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The latest news and weather from around Scotland.

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A 32-year-old shop owner from Clydebank is facing a life


sentence, after he admitted murdering the teenager


The 15-year-old suffered more than 140 separate


She'd stopped off at the deli to buy her breakfast,


Paige Doherty was one month shy of her 16th birthday.


She lived with her family in Clydebank and had a part-time


On Saturday, 19th March, she was on her way


there when she went into the Delicious Deli


Ten minutes later she was dead, stabbed more than 60 times.


Friends and family raised the alarm that night when she had


An intense police investigation got under way with huge support


Her badly injured body was discovered two days later,


yards from the busy Great Western Road.


A passer-by had seen legs protruding from the undergrowth.


Two days after that John Leathem was arrested.


CCTV pictures shown in court today told the story of how he had tried


Minutes after the murder he pulled down the shutters on his business


and was seen running in and out of neighbouring shops.


He bought antibacterial wipes, bin bags and bleach.


Further footage saw him driving away from the premises,


the lifeless body of the teenager stashed in the car boot.


Then the court heard he hid the body in his garden shed


The next day he took his wife and baby girl on a family outing to


Today Ian Duguid, QC for the defence, told the court


John Leathem was just an ordinary, normal person.


John Leathem's account of what had happened was that the pair had gone


into the back office to talk about the prospect


When he did not instantly offer her the job he said


Paige threatened to tell people he had touched her.


They both stood up, he grabbed a knife.


Forensic evidence shows the teenager suffered over 140


Paige's family say they will never get over what happened.


Her grandmother described her as an all-round good girl,


The judge told John Leathem it had been a savage,


She deferred sentence until next month.


Sally McNair, Reporting Scotland, Glasgow.


A child, who was receiving treatment during an outbreak


of the e-coli 0157 bug in South Lanarkshire has died.


The child was among 20 confirmed cases of infection,


which has been linked to a local cheese manufacturer.


Our social affairs correspondent Reevel Alderson has the details.


We do not have any details of the child who has died, not even whether


he or she died in a local hospital or at home and we do not know


whether he or she was one of the 11 people out of their outbreak of 20


who received hospital treatment. Health protection Scotland, which


was investigating, says all the cases in this out sick were


identified in the first couple of weeks in July and since then there


are no new cases and it has concluded its investigation as a


result and is compiling a report to be produced in the next six months


or so but it did say epidemiological investigations identified a blue


cheese as the most likely cause. It is made from unpasteurised Cal's


milk on a farm near South Lanarkshire, the company that makes


it has said nothing today but last month it issued a very strong


rebuttal of all the claims made against it on its website. Amongst


these claims were the fact that all of their cheeses have been tested


for e-coli and found negative. The company says it cannot understand


why it has been implicated in this way and says it has concluded that


out because more likely to have been caused by something with a shorter


shelf life than its cheese, or not by a food at all.


The First Minister has offered to help build a "coalition"


with like-minded Ministers in the UK Government who want to preserve


links with the European Union, especially the single


Nicola Sturgeon told BBC Scotland she was ready to work with those


This from our political editor Brian Taylor.


Making her mark, Nicola Sturgeon visits Alexander Dennis


in Falkirk whose buses and coaches sell globally.


She sees the European single market as vital to protect


She would prefer Scotland to stay in the EU but is willing to preserve


as much as possible through UK negotiations including full


Can there be a coalition across the UK that gets


the UK Government into a more sensible position?


Theresa May, I don't know but she was in the Remain side,


presumably she knows the real risks of removal from the single market.


Let's try getting the UK not into the best position because that


in my view would be continued ownership of the EU but let's get


the UK as a whole into the least worst position, staying


The Prime Minister faces worldwide warnings.


Japan says accessing the single market is important


The UK Government says it is open to ideas


Of course the First Minister, responsible for devolved issues


in Scotland, has a very, very important role in formulating


that position but there is not a veto in relation to that because,


of course, we have Scotland as two governments in terms of formulating


the position and speaking for Scotland as a whole.


