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The latest news and weather from around Scotland.

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Food Standards Scotland is now advising the public not to eat


products from the Carnwath based manufacturer Errington Cheese -


instead it's advising people to return the cheese


to where they bought it The FSA is also urging shops to withhold


from sale any Errington cheese not yet on the market, as they say


Earlier this summer, 20 people were infected in


an outbreak in South Lanarkshire - including a three year old girl


Investigations by Food Standards Scotland and South Lanarkshire


Council into food safety related to unpasteurised cheese produced


A spokeswoman for Errington Cheese declined to comment.


Scotland's food watchdog has ordered a ban on the sale of all cheese


from a Lanarkshire producer linked to an e-coli outbreak which led


It follows another incident in Angus involving children.


A playgroup has been closed while investigations continue.


Our reporter Laura Maxwell has been following developments.


Food standards Scotland are advising shops not to sell any more of the


cheese and advising members of the public to return the product of the


manufacturer. Become the has previously said its cheese is safe


Meanwhile, NHS Tayside is investigating a number of cases


of Ecoli infection affecting a small number of children in Angus.


Possible sources of infection and transmission of the bacteria


A playgroup has voluntarily closed while this continues.


The nurse, Pauline Cafferkey, who contracted ebola while working


in Sierra Leone, has been cleared of misconduct over her return


It had been claimed she allowed an incorrect temperature to be


recorded during the screening process at Heathrow airport.


But today a disciplinary panel of the nursing and midwifery council


in Edinburgh dismissed the charges after hearing she'd been


Public Health England, who raised the complaint, have said they


Pauline Cafferkey looked visibly relieved as the disciplinary panel


Her lawyer spoke of the effect the prolonged


investigation has had on


She would never have knowingly put anyone in danger.


Since her return from Sierra Leone she has


The NMC disciplinary process has been upsetting and stressful for


Pauline, however, she was delighted the panel made the case she has no


It has been almost two years since Pauline Cafferkey


left for Sierra Leone, working on the front line


One former patient recalls how she saved his life.


She gave advice and we listened to her and her colleagues.


Pauline Cafferkey was exhausted when she arrived at Heathrow.


The screening area managed by Public Health England


What happened here is key to this case.


The panel here heard that in the chaos at Heathrow


that night some members of Pauline Cafferkey's team decided


Although hers was high, she allowed somebody


in her group to record it as normal so they could pass through


She heard that person say, let's get out of here.


Ms Cafferkey did then disclose her high


The misconduct committee ruled it would have been


inconceivable a nurse of their experience would have left


the area without mentioning her temperature


so why was she put through this ordeal?


I think what's clear today, I have not apologised, in answer to


your question, what's clear today is very much


Our overriding duty is to protect the


public and maintain confidence in the profession.


There was support for her at the practice where she


She devoted herself to do the fairly selfless work.


Pauline Cafferkey wanted only to help others.


She will hope today's outcome will be the final hurdle in


The First Minister says Scottish interests must be embedded in plans


to negotiate Britain's departure from the European union.


Nicola Sturgeons was giving evidence to Holyrood's European Committee.


This from our political editor Brian Taylor.


In Strasbourg, Westminster and Holyrood.


In Strasbourg, Jean-Claude Juncker urged European integration including


He warned the departing UK could not expect to stay in the single trade


market without also allowing free movement of labour.


TRANSLATION: Only those can have unlimited access


to the single market that accent there will be free access for labour


There can be no a la carte access to the single market.


But what's on the Westminster menu, a la carte or otherwise?


The SNP's Angus Roberts and urged the Prime


Minister to specify her name is post-Brexit.


Is the Prime Minister in favour of protecting


There was a very clear message from the British people at the time


of the referendum vote on June 23, that they wanted to see an end to


They want to see control of movement of


people from the European Union into the UK and that's what we will


At Holyrood, the First Minister faced questions.


She reminded them and voters that Brexit


hadn't happened yet and in her view by far the West was yet to come --


Nobody is doing anybody any favours by


suggesting we are through the worst, we have not even started this


The potential of a lost decade for the UK should make us sit


up and take notice and in Scotland it should make us think very


carefully about whether there are better alternatives than accepting


She castigated the UK Government for failing to clarify


the consequences of Brexit three months on from the


She said it was: gobsmacking, to use non-Parliamentary language.


