31/08/2016 Reporting Scotland


The latest news and weather from around Scotland.

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to one of Britain's Paralympians just ahead of those Games.


It's just eight miles from Ferguslie Park in Paisley


to the Whitecraigs area south of Glasgow, in East Renfrewshire.


Ferguslie Park is officially the most deprived area in Scotland,


The Government figures published today reveal a complex picture


It is one of 50 projcts operated by the council


Children get the best start in live life and their mothers can


access financial housing and benefits advice.


I have help from every aspect, talking about tax, benefit,


240 families have received support from the scheme,


organisers say it is successful because it is local.


I think the local focus is key, services that are Renfrewshire


wide, people for some reason don't access them.


With the school at the centre means people access financial advice,


housing advice, employment advice as well as their positive


This is part of a six million poverty fund.


Too late to influence this year's figures but a significant attempt.


This is not going to be an overnight success. It is long-standing issues


we are dealing with. This investment is for the long-term. It's for the


youngest in our community, supplied to be Google providing support for


families. We are seeing sluggish growth is in


the economy. We have inclusive growth, so we pay attention to


places, that all things being equal, don't benefit from expansion and the


economy. We make concerted efforts to tackle the barriers those places


face. The index is published as research


shows people from deprived backgrounds are paying


a premium for being poor, with utilities and services


costing them more. We found the premium exacerbates


the effects felt by people living at or near the poverty line,


there is big instances of cutting back on expenditure


and food worryingly. There are plans to boost employment


in Ferguslie Park with a new sports complex and Paisley's bid


for City of Culture status. The Prime Minister has ruled


out giving the devolved She's been meeting the cabinet


at her official retreat, Chequers. A statement after the meeting said


that while there is a "commitment to the Devolved Nations to make sure


that Brexit works for all" the timetable and terms


of triggering Article 50 are up First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said


