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"We won't take any powers from Scotland after Brexit",


Prime Minister Theresa May tells us in an exclusive interview.


One of the greats of Scottish football, Celtic and Scotland


He was loved by fans for this goal and the Lisbon Lion 's victory in


the European cup. His goal that day was one of the great iconic moments


in Scottish football history. It is imprinted on the mind, not just


because of its significance but the spectacular nature of the goal.


A BBC investigation finds some hospitals are spending


as little as 94p on each meal for patients.


As the last council sets its budget, we'll have the details


of whether the council tax will go up or be frozen in your area.


And Aberdeen's chairman claims their proposals


for a new stadium could prevent the city becoming a backwater.


Fans and major figures from the world of football have been


paying tribute to former Celtic defender and Lisbon Lion


Tommy Gemmell, who has died at the age of 73.


He scored one of the goals in Celtic's 2-1 victory in the 1967


European Cup Final against Inter Milan.


David Currie is at Celtic Park for us tonight.


As night falls at Celtic Park, the mood is understandably sombre and


reflective. People have been dropping by all day to remember one


of the club's all-time greats. Tommy Gemmell was one of Scottish


football's biggest personalities in the 1960s and 70s, a world-class


player and, in 1967, a member of the first British team to win the


European cup. 50 years on from Celtic's greatest triumph,


supporters and fans of other teams remember one of the men who turned a


footballing dream into reality. Tommy Gemmell scored Celtic's


opening goal in their 2-1 win over Inter Milan in the European cup


final in Lisbon. Nobody could see us winning the match. We had eight


couldn't care less attitude and we played with the class and style that


we played with throughout the season. As I say, we didn't have any


pressure at all. Tommy Gemmell's goal that day was one of the great


iconic moments in Scottish footballing history. It is imprinted


on the mind, not just because of its significance but because of the


spectacular nature of the goal. He had a long stride, covering the


ground quickly, tremendous leg strength and a superb shot, and that


all came distilled into that one single iconic moment. Wood at Celtic


Park today, two of Tommy Gemmell's former team-mates shared memories of


a friend and former Lisbon Lion. He was one of the best fullbacks in


Europe at the time. Honestly. The most important thing for us was the


dressing room, because he was so close to each of us. Tommy thought


he was Danny Kaye. I know he looked like him, but he believed he was. He


was an entertainer. As well as a career with Celtic, Tommy Gemmell


played 18 times for Scotland, with mixed results. Oh that was uncalled


for. Everybody feels sorry for him but at the time it's just a sort of


thing, you can't stop yourself doing it. It's on the spur of the moment


and that's it. Everyone is sorry after the fact. The undeniable fact


is that Tommy Gemmell will be remembered mainly for his Celtic


performances and as a Lisbon Lion. For us in this particular year, the


50th anniversary, is so sad. Although we are mourning Tommy, I


would hope we can celebrate as well, celebrate who Tommy was and what he


did for this club and what that team did for Celtic.


The Prime Minister has accused the SNP of playing politics


with people's lives over the threat of a second independence referendum.


Speaking exclusively to Reporting Scotland on the eve


of her party's Scottish conference, Theresa May accused the Scottish


government of having "tunnel vision" over independence.


And she refused to drawn on whether the UK would block a referendum.


Nicola Sturgeon has said that the Scottish Government has been met by


a brick wall of Tory intransigence. To reason most folk the referendum.


We now face a hard Brexit. Doesn't that mean that you, in choosing a


hard Brexit, are potentially putting that bond that you care so


passionately about under pressure? First of all, we haven't chosen a


hard Brexit. We want a Brexit that is going to be right for the UK,


which means being right for all parts of the UK, so I don't talk


about terms like hard or soft Brexit. I want the right deal that's


going to work for us, the deal about a really good trade agreement with


the EU. I think that works for the EU and the United Kingdom. That will


be a good trade agreement that works for the whole UK, and crucially one


which works for Scotland as well. That no special deal for Scotland.


We are working very closely with the Scottish Government, talking to them


about the issues that particularly affect Scotland, but I want to


ensure that the deal that we get, the arrangements that we have, the


partnership we have with the EU when we leave is one that is good for


Scotland, is also good for the other constituent parts for the UK and


good for the UK as a whole. Scotland wants to remain part of the single


market. You have ruled this out. In the talks before triggering Brexit


with the devolved nations, you and other ministers used words like


involved, consult, engage. The Scottish Government argues you have


done nothing of the sort, that you haven't even issued, you haven't


taken cognizance of their views. There is a 60 page document of their


proposals of which they would claim they have heard nothing. What is


your response? We are looking seriously at the planned the SNP


government put forward. We are working with them on those plans.


