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Judges have turned down a bid by the owners of the News


of the World to get a retrial of the former MSP Tommy


They've also ruled that the award of two hundred thousand


pounds to Mr Sheridan back in 2006, will stand.


In August 2006 Tommy Sheridan with his wife at his side


merged from a court room in Edinburgh, victorious.


He denied lurid stories about his sex life published


in the News of the World and sued the newspaper group for defamation.


Likening it to a David and Goliath battle to protect his reputation.


What we have done in the last five weeks is the equivalent of regret


What we have done in the last five weeks is the equivalent of Gretna


taking on Real Madrid, in the Bernabeu, and beating them


on penalty, that is what we have done.


These were the headlines which prompted that case.


Allegations that Mr Sheridan had adulterous relationships


Four years later Mr Sheridan was back in court, this time


the High Court in Glasgow, where he was convicted of lying,


during that defamation case, and sentenced


The real reason why he has been imprisoned today, is because he has


fought injustice, inequality, with every beat of his heart.


Now that Mr Sheridan was a convicted perjurer News Group argued


the verdict should be set aside, along with the ?200,000 he had


Three Court of Session judges rejected that today,


saying for example the jury in the defamation case were entitled


respects but that he was not someone who drank champagne,


participated in orgies and indulged in kinky sex.


Tommy Sheridan the long time campaigner was firmly focussed


on family matters today, with his father recovering


The News of the World at the centre of case has of course been closed,


the newspaper group today expressed their disappointment


in the ruling and said they are considering their options.


They will have to reflect on the view of the judges that


a court should be slow to interfere with jurry's decision,


meanwhile the Sheridans await payment of the damages awarded


Efforts could be made this weekend to refloat the stricken oil rig,


which ran aground on the west coast of Lewis almost a fortnight ago.


Today salvage experts continued to assess the damage


and carry out necessary repairs, in order to pull the rig


Six teenagers have been arrested in connection with an alleged


It comes after unconfirmed reports that they found a baby's


remains in a bag at a building which stores medical artefacts


NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde has confirmed a secure


The teenagers, aged 13 and 14 years old, have been reported


A video appearing to show the discovery has


There are just over 2 days left of the Olympic games in Rio.


It's been the best overseas Games ever for Scottish Olympians,


And there are still chances of medals.


Jane Lewis has been speaking to Judo bronze medallist Sally Conway,


who says success in Rio has been infectious..


This is the athlete's village home to those who have been competing


here and also home to those who have been winning medals,


like this one here, Olympic bronze medal for Sally Conway.


Many congratulations, afew days for it to sing in now.


On the fifth day of the Olympics so I have had a couple


I can't believe I am standing here with this medal round my neck.


I have to keep reminding myself sometimes and go in my bag


It has been a wonderful Olympics from a Team GB point of view.


You were among one of the early medal winner, do you think people


like yourself helped inspire the team to galvanise them


I think so when you see the other team members doing so well


and the medals are like rallying up, and think this inspires people


I think the momentum carries on, now we are second in


You are a proud Scot, Edinburgh is your home,


you compete for Scotland at the Commonwealth game,


Scottish athletes have been doing well.


A special feeling to be part of that?


You have Team GB and Scotland within that, and everyone


I think everyone who is looking up to the Scottish athletes,


or Team GB athletes it can inspire everybody to chase their dreams


and you never know, you could be standing here one day holding


an Olympic medal and having your dreams complete.


What what about you in the future back here, or Tokyo?


It is not out of the question, at the moment I am going


to celebrate my medal, enjoy the moment.


Go on holiday and then take it year-by-year and, as long


as I am still enjoying judo I am not going anywhere.


Hold your medal up, proud for people back home.


Sally Conway, an impressive win of a bronze medal


Sally Conway, an impressive Catriona Matthew continues her third


round at the Olympic golf course and later this evening,


Catriona Matthew goes into tomorrow's final


round of the Olympic golf on one over par, and out of


As things stand at the moment, Inbee Park of Korea


and America's Gerina Piller lead on 10 under par,


with New Zealand's Lydio Ko one back on 9 under.


Great Britain's Charley Hull is very much in contention


Football, and there was one match in the Scottish Premiership tonight.


Dundee moved to joint top of the table, but missed


a chance to go two points clear, as they were held


Let's get the weather outlook for tonight and tomorrow now,


It was fairly wet across Harry Parkes today and tonight rather


cloudy and damp. Tomorrow, characterised by low pressure, deep


for the time of year, and the band of wet weather pushing in across the


South. A dry and bright start but showers gathering in the South


merging to longer spells of rain for southern parts, Dumfries and into


the central belt by late morning. Across the UK, occlusion bringing


heavy showers from Northern Ireland, Wales and the south-west and in


towards the Midlands. The far south-east generally dry, the best


of the dry weather in Scotland in south-east generally dry, the best


the north-west to the Highlands and Islands. Elsewhere, a number of


shower pushing north eastwards through parts of five, Angus and


Aberdeenshire. Centre, better, dry and bright, quite pleasant with


temperatures of 20 degrees. Cloudy further east and one or two at


times. From everyone on the late


team here in Glasgow and around the country -




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