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The latest news and weather from around Scotland.

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compete in the Games. Join me now on BBC Two. Here on BBC One it's time


for the news where you The First Minister has set out


a plan to boost Scotland's economy through help for companies


looking to invest. It's part of the Scottish


Government's programme There's also a big emphasis


on education, and support Opposition critics said


the package fell short More from our political


editor Brian Taylor. New times, new ideas,


touring this new high Nicola Sturegon pryer advertises


education and the economy. She intends to channel cash


directly to schools, handing more power to


headteachers and to parents. To boost jobs, a ?500 million scheme


to guarantee loans to companies It's a new departure


and would need Treasury sanction, alongside


Holyrood agreement. In short, we are determined


to build an economy where everyone has a fair chance


to contribute to growth and where everyone can share in


the benefits of that growth. Already, capital investment


on projects like the new Forth crossing


is protecting jobs. Miss Sturegon promised more


investment in transport. And more in the economy


allowing cuts to air passenger duty, a national institute


to foster manufacturing and action to boost oil platform


decommissioning in the North Sea. The Scottish Government won't match


a planned Treasury cut The Tories said that could


disadvantage Scotland. Pushing


income tax rates above levels in the rest of the UK isn't


going to help Scottish growth. Labour welcomed measures such


as gender balance on public boards, but accused ministers


of being too timid. Over the past decade,


this Parliament has become


more and more powerful, but the Government's programme has


become less and less ambitious. There is a bill to tackle


domestic abuse, including for the first time,


psychological abuse. Victims of childhood abuse


will be given longer Today's programme also


includes plans for a new Social Security system


in Scotland, scrapping the so-called bedroom tax and there's


more on the family. Extra help with childcare,


an attainment fund to help disadvantaged pupils


at school and a child A qualified welcome for those, but


Patrick Harvey of the Greens hates the planned cut in


air passenger duty. That benefit will go


to the wealthiest frequent fliers. Nicola Sturegon insisted today's


programme was about the nuts and bolts,


the day job, not independence. Willie Rennie of the Liberal


Democrats wasn't convinced. The First Minister


should ditch the charade and ditch her new plans


for independence. That would be the best


thing for Scotland. Still, with the constitution,


MSPs endorsed the appointment of Mike Russell


as the minister to handle Brexit A man has gone on trial accused


of murdering an Asian man in North Lanarkshire almost


18 years ago. Ronnie Coulter denies killing


Surjit Singh Chhokar in November 1998, in Wishaw


and trying to conceal From the High Court in Glasgow,


Andrew Black reports. Arriving at the High Court


in Glasgow, the sister and mother of Surjit Singh Chhokar


with the family's lawyer. It's almost 18 years


since he was killed. Mr Chhokar, who was


32 and worked as a Donald Finlay, QC is defending


the man charged with his murder, Alex Prentice, QC, today opened


the prosecution's case. in Overtown, Wishaw, Mr Coulter


attacked Mr Chhokar by beating him with a wooden baton and striking him


with a knife and further accused The only witness today


was a retired policeman who was part of the


team investigating the killing. He set the scene for


members of the jury video of the scene of the killing


and also the area of Wishaw where Mr Mr Coulter is also accused


of breaking into Mr Chhokar's house in 1998


and stealing a cooker and forging a signature


on He denies all the


charges against him. The trial is expected to last


around five weeks. The new Borders railway


is one year old today. The route runs from Edinburgh


Waverley, to Tweedbank near Melrose - a line that had


been shut for 46 years - and cost more than ?350


million to reopen. The service has brough


a welcome boost for tourism but has it been a victim


of its own success? Perhaps it's no surprise that


a route this stunning has surpassed expectations but the scenery can't


hide some teething problems. It's had some problems


recently over the past few weeks but hopefully


getting those sorted out. Since it has come, I have been


using it instead of the bus. It is much more comfortable


but you pay It has got better,


to be honest, over time. Campaigners who back the line have


been monitoring its progress and say


there is a clear need for The downside is the service has


been quite unreliable. Problems with cancellations and late


running because of inadequate Too much single track,


not enough double track. That has been a worry,


it doesn't affect visitors but for regular


communitiers that's a concern, if it is too unreliable they will go


back to using the car or the puss. ScotRail who operate the service


