11/08/2016 Reporting Scotland


The latest news and weather from around Scotland.

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Here on BBC One it's time for the news where you are.


Rower Katherine Grainger became Britain's most decorated female


Olympian today by taking silver alongside Victoria Thornley


And she wasn't the only Scot with a medal to celebrate.


Let's cross to the Velodrome in Rio and our reporter Kheredine Idessane.


Yes, Scotland's main man is about to go for gold in the velodrome behind


me. 20 results easier as you would expect. I wonder if gold will be the


cover for Katherine Grainger, it is nearly was as Dame Liz reports. --


will be the cover. -- Jane Lewis reports.


What an absolutely sensational race we witnessed here


Silver for Katherine Grainger in the women's pairs,


along with her partner Vicky Thornley, Grainger's


They gave it their all in the double sculls.


The pair struggled in the build-up to these Games but were leading


for much of the race, only to lose out to the Polish power.


It is Grainger's fifth Olympic medal.


Overwhelming pride, that offers one to win out of all five medals.


There are not many people who would have expected us to lead


the race of that calibre of finalists.


It shows you the depth of belief we had in each other, and the boat.


Of course we were going to go to win the race, disappointing not


You have had a difficult build-up to this one.


Decision vindicated to put you in this team?


We had a lot of support, it's not like it was us


against the system and some people believed in us before


Of course we proved our selection was the right thing am proud


to walk away with not just a great result but a medal.


How long will it take to sink in, Britain's most decorated female


It's lovely, it's not the reason you do it but I will sit and enjoy


a glass of champagne tonight, one or two bottles!


A stunning setting here at Lagoa Stadium and a stunning day


Katherine Grainger winning a silver in the double sculls,


A wonderful moment for Katherine Grainger. She took silver on the


rowing lake. David Florence also on the water, could he go one better?


Not quite, he took a Sablon medal with its partner Richard Hounslow.


He was a satisfied man afterwards. Yes, it is very good. I would have


loved it to have been a gold medal but it is such a tough spot, when it


is when one that counts. For years, you see these other guys putting an


fantastic bronze and one little mistake and it is all over. I had


the same problem on my individual category. It is easy to look at how


close you are to the gold but you are also close to being in fourth


place or father down with that slightest of mistakes. Really


pleased with my performance. Even better that we get to stand the


podium. What a day Team GB Andy Scott is


athletes are having. Two silvers for David Florence and Katherine


Grainger. They are going for gold in the rugby sevens. Guaranteed silver.


Guaranteed silver in the velodrome where Calum Skinner is doing the leg


that was taken up previously by Sir Christopher Hawick. Guaranteed


silver. Andy Murray had a bit of a skier but he is into the


quarterfinals of the tennis. He is now playing mixed doubles in the


tennis but Heather Watson. Very busy here at the moment, back to you! --


with Heather Watson. Bad weather is hampering a salvage


operation to refloat an oil rig that ran aground


on the Western Isles on Sunday. Tens of thousands of litres


of diesel fuel have leaked into the sea, but coastguards say


they don't believe there's any major The Transocean Winner remained stuck


on the rocks on Dalmore beach as efforts to winch a salvage team


on board had to be abandoned again Diesel oil from two of its tanks has


leaked into the sea but coastguard officials are confident there has


been no major threat They say inspecting the damaged


structure is now their priority. We have to continue


with the assessments. We know there is a lot of damage


to the water ballast systems and they would probably be


fundamental to the We don't want to refloat


into deeper water and get But with high winds on the way,


the race is on to save the 17,000-tonne structure,


which grounded here in bad weather on Monday, from being savaged


by mother nature for a second time. The main concern being that some


damage will be caused to the legs. If that happened, it could topple


over and we could see a situation whereby it


would have to be broken up. Local people remain bewildered


by the presence of the huge rig, but some wonder if it


will be dismantled in situ Just cut it on-site,


that would take work for all these There is some speculation


that the rig could be refloated on the next high tide,


due in one week's time. But salvage experts have warned


that this unwelcome visitor is likely to occupy Dalmore beach


for a lot longer than that. Dozens of operations


have been postponed at the Royal Alexandra Hospital


in Paisley because of Staff are using bottled water


for activities, including cleaning, A series of strikes,


affecting hundreds of oil workers of a number of Shell platforms


has been suspended. The 24-hour stoppages were due


to begin on Monday in a dispute between the RMT and Unite unions


and oil services firm Wood Group The RMT says fresh talks are now due


to take place next week. Well, it's over to Judith Ralston


now with the weather outlook Father had breaks of thing to come


tonight. A very humid fuel as well. We start off largely dry. Fairly


cloudy. Mr Hunter LOCOG affecting Western and coastal areas. There is


some mist for the Northern Isles. We have a Met Office you will be aware


warning for that persistent rain for the West Highlands blasting through


the day tomorrow. As he progressed through the day, we will start to


see that rain easing southwards into the Glasgow area, across South West


Scotland. The East coast generally and the North East stays


predominantly dry, even some brightness coming through and it


becomes dry for the Northern Isles and Caithness should see some


brightness. Starts to become drier across the Western Isles as well. It


will feel quite humid, 16, 17 Celsius. In the East he could see


highs of 20 degrees. Quite breezy as well but strong winds along the West


coast. As we head towards the weekend, the winds move to the West


bringing showers. High pressure builds nicely, settling things down


with the lot of dry weather certainly for Sunday.


Our next update is during Breakfast at 6:25 tomorrow morning.


But, from everyone on the late team here in Glasgow and around


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