23/08/2016 Reporting Scotland


The latest news and weather from around Scotland.

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Leaving the European Union could cost the Scottish economy


billions of pounds, according to analysis published


But the Conservatives say the figures are a smokescreen,


and the First Minister should rule out another independence vote


Here's our political correspondent, Nick Eardley.


What well leaving the EU mean for Scotland's economy, but businesses


and shoppers like these? Today the Scottish Government published an


analysis of how bad it thinks it could be. The publication


illustrates that whatever the final form of Brexit, whatever Brexit mean


Dellacqua means Brexit turns the argument that the UK somehow


delivers financial security for Scotland no longer holds water. The


figures published suggest the value of goods and services produced in


Scotland could fall. But there is quite a range and how much by. By


2030, the hit could be ?1.7 billion a year if we keep good trade links


with the EU. But it could be as much as ?11 billion in the worst-case.


The matter of tax coming in is also as ?11 billion in the worst-case.


projected to fall. Between 1.7 billion and 3.7 billion. We have put


out a range of different assessments and taken the Scottish impact of


those assessments. I hope they are all overblown but we have to be


realistic about the situation. The First Minister is clear she thinks


Brexit will be bad for Scotland. But she is also pre-empting figures


tomorrow on the state of our she is also pre-empting figures


economy. It is expected her opponents will use them to say


Scotland is better off in the UK, even outside the EU. They are going


to shut the significant challenges in the Scottish economy and also the


dividend we have in Scotland for being part of the UK. If she is


talking today about security and stability, she can do one thing to


give us that, which is take a second referendum on the table and get back


to the job in hand. The First Minister says she will now operate a


Brexit Bannister and repeated her belief that another independence


vote is highly likely. -- Brexit Minister.


A soldier from the Royal Regiment of Scotland has died


after being shot last night, during a live firing exercise


on the Army's training area at Otterburn in Northumberland.


The soldier suffered a severe head wound and died at the scene.


Our reporter Mark Denton can tell us more about the inquiry


What we know is that it will be led by the local police force in


Northumbria, but the Ministry of Defence will be involved as well and


we understand the Ministry of Defence said the authority will be


involved in that as well. They give Defence said the authority will be


you some context, this is a huge military base, covering an area of


60,000 acres, beautiful countryside in Northumbria but a key part of the


British military's training. It started in 1911 has a military base,


30,000 soldiers a year go through their training at the base, partly


including live firing training and at any one time, there is 1600


soldiers going through their training at this base at the moment.


We have had some response from the Government will stop the Armed


Forces minister has said what happened here last night is a


tragedy, that deaths in training for the military are rare, but when they


happen, every death is a tragedy. But we should remind ourselves that


it is only just over a month since a Scottish soldier died on military


exercises in the Brecon Beacons, Joshua Hall from Lockerbie was based


at Catterick Garrison, the largest military base in Western Europe. No


doubt more details on what happened here at Otterburn will emerge in the


next few hours and days. An oil rig that ran aground


on the west coast of Lewis is being towed to the other side


of the island. The Transocean Winner was pulled off


rocks at high tide last night, after spending two weeks stuck


on the shore at Dalmore Bay. Under doses last night, the 70,000


tonne Transocean Winner are being brought from Dalmore Bay do a much


more sheltered anchorage on the East Side of Lewis. Two powerful tanks


had been waiting in the dark until the rig floated on the high tide, of


rocks that had kept it trapped or fortnight. Then the towing began.


Imperceptibly at first. At last, the confirmation everyone had been


waiting for. We are under way. We hoped it would come off at the same


angle that it was on the beach. That happened so we are very pleased for


all the hard work by lots of men and women to calculate how we should do


the work, it proved to be correct. At the rig is still listing in the


water. Sorting that out is taking time, slowing everything down. We


spoke to the salvage master this morning and there are still some


challenges around the ballast water system and we still have a list on


the rig, and that is about 10 degrees at times. We have a look in


this morning at pressurising the tanks, moving the ballast around and


trying to reduce the amount of movement of the rig itself. Now it


looks as though the rig will not be at Ankara to until the early hours


looks as though the rig will not be of tomorrow morning. The main


priority now is to get it safely on the anchors, then there will be a


period of damage assessment with teams of other people coming in,


diverse, people going into the water in that area and assessing how much


damage there is, to see if we can do any temporary repairs in the area. .


Answers yet on why the rig ran aground, that is the subject of an


independent enquiry Islay Marine Accident Investigation Branch.


Bigger-mac they have been in touch with us and have asked us to provide


them with part of the dough bridle. We will do that once we get that.


