10/08/2016 Reporting Scotland


The latest news and weather from around Scotland.

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A massive oil rig grounded off Lewis is leaking fuel.


The Transocean Winner has more than 300,000 litres of diesel


on board and two of its fuel tanks appear to have been breached.


It broke free from a towing line attached to a tug on Monday,


and efforts to refloat it are being hampered by bad weather.


Dalmore beach on the West Coast of the race is usually inhabited with


holiday-makers and surfers at this time of year. Instead, a 17,000


tonne of an oil rig remains an incongruous sight. Whether brought


fresh challenges and concern today, following an inspection it is feared


that two of the feel tanks on board the structure may have been


breached. It was confirmed this afternoon that some diesel from two


of the tanks on board this structure did leak into the sea, but


coastguards said was dispersed harmlessly, and there was no


pollution risk. There have been no reports of any oil close to the


installation or on the beach. It may well be that this oil was actually


lost when the installation came in and grounded on Monday morning.


Several days after the semisubmersible ran aground here en


route to Malta from Norway, locals still cannot believe their eyes.


Eileen MacDonald was first to see it when she opened her back door on


Monday morning. It is complete shock and horror, disbelief. It was like


being on another planet. Unbelievable. How this huge


structure could be on our doorstep. As salvage teams arrive with


equipment which may be used to pump out some of the diesel oil on board,


the road to the beach remains closed off to allow access for emergency


vehicles, and to keep the public away from the potentially dangerous


site. I think things are under control. The people involved are


professionals, they know what they are doing, and I'm not sure when it


will be refloated, but the sooner the better. As the weather worsens,


there is no way of knowing at this stage when and if the Transocean


Winner can be refloated. But there will be nothing normal about this


Lewis landscape until it is back it see where it belongs.


Nicola Sturgeon has announced ?100 million of funding to boost


Scotland's economy and support businesses in the wake of the UK's


The Scottish Government is to bring forward support for job-creating


projects and arrangements to help businesses deal with uncertainty.


Ms Sturgeon also called for the UK government to help


But the Scottish secretary, David Mundell, called on her to rule


out a second independence referendum, to reduce uncertainty.


has been submitted to the Crown Office.


31-year-old Sheku Bayoh died in May 2015 after being restrained


Prosecutors say the report from the Police Investigations


and Review Commissioner will be carefully considered


but added that further work may be required before a decision is made


Sheku Bayoh's family have called for a full public inquiry


A man has appeared in court charged with raping a 14-year-old girl


19 year-old Samuel Ciornei, who is originally from Romania,


is accused of sexually assaulting the teenager in Barrhead


Prosecutors alledge he dragged the girl into bushes when she went


to collect her bike after leaving the shop.


He made no plea or declaration and was remanded in custody.


There are more people living in Scotland than ever before.


That's according to the latest figures from the National Records


of Scotland which shows the country's population stands


The increase on 2014 was mainly down to migration,


with 85,000 people coming to Scotland and 57,000 leaving.


The NRS said the migrants arriving here had mainly come


The family of a man who's been missing from his Dunbartonshire home


for three weeks is appealing for help to find him.


William McKenna was last seen near his flat on Durban


The 39-year-old hasn't used his bank account,


He also left his dog which his family say is highly unusual.


Everywhere he went, the dog was with him. We are extremely, extremely


worried because he has not been seen since Tuesday. He has not been


collecting his medication. We would appeal to anybody, anybody that


might see something, might know something, please contact the


police. Public access is being limited


at the Highland's biggest hospital as staff there try to control


an outbreak of norovirus. A number of patients


at Raigmore in Inverness are showing symptoms and visitors


are being urged to stay away. Glasgow's subway reopened


to passengers this morning, ten days late after modernisation


works overran. Strathclyde Partnership


for Transport is undertaking a ?288 million upgrade


of the Victorian underground network, improving


and replacing trains, At the Olympics there's been


Scottish success in the judo arena. Sally Conway won bronze in the under


70 kilogramme category. Our reporter Kheredine


Idesanne is with her. The biggest smile here in Rio is not


mine, it is this lady, Sally Conway. What is this piece of metal mean to


you? This means everything. All the hard work over the last... However


long! Especially after disappointment in London, and coming


back for might years later and winning this beauty year. I'm so


happy. You fought, played so well today. It was brilliant stuff all


the way through, and it is a vindication of all you have been


through. Yes, judo is such a tough sport, and I knew I could come away


with another big medal today, but to do that I had to fight the best I


have fought in my life, and I am so happy to come away with this. We


have chances tomorrow in the canoe kayak, we have chances at the rowing


a bigger cycling as well, but tonight is all about this lady year


will stop Sally Conway for reporting Scotland with a bronze medal!


Well, it's over to Caitriana now for the weather outlook


It is a rather dreich picture at the moment. And the Met Office have


issued a yellow warning for heavy rain in the north-west Highlands


from midnight tonight, running until Friday. Take care on the roads.


Tomorrow morning, it is a dreich start without breaks of cloudy


across the country. If you're heading out around eight o'clock it


will be a damp commune for most. The heaviest and most persistent of the


rain is in the north-west Highlands, with a westerly wind. It is


improving picture throughout the rest of the day for Eastern Southern


parts. The rain becomes lighter and more patchy year but remains heavily


in the north-west Highlands and becomes blustery again tomorrow


evening. Looking ahead to Friday, it is a similar day, blustery with


heavy rain in the North West, and high temperatures of 21 in the


north-east. Our next update is during Breakfast


at 6:25 tomorrow morning. But, from everyone


on the late team - goodnight.


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