24/08/2016 Reporting Scotland


The latest news and weather from around Scotland.

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The Scottish government is spending nearly ?15 billion


more than it's bringing in, in tax.


In the year 2015/16, public spending outpaced


Scotland's tax take, including oil, by ?14.8 billion.


Scotland's deficit was 9.5% of economic output.


This from our political editor Brian Taylor.


Cutting the cloth to suit, Nicola Sturgeon at Mitsubishi


But relies on the growth onshore, like this leather factory


in Glasgow which winds global orders from airlines and others.


The message of these figures is, the low


oil price and tax cuts to support the industry has had an impact.


But the fundamentals of the Scottish economy are sound and strong.


It has grown by more than the fall in oil


Let's make sure we have the best environment to continue to


grow our economy and that is why I am worried about Brexit, because it


will make the task so much more difficult.


But onshore growth was


almost wiped out by a sharp fall in the North Sea tax take.


Dry statistics which mask human costs.


Myself, like thousands of others, hundreds and thousands of others


I was made redundant at the end of May.


It was fantastic work, over the


years I learned so much and enjoyed working with many interesting


Then it came to an end, which was a big surprise.


But after decades in the oil industry, both


Roberts and Russell are retraining as teachers through this initiative


Everyone wants growth onshore and off, but the Scottish


Secretary said it was time to forget independence.


We have got the very challenging prospect in negotiating


We need to get the best possible deal for Scotland and the


But what these figures confirm, is the really


important union for everybody in Scotland is the union with the rest


of the United Kingdom, rather than being part


No one is giving up on the North Sea,


but with Scotland still in the red, the aim is to diversify and grow.


A BBC investigation has revealed that some of the most


vulnerable people in Scotland are being exploited


And that some landlords are continuing to work


in the Govanhill area of Glasgow despite being officially struck off.


Our political correspondent Lucy Adams reports.


Here in the heart of Nicola Sturgeon's constituency, communities


and cultures come together to create a neighbourhood unlike any other.


Decades of immigration from Ireland, south Asia and Eastern Europe have


Its problems can be found in other Scottish cities,


so what, if anything, makes this place different?


It has always been an area that attracted migrants, new


It has always been a reasonably priced area to buy


property in, if you were a first-time buyer.


Over the years, it has changed more into private rented


and I think that is where people, some of the landlords, not all, but


a lot of them are not willing to invest in the structure of the


Overcrowding and neglect have taken their toll, leading the


council and Scottish Government to launch a unique ?10 million project


to buy out properties from the worst landlords and take them into public


As you can see, this flat has been affected with rot, and we


are finding a number of properties like this.


Govanhill Housing Association is using the money to


This corner is at the heart of that project, aimed at tackling


But the BBC has learned that almost half of


the properties bought were from those who already owned the flat


they lived in, the very people the project hoped to keep.


The question is, whether this project in its


The Housing act was flawed because it didn't include


The idea was to attack the rogue landlords,


Without the compulsory purchase orders, and to


achieve the targets, they are turning to people who want to sell


Was the aim to buy up so many owner occupied


we are trying to do, we will support but going forward.


There are eight properties close, you need to have


As the housing project continues in Govanhill, the BBC has


learned a number of rogue landlords are continuing to practice, despite


And a number of cases are not being pursued because


witnesses are too afraid to speak up.


This man was deregistered as a landlord in May


after taking ?7,000 worth of deposits from tenants.


His letting agency was dissolved earlier


this year, but the BBC has learned the business in Govanhill has stayed


He has now been reported to prosecutors for alleged fraud, theft


and acting as a landlord while unregistered.


This man paid almost ?1400 up front to him for a flat he


The student from Bulgaria, one court case


against him, but still hasn't got his money back.


You are just a simple pawn and you cannot do anything about it.


It just felt unfair to me that someone could do this and get away


He told the BBC he denies the charges and is


Hundreds of families each year have suffered


from scams by a range of


landlords and from housing beneath a tolerable standard.


The worst ones are the ones where children are


New babies not having hot water, you just can't have that.


