. In Asad Shah's mosque in Glasgow there


is real concern about support for his killing. It is a problem and


this problem is being exported outside Pakistan. The events which


happened in Glasgow. Tanveer Ahmed's crime was carried out in Britain but


was inspired by ideas from Pakistan. Now it seems it's his turn to


inspire others. Secunder Kermani, BBC Reporting Scotland, Islamabad.


Police in Suffolk investigating the disappearance of Scots airman


Corrie Mckeague have arrested a man on suspicion of attempting


It comes as officers prepare to search a landfill site


in their search for Mr McKeague who was based at RAF Honington.


Alex Dunlop reports from the landfill site


Suffolk police are giving a few details except to say they have


arrested a 26-year-old man this morning. They are interviewing him


on suspicion of attempting to pervert the course of justice


relating, they say, to information provided to the investigation.


Significantly, perhaps, he's the first, the only person to be


arrested since Corrie McKeague went missing from the market town of Bury


St Edmunds five months ago. The 23-year-old airman from Fife were


stationed at an RAF base near Bury and was last picked up on CCTV in


the town centre after a night out with friends on the 24th of


September. Police say the arrested man was not the driver of the bin


lorry which delivered ref used to this massive landfill site near


Cambridge. He collected a bin from the area where Mr Mickey was last


seen. The theories he may have fallen into or been placed in one of


these commercial bins in this car park behind some shops. Police


accept there is a real chance that Corrie McKeague has died and that


his body may be buried somewhere in this vast landfill behind me. What


is happening now is they are making the site safe for this is to start


their search which will happen in the next seven days. -- for officers


to start their search. It is a grim task and will take several weeks.


Alex Dunbar. MSPs have been hearing how a school


support worker who wanted to find out about Asperger's Syndrome


so they could help a child was told to watch


an American comedy programme. The claim was made to a committee


investigating whether children with additional support needs


are getting the help they need. There's concern the quality


of provision and staff training Here's our education


correspondent Jamie McIvor. Park Hill School in Glasgow helps


youngsters who need some additional support. It's showing off new


facilities. This replica of a hotel bedroom is for courses which could


lead to jobs in the hospitality industry. All of the pupils have


faced real challenges which make learning how to. What would you like


to do after school? I would like to work in the Hilton and from there


become manager. The presumption work in the Hilton and from there


nowadays is for children with special needs is to remain in


mainstream schools but for someone with a better option there are


options like this one. MSPs are examining the issue and heard from a


parent of a child who had a difficult experience in a mainstream


school. My son was moved around and he is in a class where there are


mixed ages and abilities and gets on great and has a peer group. Almost a


quarter of children need additional support. The phrase covers


everything from serious physical handicaps to coping with bullying


and bereavement. One real concern is training. It was even claimed one


support worker was told to watch this TV comedy to find out about a


form of autism. Just this once you can count me as people too. I asked


a member of staff working specifically with the children with


Asperger's syndrome what training had she had in Asperger's syndrome


Asperger's syndrome what training and she said she was told to watch


the Big Bang theory. That is the level of training we have got now in


schools. And some teachers have worries about whether the right help


is always available. Lack of training. Lack of resources. And


again, that's down to obviously budget cuts. Our school has seen


educational psychologists for one or two hours a month if you're lucky,


not good. Few would say it is not wrong in principle Basharat wrong in


principle to keep children in regular schools. Students at Park


Hill are the exception had not the rule. Naturally there are questions


over how things sometimes work out. Jamie McIvor, Reporting Scotland.


The Scottish Government's plans to abolish the Scottish Funding Council


board have suffered a setback - after MSPs voted


It's yet another defeat for the SNP who are a minority


Ministers want to boost economic growth and are streamlining the four


enterprise agencies, putting them under


The Conservatives, who lead the debate, said it would put


university autonomy under threat and smacked of centralisation.


There was another FlyBe incident last night, when an emergency


was sounded for the touch down of a flight at Edinburgh Airport.


It was later described as a technical alert, with a safe


But it follows a crash landing on an Edinburgh


to Schipol flight last week, when the landing gear collapsed.


On the same day, a FlyBe pilot had to shut down an engine mid-flight -


just as another one did a month before.


The new chief executive of Flybe was in Edinburgh today,


Safety is our top priority and what you are describing and what happened


in the last few days, our pilots have been following the procedures


and they have been training in our training academy to follow exactly


the same procedures. We have been organising the events in full


coordination with the aviation authorities and airport authorities


who have been helping and supporting us in this type of situation.


Scottish councils are importing school food


from thousands of miles away - food which could be


Figures obtained by the BBC show that last year they spent


?1.3 million on chicken from Thailand, more than ?125,000


on carrots from Belgium and ?125,000 on potato products from France.


Our political correspondent Lucy Adams has this exclusive report.


