26/08/2016 Reporting Scotland


The latest news and weather from around Scotland.

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Jeremy Corbyn's allies are backing Kezia Dugdale to remain


It comes after a former adviser to Gordon Brown suggested she'd face


a challenge for her position from a pro-Corbyn MSP.


Our political correspondent, Nick Eardley, has the story.


Fresh from last night's hustings, Jeremy Corbyn in Edinburgh today.


Voters have joined the Labour Party to support him but the leader


in Scotland is backing his rival, saying Mr Corbyn


It has been suggested that could lead to Mr Corbyn's supporters


The deputy who supports him will probably challenge Kezia Dugdale.


He is a man whose ambition may be in inverse proportion


to his ability, but he is certainly ambitious.


The UK candidates made their pitch to Scotland last night.


What has gone wrong, they were asked.


We have gone backwards on your watch in Scotland,


You were meant to be winning back Scotland on the basis


There is a big fight ahead and a long road back.


The SNP are actually doing an austerity programme


Think Kezia Dugdale is doing a Rhun job, a fantastic role model.


I think she is doing a fantastic job and is a great role model for Labour


What does that mean for the Scottish Labour leader?


There has been angry response to Mr Sinclair's comments from some


Alex Rowley says the idea that he would stand is rubbish.


A leadership challenge, he says, is not on the cards.


Neal Findlay is one of Mr Corbyn's closest allies in Scotland,


He stood in the last Scottish leadership election


We asked if he would consider standing again.


Kezia Dugdale has a large mandate to lead the Scottish Labour Party.


This former Labour MP thinks it is time to get behind


I thought it was appalling and I don't envisage


Kezia Dugdale has been elected by the Scottish party members


and is working hard to make sure that Labour regains its electoral


Can this man or his rival help with that, or might


They were called "legal highs" but are now very much "illegal


highs" and the police say that a change in the law three months ago


banning their sale and distribution is having a "significant effect."


But some say the new laws on psychoactive substances


could actually be causing further problems.


Our home affairs correspondent, Reevel Alderson, reports.


three months ago that name is no longer appropriate.


New psychoactive substances can no longer be sold legally and importing


Police Scotland say the new law has had a significant effect.


Before it, there were 90 retailers selling the drugs across Scotland


and now there are none, with premises closed,


Police say there have been no arrests for offences under the act


but they admit that they know it is still going on.


There is a small minority of premises that are a persistent


and resistant element continuing to sell them.


That falls within the realms of the legislation, so the police


and our partners will robustly target those individuals


and we would encourage them to cease selling.


The problem in the past was that legal highs could be easily


chemically altered to help overcome any legal ban.


The new legislation has been designed to overcome that.


But in Ireland, where there is a similar law,


consumption of new psychoactive substances has actually risen


That is concerning this drugs awareness charity in Edinburgh,


which fears that driving the sale of the streets might actually cause


When these were on open sale was shocking to people but the fact


that they were on open sale was perhaps suggesting incorrectly


that they might be safe because they were being tolerated.


Now that they are banned, I suppose the worry is that there


If these are sold online, or through traditional drug dealing


networks, we feel the price will go up and there is more


The charity and police are warning users that buying the drugs online


from overseas brings a risk of prosecution as it could be


classed as importing them, which is prohibited


Drivers in Edinburgh look likely to be asked to stay away


The city's council has been piloting a scheme which bans vehicles


from some areas to try and cut accidents and promote walking.


Edinburgh's experiment with traffic movement around schools


At nine of them, drivers were told they could not


The result, confusion and frayed tempers.


Nearly one year on, Edinburgh City Council says


the scheme delivered real benefits, not least for children,


many of whom now walk to and from school.


It means signs like this are set to become a permanent feature


But are all the drivers obeying the rules?


This is another school that asked to take part in the pilot.


When school finished at lunchtime today, some drivers were clearly


I got a phone call to pick up my friend's child,


because she is stuck in traffic, she is late.


The police have been at the top of the road and they


A report on the pilot scheme goes before the Transport Committee


on Tuesday with a recommendation that it becomes permanent.


One walking charity says all local authorities should consider adopting


the scheme, but they will need to act tough.


It can be soft to begin with but now we are one year on and parents


should know the drill and it probably needs somebody to pick up


people, possibly just warning them and going


Edinburgh Council says that peer pressure might help.


Parents are frustrated with those they cannot get onside,


those who park on yellow lines and on corners.


It is a minority who spoil it being a safe area for young


East Lothian Council already run a similar scheme.


So far, other areas have yet to signal that they are on board.


Kilmarnock took on visitors Rangers at Rugby Park tonight


The Ayrshire side dominated the first half and took


But a free kick in the second half saw the visitors equalise


Kilmarnock had a man sent off and had to withstand


a late surge by Rangers, but they held on to claim a point.


Let's get the weekend weather outlook now from Christopher.


Good evening. It was the case of sunshine and showers today and a few


rainbows around as well. Our weather Watch is taking plenty of pictures.


There's showers fade tonight and tomorrow very little in terms of


weather going on. Dry, fairly cloudy, but we have this weather


front producing outbreaks of rain that will move north towards


Midlands. In Scotland, a generally dry start, some brightness around at


times and a few spots of rain in the south-west extending up to the


north-west and perhaps one or two lighter spots in the central belt by


mid-afternoon. Across the UK, that is where the real action is. You can


see this plume of white weather from of the wash down to Dorset. It will


be wet. For most of Wales and northern England and Northern


Ireland, cloudy. Similar for us. Temperatures up to 19-20 with the


chance of some rain at times, nuisance value than anything else.


Across the West, spots of rain here but generally dry. The far north


Northern Isles, or and Shetland, best chances of sunshine for you. In


the evening, fairly dry. And then to Sunday we have a ridge of high


pressure in the Atlantic and the wet weather pulling away towards


Scandinavia. For us, and other dry day after a damp start. Certainly


for the North and South. Through the afternoon, drying up with sunny


weather pushing in from the West Coast. Look at the north-east and


south-east, heavy downpours likely at times. That is the forecast for


now. From everyone on the late team


here in Glasgow and around


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