15/09/2016 Reporting Scotland


The latest news and weather from around Scotland.

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Here on BBC One it's time for the news where you are.


Scotland's food standards watchdog says it believes 19 people


who became ill during a recent e-coli outbreak


Officials said most of those were known to have


Food Standards Scotland has ordered a blanket ban


on all products from the makers, Errington Cheese.


To make a number of confirmed cases of E. Coli has risen to 22. The team


at managing the investigation say 19 of those had eaten blue cheese.


15 of those people infected with E. Coli are known to have eaten the Tom


Sawyer blue cheese. What they will not reveal is whether the


three-year-old girl who died during this outbreak is eating blue cheese.


A small number of E. Coli cases in children are being investigated in


the Angus area. Initial enquiries suggest these could be linked to


this national outbreak. It is not just done sire blue which has been


taken off the shelves. All six types of cheese made by the company in


Lanarkshire were ordered to be withdrawn from sale by the food


safety agency. There is criticism that that the move is perhaps


overcautious. I am surprised that all the cheese being produced by the


company has been withdrawn in a very peremptory survey. The company


wasn't given a chance to respond to the withdrawal notice. So the Food


Standards Agency is taking a very precautionary line. The


investigation team is stoutly defending its decision saying they


have taken a large number of cheese samples and these have identified a


number of different cheeses produced by Errington cheese containing


organisms with the potential to cause serious illness. Including the


E. Coli bug. As for the producers, they have stuck to their position,


saying all the testing they have carried out under their cheese has


found no trace of E. Coli. They say that has been confirmed to them by


various microbiological experts. A mother of two who had


to crowd fund her treatment after being denied a new drug


for breast cancer, is now to receive the medicine on the NHS,


after she wrote to the First Tonight Anne Maclean-Chang said


she was delighted , Nicola Sturgeon welcomed


the Grampian health board U-turn, but warned that it was impossible


to provide every patient with the medication


they thought they required. This from our Political


Editor, Brian Taylor. Yes, it is the First Minister, guard


in pink. Nicola Sturgeon joint fellow leaders to back the charity


breast Cancer now. Smiling together to help combat pain and anguish.


Earlier, political conflict. The daily record highlighted the reality


of cancer treatment under this government. The paper told of a


woman, a mother of two, denied cancer drug which might prolong her


life. The drug is not routinely prescribed to appeal for individual


treatment was rejected. Alerted to the case, the First Minister's


offers contacted the health board yesterday. This morning, following


discussions with a clinician, NHS Grampian has agreed to fund this


drug. I understand she has been informed of this morning. Satellite,


probably a bit of surprise after the fight I feel I have had in trying to


get to this point that there seemed to be a turnaround. I believe there


are over 100 women like me in Scotland who have this disease and


some of them may well benefit from the drug as well. So I am very


conscious that although this personally is a great decision for


me, it doesn't help these other ladies who are out there who are


already diagnosed were about to be diagnosed. In a statement, the


health board confirmed it was there a call. They said having considered


the unusual circumstances of this case the medical director has


sanctioned the use of the drug in case the medical director has


this instance. Wonderful news, but what about the others in a similar


plight? Can she assured the chamber that cases like this will never


happen again? No, I cannot and I will not give an assurance that no


patient will never again find that they cannot access a drug that they


think, in all sincerity, they should, because in any system that


is to assess drugs there will inevitably be hard decisions that


are difficult for all of us where drugs are not accessible for a


particular patient. There is a review under way into how patients


can access new medicines in Scotland. At the core that is an


attempt to persuade drug companies to charge lower prices to the NHS


but from the general to the particular. Tonight, one mother is


to receive treatment she hopes will give her a long time with her


family. The Scottish and UK governments have


held what they've called positive talks on the UK leaving


the European Union. It was a first time meeting


in Downing Street for the UK's Brexit minister David Davis


and his Scottish Mr Russell, also met the scottish


secretary David Mundell, and warned it was inconceivable


for ministers in London to negotiate devolved issues


on Scotland's behalf. Our Political Correspondent,


Nick Eardley, reports. Today was the first time at Michael


Russell and David Davies had met in their new roles. It was about two


things. A chance for the Scottish Government to set out its key


interests. The one we have heard a lot about in the past fortnight is


membership of the European single market. The Scottish Government


believes that needs to continue, the UK Government is yet to set out its


formal position. Today was also a chance for the Scottish Government


and the UK Government to discuss what role of ministers in Edinburgh


should have in formulating the UK's brisk set strategy. In particular,


they discussed what rule ministers in Edinburgh would have when it came


to devolved issues. Devolution is massively embedded in the United


Kingdom. We believe in moving on from that, but it would be


inconceivable that the areas of devolved responsibility were


negotiated on or negotiated away by anybody else, because they are the


responsibility of the Scottish Government and parliament and I


think we have to make absolutely clear. We are at a very early stage


in the process. We have to understand how we take forward the


respective interests of Scotland and other parts of the United Kingdom


and how the negotiations are going to be struck. Mr Mandela also said


he is open to Scotland having a slightly different relationship with


the EU than the rest of the UK post-Brexit. That is not a view


shared by everybody around the UK Cabinet table. I am told there would


be more information about the former ruler of Scotland in this process in


the next few weeks. There will also be more toxic one forward between


the UK and Scottish governments as they try to find some common cars.


