12/09/2016 Reporting Scotland


The latest news and weather from around Scotland.

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how did the BBC managed to lose the Great British Bake Off


Now on BBC One it's time for the news where you are.


The nephew of a man accused of murdering a waiter


in Lanarkshire in 1998 has denied committing the crime.


Andrew Coulter was giving evidence at the trial of his uncle


Ronnie Coulter who's accused of stabbing Surjit


Andrew Coulter admitted attacking Mr Chhokar with a home-made bat


on the night he died but said he didn't murder him.


From the High Court in Glasgow, Andrew Black reports.


Andrew Coulter told the court that on the date of November 4, 1998,


he went out looking for money to buy alcohol and broke into


a flat which turned out to belong to Mr Chhokar.


after his uncle forged the signature of Mr Chhokar.


The partner of Mr Chhokar found out what had happened and talked


Andrew Coulter told the court that later that night he,


along with Ronnie Coulter and another man, travelled


to the home of Mrs Brice and found Mr Chhokar coming home from work.


Andrew Coulter said he shouted at Mr Chhokar, you had better


Andrew Coulter said at this stage Mr Chhokar swung a bottle


Mr Coulter said he then swung a home-made bat at Mr Chhokar


Andrew Coulter said then his knee gave way and it


He said he and David Montgomerie left the scene and Ronnie Coulter


The prosecutor asked Andrew Coulter if he had stabbed Mr Chhokar,


The court also heard that Andrew Coulter, now 35,


stabbed and killed a man called Patrick Kelly in 1999 and was


Before beginning his evidence the judge told Mr Coulter he did not


have to answer any questions which might incriminate him


Ronnie Coulter has been tried for a second time for the murder,


Scotland's private sector firms saw their output


That's according to a survey of 600 of them.


It's one of many indicators of how the economy is responding


to the vote for Britain to leave the European Union.


Here's our business and economy editor, Douglas Fraser.


Scotland's economy has stalled for while. The vote to leave the


European Union did not help. Looking across the UK at CROWD: Come on,


Andy! As a whole, there was Brexit shock


and there was a bounce back -- there was a Brexit shock but a bounce back


in August. I went to look at a firm. Supergrass in Stirling uses


recycled bottles to make It has been in trouble


for years as the market The staff here expected it


to collapse until this man, a Russian with a big presence


in building materials across Eastern Europe and Asia,


bought the business It is a company that manufactures


high-quality products The company has a good


relation with clients. And I think together


we can increase business. The company has already cut losses


by targeting house builders rather than owners of older homes


and with 10% of output now going abroad, raising up to 40%


while brushing aside uncertainty about future trading relations,


should help the Scottish The plan is to double


the capacity of this plant. That will mean significant


multi-million pound That is encouraging for us,


an investment in infrastructure, I believe it will be a good chance


for personal development for the people who have been part


of the business and for us to begin Job security as Stirling but


elsewhere a different story. There is more soft that is where the


growth has come from over the last nine years. According to an RBS


analysis the highest proportion working for themselves is in Orkney


and in Maine and rural areas. Is that a good thing? Some people can


reduce their hours ahead of retirement and if successful,


home-grown businesses can take other people on. But it means that the --


less security around hours and contracts.


A five-year-old boy has died after being hit by a van


The accident happened in Dalness Street in the Shettleston


area of the city, just after three o'clock this afternoon.


The boy, a pupil at St Paul's Primary School,


was taken to hospital with serious injuries where he died


The first turbine which will form part of the world's largest tidal


energy scheme has been unveiled in the Highlands.


The structure is to be installed in the Pentland Firth.


If it's successful around 260 more underwater turbines will be


added to the array, providing enough electricity for up


Rangers say their supporters were "subjected to a sickening


and shameful display of outright sectarian hatred" during Saturday's


A supporters group wants the club to ban Celtic fans


Off-field incidents have again over-shadowed matters on the park.


Here's our football reporter Alasdair Lamont.


Saturday's game has thrown up several issues. Rangers have


produced a statement following a demand from a supporters groups that


they ban Celtic fans. The statement says...