Later the Scotland Brexit minister urged


all MSP is to back full membership of the single market.


The Tories stressed any Scottish aspirations


must be agreed with the UK Government.


And a Brexit meeting in


The number of people out of work between May


and July was down by 29,000 - reaching 130,000.


It means the Scottish unemployment rate is now below that of the UK


A 12-year-old girl has been seriously injured


after being knocked down in the west end of Glasgow.


She was with another girl, who is 13, and who said to be stable.


They were hit by a vehicle on Great Western Road just


Both children were taken to the Queen University


The operation to move the Transocean Winner rig which ran


aground last month on the west coast of Lewis will begin next week.


The rig is now anchored on the isle's east coast.


A public meeting heard the rig will be piggy-backed onto a heavy


lifting ship and transported to Turkey, where it


A lot of preparation is to be done. Obviously we are mindful of the


weather, but we won't take any chances. Or just make sure we are


ready 20 47 and just do the operation as soon as possible.


A transport group has warned that congestion in Glasgow is behind


an increase in bus journey times and and what's been


called an "alarming" drop in passenger numbers.


The group, Greener Journeys, concluded that bus speeds in Glasgow


were falling faster than anywhere else in the UK and services could be


Bus operator, First Glasgow, has now called for action


Andy Murray says he's delighted to be back in Glasgow,


playing in an atmosphere he describes as the best


The Olympic and Wimbledon champion - alongside big brother


Jamie, who's the US Open doubles champion -


are the backbone of the British Davis Cup team and they're


He's always in demand on trips back home.


He's Wimbledon and Olympic gold in what he describes as


Obviously a lot of good memories from this place.


Good times here, big wins, amazing atmosphere.


Probably the best atmosphere you could play in ever.


Andy Murray is back in Scotland after a terrific year not


just for him but for big brother Jamie, too.


The Murray family trophy cabinet now boasts six grand slam


titles between them, two Olympic gold medals,


I wanted to try to do as best I can in my career and make sure that


when I finish I could look back with no regrets.


To come from a small town, Dunblane, to be able to come


through there is just brilliant, and brilliant for the sport


It takes a lot of work and dedication but it can happen.


He's really inspiring for us, because we see how hard it is


We want to be like him when we are older,


Annoyingly his skills are not confined to the tennis court.


This is Andy Murray scoring and five-a-side the other day.


Playing on one of the five-a-side pitches


the other day and I have not played five-a-side football for it must be


That was the first game we played, ten minutes each way.


If he's that accurate this weekend, Argentina are in trouble.


The decision to hold the next Old Firm match on Hogmanay has been


The Scottish Police Federation have called the decision insanity,


and MSP Brian Whittle, the Scottish Conservatives'


sport spokesman, described it as baffling.


Police Scotland have defended the decision saying it was reached


after discussions between police, football authorities


and the broadcasters, believing to be the best option


to minimise the wider community impact.


Well, let's get the weather from Christopher.


Good evening. There was some sunshine and some gloom today. It


was the south-west where we had that worm sunshine. The worst some


stubborn clouds particularly for these southern belt and along


because. This evening, a line of heavy showers leaving the Western


Isles and moving northwards. Fading away, generally try foremost


overnight. Missed and low cloud reforming extensively and moving


inland. Showers on the West Coast. A dry tomorrow morning for most.


Issued improved although there will be some showers for the Hebrides and


the West Coast. Driver most of the day in the mainland, increasingly


bright with cloud thinning and breaking. A better day for areas


that had stubborn clouds today. Across the UK as a whole, generally


dry, bright and sunny spells. In the said Easter will be high-temperature


as Fred this time of year. For Wales and Northern Ireland, a mixture of


cloud and some brightness. Similar fuss, too. In the sunshine


temperatures will be in the mid-20s. The rain in the west starts to edge


of a inland as we head overnight into Thursday and Friday. That rain


reaching the eastern side of the country by Friday morning.


Thunderstorms down south, a real lively start to Friday. For most of


us on Friday, dry and bright, sunshine and a fresher feel. The


rain perhaps will linger for a Shetland. Into the weekend with a


ridge of high pressure. That means dry and bright weather for all.


Pleasant enough, temperatures in the high teens.


Our next update is during Breakfast at 6.25am tomorrow morning.


But, from everyone on the late team here in Glasgow


and around the country - goodnight.


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