Anything we asked for, we will provide it. This evening,


preparations continue, setting out the anchorage points for when the


rig arrives. Five men have been arrested


by police investigating the death of a man after a disturbance outside


a football ground in Glasgow. 24-year-old Gary Weir was injured,


along with three other men, near the Shettleston Juniors ground


on the 7th of August. Three 20-year-olds, a 19-year-old


and a 21-year-old man are due A lorry driver, who shook a newborn


baby so violently it left permanent brain damage,


has been jailed for 25-year-old Damien Menzies


from Bathgate attacked the three-week-old at a dance show


in a Livingston high school He had denied harming the child,


who's unable to walk or talk, but was convicted


of attempted murder. Celtic have scraped into the group


stage of the Champions League Beaten 2-0 by Hapoel Be'er Sheva


in Israel tonight, Brendan Rodgers' side progressed


on the strength of their 5-2 win Celtic brought a 3-goal advantage to


Southern Israel, but the first half brought several attempts at reducing


their lead. A foul meant an early penalty for the Israelis. That


threat avoided, five minutes later, Hapoel Be'er Sheva went ahead. Two


minutes into the second half, a video benefited from the estate. --


from this mistake. 2-0 down and the tension was obvious. But Celtic made


it through to stop a weak performance on the night from the


Scottish champions, but Celtic squeeze through to the Champions


League group stage for the first time since 2013. The draw take space


in Monaco on Thursday. -- takes place.


More than 300 athletes from Britain's record-breaking


Olympic team have arrived home from Rio.


They were met at Heathrow by friends, family and fans


after arriving on a specially-chartered plane.


Our reporter Lisa Summers was there too and caught up


After all the hard work, the reward. The tweets from some of the Scottish


medallists speak from themselves, as the enjoyed the flight home. Shortly


after ten o'clock this morning, Team GB's plane touched down at Heathrow.


As they filtered through, hundreds of family, friends and fans lined


the arrivals hall to greet the record-breaking Olympic team. Of the


366 athletes who went to Rio, 130 have returned with medals, an


amazing achievement and as they come home today, time to bask in that


success. It feels amazing. Everyone has been so supported and excited.


We have been inevitable bubble in Rio. Good to be back. Starting to


feel a bit strange now! I'm looking forward to getting home and getting


back on my bike. It was a Games when history was made. Ely Doyle played a


part in Menninger bronze in the 400m medley. She was only a year old when


a Scottish track and field athlete last won a medal. It was nice


because afterwards, we found out that that was the metal that took us


over the tally from London and I found out it was the first from a


Scottish athlete for many years. All the stats came afterwards, which


made it even more special. It was the stats came afterwards, which


not going to be goals for Katherine Grainger. Still, five medals in five


consecutive Olympics, what is not to like about that? But it had been a


hard slog just to get there. At the start line be a epic final,


everything is up for grabs. I raced in a way that I only know how to.


You have to see what happens. Have you at another one in new?


Nasser-mac I haven't said anything yet but I think it is unlikely. For


now, time to enjoy the glory as they come down about two. Before long,


the hard work starts again with Tokyo in mind.


Well, it's over to Christopher now with the weather outlook


Good evening. Largely dry, at least turning dry across most of the


country tonight. Mild as well, but keeping a close eye on some heavy


downpours pushing through the Borders, affecting the capital and


giving a glancing blow to the East coast. Some thunder as well. But it


is through the early hours. It goes by tomorrow morning, and what a


difference a Day makes. Buddy up dry and fine, sunny weather to start.


Temperatures at eight o'clock in the morning. Perhaps more cloud towards


the Hebrides. Some light showers here. Still some quiet affecting


parts of Caithness, Orkney and Shetland. Still the overnight rain


for Shetland at this point in the day, but it will improve. Through


the course of Wednesday, little to say, plenty of sunshine on offer and


feeling pleasantly warm. Similar conditions for Northern Ireland by


further South, more cloud, this front moving South. No rain to speak


of, but it is still the dividing line between the hot air in the


South East and something I touch fresher behind it. By mid-afternoon,


around four p.m., we will see temperatures up to around 20 or 21.


More cloud across the North West with some light rain showers but


very pleasant. Some sunshine to end Wednesday. Looking ahead, low


pressure on Thursday but they settled day, a couple of showers and


workload likely compared to tomorrow, but it should not spoil


things too much. Some heavy showers across parts of the North of Ingram,


maybe drifting into southern Scotland. Still, temperatures of 18


to 20. Friday, some heavy showers across the North West of Scotland


and elsewhere, reasonably dry with a few showers down towards the Dorset


coast and the Isle of Wight. In the South, 25 Celsius with the high of


20. Our next update is during Breakfast


at 6:25 tomorrow morning. But from everyone on the late team


here in Glasgow


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