The issues that they have raised that we have taken on board. But,


when we look at what we want to do in the future, in terms of the UK


and its access to the single market and the European Union, I want a


comprehensive free trade deal. I want to be able to see the best


possible trading arrangement with the European Union. From Scotland's


point of view, the single market that matters most in terms of trade


for Scotland is the single market of the United Kingdom. In recent days,


Sir John Major and Tony Blair have both warned that this hard Brexit


makes a second Scottish independence referendum more likely. I am sure


you have heard that Nicola Sturgeon describes it as all but inevitable.


The question isn't whether they could be a referendum but whether


they should be. I think in 2014 the people of Scotland voted to stay


within the UK. It was described by the SNP as a once in a generation


vote that took place at that time. I don't think people want a referendum


today. To me, politics isn't a game. It's about people's lives. It's


about delivering for people on the issues that matter to them on a


day-to-day basis. I can't help but feel that SNP has tunnel vision


about independence. I think people want the SNP government to get on


with dealing the issues they want to see addressed day-to-day, the state


of the economy, reforming schools. Education used to be such a great


flagship for Scotland, but sadly in recent years we've seen that


deteriorating. These are the issues that matter to people day-to-day.


They don't want a referendum. They want the SNP government to get on


with the day job. We know what the SNP government thinks, and they are


saying a second independence referendum is all but inevitable.


You have the power to grant that or not. If they ask for it, if there is


a vote in the Scottish parliament and they say, we demand a second


independence rapper Rendon, will you give permission? -- independence


referendum. I think the SNP needs to move away from the tunnel vision of


independence and focus on the issues that matter on a day-to-day basis.


You are saying that the Scottish Government has tunnel vision and is


playing games. You have the power to stop that by saying, you may want a


second but it isn't going to happen, focus on running Scotland. You have


the power to do that. Are you saying you are not going to do that? That


is a hypothetical question. At the moment, I think people in Scotland


are clear they don't want a referendum. I think the SNP is


exhibiting tunnel vision. I think people want an SNP government


getting on with the day job. So why was your clarion call, looking ahead


to the local council elections that, if you vote for the Conservative


Party, you are voting against a second Scottish independence


referendum? That is not a positive message. In that case, you are


playing the same game. No, we are saying something simple that I think


is resonating with people, which is that actually I think people want to


see people elected, as councillors, as MSPs, who are focusing on the


issues that matter to them, and the message of the Conservative Party is


that we will focus on those issues day-to-day. Do you believe the SNP


government has a mandate to call a second independence referendum?


Obviously, significant powers have been devolved to Scotland. The SNP


government have the opportunity to use those powers to improve the


day-to-day life of people in Scotland. In recent days, there has


been talk of power is being taken the Scottish Government post Brexit.


Can you clarify? I am clear, we are not going to take powers away. Will


they receive more powers? We need to look at those powers that currently


reside in Brussels, when they come back, when the UK leaves the EU, how


should we deal with them? In some areas, we will need to ensure there


is a UK treatment -- UK framework to make sure that the single market of


the UK that matters for Scotland is working properly. What we are


talking to all of the devolved administrations about is, when we do


that, when we bring powers back from Brussels, what should stay at a UK


level and what should be further devolved to the devolved


administrations. So no powers that are currently there will be taken


away. But more could come. But more could come. Thank you.


Our political editor, Brian Taylor, joins me now from Holyrood.


The Scottish Government had some hard-hitting words of its own this


evening. You won't be surprised to know that the First Minister takes a


different view of events. First of all saying that the Conservatives UK


Government have no mandate to govern Scotland had no mandate to take


Scotland out of the EU and the single market against the professed


will of the Scottish people but, as you mentioned, that argument that,


in the discussions that have taken place over Scotland's contribution


and role in Brexit, the impact upon but, Nicola Sturgeon argues that she


has offered consensus and compromise and has been met by a brick wall of


Tory intransigence. It might suit both governments to maintain


discussions at some level and in some fashion for a wee while. It


might suit the UK Government as they seek to find some way, anyway of


pre-empting a second independence referendum, and it might suit Nicola


Sturgeon as she seeks to demonstrate to the people of Scotland that she


has sought every avenue, pursued every potential by way within the


ambit of the UK short of moving instantly to that referendum. Do I


think there is likely to be a referendum on independence? Yes.


You're watching BBC Reporting Scotland.