Tomato and basil pasta. OK, here you go. In this school in East Ayrshire


almost all of the food is sourced in a 30 mile radius, eggs


almost all of the food is sourced in Auckland, fish from heir and cheese


from the Isle of Arran. -- Mauchline. I quite like local food


because it's just better because you don't know what's in the food if


it's coming from abroad. I know where my food comes from and I know


this comes from local sources. The schools here are some of the only


ones in the country buying all of their produce in Scotland. It's a


matter of scale, imagine each of my steps is six miles. Some schools are


sourcing food as locally as 15 miles away. That's two and a half steps


for your chicken. While most go much further for certain products getting


carrots from 500 miles away in Belgium, mashed potato from 550


miles away in France and raspberries from 1300 miles away in Serbia. But


most of Scotland's councils are going a lot further for one


particular product. Last year they spent more than ?1 million on


chicken from Thailand. 6000 miles away. That's 1000 steps from where


we started. One MSP has made it his personal mission to find out where


Scotland's food is coming from. The quality of food we are serving to


patients in hospital to our kids in schools is not the highest quality


possible and the thing is, when we look at some of the districts and


councils, for example East Ayrshire Council, they can tell you which


farm the eggs came from so it's perfectly possible to procure


locally and it must be good for Scotland as a whole. Councils say


they are trying to by local, their milk, yoghurt and much of their red


meat is now from the UK and their procurement agency says all the


chicken in schools is high-quality. But sourcing it in Scotland has


proved difficult. Ministers say they are working to bring together


suppliers and farmers to ensure more food is made in Scotland. I think we


are doing quite well but we can do better. Almost half of the 150


million spent on procuring food in better. Almost half of the 150


the public sector is sourced locally. 48% is Scottish food. But


why doesn't matter where our children's food comes from? You know


your supplier, you talk to them by name. The quality of the food is so


much better. You can see, smell and taste it. Despite ministers


repeatedly calling for supermarkets, councils and shops to buy local


taxpayers' money is still being spent on food from thousands of


miles away, food which could be produced here. Lucy Adams, Reporting


Scotland. New by-laws come into force today


which will restrict camping around From now until September,


anyone who wants to camp in parts of the national park will need


to apply for a permit, It's all part of in an attempt


to clamp down on anti-social behaviour and littering,


as James Shaw reports. Loch Lomond, the largest inland body


of water in Britain, drawing in millions of visitors every year,


without doubt one of the jewels in the crown of Scotland's natural


Heritage. These pictures, holiday snaps from hell, you might call


them, record the damage that has been done in previous years. This


whole swathes of woodland is at Atlantic Oakwood and it is


designated as a very special species. Which is why the park


authority wants to bring in bylaws which will control wild camping in


the busiest areas. Some places up to 700 tenths in these areas, the point


of the Bible is that is unsustainable in these places. The


sheer number and impact of people toileting and littering and


everything else is not sustainable for the environment so we're not


trying to meet that demand because it isn't appropriate to do so. From


today anyone wild camping in managed areas along the shores the most


popular Tambe could face a fine of ?500 and a criminal record. From


September wild campers must purchase a permit for use in special areas.


Wild camping enthusiasts see that as a breach of Scotland's legal right


to roam. They believe the park authority should focus on educating


people about respecting the countryside. Things like the Rangers


and authorities can do to clamp down on this, they can already find


people for littering and anti-social behaviour. There is no need to


create this bylaw which criminalises people who are not doing at the


wrong way. Let's be honest, it is a very small number of people and we


are almost letting them win. With the new restrictions that could be a


lot of disappointed campers this summer. The idea of Scotland when I


first came here was you could camp anywhere, no matter where you are,


that was the law and you could camp. We come up here for the fact that


it's on tainted and you can go wherever you want. If it's in a


designated area they can still come and camp and enjoy it but everyone


else can enjoy it as well. People come with kids, animals and there


isn't all the rubbish left. This is the only location on the east side


of Loch Lomond where wild camping is going to be permitted. The question


is, will people know about these new controls, and how strictly are they


going to be enforced? The new bylaws will be reviewed in three years, so


for the wild campers this is a fight which is not over yet. Jame Shaw,


Reporting Scotland, on the banks of Loch Lomond.


You're watching BBC Reporting Scotland.


Hundreds of people chant Islamist slogans at an event


to honour the killer of Glasgow shopkeeper Asad Shah.


Many young people believe having a mental health problem


will affect their life chances, a survey finds.


There's been a 12% fall in the termination rate of pregnancies


Glasgow University researchers also found expectant mothers in Scotland


are more likely to continue these pregnancies than those


Daniel is home from high school. Pancakes! Dan, they look delicious.


At 14, he already has plans for the future. I want to get a job. Office,


hospital. In Scotland, over 50 children a year


are born with Down's Syndrome and it is often a struggle for support.


