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sight to privilege? How can the Corbyn as possibly object?


More than 1,900 offences of possessing indecent images


of children have been recorded by Police Scotland in


The NSPCC, which obtained the figures, is calling on internet


companies to do more to tackle the problem and for greater


Our home affairs correspondent, Reevel Alderson, reports.


These are the images of some of the paedophiles convicted


recently of possessing indecent images of children.


PhD student James Hudson was jailed last June for 18 months.


Police IT worker Barry Rankin had more than 300,000 indecent


images on his computer and is serving five years.


Paedophile David Logan was placed on the six offenders register


for ten years at Dumbarton Sheriff Court.


In the past three years Police Scotland has recorded more


than 1900 offences of possessing indecent child images,


that's well over the total for the Metropolitan Police,


Last year saw a 17% rise in offences in Scotland compared to 2014.


Police Scotland says it's because they are taking a proactive


For the past three years Police Scotland have been committed


to keeping children safe and part of that key priority has been


to tackle the emerging national threat that we now recognise


as being the threat of online child sexual abuse.


Because of that it is indicative of the increase.


Children's charities are calling on the digital industry to commit


significant expertise and resources to prevent the publication


We know that a lot of grooming and sharing of images takes place


via social media and we think there is a lot more the industry


could do to tackle this kind of offending via their platforms.


A lot of the harmful images children come across come via social media


and it's quite unregulated so we want the industry to step up


to do more to make sure they are protecting children as much


Earlier this year police seized computers in a major operation


which led to 77 arrests and the recovery of 30


The NSPCC which obtained today's figures through freedom


of information said they clearly show a growing problem of people


A conduct hearing has heard the social worker assigned


to murdered toddler Liam Fee failed to take necessary steps


Child Protection Team leader Karen Pedder has been giving


evidence to the Scottish Social Services Council in Dundee.


Karen Pedder was Lesley Bates's manager in the child protection team


in Fife and she said they had an extremely high caseload


but that Lesley Bates was no higher than anybody else.


She acknowledged there were internal divisions within their team but says


she encouraged her staff to act professionally and not be childish


Lesley Bates had been assigned as a social worker to Liam Fee.


He was killed by his mother in March.


Miss Bates faces several charges involving 13


During the trial Karen Pedder gave evidence and said Liam had


dropped off the radar because his social worker had gone off sick.


Today Karen Pedder told the conduct hearing at the Scottish social


services council in Dundee she believed Lesley Bates had not


She said despite concerns she didn't have specific systems in place


She said she tended to keep lots of information on her


head speaking to staff at regular supervisory meetings.


She was asked why it was that with vulnerable children at risk nothing


She said Bates was charged with doing that.


Lesley Bates has chosen not to appear at the


hearing and faces being struck off the social work register.


The Serious Case Review is being carried out


into the failings of social services in Fife to protect Liam Fee.


A total of 1,000 Syrian refugees are now living in Scotland.


It follows the arrival of 120 more refugees last week.


John McManus reports from an Edinburgh community centre


where some of the new arrivals are being taught English.


This is the reality of life in Syria, a country which has now


been at war with itself for five years.


There is no sign the various factions will lay


For some of those who have escaped like these refugees taking English


classes today in Edinburgh, Scotland's generosity


Passing the 1,000 person mark means that Scotland has taken


about a third of the entire UK total of refugees from Syria


English lessons are just one of the classes that refugees


It is a skill they will need to get their heads around to become


proficient in if they want to make a success of their time in Scotland.


But one of those who has come from Syria says he may


When Syria will be good I will come back, yes.


My sisters and my brother are in Syria now.


He has worked in telecoms and sales, skills that Scotland can use.


But does the government think the new arrivals


It's important people from all different faiths, backgrounds


We have a good record of that in Scotland.


There is always more work to do and that's


where the Scottish Government invests heavily in community


Angela Constance won't put an upper limit on the number of refugees


Syrians are now living in almost all of the country's


As this thank you letter to the First Minister


shows they are profoundly grateful for the safe haven


Perhaps inevitably, though, the Scottish weather


John McManus, Reporting Scotland, Edinburgh.


A 29-year-old man has been charged in connection with an incident


in which a toddler fell from a flat window in South Lanarkshire.


