16/08/2016 Reporting Scotland


The latest news and weather from around Scotland.

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Thousands of children in Edinburgh are preparing to return to school


buildings deemed unsafe following the collapse of a wall


While those buildings are now fixed, a BBC Scotland investigation has


found at least 30 schools across the country have had


Fiona Walker has been meeting families affected.


We were getting ready for school one morning and we have the radio on.


They got a text saying there had been school damage


I thought I would pass and see what was happening.


I stopped the car in the middle of the road, I was so shocked.


This pile of rubble weighs more than a ton and lies in the exact


spot where Julia stands with her son waiting for the school day to start.


If it had happened during the day it would have been


You actually try not to think about it because it is such


Parents were told wall ties, like these sticking


They hold the wall together and connect them


It turned out all 17 schools built under the same private finance deal


in Edinburgh had some of these faults, so they were too


The last of the repairs have now been finished in time for the school


These are pictures we have not seen before of inside the cavity walls


We asked an expert what he thought of them.


I would suggest it is not only contravening standard practice,


I would suggest some of these things are very worrying indeed.


BBC Scotland has discovered at least 30 schools across the country have


had wall or header tie defects that have had to be fixed over


17 in Edinburgh that we already know about.


There are eight more schools in South Lanarkshire had to install


additional wall ties to ensure that the outside wall


At five more schools, the impact was far greater.


An investigation into the Edinburgh schools


The Council there says the defects may not just be in schools,


they are checking every public building built the same way.


It might be that this is a national issue that has to be tackled


in terms of how you supervise the works going on, how


We have just tried to make sure that Edinburgh schools


However, it depends on what the inquiry says.


For now, children in Edinburgh have been reinsurer


They believe that their walls are surely the safest in the country.


At the Olympics, Laura Muir is in final of the 1,500m


while Eilidh Doyle goes in semi of 400m hurdles later.


But away from the athletes, there's another group of people


helping to ensure the Rio Games are a success.


Hello and welcome to the 2016 real Olympics! They have added colour and


noise to these Olympics. -- Rio but the volunteers play a vital role.


While the majority are from Brazil, others have come from further


afield. Having a good day? I did the others have come from further


Commonwealth Games in 2014 so I got the volunteer blog from that. I was


on Facebook and there remember someone said Rio applications are


open and I thought why not. It has someone said Rio applications are


been fantastic. It has exceeded my expectations because I had seen


quite negative stuff but I have just loved every minute of it here. And


this Scott is a volunteer veteran, with the London 2012, Glasgow 2014


and the Ryder Cup behind him. It is a big commitment, I have a full-time


job and a wife and son who put up with me going abroad, but lots of


skills that you get and you meet people from all over the world and


embrace other cultures and integrate with other people from other


countries. The game macro have been fabulous. -- game. The volunteers


have played their part in that. On hand day and night to assist. And to


entertain. Well, it's over to Christopher


Blanchett now with the weather It was a lovely day across the


country. 27 Celsius was the hot spot in the north-west Highlands. Tonight


is dry with clear conditions but by tomorrow morning some mist and low


cloud in the East. Temperatures there to start fairly pleasant. The


whole of tomorrow from most another dry and sunny day. A bit more cloud


around the west Coast and a few spots of rain as the approaching


weather front shows its hand. Thicker cloud through the coast of


Wales but from any, sunny and warm, 24 Celsius. A touch cooler around


the coast with the breeze. The wet weather still because into the


evening but come Thursday it fades away. For many, another Friday. A


bit more cloud and a touch cooler as well. Temperatures by mid afternoon.


Our next update is during Breakfast at 6:25am tomorrow morning.


But from everyone on the late team here in Glasgow and around


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