Mrs May's lack of detail on Brexit is an 'increasingly unacceptable


and irresponsible position'. Our Political Correspondent Glenn


Campbell reports from Chequers. If the Cabinet reached any firm


conclusions on what form Brexit should take they are not giving much


away, after meeting of the political cabinet this afternoon,


Downing Street did confirm the desire to push ahead


with the exit process, and it seems that Theresa May


is looking for a bespoke deal for Britain, rather than some kind


of off the shelf solution. What does this all mean for Scotland


and the other devolved nations? Apparently ministers spent some time


discussing the Prime Minister's commitment to make Brexit work


for all, there is also clearly an emphasis though on the fact


that the UK will take decisions about what form the negotiations


will take, and they seem to be ruling out any kind of veto


for Scotland and the other devolved nations on the timing


of when that process begins. It will only begin though,


when ministers agree what the future relationship between the EU


and the UK they want will look like. The first advanced warship to be


built in Glasgow in almost five It's been hailed as a rebirth


of Clyde shipbuilding, but unions say there's


still uncertainty about The Navy's newest patrol vessel


and the first advanced warship built on the river in almost five year,


the project has been hailed as a return to traditional Glasgow


shipbuilding but using modern This is the first of three offshore


patrol vessels being built on the Clyde for the Royal Navy


and with negotiations on going to potentially build two


more, management say Eight of these type 26 frigates


are also due to be built on the Clyde, but the order has been


delayed by the UK Government, Unions want that work to start


as soon as possible, to avoid skilled workers having


to transfer to other UK shipyards. What we really need is the type 26


programme to start earlier than the dates that were speculated


on which was late 2017 early 18. We need to get the manufacturing


phase of that starting earlier so we can use the workforce we have


on the Clyde. However, the shipyard


operators say the work that is going on at the moment,


lays the ground for future success. The offshore patrol vessels


are a great example of us building It's a great path into type 26,


these vessels are helping us own that capability and make us,


you know, puts us in a good position The patrol vessel programme is due


to last until autumn 2018. But then it is hoped


new contracts will be in place, to secure the future of this


Clyde workforce. Did you know Scotland has


an international Council They've been having


their first meeting. And as part of a government drive


to reduce the so-called attainment gap in schools,


with children from low income households do significantly worse


at school than those The experts gathered at a primary


school in East Lothian, from where our political


correspondent, Andrew Kerr, reports. It is a challenge for the kids


at this primary school. The daily mile raises


their fitness levels. Setting a challenge of our own


the First Minister wants to improve Aided by advisers from across


the world, she wants Schools should be places


where we support children to overcomedies advantage,


and that makes it all the more important we focus on what schools


can do, to help young people overcome any disadvantage they come


across and that is why we are putting emphasis


on the attainment gap It is a modern school,


far cry from the Victorian classrooms in perhaps


many of which were educated. During those time Scotland's


education system was top of the class: So to improve


the system, excellence and equity are said to be


the guiding principles, One adviser from Boston in the US,


says they don't want to close the attainment gap by meeting


in the middle but by If you give attention to everybody


the range in a class narrow, it becomes easier to teach


the kids to engain them, because you are not distracted


with behavioural problems with kids who are finding the learning too


difficult and so on. The Conservatives say


the Scottish Government must take note of what the advisers


actually say. I would be very concerned


if the meetings with international advisers were A smoke screen to hide


the fact that the SNP have cut education budgets every


single year, that we have over 4,000 fewer teachers in our school,


that teacher training funding Involving these advisers means


the First Minister is looking A senior social worker has told


a hearing that a child protection team which dealt with the murdered


toddler Liam Fee was The hearing is investigating


the conduct of Lesley Bates, who faces charges involving 16


children, including Liam. She was a member


of the team in Fife. They were social worker


with the Child Protection Team She said Miss Bate that were given


task that were not done or there was no record


they had been done. In one case she said she had left


a child in a vulnerable position. Leslie Bate and the team


were involved in It is alleged Miss Bate failed


to take the steps to protect him from harm and 15 other children


between December 2011 Sharon Bar told the hearing


there was a split in the Child There were personality clashes


and it was divided into two camps. Some staff wouldn't speak to others


unless they had to. She agreed that had an effect on two


case, although neither was that Liam's mother and partner


were jailed for his murder, concerns had been raised with social


work for his safety but their trial That evidence came from


the leader of the Child She is due to give


evidence tomorrow. Lesley Bate is not attending this


hearing and she has given up her social work registration,


she does not admit to any The airline Jet Two has


announced a recruitment drive as it expands services,


including 160 new jobs based A total of 1,000 new flight


and ground crew jobs are being Well, time now to get the weather


prospects from Kirsteen. Thank you. Good evening. A settled


night on the cards. Mostly dry with clear spells. Showers across the


North, fairly breezy two. A relatively mild night. Tomorrow we


have the beginning of the meteorological autumn, decent start


across the country with brightness, especially across eastern areas.


However, for Western and coastal areas we will continue to see cloud


thickening. One or two showers across the North West and across the


Northern Isles and freshening south to south-westerly winds. It's going


downhill as we go through the course of the day. Much of Northern Ireland


and Scotland will see rain moving in through the course of the day.


Generally, that rain will be persistent. Strengthening southerly


winds. Much of England and Wales, a dry, bright day with sunshine and


temperatures comfortably around 23 Celsius at best. That bit fresher


elsewhere. Into the evening, across Scotland wheezy outbreaks of rain


moving west to east, that eventually clears and by Friday we see a


mixture of sunshine and showers across Scotland and Northern


Ireland. Heavy showers in the north-west with the odd rumble of


thunder, and a cloudy prospects across England and Wales with


outbreaks of rain. A fairly fresh feel. Saturday, we have various


frontal systems sitting in the Atlantic, and this feature, ex had


recurring cast on which introduces topical area to the mix. That in


turn adds to the potency of the heavy rain we are expecting, some


uncertainty regarding the track of that rain. I'll keep you posted.


Our next update is during Breakfast at 6:25 tomorrow, but from everyone


on the late team here in Glasgow, and around the country, good night.


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