29/08/2016 Reporting Scotland


The latest news and weather from around Scotland.

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The mother of a teenage girl murdered 20 years ago has made


a fresh appeal for help to find her killer.


14-year-old Caroline Glachan was found dead on the banks


of the River Leven in Dunbartonshire in August 1996, about a mile


Despite numerous appeals, no-one has been arrested over her death.


Here is our Home Affairs Correspondent, Reevel Alderson.


No-one has ever been arrested over the murder of 14-year-old


Caroline Glachan 20 years ago this weekend, but 300


items gathered by police at the time of her death are now


being re-examined by forensic scientists, in a


cold case, giving her mother renewed hope after years of turmoil.


I am more upbeat about it than I have been for a long time,


That has given me real hope that there could be a light


CCTV footage just hours before she died


shows Caroline with her best friend, Joanne Menzies.


They parted sometime later, when Caroline went to her


boyfriend's house and it is still preying on Joanne's mind.


I still hold a lot of guilt, because I feel I


I feels like I could have stopped it,


We do not trust a lot of people in this community.


Police say they want to trace a man with pointed features,


seen close to the tow path where she died.


And officers are still keen to speak to him.


Forensic scientists are working with state-of-the-art DNA


technology, to gain vital information that could not have been


Detectives believe the information about Caroline's killer


remains in the local community, but hope forensic evidence will help


There have been a lot of assumptions made, that Caroline


was involved in one thing or the other - exposed to drugs,


alcohol, boyfriends, girlfriends,etc, but,


alcohol, boyfriends, girlfriends, etc, but,


ultimately, she had no drugs in her system and no alcohol.


She was a bright, 14-year-old schoolgirl, who was walking on that


Caroline was described as a fun-loving teenager


The mystery of her murder will feature on the BBC's


in the case of murdered toddler Liam Fee, was


Lesley Bate faces multiple charges from her time


as a social worker in Fife. Andrew Anderson reports.


Lesley Bate faces charges involving 16 children


from December 2011 to August 2014, when it is alleged she failed


to take the necessary steps to minimise actual or


It is understood that one child is Liam Fee, the two-year-old


who was murdered by his mother and partner in March, 2014.


It is alleged that Lesley Bate failed to follow up a referral more


than a year earlier about bruising to Liam's face and concerns


Rachel and Naomi Fee's trial heard that Liam had scratches


A woman who used the same childminder told social


services that she was concerned about Liam.


The hearing, held here in Dundee, was told that Lesley Bate was under


a disciplinary investigation and was off sick following Liam Fee's death.


She was later transferred to another team.


Her manager, James Ross, told the hearing that she was erratic,


disorganised and chaotic. Lesley Bate is not


attending the hearing, which is due to run until Friday.


The hearing was told she had relinquished her registration


as a social worker, but did not admit any


The under-pressure co-leader of Aberdeenshire Council has resigned.


Councillor Martin Kitts Hayes had been criticised for walking out


of a conference at Legoland in Denmark, because he was unhappy


The abortive trip cost nearly ?3,500.


Councillor Kitts Hayes also faced allegations of a cover-up,


after telling his personal assistant not to tell anyone


Two American airline pilots have been released on bail and charged


with being under the influence of alcohol as they prepared


to fly a passenger jet from Glasgow to New York.


Paul Brady Grebenc and Carlos Roberto Licona were held by police,


following the alleged incident at Glasgow Airport on Saturday.


The United Airlines flight took off later that day with a new crew


A teachers' union has confirmed it will go ahead with a ballot


on industrial action over teachers' workloads in secondary schools.


The SSTA says it welcomes the Scottish government's efforts


to reduce that workload, but it still has concerns,


especially about the new qualifications.


The result of their ballot is due at the end of next month.


EIS members are already on a partial work to rule,


We can get the latest weather outlook now, with Judith.


Quite a beautiful day across much of the country. He was one of the


photographs we get sent. Tomorrow, we should see some good sunny spills


in the east, a bit cloudy in the West. Any mild start, with


temperatures 14-15dC. Quake breezy in coastal areas. Good sunny spills


coming through towards the South west during the course of the


afternoon. Really, nice weather for most of us, apart from the skull


north-west corner. Elsewhere, sunshine, with fake temperatures of


25 Celsius in the London area. Back in Scotland, we could potentially


see 23 Celsius in Aberdeenshire. Even in coastal areas, free of it is


breezy, the could still get up to 16 Celsius. Overnight and eight, this


band of rain pushing and from the West. That will cross across the


country during the course of the night. Some frequent showers on


Wednesday morning for many overs. The further east Europe, the more


likely you are to sunny spills. Temperatures reaching 19-20dC.


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