In an exclusive interview, Prime Minister Theresa May tells


us her government won't take any powers from Scotland after Brexit.


Aberdeen's chairman claims their proposals


for a new stadium could prevent the city becoming a backwater.


BBC Scotland has found that hospitals are spending as little


as 94p on each meal served to patients.


It's understood that several hospitals are importing products


like chicken and carrots - which could be produced


It follows another investigation, which discovered that chicken


from Thailand and raspberries from Serbia are going


Our correspondent Lucy Adams has this exclusive report.


In this hospital in Shetland, almost all the food is local. And almost ?7


per day is spent on making meals mouthwatering. The patients seem to


appreciate it. The food is wonderful. I had something the other


day that was baked fish, and you would have gone into a restaurant


and paid good money and been happy. But the BBC has found that some


hospitals are spending just 94p per meal, and there is huge variation


across the country. NHS Shetland is spending almost ?7 per patient per


day, but Ayrshire and Arran spends just ?3 20. NHS borders spends ?3


18. We took one expert some of the food currently being imported. Lumps


of material which are covered in a breadcrumb and inside is this kind


of shreds of presumably chicken. He says spending a little more on meals


could make a big difference to patients. There has to be a lower


limit. Nobody wants to spend over the odds for anything but, if you


start cutting costs below a certain level, you are going to jeopardise


quality, and that quality can be measured in a variety of ways, so


food and milk quality is affected in taste, appearance, texture. We found


that 12 out of 14 health boards are importing chicken from Thailand and


carrots from Belgium. Food which could be produced here in Scotland.


The Scottish Government says it is working with health boards to ensure


direct requirements are met. What we have is a set of very rigorous


nutritional guidelines that we expect all boards to adhere to. They


were refreshed this time last year. We expect all boards to take


responsibility for ensuring that food is nutritionally as good as it


can be. This woman says that food she received in hospital but that --


the care she received in hospital was brilliant but the quality of


food and the amount she received slowed her recovery. I kept fainting


and they couldn't work out why. After three or four days, I realised


it was because I was hungry. My husband started bringing me in


boiled eggs in the morning on his way to work and within three days I


was stronger and better and getting up. I think I was on hospital a lot


longer than I needed to be because I couldn't get the right food. I


wasn't getting enough food. A number of patients got in touch to say how


highly they waited the boot in hospitals across Scotland but, for


some, the journey there food takes and the quality of it when it


arrives remained a problem. A report into the death


of a fisherman from Newton Stewart has concluded that he might have


survived if he'd been been 31-year-old Scott Rennie never


recovered consciousness, after spending ten minutes


in the water when he fell overboard from the Kirkcudbright-based scallop


dredger King Challenger. Its owners have since issued


new safety guidance to crews. South Ayrshire Council has become


the last of Scotland's 32 councils Like most others, it will raise


the basic rate by 3%. But a third of councils have opted


to forego some of the rise or not to put up council tax


at all for most people. Our local government


correspondent, Jamie McIvor, As well as you say, Sally, all 32


councils have now set the council tax for the coming here and here in


South Ayrshire, it'll be a 3% rise in the basic bill. But now all 32


councils have named their figures for the Cogne year, how are things


looking nationally. Well 21 council also put up the basic council tax by


3%, that's the most they are allowed to put it up by, by the Scottish


Government. A further three councils have gone for a rise of less than 3%


and eight council, all run by Labour, have gone for voluntary


local freezes on the basic rate of council tax, even though that adds


to the pressure on what are already very tight finances. It's worth me


making the point, though, that roughly one-quarter of us, no matter


where we live in Scotland are facing much more significant increases,


because of changes to the way council tax is calculated but


certainly that is the situation as far as it looks across the country


as a whole. But it is certainly interesting politically, that so


many Labour councils have gone for voluntary local freezes. Let's hear


what was said at first ministers' questions today. For ten years the


SNP have said that the council tax is unfair. The question isn't why


Labour councils are freezing it, it is why the SNP haven't scrapped it?


For ten years we have had Labour councils, we have had Labour MSPs in


this chamber saying - end the council tax freeze. So as soon as we


end the council tax freeze, what do we have? We have Labour leaders in


councils like Inverclyde saying they are going to become the


longest-serving ever councils to freeze it. Labour doesn't know what


it is doing from one day of the week to the next. Now councils could


argue a freeze demonstrates efficiency or helps family budgets


but the elephant in the room is that there is council elections in two


months' time so the big question is how might a freeze or rise play with


the voters? Jamie thank you very much.


Aberdeen City Council is thinking about running its own bus company.


