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The prospect of Britain leaving the European Union has dominated


debate at both Westminster and Holyrood.


Under challenge from the SNP, the Prime Minister said


she would not give a "running commentary" on negotiations.


But, in the Scottish Parliament, the First Minister said


that was because Theresa May didn't have a clue what to do next.


Our political editor Brian Taylor has the details.


Is leasing or more to is absolutely because -- the single market is


absolutely recall of the year the European Union. It is the single


market that Obama is talking about when it said that it was worried


that it would lose connections with its British investment and the


remainder of the European Union. So, its epicentre of the old thing. Of


course, there could be continued British membership of the single


market if that is possible. There could be limited forms of access to


the single market. The brightness of the challenged in the Commons by


Angus Robertson of the SNP to see whether she supported full


membership of the single market. She was asked that twice and twice she


declined to answer. Here is a reply. The United Kingdom will leave the


European Union and we will build a new relationship with the European


Union. The new relationship will include control of the movement of


people from the EU into the UK and it will include the right deal for


trade in goods and services. And that formulation, that formula used


by the prime minister did not and brisk the First Minister, Nicola


Sturgeon. -- impress. She had a basement on what has moved with the


guard to Brexit and Scotland's there on. She accused the primers are


having a of clarity with regard to Brexit and, in particular, to the


single market. Ad units to think it is acceptable to have a cloud of


secrecy hanging over the UK's Government's negotiating decision.


It's not ideal to have a Prime Minister who is unwilling to answer


the question if we should be remaining in the single market or


not. The UK, do not want a running


commentary, they want the position to be formulated and then hard


bargaining with the European Union. A bit of a row in the Labour Party


connived with Jeremy Corbyn talking about free trade dogma and a


spokesman later said that they would not necessarily back membership of


the single market. It has caused a big rally Nicola Sturgeon pounced on


it. Tonight, Kenya Dugdale stressed the cheat sheet and autonomous


decision in her autonomous Scottish party. -- that she. She backed the


Scottish Parliament and the Scottish element.


If you thought finding a high street bank branch was becoming


increasingly difficult, you'd be right.


According to BBC research, Scotland has lost or is about to lose almost


150 branches across six of the biggest names


They've been familiar sights on our high streets for years but are


disappearing fast. In Aberdeen alone, nine bank branches have


either closed in your last year or are earmarked for closure. And it's


not just there. BBC analysis has found that the country is losing


almost 150 branches over 18 months. Edinburgh lost the nose, more than


Moray. Another eight in the islands. Moray. Another eight in the islands.


-- Highlands. This lack -- TSB has found the worst. Investment instead


of going into a huge super range in the city centre. Rural banking is


changing, too. The mobile banking to be replacing the brownish in many


places. This basic paper-based service is about to be modernised.


We also offer cash transactions, both to pay money and take money


out. But we will offer, also have things like broadband connection,


Wi-Fi connection on the mobile brands. We will have iPad type


tablets. The brown share will close next month minivan will become the


only option. For villages, it's a big change. I have always been used


to going into a branch. I would still like to continue doing that.


It's so gave transferring but you can withdraw from a phone. In a


shrinking retail sector, filling the empty branches is not easy. But this


former Santander on Aberdeen's union Street has been turned into an


estate agency. They say it's likely that retailers will snap them up.


The big retailers are first and foremost going to look at shopping


centres and retail outlets. I think the larger city centre bank branches


lend themselves better to restaurants and two bars and coffee


houses, nightclubs. The rate of banking is changing as people shift


online. But that's changing the face of the high Street, to add more


branches close for good. The chief inspector of prisons has


highlighted two growing problems The number of prisoners serving


sentences for sexual offences has And as many are convicted


of historical crimes, there's also been a significant rise


in the number of older prisoners. Our Home Affairs Correspondent,


Reevel Alderson reports. It's Scotland's biggest jail and one


of the oldest, the grand Victorian bowling present their own Rob and


enjoy conditions you are acceptable in a 21st century. Now there's


another challenge staff here. Growing numbers of six offenders.


The number of prisoners at Scotland's gels or 7416 at the end


of last week. Of these 1100 so, are convicted six offenders. --


Barlinnie. The portion has quadrupled in the past year or so.


Poses challenges for the sassy engines of arranging programmes and


making sure case management is conducted properly. Of a segregated?