Emergency services were called to Kirkwood Street, in Rutherglen,


The two-year-old boy was taken to Glasgow's Queen Elizabeth


University Hospital where he's still believed to be


Doubts remain over the Army's future use of a 250-year-old former


The SNP has concerns that Fort George at Ardersier,


near Inverness, is to stop functioning as a barracks as part


It currently a base for soldiers of the Black Watch.


The Scottish Secretary David Mundell said he could not confirm at this


stage the military's future use of the barracks.


The MoD is engaged in a widescale review of all it promises across the


United Kingdom. It isn't going to make any statement about any


individual premises until that review is complete. I don't think


negative speculation is particularly helpful because it's always easy to


suggest that a particular base is going to close, knowing the MoD


isn't going to be able to deny that until the review is complete.


The Scottish Labour leader has launched her alternative


programme for government, five days before the First Minister


lays out her plans for the new parliamentary year.


Kezia Dugdale says she's putting forward a "serious agenda


"for change" with 13 proposed bills, including an education bill to help


close the attainment gap and a law to ban fracking.


The SNP say Labour's actual programme for government


was rejected by voters in May's election, but Ms Dugdale


insists she's focussing on what matters to people.


The SNP once again have announced they are going to have a campaign


for independence and I actually think Nicola Sturgeon should go back


to the Parliament next week and focusing on the bread-and-butter


issues affecting Scottish people, the quality of schools, NHS,


the care elderly people get, how to eradicate fuel


Those are just three of the programmes we have


on our bill put forward to the Parliament next week


reflecting what Scottish people want and moving away


It's more than two months since the European Union referendum.


And the focus now is very much on how and when Brexit


But the Electoral Reform Society has been looking back at the campaign


and today released a highly critical report, saying there were "glaring


"democratic deficiencies" with voters left


I'm joined from Holyrood by our political


The Electoral Reform Society examining the campaign up until June


23 vote, they've been looking at the leave camp and remain camp and the


terror into them. They say their campaigns were ill informed,


negative and dominated by big political beasts on each side. So,


they say reforms should be put in place in case there is another


referendum, whenever that may be, so, to that end, they suggest


allowing 16 and 17-year-olds the chance to vote so people get engaged


in the political process, as they did in Scotland in 2014. They want a


six-month campaign for the actual running up into the referendum


period. It was only for McManas for the EU referendum. And they want an


adjudication for the claims and counterclaims of both sides. That


might be a hard one to instead. They praise the Scottish referendum by


contrast and say Scotland became a hotbed of political spaces up and


down the country. The SNP have welcomed that, criticising the UK


Government. Of course, speaking to unionists, they say, hang on, don't


get carried away. They claim the independence referendum was negative


and divisive, and they say they were glad to see the back of it. At the


end of the day, one has to be realistic, one has to be pragmatic


about politics. It can be a brutal and sometimes a pretty miserable


business. Well, it's over to the weather


outlook for tonight and tomorrow. Good evening. Most of us have had


some spells of rain so far today. That continues to clear bubble away


during tonight to leave largely dry conditions with some cloud spells.


Just a few showers affecting the north-west primarily and a fairly


mild might come for most of us, too. Tomorrow brings us a mixture of


sunshine and showers, the showers initially heaviest and most frequent


across the north-west, becoming more widespread through the course of the


day. Taking a closer look at 4pm tomorrow, some heavy and at times


frequent showers across the Western Isles across much of the Highlands,


and the Northern Isles, two, with the old rumble of thunder,


temperatures 15-17. Plenty of sunshine across the Northeast and


just a few showers. In the sunshine inland, temperatures reached 21


Celsius, not too bad for this time of year at all. Through much of


central and southern Scotland, a lot of dry weather to come with some


showers with highs of 18. For the rest of the UK tomorrow afternoon,


for Northern Ireland, a similar story to Scotland with sunshine and


showers. It's an improving picture across north in England and Wales.


The south-east, however, holding onto cloudy conditions with light


and patchy rain and highs of 21. On tomorrow evening, showers continue


towards the west and north-west, then as we head into Saturday, we


have low pressure in charge and we then as we head into Saturday, we


are expecting heavy rain to reach our shores. At this stage, the rain


will push through Wales. Northern Ireland will have a mixture of


sunshine and showers were the top temperature of 19 in Scotland. On


Sunday, the low pressure remains in charge, fairly cloudy with showers


at times, too. Our next update is during Breakfast


at 6:25am tomorrow. But, from everyone on the late team


here in Glasgow and around


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