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The latest news and weather from around Scotland.

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The Chief Executive of Aberdeen City Council is to look


at which senior managers should be held accountable for its handling


A report being published tomorrow will consider the authority's


response to a national investigation which heavily criticised the way


babies were cremated at the same time as adults.


But BBC Scotland has learnt a second independent report,


understood to criticise senior officials, won't be published.


The main difference between these two reports is that one is heavily


critical of certain individuals at the council, we understand, that is


the one that is not going to be made public. The other one, the one we


have seen this evening, which will be published tomorrow, is seemingly


much more thwarted down. It is 84 pages long and detailed exactly what


the council has done in response to the criticism of practices at Hazel


head, but it does not talk about individuals. There is a crucial bit


in it that says the chief executive is considering our strategic


responsibility -- how it has been managed at the very top. We know


only a junior manager has so far been sacked, and goes on to talk


about what action should flow from this, so whether there should be any


disciplinary action as a consequence. The leader of the SNP


group at the council here, the main opposition, says it is about time


somebody took responsible to. It is key from my perspective that the


public now we are seeking accountability, that someone is held


accountable or people are held accountable for the mistakes which


were made. Will head to roll in the end? It would be my expectation, and


it will be my expectation that people will be held accountable for


their mistakes. The report will be people will be held accountable for


published tomorrow morning at 10am on the council's website and


councillors will get to debate it on webs -- Wednesday.


It's been an historic day at the Olympics with Andy Murray


taking gold and becoming the first tennis player to win


The medal tally for Scottish athletes has now reached 12,


our best ever for an overseas Olympics.


Our Olympics reporter Jane Lewis has the details.


The athletes village in Rio, home to those competing in the games, and


for those living in this apartment block, what games they are shaping


up to be. Team GB chalked up their 38th medal by close of play last


night, gold for Andy Murray. Andy Murray is a double Olympic gold


medallist! It has been a great few months for me, I'm very happy with


how my tennis is going, obviously. I am glad to have won another gold


medal. On a personal note it was a remarkable achievement, he is now a


two time Olympic champion. And as a figurehead Team GB, this man who


knows Andy Murray well believes his victory could inspire further


success. As soon as he set foot in Rio, you could see how much this


meant to him. You can see what this meant to him, you could see him


talking to the other athletes, always aware of the other sports and


the permutations of who needs what to qualify. Team GB have had an


astonishing couple of days in Rio. Scottish athletes have played their


part in that. Off the back of World Championships and World Cups we knew


we were on the back foot, and coming into this, we would have taken


another few months of preparation. To get medals in my first Olympics,


I am just overjoyed, really. The young Stirling swimmer hanging in


there for a silver medal for Great Britain! Before that the medals kept


on coming, another silver for sterling's Duncan Scott. And other


Scots could yet add to the medal tally of


Isle of Lewis is still weeks away, according to the official


The rig has lost more than 12,000 gallons of diesel


It is now just over one week since this oil rig came ashore on the West


Coast of Lewis. Six more salvaged personnel were put on board raising


numbers to 14. Generators have been restarted as well. With the weather


forecast calm this week, it is expected that preparations to


refloat the rig can progress more quickly. More work over the next 48


hours, looking at the towage plan, when we do come to the refloat,


trying to identify a safe route to get the rig from the rocks into


deeper water and safer back out to sea. A day like today shows clearly


the incongruity of this leviathan of the deep coming ashore on a beauty


spot like this. But today has also seen a range of activities that


could see its early disappearance. The local community Association has


called a meeting this evening to let people are their views. Probably our


biggest concern is, will she actually thought. She comes in at


17,000 tonnes, that is a lot of structure to toe. The worst scenario


possible is that this becomes her graveyard. That is too horrendous to


contemplate, so we're hoping that variable to repair her and do


whatever is necessary to float her off safely. And soon. It has emerged


that part of the 280,000 tonnes of diesel on-board -- 280 tonnes of


diesel on-board has floated off. So far there have been no reports of


pollution. Salvaged set up a line between the rig in the short to


allow lighter items to be transferred, but heavier equipment


could come in by heavy -- helicopter. Local people just want


to see the rig from now. -- gone. There are fears in Moray


that the army base at Kinloss may face the axe as part


of a sell-off programme by the The former air base became


a barracks four years ago when the RAF's


Nimrod fleet was scrapped. But local politicians say


the Ministry of Defence is now The MOD has already placed 22


military properties on the market but says no decisions have been


taken about further sell-offs. It has been a beautiful day and a


dry night for follow, with some mist and fog patches for eastern areas as


we head into tomorrow morning. These will quickly melt away to leave


another guiding with long spells of broken sunshine -- unbroken


sunshine. Temperatures will peak around 25, perhaps even 26 Celsius,


widely around 28 -- 20-24d. Cooler along coastal areas, with a breeze


from the south are South East, and for the extreme east coast, sea


breezes developing here. Into Wednesday, high-pressure dominating


from the north-east, preventing this weather front from making inroads


into much of the country. However, we will begin to see cloud


thickening along western coastal areas, especially on Wednesday


afternoon, with perhaps some light and patchy rain. Elsewhere, however,


it remains dry, we will see plenty of sunshine once again, and in the


best of the sunshine temperatures will peak at around 23, if not 24


Celsius. That's nice. Our next update is at


6:25am tomorrow, but from everyone on the latest team, good


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