22/08/2016 Reporting Scotland


The latest news and weather from around Scotland.

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Quincy Jones. Join me now on BBC Two.


Here on BBC One, it's time for the news where you are.


It seems that a bid to refloat a massive drilling rig stranded


off the Isle of Lewis has been successful.


Within the last half hour a combination of high tide and two


tugs have managed to refloat the 17,000 tonne Transocean Winner


which was blown ashore during a storm two weeks ago.


However the success of the operation may still hang in the balance


depending on how much damage the rig has sustained below the water.


Up to a hundred people gathered on Dalmore beach this evening


The salvage team hopes to tow the rig to the east side


A BBC Scotland investigation has found that the vast majority


of new schools built under a private funding scheme


So-called Private Finance Initiatives, allow private


companies to take a stake in, build, and then run


17 schools built under one of these schemes in Edinburgh had to be


closed for safety reasons as Fiona Walker reports.


Pupils and teachers are back to work after the summer. They are about to


schools that have been closed over safety fears. The problems came to


light when this wall collapsed into the playground during a storm in


January. It is really distressing to be honest. It has made it very


upsetting for parents knowing that we trust when we drop our children


off at school that they are going to be kept safe. We do not want them


off at school that they are going to going to buildings that are unsafe.


What surprised parents IDs are relatively new schools. They are


always private financed ones which means they are built and managed by


a private company. Hundreds have been built in the UK. No stakes are


bought and sold on financial markets. The whole PFI machine is


the profit machine. There are an awful lot of people making


substantial sums of money out of it. This has nothing to do with and no


benefit to Edinburgh was Mark schools. Research shown to the BBC


suggests that in Scotland alone the vast majority of PFI schools are at


least partially owned offshore. What we do not know is how much money is


being made except for one seal which included the 17 Edinburgh schools


where we know that one company made what some would call a super profit


of more than 40%. That is a very high profit but what you have to


look at in terms of the way the council provided that service is


what happens to the project over the 30 year he viewed. Given what has


happened, a Wall has fallen down, does that provide value for money?


We did a comparison between public procurement and Private procurement


and we find this model gave better value. This should be no bearing on


safety but for families their faith in the system has been shaken.


Nobody had really been held accountable for what has happened


and putting so many children's lives at risk really. The enquiry into the


construction failures at the Adam Bristol 's will consider whether the


Private Finance scheme contributed to the crisis year. If it did it to


change the way schools and hospitals are funded across the UK.


The leader of the Labour party in Scotland says the leader


of the UK party couldn't win a general election.


Kezia Dugdale has said she will back Owen Smith in his leadership


challenge to Jeremy Corbyn - the ballot papers for


Our political correspondent Nick Eardly reports.


The Scottish Labour leader and her UK counterpart in better times.


Kezia Dugdale had said Jeremy Corbyn's election at Labour leader


She thinks this man is in a better position to unite the party and win


I think Owen Smith represents the best


combination of radical policies, combined with a credible plan of how


I came into politics to see a Labour government deliver a


fairer and more equal United Kingdom.


That isn't a view shared by everyone in Scottish Labour.


Most local parties who backed the


His supporters thinks he has the backing


Jeremy offers the alternative that the


It is looking good at the moment, from indications


Who are some of the key players backing?


Mr Smith has the support of Scotland's only


The decision was criticised by Kezia Dugdale's


He said plotters were putting self interest first.


And the new Shadow Scottish Secretary says Kezia Dugdale needs


to get behind Mr Corbyn if he wins again.


Dave Anderson does not speak for the Scottish Labour Party,


or Jeremy Corbyn either, on the issue


of the Progressive Alliance of the SNP.


I work with Jeremy Corbyn all the time.


It is possible to have a free and frank debate and come to a different


conclusion on an issue like this, and still work together.


We will hear more from these two men and


what they are offering Scots when they visit Glasgow on Thursday.


And earlier I asked him, where does it leave Kezia Dugdale


Some believe that the Scottish Labour leader should not have


publicly endorsed a candidate in this race. The say Kezia Dugdale


will have to work with whoever wins and her comments today could make a


future relationship with Mr Corbyn more difficult. For her part Kezia


Dugdale said this is so important she could not sit by and not


Gebhardt opinion. The suggestion that she could mark meth Mr Corbyn


again in the future if needs be. Ian are some serious splits in the


Labour Party both in the UK and even Scotland. It will be a key challenge


for the Labour leader and for Kezia Dugdale to try and heal some of


those wins. It is unlikely to be an easy one.


A lecturer has admitting killing his wife after wrongly


believing he was not the father of their two children.


