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The latest news and weather from around Scotland.

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A jury has heard that a man accused of murdering a waiter in Lanarkshire


nearly 18 years ago has already stood trial


The details emerged today during the cross-examination


48 year old Ronnie Coulter denies murdering Surjit Singh Chhokar


in Overtown near Wishaw in November 1998.


From the High Court in Glasgow here's our Home Affairs


For the third day, Elizabeth Bryce has been in the witness box


recording the event of November the 4th 1998. She was the partner of the


Indian waiter Surjit Singh Chhokar, who was stabbed to death outside her


house in Overtown. His family were watching with the jury was told the


man in the book has already been tried for the crime. In fact it's


the third time Elizabeth Bryce has given evidence in a High Court


trial. In March 1999, Ronnie Coulter was tried and acquitted. Now Ronnie


Coulter is back in court accused of the murder of Mr Chhokar for a


second time and stop Elizabeth Bryce was questioned by the defence QC.


She said on the night her partner, who she called Chhokar, died, she


found him out of the flat, bleeding heavily from a chest wound. She then


told police that three men had been involved but only named Andrew


Coulter. PC David Rattray was first on the scene. He said he had taken a


statement from Mr Bryce in the ambulance taking Mr Chhokar grasped.


Constable Rattray said Elizabeth Bryce at only given him the name of


Andrew Calder and if she had told the names of the other two men, she


would have passed on. The trial of Ronnie Coulter here in Glasgow


resumes on Monday. A grieving family is calling


for improvements to mortuaries around the country, after branding


conditions at their local one The widow and daughters of a man


who died in a sailing accident were called to identify his body,


but they say they were shocked at facilities at the mortuary,


which didn't even include a toilet These are the waters of the Murray


coast which claimed the life of keen sailor Frank White in May. The


69-year-old had set off on his boat to spectate on a race series run by


the local club when his boat was overturned. Tragic enough for his


family but when they were asked to come and formally identify his body,


at the mortuary in Elgin, this is what greeted them. What used to


promote like a disused, unkempt outbuilding, and two steps outside,


we were by his body, with very little progression. Just kind of,


are you ready? We think all going to move forward with this, and


actually, you're there, with your loved one right in front of you. In


a statement, NHS Grampian said they had immediately apologised to Mr


White's family and took steps to ensure that what they had


experienced didn't happen again. They are no longer using this


mortuary for family visits. But the family and their MSP are concerned


that there may be other mortuaries in Scotland that provide a similarly


dismal book for grieving families. I think the family who have been


through the river kicks principally to identify the body of a loved one


in mortuary facilities that are wholly inappropriate, below


standards, they want to not have any other family in Scotland go through


that and I agree now is the time to ensure standards of other mortuaries


that and I agree now is the time to in Scotland I checked. The MSP is to


the issue in Hollywood, can mortuaries to be checked to sure


they reach acceptable standards. It felt so wrong, and nobody should


have that lack of dignity and respect, either for the living of


the deceased. And if the position was that there, what was it like


across the rest of Scotland? The Princess Royal has


cancelled her public engagements next week because she is "feeling


unwell", Buckingham Palace has said. Princess Anne, who's 66,


is understood to have had tests at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary


on Wednesday. Buckingham Palace said the Queen's


daughter had been suffering from a bad chest infection and had


cancelled her engagements She's been staying at Balmoral,


the Queen's Aberdeenshire residence. Tens of thousands of people


across Scotland are waiting to rent a house from a council


or a housing association. Some are in temporary


accommodation, others living Our local government correspondent


Jamie McIvor has been investigating Tenderness agent she would ever be


homeless. Her marriage broke up and later a serious medical condition


stopped her from working. She is living in a flat until a more


suitable place to rent becomes available. The bottom line was I had


to sell my house, and when you have to do that, you have to do that, you


realise, I can't go and find another job. I'm not well enough to be doing


Y, Z. Living on the ninth floor can be a serious problem for someone who


uses a wheelchair. While temporary accommodation of any sort is far


from ideal. All other positions have been in storage for a year and a


half now. Just now what I'm sitting with is second-hand goods. Stories


like Linda's may challenge misconceptions about who might


become homeless. Across Scotland 30,000 households became homeless


last year. Sleeping rough is just the tip of the iceberg. The vast


majority of homeless people do have a roof over their head. In Aberdeen


almost 5000 households are in temporary accommodation. Who becomes


homeless? Because of them to anybody, that's the resounding


message I want to get across, because we work with a wide


diversity of people. One person this charity is working with is Carol


Ann. Soon she hopes to have a permanent home. Another charity is


giving her accommodation and teaching the new skills, something


that can help self-esteem. I'd like to have my own home but the row they


are doing it, they are preparing new from moving into your own house,


just giving you a house putting you in with no support can be could end


up back to square one. The Scottish Government wants 35,000 new rented


homes within five years but 160,000 are on the waiting list. Of reasons.


Campaigners worry those in temporary accommodation can easily become


A British Airways flight from London to Florida had to divert to Boston


because of a "disruptive" Scots passenger on board.


The flight left London Gatwick yesterday but diverted


to Boston's Logan Airport after the pilot reported


a passenger was intoxicated, and had been abusive


The plane was met by police, who said the man would be summoned


to court for interfering with a flight crew.


Let's get the weekend weather outlook.


What a miserable end to the day it was but the cat that sunset! You


know what they say about red sky at night. Tomorrow, the improved edge.


A few light showers, well broken cloud and some decent spells of


sunshine. Across the UK as a whole, the wet weather we have seen today


is still with us across the the wet weather we have seen today


South-East, down towards the Isle of Wight. West and north, reasonably


dry but we will have the lion's share of the sunshine tomorrow. By


mid-afternoon, plenty of sunshine for most, the chance of one or two


light rain showers but you will be unlucky to catch one. More likely to


catch a shower in the North-West, but nothing quite like the show was


on the wet weather we saw here today, nowhere near as heavy.


Generally dry for the Northern Isles. Showers in the West starting


to Pepper, the rumble of thunder, those likely to last overnight into


Sunday, but for Sunday itself, high-pressure meaning try unsettled


weather -- dry and settled weather. For most of Sunday, dry and bright


but the cloud will build in the West, temperatures similar. Then the


but the cloud will build in the rain arrives later in the day and


certainly overnight. The low pressure system sweeping the way in


Sunday night, bringing a spell of very heavy rain and very high winds.


That is it. Our next update is tomorrow evening. From all of us,


good night.


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