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Tonight, we reveal the contents of the Government green paper which


confirms Theresa May wants to make further selection in English


education a key feature of her Government. Join me on BBC


Dungavel Immigration Detention Centre in south Lanarkshire


is to close, and will be replaced by a short-term holding facility,


Dungavel's been criticised over the years by campaigners who've


raised concerns about the treatment of people detained there


and the length of time they were held.


The Home Office says it's being closed because it's underused,


Dungavel, the former prison became a detention centre for a failed asylum


seekers in 2001. But it was this view from the inside, which first


seekers in 2001. But it was this brought it to the public's


attention. Being held there wasn't child's play. This family were


detained for more than a year, unable to attend school. They were


the first of many children sent to Dungavel with their parents. This


woman was just 14 when she was first taken there with her family in 2007.


Not being able to do anything, that was the most difficult thing for me.


I was the oldest one, and because I knew English, I had to do a lot of


translation with the lawyer and Home Office officials within Dungavel. It


is very tough on me, I felt really hopeless when I was translating,


because I know that, unless the Government did something, MS was a


campaign, we were just go in to be stuck there.


Over the years, Dungavel has been the scene of many protest. At first


against the detention of children, which only ended in 2010. There was


more controversy recently, when the BBC revealed some detailing knees


were being held for more than a year. Torture victims have also been


kept at the facility, in contravention of the Home Office's


own guidelines. This long-term campaigner this is the centre to


take supplies to those being held there.


Speak on the behalf of fellow campaigners, they will welcome the


closure, but still worried about the detention aspect which may take part


in the UK immigration and asylum system.


But the detention centre did have a purpose, to stop failed asylum


seekers from disappearing before they could be removed. Its closure


would stop the detention, instead it'll be moved closer to Glasgow


airport. In a statement, the Home Office said...


The new short-term holding facility will have 51 bed. It will be built


on this site, minutes from Glasgow Airport. The Scottish Government has


welcomed the decision to close this facility. Campaigners are ready


asking questions about what happens now to asylum seekers. They're


worried the fast track process could lead them locked up hundreds of


miles away from the family, friends and support next works. -- support


networks. The Education Secretary says


an amended Named Person scheme should be in place


by August next year - The controversial system will see


a single point of contact for all children


under the age of 18. But it was put on hold,


after the Supreme Court ruled its plans for sharing


information were unlawful. For the avoidance of any doubt,


the Government remains absolutely committed


to the Named Person service. As he updated MSPs,


the Education Secretary was clear. The Named Person scheme


is going ahead, but first For that reason, the Scottish


Government will undertake a three-month period of intense


engagement in Scotland. We will take input from


practitioners as well as parents, charities and young people,


those who support the policy and Every child under the age of 18


was supposed to have a named person by now, a health visitor


or teacher, assigned to look But the scheme was put on hold


after the Supreme Court ruled part of the controversial legislation


that dealt with information sharing Three judges ruled that the Named


Person scheme was unquestionably But they said that it was perfectly


possible that information could be shared with authorities


without the child being aware. The Conservatives want to see this


scheme scrapped, and this is why. The court stated that even


after the information sharing provisions are sorted out,


the Named Person scheme is still in danger of constituting


a disproportionate and therefore unlawful interference


with family life. Labour supported the principle,


but again called for 16 It seems absurd given that


a 16-year-old can vote, marry, To remove them would give a strong


signal that while the Government is not surrendering the Named Person


policy, it is listening, That was a concession


Mr Swinney said the Government The campaign group that brought


about the legal challenge described today's announcement as laughable,


saying the Government should be But they say they welcome the chance


of dialogue with the More than 900 children,


some as young as ten, contacted Childline in Scotland last


year, saying they were suicidal. That's almost double


the number five years ago. Our home affairs correspondent,


Reevel Alderson, reports. Hi, you're through to someone you


can talk to at Childline. It's good to talk. Childline's call


centres are handling almost double the number of calls from young


people with suicidal thoughts than five years ago. Including some


children as young as ten. The charity sees this as positive, that


you can have confidence in talking, even though the start off with more


trivial matters. The main talk about bullying or exam


rashers. Once again confidence and feel relaxed about councillor, they


may go on to tell us the real reason they're calling is live the feel


there is no hope and suicide is the only answer. Talking is a fabulous


first step to getting children and young people the right help.


