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A Muslim taxi driver who killed a popular Glasgow


shopkeeper after claiming he had disrespected the prophet Muhammad


Tanveer Ahmed confronted travelled from Bradford before confronting


Sentencing Ahmed to a minimum of 27 years, the judge described it


as a brutal, barbaric and horrific crime for which he had


Tanveer Ahmed berating Asad Shah after driving to his shop


But that night in March, Ahmed had arrived from Bradford


intending to mete out much more than criticism.


After this verbal attack he released an onslaught of what the judge


Asad Shah, this well-liked, friendly shopkeeper, died in


It was videos like this, posted online, that had


He believed Mr Shah was disrespecting


Ahmed was so deeply offended that he decided he had to kill him.


A crime, the judge noted today as she addressed Ahmed, that he has


It is clear that you are proud of what you did.


And you do not consider what you did was wrong.


What is particularly disturbing from some of your latest comments


to the social worker who prepared the court report,


is the fact that if met with similar circumstances in the future


You seem oblivious to the fact you have devastated a family,


the family of Mr Shah, leaving them bereft of a much-loved


Immediately after the judge sentenced Ahmed to life


with a minimum of 27 years, he raised his arm and shouted


Members of Ahmed's family and community in Bradford,


mostly left the court without comment, but this man


He is respecting his prophet, what is wrong with that?


Do you think the sentence was fair? No.


There is no doubt that the barbaric murder of Asad Shah


But the judge has accepted that it wasn't motivated by a grudge


against the Muslim community, of which Mr Shah was a member.


Instead, this was a specific attack on Mr Shah because Tanveer Ahmed


believed that he had disrespected Islam.


The judge's comments that there is no place for such


intolerance echoed today by the community.


He shouldn't be shown any kind of love.


Where there is no remorse, where there is no regrets,


then Islam says strongly that such a person should be given a proper


sentence and that is what has been served.


In the Shawlands area Mr Shah has been much missed by his customers


who throughout the years he served with cheer and grace.


The impromptu vigil after his death showed their sadness.


His family's grief is such that they cannot bear to reopen


More than 140,000 students in Scotland received their Higher


but a record number of pupils have been offered a university place.


