25/08/2016 Reporting Scotland


The latest news and weather from around Scotland.

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The candidates for the leadership of the UK Labour Party have both


ruled out forming any deals with the SNP at Westminster.


Jeremy Corbyn and Owen Smith were taking part


Our political correspondent Nick Eardley was there.


Tonight's debate was one of a number around the UK but the first in


Scotland and the first chance to set their pitch to Scottish voters.


We also need to take to task the SNP who are underfunding college places


and there is a deficit in the Scottish Government's accounts. I


have come to say that the Scottish air of the new Deal, the ?200


billion that I would spend across the UK on infrastructure and skills,


20 billion of that would go to the Scottish Government to spend as they


see fit within Scotland. It comes after a torrid time for the Scottish


all bar one Westminster seat that Ms all bar one Westminster seat that Ms


-- one Westminster state to the SNP. Both candidates had a say as to what


they thought I'd gone wrong. In the last year, with Jamie as the leader


of the Labour Party, we have gone from second to third behind the


Tories. Under his leadership, we have gone backwards in Scotland. I


think Kezia Dugdale is doing a brilliant job, she is a fantastic


role model. I have worked with her since she was a candidate and I


campaigned with her in elections and on the European referendum and I


will work with her again straight this election... The SNP are very


good at pretending to adopt the close of the Labour Party in


Scotland. The reality is very different on what they actually do.


Both men also ruled out any electoral pacts with the SNP. The


Both men also ruled out any most fiery exchanges of the night


came about Europe and what should happen now. I'm not sure that Jeremy


did vote in. Owen, I thought we had grown up and we were not going to


use those kind of questions or remarks. Scottish Labour voters and


Labour voters across the UK will get to say which vision they prefer next


month. An investigation by BBC Scotland has


found that exploitation of workers is commonplace in the heart


of Govanhill in Glasgow. In the second of her special


reports, our political correspondent, Lucy Adams,


also found that exceptional levels of poverty in the area


were being exacerbated In the south side of Glasgow,


we find two women taking food from bins and filling an empty pram


with bags of clothes The company which looks


after the banks says that these incidents are so commonplace


they have had to make They actually dropped a child


inside the clothing bank to pass the stuff out and when someone came


to chase them away, the child was left there


and the police had to rescue it. A study obtained by the BBC found


of 300 Roma people and Govanhill, -- that of 300 Roma people in


Govanhill, most were working but almost a third


earned less than the minimum wage. These people say low wages were one


reason why women steal Some do not have money


for food for baby. Too many ladies are not going


working, only husband goes working. They need the money to buy


everything for the child. Volunteers say the


solution is education. If their English is not good enough,


they don't know their rights, they're working for less


than the minimum wage. The solution would be more English


classes in the area, so if their English


is getting better and better, I am teaching English in Govanhill


because we have people from 42 These English lessons in the Church


on Daisy Street started last year Learning some English


does not guarantee Are you happy to work for less than


the minimum wage? The poverty here


echoes Glasgow's past. What we saw was a community


which reminded me of growing up in the 1960s


in the East End of Glasgow. You had workless men


standing on street corners. They by and large tend to have large


families, so the men are standing out to get away


from the wife and children. You have flats where there


are infestations we have not seen in this country for many generations


- bedbugs, cockroaches, Figures obtained by the BBC show


in Govanhill in the past four years, there have been 1,500 instances


of mites, bedbugs and fleas and almost 2,000 cases


of cockroaches, although recent Quite often your clients have red


pockmarks and they are scratching The landlords will pick up


mattresses in the street and put If there are fleas or bedbugs


they will be transferred support agencies believe the


problems could worsen. There is an increase in migrants


after the referendum in May. We have definitely seen


an influx of migrants. They see it perhaps is the last


chance and they are coming here. It is new migrants which have made


Govanhill what it is. All of the things that people


see as the bad things Being so busy means there


is always something going on. The low rents also bring


in artists and students. There are lots of things


happening in Govanhill. There are lots of people doing


things to address problems It is events like this world music


night which really reflect the diversity


and vibrancy of the area. The group of young people I work


with just want to work. They want to express themselves,


some want to be famous, they want to rap and perform,


they just want to make They are not here to leech,


or to rob or harm anyone, This diverse community


has its fair share of problems. But talk to people here,


they tell you they Scotland's colleges have been


through a massive shake-up, with several mergers and a cut


in the number of part-time students. But according to the public spending


watchdog, more work is needed to understand what impact


the changes are having. Our education correspondent


Jamie McIvor reports. Stephan is getting


ready for college. He is about to begin a two-year HND


course in mechanical engineering. After college I will go


to university and get a job Colleges now focus


on full-time courses More school-leavers and young adults


are getting full-time places. It is the result of a deliberate


policy move. But there is another


side to the coin. Overall budgets were cut


by nearly a fifth in real Jobs have gone and the number


of part-time students is down dramatically,


nearly half in eight years. One of the issues


remains about funding. A number of colleges are facing


significant financial The sector is one which does not


have problems to sue. One big change is the


merger of colleges. City of Glasgow College


is hailed as a good example. Nationally, the public spending


watchdog says it needs to be easier to show if reforms


are getting results. It is not possible for


the government to report on the costs and benefits


of the reforms they It is not clear if they have been


fully achieved or what the cost was. The shake-up has sometimes


seen difficulties. This year saw a national pay strike,


but colleges claim overall It is only right the government puts


the funding in and wants to see good If that means we have to do


more data collection, that is fine as long as it does not


detract from the impact Some working in colleges have real


worries about their futures. The former Education Secretary,


Mike Russell, has been appointed to a new post as minister for Brexit


in the Scottish Government. He'll lead discussions with the UK


Government to put forward Scotland's interests ahead of negotiations


on leaving the EU. The First Minister made


the announcement on the steps The draw has been made for the group


stage of the Champions League and Celtic have a tough task


if they're to progress. The Glasgow side will face


Barcelona, Manchester City and German side Borussia Monchengladbach


in Group C. The first fixtures will take place


on the 13th or 14th September. Now the weather outlook for tonight


and tomorrow from Christopher. Good evening. Fairly cloudy, murky


conditions for some today but the north coast of Sutherland looked


like this. Our weather watchers captured it. Tonight, all eyes on


foundry downpours pushing through the north of England. This band


pushing through Northern Ireland and heading through the Hebrides over


the next few hours and marching northwards. Most of the mainland


reasonably dry. Some rain around the east coast and misty and murky but


by tomorrow morning set fair for most of central, southern and


eastern Scotland. Lovely spells of morning sunshine. With the winds


backing more south-westerly, that should push the low cloud back


towards the east coast, if not sure. Some showers in parts of Argyll, the


Highlands and Islands, heavy for a time but heading northwards. In the


daytime, the showers become lighter in nature. The heavy sell-through


Orkney and Shetland. For most of the north-east, central belt, bright


with some sunshine. In England and Wales, plenty of sunshine and


temperatures in the south-east towards the mid-20s. Similar


conditions in Northern Ireland to what we will see in the north and


north-west of Scotland. Elsewhere, sunshine and temperatures in the


20s. At the weekend, there's been a few headaches weather-wise, but we


are more confident that the heavier rain should stay to the south of us.


We are told it looks fairly dry, reasonably dry on Saturday. One or


two microlight showers around but dry spells. Looking ahead towards


the second half of the weekend, a cooler, fresher feel with winds from


the north. That heavy rain pushing off towards Scandinavia. One or two


showers around but it will be cooler.


Our next update is during Breakfast at 6:25am tomorrow.


But, from everyone here in Glasgow and around


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