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The latest news and weather from around Scotland.

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Nicola Sturgeon says she's starting what she's calling


a "new conversation" on independence with the people of Scotland.


The First Minister says she wants to reach as many as two million


people before the end of November, using face to face canvassing,


an online survey and town hall meetings.


But the leader of the Scottish Conservatives, Ruth Davidson,


has accused her of ignoring people's priorities,


in pursuit of a narrow nationalist agenda.


Here's our political editor, Brian Taylor.


The SNP promised a summer campaign on independence, but Brexit


intervened to change the political brew, and so it is an autumn


Nicola Sturgeon insisted she would work to protect


Scotland's European interests within the UK framework, but if that


I believe it is right that our party now leads a new


Today I want to set out the principles


The UK that Scotland voted to stay part of in


That takes me to the second principle.


Before we start talking, we must listen.


If they listen, what might they here?


Madness, absolute madness, financial suicide.


If it came again, I would probably say yes.


of the outcome last time, because they were


promised things that did


It definitely should be something that awaits perhaps until


I don't know why they have to keep trying to get the vote they want,


which is what they did in Ireland, which was shameful.


The First Minister cited two new reasons for


Labour's problems, entrenching the Tories in Downing


Street and the Tories leaving the EU against Scottish opinion.


If she was listening to people, she would know they do not


want to be dragged back to another divisive referendum.


People want the government to do what they well it


did to do, improve hospitals and schools.


Keep their eye on the day job, not drag a spectre a


Nicola Sturgeon has announced a listening exercise and


the majority will have hoped she was listening when the people


She is a very powerful woman with the chance


to go back into Parliament next week and transform lives.


The First Minister told me the SNP needed to persuade


Scotland is on a journey that will end with independence.


I believe that is the natural state for our country.


But I don't believe we get there simply by the


enthusiasm of SNP members, important though that is.


We have to engage with, listen to, understand the


concerns and aspirations of people and answer the hard questions people


Nicola Sturgeon says independence might involve


challengers and complexities, and she argues that it would allow


A hearing into a social worker, who's alleged to have failed


the murdered Fife toddler Liam Fee and other children, has been told


it should find every charge against her proven.


The Scottish Social Services Council hearing has heard evidence that


Lesley Bate was erratic, disorganised and chaotic.


From the hearing, Andrew Anderson reports.


Panel members have listened to days of evidence from colleagues of


Lesley Bate, one of the child protection team.


She had been asked to investigate concerns over Liam


A childminder was worried about injuries, including a


The mother claimed he had fallen out of


The childminder was worried he had been knocked unconscious.


The hearing heard that Lesley Bate excepted the mother's explanation.


It is alleged she failed to follow up on further concerns about an


injury to Liam Fee's neck, and there were no notes about it


Liam Fee's mother and her partner are serving life for his


murder in March 2014, more than a year after concerns


The hearing was told Lesley Bate was erratic,


disorganised and chaotic and her failings were not acceptable, and


she had left another child at risk of harm.


But the hearing was also told the child protection team was


divided and dysfunctional, that some staff would not speak to others


unless they had to, and that that had had an impact on other cases.


It is not just Liam Fee that Lesley Bate is alleged to have failed.


The charges include 15 other children.


The most serious charges are that she failed to take


necessary steps to minimise actual or potential risk


of harm to children between December 2011, and August 2000 and 14.


The lawyer for the Scottish social services Council told the panel the


witnesses they had heard from where highly credible and experienced.


The Chargers, he said, were supported by


Lesley Bate has not attempt -- attended the


hearing and has not been represented.


The panel was told you does not admit to any of the


The committee will convene at a later date when it will deliver


Police officers on Scotland's railways are to be armed


with Tasers, in a bid to increase security on the network.


British Transport Police say it's a "proportionate response"


in the face of a mounting terrorism threat.


The force of a Taser gun, designed to stun.


They are already used by Police Scotland.


Now they are to be deployed by British Transport Police


We looked at events in mainland Europe


and nearer to home, and we looked at the options


give officers the best protection for themselves, and to be able to


protect the public on the railways and staff who work on the railways.


He had already slashed one commuter and was


British Transport Police in east London


deployed a Taser before arresting him.


But critics say the shock delivered can often be lethal.


They are linked to at least 11 deaths in


England and Wales in the last decade.


Commuters in Glasgow had mixed views.


I do not see it as an appropriate response to what is


What if a police man was overzealous and it


I am told that fewer than 350 officers will be issued with Taser


's and they will be fully trained on how


If a Taser is deployed, there will be an


The officers selected to carry them will


The weapons will be available for deployment across the rail


Well, It's over to Kirsteen now with the weather outlook


Good evening, today has brought a mixture of sunshine and showers.


Tonight he showers are becoming creasing were confined to the


north-west, otherwise a lot of dry weather with clear spells and a mild


match to come for most. Tomorrow. Is with easy showers continuing across


the north-west and otherwise dry and bright weather. That'll be short


lived with cloud increasing to the south of the morning, followed by


heavy and persistent across Dumfries heavy and persistent across Dumfries


Galloway and the borders especially tomorrow afternoon.


Generally the further north you come the more intermittent the rain will


be. A lot of cloud red, certainly sunshine and brightness will be at a


premium tomorrow afternoon. We might see some bright spells to watch


Northeastern and coastal areas across the western isles, the likes


of Sutherland and Caithness with a top temperature of around 18,


perhaps making degrees. Generally though a fairly chilly fuel under


the cloud and rain. Around 15 or 16 degrees with light to moderate


southerly winds. We are underneath a blanket of close tomorrow with heavy


pulses of rain at times and really quite strong and gusty


south-westerly winds across this south-western corner, gusts of


around 45 mph potentially at times. For Scotland for the evening period


we continue along the theme of cloudy conditions and further


outbreaks of rain, and we will see some list" across eastern coastal


areas, too. By Sunday it is looking much drier and brighter, although we


have this area of low pressure waiting in the wings for Monday. For


Sunday for most was a lot of dry bright weather with spells of


sunshine, a few showers across Scotland in the North of England in


the present -- pleasant view in the sunshine.


Thank you. And that is Reporting Scotland. The next update is


tomorrow evening. From everyone here, goodbye.


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