08/08/2016 Reporting Scotland


The latest news and weather from around Scotland.

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Marine accident investigators are trying to establish what caused


an oil rig to run aground in the Western Isles.


The platform with 70,000 gallons of diesel on board


was blown ashore on Dalmore beach near Carloway on the Isle of Lewis.


It was en route from Norway and undertow


The weather has been rough in the Western Isles since Saturday


afternoon, with gusts of up to 60 mph.


livelihood is dependent on fishing and fish farming


and tourism and the main tourist attraction is


one mile up the coast from where this has happened, and if this had


been an oil tanker the place would have been devastated.


In a way the people of Lewis have been fortunate


this was not a tanker carrying some horrible cargo which could have


caused pollution for many years to come but it raises questions,


towing vessel which could deal whether there should be an emergency


Two tugs are already on station, one based in Shetland.


A salvage team is expected to arrive on the scene and the Secretary of


State's representative will be here this evening.


Both of the island's parliamentary representatives have


called for a review of the decision to not have an emergency towing


The UK Government have agreed to continue


provision as currently is but it is not adequate,


We are not talking about the middle of winter,


we are talking about August and benign conditions, but still


Police in Renfrewshire are investigating the rape


It happened at eight o'clock last night


less as they say behind me and Dalmore Barrhead by 14-year-old girl


was raped. -- the place in Barrhead. The girl had been hot bicycle and


she stopped as that and when she came out to get her bicycle she was


approached by a man who forced her across the street and to the spot


behind me where he raped her. Police in Scotland say it was


unsurprisingly extremely traumatic. They say the suspect is a twin 20


and 30 years old, wearing a grey zip top and waving a white trilby hat.


They say they also know he was inside the Asda before he approached


the girl so they will examine CCTV footage and also CCTV footage from


the row of shops close to this spot. Many of the shop owners here were


also extremely sharp and one told me she had already started looking at


her own CCTV footage to see if she could help with the police enquiries


and help catch this man. -- shop owners were extremely shocked.


The death of a 24-year-old man in the east end of Glasgow


Gary Weir was stabbed when a fight broke out as he left a party at


Three other men in their 20s were taken to hospital


Police are appealing for anyone with information to come forward.


I had came out of the property behind me at Shettleston Juniors


social club, having attended the 21st birthday party with his friends


and when they left there was a discussion between another group of


individuals who were not at the party and this resulted in a fight


in the street and during this gallery sustained a fatal injury,


resulting in his death. Gary. -- Gary received a fatal injury. I am


keen to talk to the other people involved in this group.


To the Olympics now, and no medals breakthrough yet


for Scotlands athletes, and the Murray brothers are already


The Olympic rings are an inspiration for fans and athletes alike and it


was a good performance on the rowing lake from Scotland's Heather


Stanning. They are the defending champions from London 2012 and have


not lost in 36 races. But almost changed but they came from behind to


beat of the Danish crew and qualify comfortably for the semifinals.


David Florence is also on the water. Today it was the two man can do with


Richard Hounslow added a qualified comfortably. David Florence is also


comfortably through to the semifinal on the third fastest qualifier in


the single canoe event in which he was a medallist in London 2012 when


he got a silver. We could have a Scottish medal tomorrow for David


Florence. Fingers crossed he will deliver. Andy Murray also in action


tomorrow in the second round. It's over to Kirsteen now


with the weather forecast The weather continues to settle down


between tonight and tomorrow. Tonight the winds moderating across


Shetland and the rain clearing as well. For most it will be a dry mate


with some clear spells and adjust a scattering of showers. -- dry night.


If you are heading out about 8am able to write and bright weather and


plenty of sunshine. Some of showers and central areas and the likes of


plenty of sunshine. Some of showers Argyll and the north-west Highlands


and Western ideals. In the north it is the right and bright. Strong


winds to across Shetland especially although these will ease through the


course of the day. The wider picture through tomorrow, in Scotland


claimed will increase and we see showers frequently and at times


heavily in the South of Scotland filtering into the North of England


and Northern Ireland. Further south able to ride a bright weather with


highs of 21 Celsius. Staying right across much of the North East


tomorrow with spells of sunshine to across much of the North East


come and highs of 18 Celsius. Into the evening and we will continue to


see a number showers and into Tuesday night rain begins to feed in


to the west. By Wednesday that hold on across parts of the south-west in


the morning and gradually will clear to lead a dry day in Scotland with


spells of brightness and sunshine. For the likes of England and Wales


and Northern Ireland a the prospect compared with tomorrow with some


sporadic outbreaks of rain and highs of perhaps 20 Celsius for the


south-east. By far was that we are looking at high-pressure holding on,


a cloudier prospect compared with tomorrow with some sporadic


outbreaks of rain and highs of perhaps 20 Celsius for the


south-east. By Thursday we are looking at high-pressure holding on,


in the unsettled weather in the far south although some weather fronts


bringing heavy rain at times into the north-west especially.


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