It is unlikely that will be simple. Plans to make emotional


and psychological abuse a crime have The proposals will also see


a separate offence of domestic abuse Victims' groups have


welcomed the move. They say for too long the focus has


been on physical violence, while mental torture


can often be worse. Covering yourself up. Nobody wants


to look at you. Domestic abuse takes many forms. It can go on for years,


gradually gnawing away at the sense of self. It made me feel worthless.


Psychologically and sexually abused, this woman's former partner was


eventually jailed. She is still suffering. Depressed, isolated,


anxious, always feeling you had to run things past and ask for


permission. Trying to separate me from my friends who could see


through him. There tends to be a lot of self blame because they have been


told over and over that this is only happening because they are not doing


things right. They are not behaving in a proper way, they are not


cooking, cleaning properly and so that sense of personhood is eroded.


It is this type of abuse the new offence is designed to tackle as the


justice minister hurt when he visited a support centre. It is not


just the physical aspect, it is the coercive and controlling nature of


the psychological abuse associated with it. We have in existing law


provisions to do with the physical aspects. What this new legislation


will do is help us deal with the psychological consequences that go


with domestic violence. Cases of physical domestic abuse are pretty


prosecuted under existing criminal laws like breach of the peace or


assault. Experts say they do not give sufficient powers to bring


abusers to justice. The new law coming into place in Scotland will


allow police officers to go to incidents and look at the whole


story of what is happening in that relationship. It is not just about


the physical assault, the sexual assault, it is about the isolation


and controlling behaviour, the bad times. These can be packaged up and


put to the court. We are offering protection also offering police


officers or two in the war against domestic abuse. It is estimated a


woman will be physically or emotionally abused at least 30 or 40


times before she reported. MSP is voted unanimously to ensure the lot


will be on her side. The UK government's


Culture Secretary, Karen Bradley, says it's for the BBC to decide


whether Scotland should have an hour long TV news


programme at six o'clock. BBC Scotland's producing pilots


for a programme which could replace Reporting Scotland


and the Six o'clock News. As she announced a new BBC Charter


for the next eleven years, the Culture Secretary said


the BBC should represent The MP for Midlothian,


Owen Thomson has called for the UK government to act urgently to allow


a nine-year-old Syrian boy, Mohammed Karou, who was feared dead


in the country's civil war, to be allowed to join his


parents in Scotland. The couple fled from north-east


Syria earlier this year, But after they settled in Penicuik,


they discovered he's still alive, Time now for the latest weather


forecast, with Christopher. Good evening. There was warm


sunshine around today for some of us. An official looking over at Loch


Ness. You needed to be away from the coast for the heat. 26 degrees in


Aberdeenshire. Cooler where we have the frontal cloud around the east


coast. Cody for Northern Ireland. Most of England and Wales have


sunshine. The heat now kicking off a number of thunderstorms. We have


trained moving north west across Scotland. The Southeast will see


disruptive weather. The torrential downpours likely to cause


significant travel impact if you are travelling to the south-east of


England tomorrow by plane or by train. And amber be prepared one is


in force. Tomorrow it is a west start. Only thunderstorms are at


sea. Elsewhere it is a dry, bright start and through the morning that


sunshine butchers ring away. Improving for all but lingering for


Shetland and the far north-east of Aberdeenshire. If you light showers


in the West but dry and bright. Across the UK as a whole you can see


the wet weather stretching to the south-east. Some torrential


downpours here. West of here it is great and deprived by the odd


shower. Fresher comparator too late. Temperatures in the mid to high


teens, maybe 20 Celsius. Forget the circumstances we have seen. Remember


today we saw areas reaching the mid-20s. Tomorrow around 17 or 18.


Friday night, any showers fade away it is dry and clear and chilly in


the countryside as a ridge of high pressure builds on overnight. That


is with us for the first of the weekend. Saturday looks set the. Try


fine weather in store. That fees plus sunshine is perhaps a little


more cloud building across the far north-west. The odd spot of rain.


Many areas try and fight. A different story come Sunday. They


were different version of the Atlantic bringing outbreaks of


Linford West of Scotland and Northern Ireland and that will


slowly make its way for the south-eastward as we had its


Ridgewood Sunday night. That is the forecast for now.


Our next update is during Breakfast at six twenty five tomorrow morning.


But, from everyone on the late team here in Glasgow and around


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