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The latest news and weather from around Scotland.

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Nurse Pauline Cafferkey is facing charges that she concealed the fact


that she had a high temperature when she returned to the UK


from working with Ebola patients in Sierra Leone.


Our Social Affairs Correspondent, Reevel Alderson has been


The background to this is that Pauline Cafferkey, in nurse from


Rutherglen in south Lanarkshire was working in Sierra Leone treating


patients of the Ebola virus outbreak. She returned to the UK in


September 2014 and soon afterwards suffered symptoms of a bowler. She


was treated and specialist isolation conditions in London. She


subsequently had a relapse of the able condition but is well at the


moment. In March 2015 she appeared before the nursing and midwifery


Council which was considering whether she could continue to


practice as a nurse while they were considering her case. That case


centred on suggestions that when she returned to the UK she had obscured


from public-health officials at Heathrow Airport the fact she had


raised temperature, one of the symptoms of Ebola, and she had taken


paracetamol to bring her temperature down. The nursing and midwifery


Council put details today of the charges against Pauline Cafferkey


onto its website. They apologise for doing so because they admit they


have received new information from Pauline Cafferkey which will be put


before a hearing of a panel of the nursing and midwifery Council in


London in September. Pauline Cafferkey said in a statement that


she hoped after the case has been considered by the panel this matter


will be put at an end. Hurdler Eilidh Doyle competes


in her first Olympic final And one former Scottish athlete


who competed in two Olympic Games insists she can take


great confidence from Jane Lewis is at the


Olympic Stadium in Rio. Thank you. The stage is definitely


set behind me at the Olympic Stadium. What a massive night for


Scottish hurdler Eilidh Doyle. She's the reserve first ever Olympic


final, the final of the 400 metre hurdles. She goes in the race at


2:15am UK time. A former Scotland and GB international athlete says


she can compete in this race with plenty of confidence. She has had so


much confidence that she has to be able to harness taking into this.


She has beaten a lot these girls. Not necessarily got the quickest


time blaming up, but she has got the chance. -- lining up. There are two


other Scottish athletes in action. other Scottish athletes in action.


I'm sorry, we have problems with the satellite from Rio. Reporting about


the fascinating race tonight featuring Eilidh Doyle at two


o'clock in the morning. Plans have been announced for what's


thought to be the biggest council housing development in Scotland


for decades, in Lanarkshire. Here's our local government


correspondent Jamie McIvor. David and Eileen have moved


into a brand-new council Eileen has been house bound


since she had an accident. The house for start,


they have wider doors which helps... And the bathroom is a massive size,


there is no problem getting in. The 15 floor in


the last tower block. Their old home was at


the top of a tower block. The once in is where a tower


block used to stand. The tower dominated this part


of Motherwell for nearly 50 years. Tower blocks and housing schemes


defined Scotland's urban landscape. The plan in North Lanarkshire


is very different. The plan isn't for massive


new housing estates, instead the council is talking about maybe


building ten new houses in one place and 15 somewhere else,


all adding to existing communities. It is important the council does not


build They should be small


groups of house, 15-20. Campaigner says


the investment is welcome


but 12,000 are still And across Scotland


it is more than ten There is 150,000 people


on waiting litss for a home To put that in perspective,


that is like filling We know that last


year there was about 35,000 people made homeless


applications, in Scotland, so there is a real housing


crisis in Scotland. Nationally, the Scottish Government


wants 50,000 affordable homes built over the lifetime


of this Parliament. 35,000 of them for rent by councils


or housing association, the right to buy


council houses was established recently so council houses now


stay council houses. Joe knows what it is like to be


in a housing waiting He stayed with friends


for more than a year. Sofa to sofa with bags,


my clothes in bags, just really couldn't really get on with my life


during that kind of year-and-a-half. Back in Motherwell, the Irvines


are enjoying their new home and while today's announcement


is significant, nationally, council housing will


never be as important again as it This is all about how councils


and others can help solve The inquiry into the Edinburgh


trams fiasco could lead to criminal prosecutions,


according to the judge Lord Hardie says the inquiry has no


power to determine a person's civil or criminal liability,


but added that didn't mean no-one could be prosecuted as a consequence


of their involvement in the project. It's over to Christopher now


with the weather outlook It was a lovely end to the day as


captured by one of our weather watchers in Edinburgh. Some mist and


captured by one of our weather low cloud returning across some


parts. Things turn wetter in the South West, and the rain marching


northwards, reaching the central belt around lunchtime. Further north


that will be drier for longer. Across the UK as a whole, a deep


area of low pressure swinging its way in. A rather windy and wet day.


Winds will be stronger in south-west coast. Come Friday evening the


weather marches northwards, reaching most parts. Low pressure stays with


us, breezy conditions and showers around. Some of those could be quite


heavy with some thunder in the mix. The best of the dry weather towards


the far north of the country and humid feel with temperatures into


the high teens. Our next update is during Breakfast


at 6:25am tomorrow morning. But, from everyone on the late team


here in Glasgow and around


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