The authority's Labour-run administration says bus operators


have reneged on running services to certain communities


The main operator in the city, First Aberdeen, said


Council officials have been asked to prepare


The chairman of Aberdeen football club says their proposed


?50 million new stadium complex could help prevent the city


becoming a "backwater", after the recent decline


Stewart Milne wants to move the club away from Pittodrie,


to a new site just outside the city at Kingsford.


But, as Kheredine Idessane reports, there's opposition to the plan.


Hello. You can show me the way. Maybe I can try and sell you a


house. A home fixture for the Aberdeen Chairman, inviting us on to


his own property to this patch of land outside the city where he


his own property to this patch of wanted to lay foundations for the


future, a ?50 million stadium and training complex, ready for the


start of the 2020 football season, the third time he's tried to move


from Pittodrie. It will be setting up the Football Club hopefully for


the next half century at least. That can play a major deal in how


Aberdeen as a city is out there in the wider world. That we are a city


determined to go places. We want to build on the reputation we've got


and as the North Sea oil starts to fall off, end up being a backwater.


Not everyone agrees and one group is actively campaigning against the


proposalsful The city has a regeneration plan and that is


designed to keep the city vibrant. I don't see how removing hundreds of


thousands of fans over the year is going to support that, it's going to


be completely the opposite to the regeneration plan that's in place.


Leafletting the locals in the area has highlighted other objection,


including the road in. There's gaps in it all over the place. There's no


central barrier. It's a road waiting for an accident to happen. It might


actually bring some more wealth into this area It's really bad as it is


just now with the bypass going on, the queues for traffic and stuff


like that. I definitely think it is bad. This famous old stadium hosted


the has yob years for Aberdeen when Sir


A ex-Ferguson's side were not just winners in Scotland but in Europe,


too. The referee in this one is Aberdeen City Council who will


decide in the summer if the big move can go ahead.


Timeline is on at 7.30pm over on BBC Two Scotland


with Glenn Campbell and Laura MacIver.


Onp tonight's show: We'll hear from Sarah Brown about how much more


needs to be done to help babies born prematurely. The comedian Jop brand


talks to us about Red Nose Day, mental health and her dad's struggle


with depression. I was frightened of him. It is quite a weird thing being


with depression. I was frightened of frightened of your own dad T took


him years to seek help. Remember the kited yoga boys from last week's


show. It sparked an excellent parody which we will look at. And we've


asked the locals in Cumbernauld what guests will do while in town.


Now the weather. Well a mixture of sunshine and showers. Tonight


thikser cloud continues to spill in to the south, followed by some


outbreaks of rain. Some perhaps fringing in towards the central belt


during the early hours and as it meets relatively cold air it will


fall as snow over the hills and high ground. Further north tonight,


largely dry. The showers becoming fewer and further between. A fairly


widespread frost developing under clear skies with light winds.


Perhaps some icy stretches across the north and lows tonight of around


main us-3 for inland areas. So tomorrow undas with a fair amount of


cloud and outbreaks of rain across southern and central areas,


especially. The best of the sunshine tomorrow will be further north.


Taking a closer look tomorrow afternoon, across southern and


central areas, becoming largely dry. Perhaps just one or two showers and


some bright spells. East or north-easterly winds picking up


tomorrow afternoon, making for really a chilly feel. As I was


saying the best of theshine tomorrow afternoon across the Western Isles,


Skye the north-west high land, towards Inverness and Moray coast


and Northern Isles, with one or two showers and highs of around 8.


Tomorrow evening, again cloud will thicken across the south which will


be followed by outbreaks of rain tomorrow night gradually tracking


be followed by outbreaks of rain its way further north. By Saturday,


we firmly have low pressure in charge. Cloudy with outbreaks of


we firmly have low pressure in rain for most of us. That rain


continues to track its way northwards during the course of the


day of the the best of any dry, bright weather will be along perhaps


the north coast and Northern Isles. Again east or north-easterly winds


will be fairly brisk at times making for really quite a cold feel. As we


look ahead to Sunday, an improvement for some of us. Fairly cloudy


conditions, just some showers along western coastal areas. The best of


the brightness and sunshine will be in the east. That's the forecast.


Now, a reminder of tonight's main news:


The Prime Minister has accused the SNP of playing politics with


people's lives over the threat of a second independence referendum


but she refused to be drawn on whether the UK


The First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, said the Scottish Government has


been met by "a brick wall of Tory intransigence".


I'll be back with the headlines at 8.00pm and the late bulletin just


Until then, from everyone on the team right across the country,


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