30/08/2016 Reporting Scotland


The latest news and weather from around Scotland.

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Five Metropolitan police officers are facing misconduct investigations


over a missing woman whose body was found on an Edinburgh


The remains of Saima Ahmed who was from London,


were found at Gogarburn golf club in January.


Saima better home at Wembley Stadium exactly your ago today. Police


claimed she took the train to Edinburgh, but they don't know how


or why her remains came to be at the golf course.


My mother was at home and she found out and she was hysterical


and upset, before that you kind of had hope that maybe she is OK


Her family said the Metropolitan Police ignored pleas to update


The family say the Metropolitan Police ignored their pleas to


upgrade the enquiry, meaning it was hard to access CCTV footage.


From the time of her going missing to the remains being discovered,


that has been the biggest significant challenge, the period


of time between her going missing and her body being found and it


significantly hampered us piecing together her journey from London.


This morning, the IPCC announced that five Metropolitan Police


officers were being investigated for misconduct and gross misconduct.


Meanwhile, Police Scotland say they hope highlighting


the anniversary of her disappearance will lead to fresh leads.


One of the Scottish government's key economic advisers says the SNP's


plan to keep the pound after independence may


Later this week it's expected Nicola Sturgeon will relaunch


the party's independence campaign, but Nobel prize-winning economist


Joseph Stiglitz has urged Scotland to consider its own currency.


The main opposition parties said Scotland should keep


Our political correspondent Nick Eardley reports.


Which currency would shoppers like these ones in Glasgow use


That is a question the SNP will be exploring as it looks again


It is a question that matters, not just because of the type


of money that comes out of machines like this.


The currency a country uses affect trade and it affects how the cash


In 2014 the Scottish Government argued for a currency union,


sharing the pound we had with the rest of the UK.


Now this man, a key adviser to Nicola Sturgeon, says that


They wanted as smooth transition as possible.


Keeping the currency and keeping other forms of institutions.


I think in hindsight, that may have been a mistake.


What else could be on offer if there is another vote on independence?


The SNP and Joseph Stiglitz do not like that.


Might Scotland have to revisit if it wants into the EU


Then there is a new currency, the Scottish pound, Joseph Stiglitz


reckons that could help boost the economy.


What they would have needed to do is resurrect the Scottish


Small countries can have their own currency.


The Conservatives and Labour say that Joseph Stiglitz's


comments show a fundamental problem with independence.


Stay in the UK and keep the UK pound.


The SNP says there will need to be proper debate before it


changes that possession, but the Greens support


an independent Scotland having its own currency.


The First Minister still believes another referendum is highly likely.


So too, future analysis of further options on the cash in your pocket.


A hearing into the conduct of a social worker who dealt


with the murdered Fife toddler Liam Fee has been told she decided


child protection workers should not intervene


A conduct hearing is examining charges against Lesley Bate


involving a total of sixteen children.


Leslie Baker is not attending the hearing this week, we heard more


about her time as social worker with Fife Council's child protection


team. -- Leslie Bate. One of our colleagues said Leslie Bate was


asked to investigate concerns about the welfare of Liam. They have been


raised by his childminder in 2013. She had been worried about bruises


on the toddler including a massive bruise on his forehead, and she was


concerned he may have been knocked unconscious. Leslie Bate visited the


family home and accepted the mother of Liam's explanation and


recommended no further social worker involvement. However, the


childminder raised further concerns about an neck injury to Liam, and


this Bate's manager asked her to speak to the childminder again to


make a decision about whether to refer the case to the department.


