17/08/2016 Reporting Scotland


The latest news and weather from around Scotland.

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The number of drugs deaths in Scotland has hit a record high.


more than 700 people died last year - a 15% increase on the year before.


Health professionals are calling for new strategies


to tackle the problem, including the introduction


of medically-supervised heroin for addicts most at risk.


Our home affairs correspondent, Reevel Alderson reports.


Front line troops in the fight to get drug deaths down.


Glasgow's assertive outreach workers.


Each day, teams tried to find users who


are injecting on the streets, putting themselves and the public


We are trying to promote the use of clean needles.


We also provide the antidote to opiate overdose.


You don't have to go far from Glasgow city


centre to find evidence of street drug use existing.


We found drugs paraphernalia lying in considerable


The people who are leaving this stuff are the people


most at risk of dying and they are the hardest to reach


Official figures just released show the scale of


There were 706 drug-related deaths in Scotland last


Older users, over 35, with long drug-taking histories


There are public health implications.


Needle sharing has led to a rise in infections, such as HIV


Copenhagen is one of many places around Europe offering users


the chance to receive medical grade heroin under supervision.


These ideas are one's health officials


here would like to explore to save lives and money.


There would be a cost benefit, cost reduction to the


Prisons, the criminal justice systems, housing,


We had three new members last month, which was quite


She offers support to families bereaved by addiction and


is in favour of supervised drug injection.


It is getting people out of the shadows.


The number of young people dying from drug-taking is coming down and


the number from taking drugs is the lowest in a decade.


Unemployment has fallen in Scotland and across the UK as a whole.


Official figures show the number of people out of work in Scotland


between April and June was down by 26,000.


It means the Scottish unemployment rate stands at 5.2%


- higher than the UK rate of 4.9% of the workforce.


The construction defects which closed 17 schools in Edinburgh


could have implications for buildings across the UK.


That's according to the leader of the City Council who's


commissioned an inquiry into what happened.


He was speaking as children returned to school in the capital


after the summer break. John McManus reports.


A massive storm had caused a wall of the school to collapse


Checks carried out on all of the city


public school is soon uncovered the same faults will do yesterday,


Reporting Scotland revealed 30 schools across the country had to


have repairs because of defective wall and header ties, like this one


In Edinburgh, thousands of pupils were unable to return to


school after Easter while repairs were made.


The first day of term hree at this high school in Edinburgh.


As pupils begin the academic year, the


council is starting its own enquiry as to why 17 of its schools had to


under the public private partnership championed by Labour.


Edinburgh Council says that financial model


It is not a contract issue, it is a construction


We'll be holding them to account for what has gone wrong.


The enquiry will report by the end of


December 2016 and I will be ramifications.


For the whole of Scotland and potentially the rest of


These pupils explained how they had to be bussed to different


I switched on my phone, I was studying, and then it


came through that we were not in school Monday.


Older pupils heading for exams were prioritised.


The actual teaching, they were not taught proper lessons.


Parents will await the outcome of the public


enquiry, expected to conclude in December.


To the Olympics and Scottish athletes have made


it through the heats in


two events on the track at the Olympic stadium this afternoon.


Andy Butchart qualified for Saturday's final of the five


thousand metres and Lynsey Sharp is through to the semi finals


Football and Celtic scored five goals in the first leg


of their Champions League play-off against Hapiel Beer Sheeva,


but the Israelis did manage to score two vital away


Tom Rogic and Leigh Griffiths put Celtic in charge before this free


kick from Griffiths gave them a 3-0 half-time lead.


But Celtic switched off after the break, conceding


The Scottish champions held their nerve with Moussa Dembele


and captain Scott Brown scoring to make it 5-2.


The second leg is in Israel next Tuesday.


Rugby and the SRU have announced that Gregor Townsend will become


the Scotland head coach in June next year.


The 43-year-old is currently in charge of the Glasgow Warriors


and will replace New Zealander Vern Cotter at the end of the season.


Townsend led Glasgow to the Pro 12 title in 2015.


Well, after a glorious day for much of the country,


It was glorious, 27 degrees in the north-west. Tonight it is dry with


clear spells but also some list and low cloud for the east coast. At


times in Tayside, the Eastern and central belt. Tomorrow is looking


fairly decent, still some cloud across many eastern parts but a dry


day for most. One or two showers. Across the UK as a whole, we have


this weather front out west producing cloud for Northern


Ireland, into Wales and the south-west. Many areas will be dry


and pleasant and warmth with temperatures around 20 to 24


Celsius. Workload around tomorrow compared to today but sunshine and


moderate winds. Friday is not pleasant. Low-pressure budging from


the south-west, a real change is it with cloudy, wet and windy weather.


It starts dry with some sunshine but the cloud and the rain moves on from


the south-west and journeys right across the country as we head to the


day. It will be breezy and equally feel with temperatures around 1718


Celsius. And that's Reporting Scotland this


Wednesday evening.


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