Nicola Sturgeon sees three elements to this debate.


She wants to contribute to UK Brexit talks.


She wants separately to protect Scottish interests


While every Scottish local authority area voted to remain


in the European Union, not every region produced


Moray voted only narrowly to stay, producing the closest referendum


Jackie O'Brien's been back there to find out if voters


Moray, the land of whisky, farming and fishing,


is now also famed for becoming Scotland's most divided


In the EU referendum a little over half of Moray voters voted to


remain, with the Leave campaigning losing by only 122 votes.


In spite of the mood music at this pensioners keep fit class


there are still no regrets about breaking up with Brussels.


I think they are a corrupt, self-serving, dishonest,


Yet next door the position and pace is different.


We live in a global world, and we need to live as a global


citizen and to cut yourself off as a little island is a disaster.


Most of this group wanted to remain but the future is even more unclear


for those who migrated to Moray for a better way of life.


It is a little worrying because we don't know what to do,


are we going back home, or are we continuing our lives here?


-- Most of the support for the local Leave campaign was found


in the coastal communities of the area and the demise


of the local fishing industry was a key factor in that decision.


This fisherman, Douglas Innis, is one of many from his industry


who voted to leave, believing the decision will bring some


If we were in charge of more that it would be a growth industry.


Before the EU, it wasn't, in the EU now it is.


The people of Moray may remain split but they share the same interest


in finding out exactly what Brexit will bring.


Jackie O'Brien, Reporting Scotland, Moray.


Now, there are just two days until the opening ceremony


There are 33 Scots in the British team, all making their final


Amongst them, in athletics, two women at very different stages


The countdown is on for the British Paralympians at


Long jumper Stef Reid had her foot amputated as a 16-year-old


after a boating accident in Canada, where she grew up.


A Scot through her father, she is keen to add to her


So far a bronze from Beijing and silver in London.


There is a huge part of me that just wants to finish off


But actually my very first medal, the bronze, I actually


I had to come to terms with it and I kind of realised that, yes,


the medal is awesome, but the real prize is the journey


That is not held in the medal, that is held in me.


Reid admits it has been a challenge for her coach and her support team


How do you keep someone fit who has an artificial leg and a bad back


and can't do any of the standard things jumpers and sprinters


I'm going into these Games very aware of how grateful I am


To the youngster in the team making her debut.


16-year-old Maria Lyle from Dunbar has cerebral palsy.


She has medalled at world level and said that athletics has


I wasn't very good at a lot of things!


So sport gives me a lot to do and with my condition,


it helps with my movement and gives you a purpose,


I think any medal would be great, because not every person has


got a Paralympic medal, so regardless of the colour, I would


The Games begin on Wednesday night and the athletics begin


Mother nature is being generous with the warm weather at the moment. Some


beautiful sunsets tonight. This captured by one of our weather


watchers from the north-east. Tonight we will see rather misty


conditions in the Northwest. There are humid. -- very humid.


Predominantly cloudy starting off away from the north-east corner.


Look at these temperatures. We would love to see these in the middle of


the day. Sunny spells in the north-east. Rain initially of


Shetland but it will clear. The murky conditions are combined to


south-western coastal areas, driving in from the Irish Sea coast. More


sunshine across northern areas, particularly the Northwest and


Western Isles eventually. Over the UK, damp conditions from Northern


Ireland, fairly cloudy across the UK but under that it will be hot for


the time of year. 26 Celsius possibly towards the South East.


We're looking at a potential 24-25 for inland parts of Aberdeenshire.


The rest of the afternoon, rather wet in the south-west, another band


of patchy rain and drizzle feeding him across the South as we head


through tomorrow evening. Courtesy of this weather front pushing


northwards during Wednesday. Wednesday improves, starting cloudy


but brighter conditions feeding in and the temperatures are still warm.


Our next update is during Breakfast at 6.25 tomorrow morning.


But, from everyone on the late team here in Glasgow and around


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