However, the colleague told the hearing that Leslie Bate had failed


to follow up on the case, and there were no notes about it on the


Council's computer systems. She described those as unacceptable


feelings, and said that allegations of child abuse should have been


followed up in a robust manner. Liam Fee died on March 20 14. He was


murdered by his mother nature and her partner. Lesley Bate faces


charges of failing to take the necessary steps to prevent actual or


potential harm to children. The cases being heard by the Scottish


services Council and is due to conclude on Friday. Lesley Bate as


rolling quicker social work registration but does not admit any


of the charges against her. Edinburgh Council has agreed to push


forward with a cycle track. Supporters say it will boost fitness


and improve air quality. Problems with mental health


are not always associated But a survey of Scottish footballers


has found that of 600 players questioned two thirds either had


a mental health issue or knew a team BBC Scotland sport has learned


of suicide attempts and players They are the sporting stars


of Scotland's most popular game. New research shows that many


are struggling with We surveyed SPFL players,


we got a return of over 600. 64% of them either themselves


or someone they knew closely, he made a friend, had mental health


issues in the recent past. The perception is that


footballers have enviable, Why are so many of them affected


with mental health issues? They are young, active males,


a group that engages less well Whilst we do have some footballers


that earn a lot of money, the vast majority will be part-time,


have two jobs, family issues, employment issues, the same worries


that everybody else has. He was a hero to Aberdeen


fans in the '90s but he reveals two suicide attempts


amidst severe depression. I can remember waking up


on the kitchen floor Neil Lennon struggled


in his playing career. I would be in a room full of people


and feel like the loneliest guy The only thing I wanted to do


was lie in bed or shut myself away. Eventually, when I was taking


the antidepressants, and they started to kick in,


I slowly started seeing There is almost a fear of coming out


and the stigma attached Footballers can say it is all right


to say you are not OK, then we can encourage young men,


who engage badly and have a high suicide risk, to come


out and accept help. A new programme will be offered


to players and clubs There will be no Scots in this


year's European Ryder Cup team after Russel Knox from Inverness


failed to make Darren It's the first time since 2010


that the country hasn't The captain about to announce his


wild-card picks. My second wild-card


is Martin Kaymer. No place to Scots


contender Russell Knox. He narrowly missed out on one


of nine performance-based automatic Now, he's missed out


on a captain's discragsry pick. There was a lot of competition


for those picks. I'm sure Russell Knox will be


disappointed and angry. Everyone picked is lower


in the world rankings than he is. Knox has lost out to Lee Westwood,


the world number 46. Martin Kaymer, ranked


at 50 and rookie Thomas I phoned Russell yesterday


to give him the information is one of the toughest phone


calls I've had to make. Some people say he


deserved the position. I've always been


a Thomas Pieters fan. From the roaring 20s to the 21st


Century, Scots golfers have played Now it's over to Kirsteen


with the weather outlook Thanks. Good evening. It has been a


lovely day across much of the country with top temperatures of 25


Celsius in Fife. Not bad. Tonight is looking cloudy with outbreaks of


rain, moving west to east. A breezy nights to come, and mild


temperatures around 11-12. Start tomorrow with some rain across


eastern areas. But quickly that will pull away. Around eight o'clock


tomorrow. For much of southern and central and eastern Scotland and is


looking dry with spells of rightness. Some sunshine for a time


as well. Across western coastal areas we will have risk


south-westerly winds which will already be driving in a number of


showers of tomorrow morning. Some showers across the northern isles as


well stop the best of the bravest and sunshine tomorrow morning will


be in the east. As we go through the day, in texture of sunshine and


showers across Scotland. The heaviest and most frequent will be


in the West, and we'll see some showers across Northern Ireland as


well. In weather front will push through England and Wales, gradually


fizzling out as it moves into the south-east. Behind that some dry


weather, brightness and a scattering of showers. A fresher feel for all


of us tomorrow, with temperatures in the mid-to high teens, peaking


around 24 Celsius across the south-east. Believing period across


Scotland will continue along the theme of sunshine and showers being


driven in on risk south-westerly winds. As we head into thirsty we


will have a ridge of high pressure which will allow some settled and


largely dry conditions for a time, although this whether front will


begin to move in during the course of the day across Northern Ireland,


and eventually across western Scotland as well. For England and


Wales a lot of dry and bright weather with some spells of sunshine


and temperatures again mid to high teens for most of us with a high of


24 in the south-east. Our next update is during Breakfast


at 6:25 tomorrow morning.


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