12/08/2016 Reporting Scotland


The latest news and weather from around Scotland.

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It's been another great day at Rio for the Scottish athletes


Lossiemouth's Heather Stanning, along with her partner Helen Glover,


have taken gold in rowing in the women's pairs.


Another wonderful day for British and for Scottish rowing. Heather


Stanning and Helen Glover have won another gold medal. Well done. Thank


you. All the pressure was all new. How did you feel this morning when


you walk up and thought you were the ones to beat? All week we have been


nervous. Pressure to deliver every time. This is the event we have been


building up to for the last few years so what was important that all


the learning has been done and we go out and deliver. We have worked for


this and we know this is what we wanted to do. It was also try to


stay in the moment and enjoy it. You said you were nervous. I wonder


stay in the moment and enjoy it. You you were feeling? How was it for


you? It was a real. I cannot you were feeling? How was it for


describe how you feel. You do not feel like anything I could put words


to. You are a proud mother this evening. I think so. Let us look at


this medal. That is so heavy. It is fantastic. This is a defence of your


Olympic title, your second gold medal, a study in the making. Has


that started to sink in yet? I do not think so. It took a few months


for London to sink in. As soon as we crossed the line we realise we have


done it. We know what it is like to be Olympians and to be Olympic


champions. That is a good feeling but it will take a while to sink


into the light we have done it twice. Our reporter joins us now


from Rio and more good news for Scots tonight. Yes, fantastic four


Heather Stanning, a gold medal winner. Andy Murray not quite a


Heather Stanning, a gold medal medal winner yet but the defending


champion is through in the tennis. He had a struggle today. He was


flying back then was levelled up by Steve Johnson of America. A third


set tie-break that Andy Murray one, 7-2. His opponent has become clear.


He will have a Japanese opponent tomorrow for a place in the Olympic


final on Sunday. Laura knew the British 1500 metres


record-holder has her heat on the Olympic track in the small hours of


up to date on that. Callum Skinner, up to date on that. Callum Skinner,


-- Callum Skinner, called in the team sprint. And they will compete


against Jason Kenny tomorrow. Two Turkish men, convicted


of smuggling ?500 million worth of cocaine on a ship


in the North Sea, have been jailed Mumin Sahin and Emin Ozmen


were found guilty, after more than three tonnes of the drug


were discovered inside the tug, which was intercepted


off the Aberdeen coast. Aberdeen Harbour in April


last year and the search was on for a particularly valuable


cargo hidden aboard 3.2 tonnes of cocaine


with an estimated street value of ?500 million was removed


from a specially adapted tank deep It took the search team days


to find it and get it out. Today the Turkish captain of the tug


and his second command were jailed for the smuggling and


supply of that cocaine. The judge told the two men that


though they were not at the top end of the drugs hierarchy,


the quantity of cocaine in this case was not only significant,


but massive and they had both He jailed the captain,


Mumin Sahin for 22 years and his First Officer Emin Ozmen


for 20 years. I'm hoping it will send out


the message that the courts in Scotland will not tolerate anyone


using our waters for What about people watching that


case in Scotland? What would the impact of that


consignment have been here, any? 3.2 tonnes of cocaine destined


for mainland Europe. The UK is a large user, the largest


user of cocaine in Europe. A large quantity of that would have


found itself into the UK The entire 3.2 tonnes


of cocaine made it as far A high-level security operation


was put in place to bring it That cargo had been


on an international voyage. Loaded in South America and tracked


to the Pentland Firth. The UK Border Force


and the Royal Navy were involved acting from a tip-off


from the French authorities. 100 miles east of Aberdeen


the Hamal was boarded The criminal investigation


to find those higher up in this sophisticated


smuggling operation continues. is being given a much


lower profile, according BBC Scotland has been told


by Ross McEwan that RBS was associated with the bank's


global ambitions, which it has retreated from since


the bank's near collapse. The strategy now is to focus


on customers in Britain and Ireland, with Royal Bank of Scotland to be


the name used here. Two men jailed for sexually abusing


boys at a Catholic-run school have been told by a judge they committed


a gross abuse of trust. Paul Kelly and John Farrell


were sentenced to ten In the late '70s and early '80s


they assaulted vulnerable pupils at St Ninian's in Fife,


which has since closed. Here is the weather. The cloudy


night to come for most of us with some showers around. Laws of 11


Celsius. Winds will continue to ease. Tomorrow will be cloudy with


further showers. It will become fewer and further between as we go


through the day for southern, central and Eastern areas. Bright


spells developing here. Best of the sunshine in the East. The cloudy


prospect across much of the north-west with showers perhaps


merging to get longer spells of rain. A westerly breeze for Western


coastal areas and highs of 14 or 15 Celsius here. For Sunday a largely


dry day, still feel out of cloud, one or two showers across the north.


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