admit there have been problems but A railway like the Borders is


fantastic, it connects the community We will continually


improve it to make sure whatever the issues are,


that have come up, are fixed. One of the main reasons


for reopening the Borders Railway line was to bring an


economic impact to the area and in places like Melrose,


businesses are reporting an increase in the number of business sores


but questions are being asked about how far that


economic impact has spread. In the years ahead


we'll see the economic impact flush throughout the Boarders


but in the first year already there are significant signs the economic


benefit is coming to fruition. One year on, there


is now an expectation that the service will improve


and the benefits will spread. But, as one passenger


put it, at least we now have a railway


it complain about. More than 11 years ago,


five members of one family from South Uist were killed


in one of the worst storms to hit the Western Isles


in living memory. A fatal accident inquiry


has never been held But relatives say they believe


the tragedy may have been caused by the construction


of a nearby causeway. From South Uist,


Ian Hamilton reports. This has been a desperate search,


a community struggling to find their Locals used anything


they could to find their youngsters, garden rakes,


old walking sticks. Father MacDonald recalls a tragedy


that hit his parish community in South Uist


in 2005, that claimed five lives. I believe around about 7.00,


which was high tide, the waves were crashing


over the top of the And that was what prompted


the family to leave. On that night, the family came along


this road They were put here two


years after the accident. This was just an open piece of road


built along the sandbank. The cars were swept


away here but it's believed that the source of


the problem was further up the road. The causeway is two miles further


down the road there, with


the growing waves, sea levels, the wind


was The causeway was


acting as a dam, the water had to go somewhere,


so it burst overland. Locals believe that the accident


could have been avoided. A family member told us


that the original plan for the causeway linking the mainland


and island had gaps but the final We would like to see


a fatal accident inquiry. We did a freedom of information


request to the local authority for all documents relating


to the construction of the causeway. As soon as we started


going through it, it was evident there was


a lot of papers missing. Well, if you ask for something


and they don't provide it, it gives the impression


they are trying to hide something. Maybe you think they are liable


or somebody is liable for making that decision


to cut from three to one. We want to find out,


but we are facing a brick wall. We invited the council to respond


to the concerns and suspicions regarding the freedom


of information request. A council spokesperson told us that


all the information 11 years on, residents


here still live in In July, ?25,000 was made


available for a feasibility In July, ?25,000 was made


available for a feasibility study to improve the causeway


and the Crown Office told us that a fatal accident inquiry


was still under consideration. Now let's join Judith


for the latest on the weather We will squeeze another day of warm


temperatures tomorrow. Tonight is a very humid night. A beautiful


picture here. Cloud increasing as we head to the night, predominantly


picture here. Cloud increasing as we dry, although we will see some rain


and misty and murky conditions towards west and coastal areas.


Cloudy for most, Misty and murky conditions up the West Coast.


Outbreaks of patchy rain and drizzle but it is an improving day. Very


mild first thing, monkey really. A little lower in the north but still


noticeably humid. We will see that rain across the fourth north-west.


Winds are delighted here tomorrow and will cloud over for me tomorrow.


Rainer pushing here as we head to the day. It brightens for this size


and increasing amount of sunshine across eastern Scotland and through


the central lowlands. Patchy rain towards the Western Isles and the


far north-west into or acne. As far as the rest of the UK is concerned,


similar conditions for Northern Ireland. We will see good spells of


sunshine are running along the south coast and towards the Channel


Islands and hot temperatures for the time of year, potential highs of 25


Celsius. Back on home turf, we are looking at everyone tempered at the


time of year. More widely into the low 20s tomorrow. Almost like a warm


summer 's day. Heading into the evening, very little changes but an


overnight, cloud building up in the west and some rain pushing in here.


The pressure chart, you can see, introducing outbreaks of rain along


with strengthening winds. We will just see that rain is going off


itself. Deteriorating as it does. It will be a noticeably windy day but


brightening up behind the rain. And that's all from


Reporting Scotland tonight. There are regular updates


during Breakfast from From everyone on the late


team here in Glasgow


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