Prisoners convicted of sexual offences are kept in one particular


hall so they are separate for activities, education and work. Matt


at convocation for the prison. Many convicted six offenders, like John


Farrell, are elderly. He is 63 and is serving five years for abusing


boys. Paul Kelly was jailed with him for ten years. The men are typical


of all the prisoners serving sentences for offensive decade ago.


12% of prisoners in Scotland are now over 50 and there are more than


100/60 five. The prison service is now having to buy an social care


services like those provided for elderly people. -- more than 100 are


over 65. The age profile of the prisoners within the population have


an increased considerably. These prisoners, all of the


psychogeriatric problems that people of that age group have in the


divinity and we are having to cater for that. Largely decided data for


fit young inmates -- designs. There are more changes being made as more


elderly people had installed real sentences. -- custodial.


Police investigating the murder of Aberdeenshire handy man


Brian McKandie say they could carry out a mass screening


It's now six months since the 67-year-old was found dead


Detectives say DNA profiles have been found at the house.


However so far they have not been matched on any database.


Campaigners are trying to save the East of Scotland's cleft


Health managers want to shut the Edinburgh unit -


which operates on children from Shetland to Selkirk -


Protesters argue Scotland's children will be failed if this


Alex has had many operations. He doesn't want the centre to shocked.


I want it to stay. Why is that? Because I've still got my operations


today. He was born with a cleft lip and palate. Surgery can help with


eating and speech. This proposal is talking about dismantling a


close-knit team who is multidisciplinary and surgeon lead.


The Cleft surgeon said he an end rat has a world leading reputation but


health authorities want to close it down and try soliciting Vasco


because they say the single-handed surgical service hair is not


available. Control of Smoke Pollution Act Glasgow. -- Glasgow.


Experts say quality of care will suffer as Glasgow's results are


worse than Edinburgh's. If you look at the Freedom of information


releases, you will find that unfortunately, if you are referred


to Glasgow, you will end up with more operations. There are more


problems relating to universe children who won't be able to


develop normal speech by the age of five. The authorities stress this is


not a cost-cutting exercise and rejected claims that Glasgow's


results are worse. No option is off the table, we are considering all


options. What is important to recognise is that if there are any


moves, what is maintained locally as the services that provide


reasonable. Alex's family say it is not about half what they have to


travel to surgery but the joint annuity of quality for all of


Scotland's cleft children. Scottish food and drink companies


expect to create more jobs and increase their sales


in the next five years. Many see Brexit as an opportunity to


grow. 100 firms were questioned for a Bank


of Scotland survey. It found companies expect


to increase their turnover by an average of 24% over


the next five years. It also forecasts 14,000 jobs


will be created in that time. Let's get the weather


from Christopher. Thank you. Good evening. Fairly dry


and cloudy tonight but really only Allah, we will see some wet weather


pushing in three Hebrides and approaching the West Coast. Nest and


met around the west as well. A fairly cloudy that start. We get the


temperatures at 8am, 16-17dC. Also windy from the south, a gale-force


around the Hebrides. Rain coming your way later. Largely dry bizarre


things are. Still some mist and low cloud for the Northern Isles.


Through the cause of Thursday, during the morning at least, still


the brain off and on as that weather continues to work its way north and


leaflets. And windy for all. South of the border, plenty of dry, fine


weather. Plenty of sunshine in the south east and vintages into the


mid-20s. Rats if showers just was because the Wales. We will have


challenged as well by the act and once the morning rain clears. Still


with us at this point for Orkney and once the morning rain clears. Still


Shetland but most of the mainland greedy with showers. Shall stay with


us. Into Friday, still windy. You can see the tightly packed as a bar


there but it is really drive. There is some wet weather coming our way


there but it is really drive. There later but plenty of dry, fine


weather foremost on Friday. You'll notice showers across the Highlands.


The end to eat the day. Integers fresher than we've had of late but


the rain will arrive and cross the country overnight Friday to


Saturday. Come Saturday, it is well away from us. Certainly affecting


England down to the south east. For 12 and Northern Ireland, and us in


Scotland, reasonably bright on Saturday with showers in the


north-west. As the Sunday, it starts fine but more rain arriving as he


had toward the end of the day. Certainly overnight into money as


well. That the forecast for now. Andy Murray has been playing


for a place in the semi-finals He's playing against


the Japanese world number


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