This age old was a mischievous boy who always looked after his sister,


two years younger than him. It's just 12, he took his life, leaving


his family devastated. -- aged just well. Now his sister is a Childline


councillor, wanting to help other families suffering the same anguish.


I've seen the devastation it leaves behind. Not just to the family,


friends, everyone. If we can stop that happening even one child,


through Childline, then it's been worth it.


The figures were raised in Holyrood, with Labour claiming increasing


numbers of young Scots are now waiting for mental health treatment.


The First Minister admitted demand had increased.


I take the view that that is a positive development that as it


doesn't sound like it - but it means the stigma associated with mental


health is decreasing, and more people, in particular more young


people, a feeling it easier to come forward.


I thank the First Minister for that answer. In the summer, Labour


revealed over 60 young Scots had waited for the treatment they


desperately needed. These figures see that rising to 608. That is


nothing short of a national scandal. Childline is now calling for better


access to services for young people who feel they have nowhere else to


turn. A report on the care of a woman


with postnatal depression who killed her baby has


concluded that chances Erin Sutherland admitted


the culpable homicide of her baby daughter Chloe, on the grounds


of diminished responsibility. The Mental Welfare Commission has


made a series of recommendations, to improve postnatal


mental health care. Seven years ago, the Gaiety Theatre


in Ayr faced a gloomy future. The historic theatre closed


after health and safety concerns. But thanks to the support


of the local community, the Gaiety's back in business,


and it's due to reopen this weekend Our arts correspondent


Pauline McLean reports. From Sir Harry Lauder, to the stars


of many summer seasons, the Gaiety Theatre in Ayr has seen them all.


But offstage this Theatre has equally to romantic times. Not one,


the two devastating fires, and have an safety problems which closed


altogether. We've done a lot of work to the


auditorium. But this Theatre is a survivor. And after a makeover, is


now looking her best. Being closed for the six months,


people were asking, when is it going to reopen, can I do anything, can I


volunteer? There's real committee spirit behind


the theatre. And as the Gaiety prepares to reopen


this weekends, those that championed it for years are prepared to send


their best wishes. Apparently I played the Getty more


than anyone else in its history! I should get a medal. The people that


had to watch me and listen to make, they should get medals!


The first to try out the new stage, Ayr Players, one of the many amateur


companies in the area. Lindsay Robbie Coltrane has played


here, going back to Scottish musical greats, the Alexander Brothers and


people like that. So it is a fantastic privilege to feel that


you're part of that community and part of that history.


And this weekends, they and the hundreds of people who have


supported this Theatre through good times and bad can take a bow. As the


Gaiety reopens for a second century of Scottish entertainment.


Tennis, and Andy Murray is out of the US Open -


but his brother Jamie is currently battling for a place


Jamie and his partner Bruno Soares are up against the top seeds,


French pair Pierre-Hugues Herbert and Nicolas Mahut.


Murray and Soares took the first set 7-5, but lost the second 6-4. Murray


and Soares array break up in the third set.


Good evening to you. A breezy night with showery rain. Pressure compared


to recent nights combine. Tomorrow morning, early brightness around,


the best part of the day tomorrow with sunshine and eastern areas.


Cloud further west with showers to start the day. These are the


temperatures at 8am, a reasonable commute to work, but much wetter for


the journey home. Some of the showers heading for the north west


coast, but over to the Moray Firth, more sunshine for you. A reasonably


dry day in Orkney and Shetland. Through Friday, things go downhill.


Clouds thickening, showers increasing. As you concede, heavy


rain to come later and high winds. Across the UK as a whole, the wet


weather pushing into Northern Ireland, affecting Wales as well.


Most of England dry and bright at this moment. Temperatures into the


mid-20s. Elsewhere, more like the high teens, but it is the rain that


is of note. Loretta colours indicating how heavy the rain is


likely to be. When is strong, they'll force winds around the West


Coast. Disruption on ferries and bridges. But the rain is clearing


through at a pace, good news for the weekends, because come Saturday it's


away from us, becoming stuck across the southeast and the wash, for the


rest of the country, plenty of sunshine come Saturday. The winds


are light. Sunday, some bright spells around, a few showers across


the north and north west. Temperatures in the high teens. One


fly in the ointment, the next weather system coming our way will


bring a spell of heavy rain and high winds will stop the timing on its


arrival is open to doubt, it could come in during the day on Sunday.


Stage and on that one. That's the forecast.


Thank you, Christopher. An update on the tennis, Jamie Murray and his


partner are through to the


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