Robert Kerr stabbed Xin Xin Liu at their home in Newton Mearns,


He was originally charged with murder - but the Crown


accepted his plea of culpable homicide on the grounds


of diminished responsibility after it emerged he suffered


"an abnormality of the mind" at the time of the attack.


The completion of a new children's hospital in Edinburgh is to be


delayed, after two construction firms involved in


The ?150 million Royal Hospital for Sick Children was due to open


next autumn but NHS Lothian says that will be now be delayed


The firms involved were Dunne Group and JB Brickwork.


The headteacher of a young boy who died along with his mother


after being swept out to sea in Aberdeen has described him


Six-year-old Lucas Walker was playing on the beach on Saturday


His mother Julie, who tried to save him, also died.


The youngster's 13-year-old brother Samuel, who also went


to their rescue, is said to be recovering well.


Some of Scotland's biggest local authorities are threatening to take


The four - including Glasgow and Aberdeen -


are angry they won't be included in final negotiations over next


The government says it only negotiates with the local government


body COSLA which these four local authorities chose to leave


but the government says it will still consult with them.


Football now and the Scotland manager Gordon Strachan says "now


is the time" for his young talent to shine.


He's named his squad for the first of the qualifiers


That game's against Malta in two weeks' time.


Good afternoon, I'm great, very good.


The Scotland manager in good fettle as a new campaign approaches


Callum Paterson, Keirin Tierney, John


McGinn and Barry Mackay each have just one cap.


Oliver Bekker Steven but all could play a role as


Scotland begin their quest to reach Russia 2018.


They have proved to us on and off the


pitch that we can rely on them to trust them.


We hope over the next year that they will progress at


their clubs and that will help us out.


Those options were among a number of issues for Strachan


Some offer greater cause for optimism than others.


Great options at left-back with Robinson and Tierney,


but the same cannot be said of central defence or right back.


A lack of a robust defender is an issue.


I would say in the middle of the park with Scott Brown retiring


and James McArthur still being unfit, that is an issue as well.


Gordon Strachan wants the driving energy


that Brown gave him, that is


an issue he has to address, physical momentum in the middle of the park.


It is not often we go into a qualifying


campaign with a strike in such terrific form as Leigh Griffiths,


so that is a real bonus for Gordon Strachan to have.


Perhaps the one worry that the Tartan Army have


No McCormack and no Shaun Maloney either,


the Hull City player was


Scotland's top scorer in the last campaign but according to Strachan


hasn't played enough recently to make the squad.


It may not be his time, then, but this time would be a


good time to wash away memories of nine consecutive failed


A King penguin at Edinburgh zoo has been made a Brigadier


Sir Nils Olav also became Baron of a Norwegian island.


An Edinburgh penguin's been the mascot of the Guard since 1972.


The zoo says Nils has been practising hard every day


When he hears the music or the singing of the Kings


guard, he knows that is meant for him,


or we think he knows that is


meant to him and he walked right up to the front of the enclosure.


Well, It's over to Christopher now with the weather outlook


Some lovely son Jett charts coming in us tonight. Dry but a different


story tomorrow. Rain across the south-west through entire, you sure,


Dumfries Galloway. Surface spree on the Lords. Caps not quite as much


rain as we are seeing on these charts the but an unsettled start.


Dry further north with some early brightness but cloud will thicken


during the day and you will see some spills of an, too. The wet weather


starting to edge or words during the course of Tuesday. Turning light and


more patchy in nature. It is part of a weather front which stretches down


through parts of Northern Ireland and is also a dividing line between


quite what decisions both of the border. Temperatures up to 30


Celsius across the south-east of England with decent spell of


sunshine year. Where we have the cloud and wet weather will be cooler


but not cold. It will feel muddy in the afternoon with the cloud and


outbreaks of rain. Some extensive hill fog in the mix as well. The


rain will move northwards through the afternoon and the fact that


weather front starting to pet up again ringing a spell of Andre rain


across the South stretching into words the capital, Fife, Angus and


Aberdeenshire. Short-lived but packing a punch. By Wednesday


morning still with us but cleaning away. The rest of us will have


fairly decent conditions. Bright and sunny. Some cloud again to the south


and east on Wednesday. I find it fresher but pleasant with


temperatures around 20 or 21 Celsius with some sunshine. Looking ahead


towards Thursday low-pressure right in the Atlantic but again the hot


air edging up from the new continents barking through a


viewfinder storms from parts of the Midlands and perhaps fringing


towards southern Scotland. For many on Thursday it is a cloudy day with


just the few showers around. Highs of 18. That is the forecast for now.


Our next update is during Breakfast at 6.25 tomorrow morning.


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