We're having a battle now having him starting to transition into the


adult services. We are having difficulties trying to get a social


worker for him because there are not many in the area. With better


testing, more women can find out if they have a chance of a baby with


Down's Syndrome. In Scotland, the proportion of women who decided to


terminate a pregnancy following a diagnosis of Down's Syndrome has


declined significantly. It has sparked debate among experts. We


welcome the report but from our membership we are hearing that


families are not always getting unbiased and up-to-date information,


so we call on all health professionals to be properly trained


so they are able to give families up to date and accurate information


about the life chances of people with Down's Syndrome. I didn't think


I'd be able to cope with it at all and actually he has made me a much


better person for being his mum. A police dog handler has been left


critically injured after his van was involved in a crash with a car


on the A90 in Aberdeenshire The crash happened between


Ellon and Peterhead. The 46-year-old officer


was in a critical condition while the 58-year-old male car


driver was stable. Police Scotland said two police dogs


in the van survived. Will a mental health problem


stop you getting a job Over half of 16 to 25 year olds


surveyed for a new report say yes. Our reporter Suzanne Allan went


to meet one woman who wants to help end the stigma about


mental ill health. It is one of the grandest stores in


she would work in a place like this. she would work in a place like this.


-- Alana Briggs. Two years ago she hurt her back and could not attend a


job interview because of it, oppression then set in. It was a


horrible experience. Comparing herself to friends and checking


social media made Down's Syndrome feel isolated. They had good jobs


and they had partners and it was just really hard because the fear is


there, whoever you talk to, are they going to understand? Are you going


to, is it going to be said that you're an attention seeker for this?


Or that nothing is really wrong because you can't see it from the


outside? New research out today by the Prince's Trust finds that nearly


50% of young people have felt the same as Alana. We found that nearly


half of young people have experienced mental health issues but


a third of them would not speak to anyone about them and many feel this


is a stigma. It was after getting on the trainee scheme at Fraser is that


gave the 25-year-old her job back. Try not to let the smallest things


annoy you. Try and pull yourself away from social media, don't use it


as much as you normally would. Don't compare yourself to everyone else


and what they have got. She has stopped doing that and is thinking


of a long-term career here. AG Barr the maker of Irn Bru


is cutting the amount of sugar The company says it's been


influenced by consumer demand more than the tax on sugary drinks due


to come in next year. This isn't the first time that sugar


has been reduced in Irn Bru but the previous occasion was in the 1940s,


when the nation was that poor. When sugar became so scarce that in fact


one had to use part sugar and part saccharin, to sweeten the drink. The


company says today it is reacting to consumer demand. The level of


reduction is influenced by the sugar tax coming in next year. It seems


sensible to bring it just below the level at which taxation would it


commence and therefore our consumers would not be subjected to additional


cost when the sugar tax comes in. By the autumn, there should be quite a


bit less sugar in this sugary drink. So we carried out our own bit of


bit less sugar in this sugary drink. market research to find out what


people think of that here in Glasgow. It's a good idea because


the kids are drinking that stuff at 100 miles an hour, some of them.


They should have done it years ago. As long as the taste was still there


I would still drink it. Is it now and again or everyday? It is every


day for me. Not for the kids, right enough. Even half is still too high


and I think that is too much. We shouldn't be having any fizzy drinks


at all. The decision has been welcomed but it is not going to


solve Scotland's love affair with sugar. It means 70 less calories per


can. Which is excellent. It will definitely help protect teeth and it


might help obesity but it is not the silver bullet for obesity by any


means. They insist that the less sugar drink will taste the same as


it does now. Any effect on the sales of their sugar free versions will be


interesting to watch. She's always sugary sweet, it's over


to Kirsteen for the forecast! LAUGHTER


Thank you very much. Provisional statistics from the Met office to


tell as it has been drier and than average. Potentially the fourth


mildest winter on record in Scotland. Certainly today for the


beginning of the meteorological spring, sunshine hasn't been in


short supply. We've had a scattering of showers however, and these will


become heavier and more frequent across the Western Isles tonight,


the north-west Highlands. A wintry flavour at times and west and north


westerly winds increasing as we go through the night. We may also have


some icy stretches on untreated roads and services. Otherwise dry


with clear spells and a fairly widespread frost developing with


temperatures dipping to around -2 minus three Celsius. Tomorrow looks


like a fairly bright and breezy day, showers especially across the


north-west tomorrow morning although with these brisk westerly winds,


some showers will reach central and eastern areas as we go through the


day. Taking a closer look around three o'clock tomorrow, a scattering


of showers affecting southern, central and eastern areas, but most


of the showers will be across the north-west Highlands and up towards


the Northern Isles. Wintry in nature especially across the hills and high


ground with a mixture of rain and sleet to low level is. However,


there will be plenty of brightness and sunshine in between the showers.


I is seven or eight Celsius tomorrow although feeling colder, especially


with exposure to these brisk westerly winds. Tomorrow evening we


continue to see a future showers at times. However, there will be some


clear spells and a fairly widespread frost and a risk of ice on any


untreated roads and services. More in the way of more organised rain


coming into the far south-west. For Friday it looks largely dry and


bright, just a feud showers across the far north, plenty of sunshine


although clouding over from the south in the afternoon and feeling


relatively mild. That's the forecast.


I'll be act with the late bulletin. Until then, from the team right


across the country enjoy


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