You hear the stories about children with


bedbugs and these landlords just raking it in and making this money


It is incredulous, there are these organisations working against it and


Much is being done in this extraordinary


neighbourhood to kick-start regeneration, but for now, children


continue to live in substandard housing, while so-called rogue


Tributes have been paid to a soldier who was shot dead


during a training exercise in Northumberland on Monday.


He's been named as 24-year-old Private Conor McPherson


from Paisley who was a member of The Black Watch and based


at Fort George in the Highlands, from where Jackie O'Brien reports.


Private Conor McPherson from Paisley was killed during night-time


training at a firing range within the vast Otterburn training


The young soldier was shot in the head and pronounced


In a tribute to the 24-year-old, his commanding officer


But his troupe rationed his third was to his parents and sister


and was part of a very close-knit family.


It is tragic for his family, friends and colleagues at Fort George,


who are brave men and women in the Armed Forces who put


Sometimes when they are on combat missions you can be prepared


for the difficult phone call or difficult announcement.


But when it is a training exercise it is even worse for the people


with him at the time and his family who have now lost a loved one.


The Black Watch soldiers seen here during a recent royal visit


left there for George base last week in these new armoured vehicles


to take part in the exercise, Wessex storm.


They have stopped that Otterburn for life firing practice


Outside Fort George today, life goes on as normal,


as tourists continue to visit this old fortification.


Within these walls where The Black Watch battalion is based,


there will be sadness and shock over the tragic death


These guys come in, they are not far away from the village.


The Army have a lot of questions to answer, why was this allowed


A major investigation is continuing to establish exactly what did happen


on Monday night, but at this stage, Northumbria Police said


they believed the soldier's death was a tragic accident.


The oil rig floated from rocks at Dalmore on the west side of Lewis


on Monday has arrived at a more sheltered anchorage at Broad Bay


It's expected to be secured on its anchors this evening.


The Deputy First Minister, who has been visiting Lewis,


has questioned why it was at sea two weeks ago when severe


The ferry transport connections were restricted and it was obvious that


was going to be a significant storm to contend with. There was a duty of


care for those responsible, presumably the owners of the oilrig,


to find out whether this was wise to undertake this operation.


The Scottish Government's controversial named person policy


will not be rolled out on the last day of August as planned.


The Education Secretary John Swinney says changes need to be made


after the Supreme Court ruled last month that some proposals breach


The system would appoint a named person for every child


Two-thirds of emergency service workers were punched, threatened


or spat on while they dealt with incidents over


A staff survey has revealed alcohol misuse is a contributory


factor in about half of all 999 calls.


It is the first time the police, fire and ambulance


services have come together to highlight the problem.


Let us get the latest weather forecasts now with Christopher.


It was a lovely day for many today but it will be cloudy and dry for


eastern parts. We have murky conditions around the East Coast and


that low cloud differential -- drifting in the central belt.


Elsewhere, dry. It is a dry start to the day tomorrow morning. Cloudy


start compared with this morning. The best of the sunshine is up


towards the north-east. The further east, a grey and cloudy start and


MacLeod could be to go. Generally dry for the Northern Isles. The


sunshine in the north-west and south-west eating into black cloud


but some patches could linger through parts of the central belt


where it could stay grey. South of the border, we have this weather


front with us. Hot weather down south and something fresher further


north. On it is a number of downpours. They could fringe into


the Borders later on. Further Northern Ireland, some light showers


as there will be across the Highlands. Generally it is a dry day


tomorrow. 20 Celsius and cooler weather cloud is. Here is that rain.


Looking ahead towards Friday and a weather system not too far away


producing showery outbreaks of rain. Elsewhere is drive for eastern


Scotland with the highest temperatures of 19 Celsius. Even in


the West, the cloud is thinning and breaking. Looking ahead towards the


first half of the weekend. Reasonably dry in Scotland but


across the Midlands, some pretty heavy rain likely to come our way


but the timing on it is open to doubt. We will keep you posted.


Our next update is during Breakfast at six twenty five tomorrow morning.


But, from everyone on the late team - goodnight.


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