13/09/2016 Reporting Scotland


The latest news and weather from around Scotland.

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The way schools in Scotland are run could be set


The Scottish Government says it wants to give as much power


as possible to individual schools, and headteachers.


It means local authorities are likely to have far less control.


The Education Secretary John Swinney launched the review this afternoon.


Our guiding principle for the way schools is run are simple.


Decisions should be taken at school level.


That will be the presumption and we will place it


We want to empower teaches to make the best decisions for


There will be new educational regions operating above


Would the cabinet Secretary accept this looks like


Let's talk about the things which John Swinney


He said there will be no moves to selective education or


grammar schools or formally allowing schools to opt out of local


But don't be put off by the moderate language of John


Swinney, we could be talking about radical changes.


Especially when it comes to the role of councils.


The Scottish government would see this


as a form of devolution to schools and say that by empowering teachers


they're more likely to do what is best for the school and raise


What is right for one school may not be right for a school


But there is a question of the regional education


boards to encourage schools in different areas to


The question is what role is left for local authorities?


The debate talking about the priorities of the school budget and


the curriculum. The main question will be how schools remain


accountable to parents and the wider communities they serve.


A man has told a court that his uncle confessed


to the stabbing in 1998 of restauraunt worker


Andrew Coulter said Ronnie Coulter told him what he had done


Andrew Black reports from the High Court in Glasgow.


He said he and his uncle had been reviled caching of jabber check


belonging to -- agile check. Mr Chokkar Belonging to. -- giro


cheque. He said that after his uncle is gone to see Mr Chokkar his uncle


was at his flat and he appeared shaken. He was asked if he had said


anything he said he had stabbed Mr Chokkar. Donald finally put two and


a cult that he had killed Mr Chokkar Chokkar. Donald finally put two and


and had gone to see with the baseball bat. Ronnie Coulter denied


that he had and said they had he would have confessed to it.


The disciplinary hearing against nurse Pauline Cafferkey


who survived Ebola has ruled she did not act


'dishonestly' by allowing her temperature to be mis-recorded


during screening at Heathrow airport.


But the 40 year-old nurse still faces charges of misconduct


Pauline Cafferkey arrived back home and the screening room was described


Although her temperature was enough to warrant medical


attention, somebody in her team has had written it as being 37 degrees.


After that she said she was feeling unwell and had taken paracetamol.


But when she went back to the screening area,


a doctor cleared her to return home to Scotland.


Now, the panel here, the conduct hearing has


agreed she didn't act dishonestly in not declaring her attempt.


But representatives argued she should be


found guilty of misconduct, because she did put


Her lawyer said she should have been treated as a patient from the moment


she arrived back at Heathrow and it was up


to officials to make sure the


temperature checks were done properly.


She said despite the chaos of everything that was going on, she


She said despite the chaos going on Pauline Cafferkey did speak to


medical staff and said she was feeling unwell.


She said her unblemished record demonstrates her


judgment was impaired because of the symptoms of Ebola.


But the panel have retired to consider the


arguments made by both sides and the hearing


The SNP will chair a newly created international trade


committee at Westminster, a party spokeswoman has confirmed.


The Prime Minister Theresa May created the new department,


led by Liam Fox, looking at the implications for business


Scotland is ahead of the rest of the UK in tackling


greenhouse gas emissions, according to a new report from


But it says the reductions were largely down to the relatively


warm weather last winter, and adds that in some areas,


schemes are "largely failing to deliver."


Here's our environment correspondent Kevin Keane.


They run on hydrogen but these buses are four times more expensive than


conventional one. Aberdeen has the biggest fleet of these buses in


Scotland but without them the fleet would not be viable. As long as


you're planning for a traffic light I can slow the bus down. This is one


way of tackling emissions from transport but with just ten buses it


is a small scale to a big problem. The report says there has been a


good progress in deploying renewable energy but says it is largely


unchanged in 1990 and in agriculture emissions reductions have been slow


but the reduction in the light of new forms planted.


We are aiming at cutting our emissions in the UK by 80% by 2050


and the Scottish Government has taken this seriously in making its


What we have got to do is concentrate particularly on


They run on hydrogen but these buses are four


transport, where we do have to reduce our emissions.


Hydrogen transport is good for vehicle


emissions, but one problem is getting people out of their cars and


on to buses like this in the first place.


So ministers are being urged in the report to better promote


It is a global challenge and we are taking


I'm pleased the fact that we are leading the rest


of the UK has been recognised, but it makes it tough to


Scotland is doing better than the rest of the UK in


tackling climate change, but ministers acknowledge more needs to


be done and a climate change plan will be published over the winter.


A five-year-old boy who died after he was knocked down by a van


in the Shettleston area of Glasgow yesterday has been named.


He was Lennon Toland, who lived in Tollcross.


He was taken to the Queen Elizabeth University hospital when he died a


short time later. The 62-year-old driver


of the transit van was not injured. The squeeze on Holyrood's budget


is likely to dominate the council elections next May,


as the amount councillors have to spend could be cut


by as much as ?1 billion over That's according to a report


by the Fraser of Allander Institute The report warns that with health


and other priorities taking a larger share of the money available,


other Scottish Government I think the warnings are partly for


the Chancellor who could and austerity and has said he wants to


reset UK economic policy and they should do that in a way that


supports rather than undermines economy and in terms of the Scottish


Government will have new powers which will be in addition to the


existing powers and use in a balanced way. It will protect


household budgets. The onus is on the Scottish bone meant to make sure


they have measures. -- Scottish Government. They need to make sure


that we are not facing severe cuts to phrase about the Institute are


talking about. Football and Celtic endured


their worst ever European defeat as they lost 7-0 to a rampant


Barcelona in their opening group Lionel Messi Got Barcelona off the


mark manner. Celtic have the chance to level and the penalty was saved.


Two minutes later Lionel Messi punish Celtic with a second goal. In


the second half there was a goal from this free kick for Barcelona


and the captain hammered Bali. Lionel Messi Slid the ball home to


complete his hat-trick before Luis Suarez wrap things up


Now the weather outlook for tonight and tomorrow.


Unfortunately the sun was not out for most of us today. It was a


south-east of the UK that saw the best of it. 34 degrees in Gravesend


in Kent. The warmest day of the year. 14 at Lossiemouth. 20 degrees


cooler. This weather fun producing heavy rain and then pause. Because


Manchester Airport was shut. Now just edging into wards of court


orders and double grace the east coast overnight. -- the Borders. It


will graze on the east coast. There will be some shows tomorrow morning


in Glasgow it was a south-west and towards the north-east but as we


head towards honouring those will clear way so generally dry by


afternoon but still fairly cloudy and there will be some sunshine and


the south-west. Plus the UK as a whole not quite high temperatures we


saw today are still the mid to high 20s and a mixture of cloud and


sunshine. Similar to for Wales and Northern Ireland. In Scotland we


will have some sunshine in the south-west of hair shirt and


Dumfries and Galloway with 2324 degrees but elsewhere cool and


cloudier than that and that mist and muck around North Sea course. --


--murk. North east coasts. Around the west coast some rain. It will


have pursued through towards the North Sea by Friday and probably the


best day weather this week for in Scotland with bright weather and


some sunshine but a fresher feel and temperatures and mid-teens in the


afternoon. Our next update is during Breakfast


at 6.25 tomorrow morning. But, from everyone on the late team


here in Glasgow and around


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