This relates to a banner held up by Celtic supporters referring to, and


a direct quote, scum. Pictures have been published in newspapers of


effigies of Rangers supporters being hanged. Celtic say they will not


become involved in a tit-for-tat spats but will resolve all issues in


a proper and professional manner. They are also clearing up damage


caused by Rangers supporters the toilets inside Celtic Park on


Saturday. They say that they are dealing with it internally but the


police say they are investigating and saying that the overwhelming


majority of people who attended the game and behave responsibly but a


minority behaved irresponsibly. In a way that has no place in modern


society and football. The match delegates' report from the game will


be studied. Faith leaders and charities


are calling on the Home Office to be more generous to families split


whilst fleeing war in Syria. The Scottish Government has also


said it wants obstacles to be removed to allow families to be


allowed to join those granted Tentative first words


in English for this family. The mother and children have been


cast as refugees. TRANSLATION: Aeroplanes were bombing


and we were in the underground shelter with a lot


of dust, the planes Now far from the bombing


and reunited in Glasgow. The only thing he is,


the mother and children can TRANSLATION: I almost


died to be with them, He has to prove that


he is their father TRANSLATION: The government do not


believe they're my family, I'm prepared to take a DNA test


or anything they ask for. TRANSLATION: My children need him,


I have two disabled children, I do not


understand the system. TRANSLATION: I call for help


from the government 200 faith leaders


from around the country saying that the UK can


do more and quickly. There is a simple practical steps


the government can take, it can relax some regulations about


admitting refugees with family in this country, who guaranteed they


have a network when they arrived and that is achievable


within the The Scottish Government


is also taking a stance. We have got to be in


the business of keeping families together, some


are calling on the UK Government to


revisit and revise the guidelines of In response, the Home


Office said, the UK has a proud history of granting


asylum to those who genuinely And every case is carefully


considered on its individual merits. This is what this family


fled at home in Syria. Five years ago this was the city


that sparked the Syrian uprising. Now they're learning


to read and write And in the fear that


they may lose their The Humanist Society Scotland


is seeking a judicial review of the refusal by Scottish ministers


to give older school pupils the right to opt out


of religious observance. The society says a growing number


of young people don't In England and Wales, 16-


to 18-year-olds have the right The design team behind


the Olympic Park in London has been given the task of drawing up plans


to regenerate an historic LDA Design has been chosen


to breathe new life Four years ago, councillors rejected


plans for a ?140 million The oil tycoon Sir Ian Wood


had offered ?50 million Well, it's over to Judith now


with the weather outlook Some unseasonable weather at the


moment but here is a picture from one of our weather watchers earlier.


Look at these beautiful colours, the contrast between the sky and the


crop below. Tonight we will see rain and heavy pulses of it.


Predominantly dry in the east and a very mild and humid night. That is


how tomorrow's stars, with a band of rain is lying across the western


half of the country. This weather front is generating outbreaks of


rain and waxing and waning east and west but will become find -- become


confined to the west. Showers in the morning clearing away quickly. Look


at those temperatures. Rain still affecting the north-west Highlands


but there will be some sunshine for the Western Isles and staying that


way for most of the day. The rain will clear but we should seek Mr low


cloud feeding in particularly over Shetland. Over the rest of the day


the rain becomes confined to western coastal areas of Argyll and the


Western Highlands and largely dried for sky -- the Isle of Skye. That


weather front linguae across the West and fringing into the far west


Wales and the South West but elsewhere, warm sunshine and hot


temperatures across the south tomorrow. Back in Scotland,


south-east Scotland seeing the highest temperatures. Widely into


the low 20s where we do see the sunshine. Cooler but fresher across


more north-western areas where we see the rain. The winds light across


the board. That continues to affect the South -- far West tomorrow. The


winds going to be used on Tuesday night into Wednesday pushing cloud


across much of the country apart from the south-west. The weather


front pushes away and there is cloud in the East later on. That's your


forecast. And that's it from us for now. Goodbye.


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