There had been fears surrounding late changes


This is the full -- the first time that candidates have been offered


the full range of national courses. There had been fears


surrounding late changes Our education correspondent


Jamie McIvor reports. For some, the news came


by text or e-mail. For these brave youngsters


their good news was live Exceptional results by any standard,


especially because their school Some students come from


areas of deprivation. I was wondering why is that,


and I think the single biggest influence is


momentum that happens here. For many students across Scotland


it was a day to remember. The overall pass rate


was slightly down on last year, but it is still the second highest


number of passes on record. We have over 152,000


passes it Higher level. And we have an increase


in vocational qualifications that There was no repeat of last year's


Higher maths debacle. Last year the pass rate


was just 34%. One of the things we do every year


is review the process Last year's paper we admitted was


more challenging than it should be. Behind the statistics lie


the remarkable stories Darren speaks English as his second


language and still got five Highers. I studied really hard


and I am proud of myself. There are still questions


over how the shake-up But today is about celebrations for


some and commiserations for others. And if you want some


advice from the SQA, A small team of salvage experts has


been lowered onto an oil rig which ran aground


on the Western Isles on Sunday. The UK Government has said the work


to refloat it may take some time. If the weather is good tomorrow,


it's planned to put Meetings have been going


on throughout the day in Stornoway to decide how to tackle


the re-flotation of the oil rig marooned on rocks at Delmore


on the West Coast of Lewis. Mid-afternoon the coastguard


helicopter arrived. To get the first exploratory crew of


salvagers onto the rig. The tolling between the ship the target and the


rig broke. aboard right now will carry out


the work on the grounded rig. If their mission is a success more


will be put on tomorrow to see what further work can be done before


the weather breaks. Whatever they find, work


will still continue. It's not easy to forecast when an


attempt will be made to refloat. By Thursday this week we will be


hampered by bad weather again, There will still be


a requirement after that After that phase it is getting


the right equipment we need to the island to do


the re-connections and making sure we have got the right vessels


here to try and get it out from where she is


sitting at the moment. An enquiry is ongoing as to how it


ended up here in the first place. The Western Isles emergency planning


group also met this afternoon. Although it might not


be an imminent threat. I've asked the team to have a look


at checking the tanks and giving me reassurance that the oil is safe


where it is. The race to move the rig


before worse weather comes ScotRail and the RMT union have been


holding further talks to try to resolve the industrial


dispute that led to strike Last week, further planned walk-outs


by train staff were called off - but a final deal has


yet to be reached. The dispute centres on proposals


from the operator to run more trains where drivers -


rather than guards - It's been a mixed day for the Scots


in Team GP at the Rio Olympics. There was huge disappointment


for medal hope David Florence, who finished last in the C1


canoe slalom final. But there could be medals


for Scottish swimmers Our reporter Kheredine


Idessane joins us live Good evening. Hello from the aquatic


centre here in Rio. Why are we here? Because for Scots have helped Team


GB into the final of the four by 200 metres freestyle relay. They all had


terrific swims earlier on. You can see it now. A terrific performance


terrific swims earlier on. You can from them in the year to qualify for


the final, fastest. That gives them a real chance of some kind of medal


later on this evening. We are not sure if all four Scots will make the


final. There is a good chance that three of them well. A terrific


evening ahead. Well done to them. Disappointment in


another open war -- water-based event. David Florence in canoe


slalom, he was the world champion and the favourites to pick up a


medal. But he had a terrible run today at the Whitewater Centre. He


came ten out of ten. A couple of mistakes and a rather crestfallen


canoeists went to me afterwards. You get it all the time in both


categories and I'm used to disappointment as most people who


are competing in elite sport. Now I'm used to getting on with it and


getting to the sea to regardless of whether I had one this will come


last. -- capital C two. There are great guys out there. Disappointment


for them, another four years to wait for the chance for an Olympic medal.


Deep disappointment for David Florence. But he goes in the canoe


double in a couple of days' time. Elsewhere on the water, good stuff


from Katherine Grainger and Alan Sinclair, qualify for finals in


their respective boats. But is all about before by 200 metres freestyle


relay at about 3:30am. You might want to stay up and watch it because


there is a chance that at least three Scots will be coming away with


Olympic medals from Apple. Thank you.


Now time to find out the weather prospects from Christopher.


Generally dry tonight with clear spells. Chile in the countryside.


But you might be able to catch the meatier shower. It lasts for about


ten days. Tonight, clear skies are still a good chance. They are at


their peak later in the week. It dry and bright start tomorrow but it


won't last. Some thicker cloud with outbreaks of rain towards the West.


Further east more likely to have a outbreaks of rain towards the West.


dry and sunny morning. The winds are generally light as well but cloud


will increase throughout the day. The exception is Shetland which is


likely to hold on to the sunshine. Here is the chart through Wednesday


morning. You will notice that cloud edging eastward through the day.


More persistent rain likely later on through the afternoon. That's


spreading through Northern Ireland into Cumbria, down through Wales,


the south-west. The further east you are, reasonably dry. But cloud


building year. For temperature is, in Scotland, maybe high teens in the


East if you are lucky. But a going downhill day with the cloud


building. And when the rain arrives to all parts, and it will be


persistent. High-pressure tantalisingly close but around the


top of the high, that is where the weather fans arrived, bringing the


rain. In the north-west Highlands and Islands, API where warning.


Often done on Friday with rain. Cloudy conditions in the rain -- in


the West with some cloud. Still raining across the north-west.


Temperatures on the up. This weekend for us looks promising.


Our next update is during Breakfast at 6:25 tomorrow morning.


But, from everyone on the late team here in Glasgow


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