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The latest news and weather from around Scotland.

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Demonstrations have been held across Scotland,


in protest at the effects of the UK government's changes


Women born in the 1950s say the changes mean they're losing up


to ?40,000, because they're unable to retire


Here's our social affairs correspondent Reevel Alderson.


One of a series of demonstration against changes to state pension


They say they have paid into the scheme, but


the changes mean they aren't getting a payout.


Lynne has studied the


figures, because she has had to go back to work,


now she won't get her pension as she expected at 62.


For people like myself born in 1954, I don't get my pension until I'm 66.


That is a four-year period and this amounts


to, you know figures between 30 and 45,000.


It is a lot of money to come out of your pension


In 1995 the Government announced they would equalise the


pension age for men and women and 12 years later, Labour said they were


putting the age for both men and women up to 66.


But they were spreading the transition over 22


In 2011 the coalition said it was accelerating that process,


giving some women just two years to adjust their plans.


Like Cathy, who contracted an illness, meaning she


When I took my illness, that made you know it


imperative that I had to retire and got this letter


saying it would be 65, I was shocked.


I couldn't believe that I had to work another


This is a matter reserved to Westminster and


the department for work and pensions said women retiring today can still


expect to receive a higher state pension over their lifetime than any


An 84-year-old man has died, after a house fire in Glasgow.


The blaze broke out yesterday evening in the Partick


Police and fire crews were called to a house in Crawford Lane


An 83-year-old woman, who was also in the house,


was taken to hospital and is being treated


Campaigners have called for more support for victims


of asbestos-related cancer, who are fighting


It comes as a sufferer in Inverness claims that his former employer,


Highland Council, is deliberately ignoring correspondence.


The council says it can't comment, but that communications


would be made via a lawyer and not a claimant.


Gardening and swimming have kept James fit and healthy in retirement.


But recently the Inverness pensioner felt himself frail and underwent


I had to go up to the hospital and ask what was the results.


In March he was diagnosed with mesothelioma, an incurable lung


cancer, almost always caused by asbestos exposure.


He is convinced it took place when employed as a labourer.


But while still in receipt of a council pension, he says the


authority has turned its back on him by failing to reply to


I think they're giving me the run around, if you can


Or the solicitor's getting the run around.


Hopefully they will shut up and days peer.


Groups campaigning for victims say cases like his are on


the increase and many women are now presenting with asbestos-related


illnesses, which have traditionally been associated with men and


We are seeing teachers and nurses, it


didn't matter if it was in industry, during the war, when ever, women


So when you have someone perhaps a nurse who work --


walked through the corridors and the pipe were lagged with asbestos.


Law changes gives sufferers more rights than anywhere


I have to think how bad is it going to get.


former factory worker, maybe eligible for a one-payment from the


But the fight for civil compensation is pe set by problems -


beset by problems of gaining evidence.


Campaigners warn that the legacy of asbestos will continue for decades


yet, with case numbers unlikely to peak for a few years.


Rugby and Glasgow lost their 100% Pro 12 record, losing


Edinburgh took on Leinster at Murrayfield, where the Irish side


notched a four try bonus point by half-time.


Edinburgh fought back in the second half, with tries from Hamish Watson


and Magnus Bradbury, but it wasn't enough -


Pele, one of the most famous sportsmen of all time,


Half a century after visiting here as a player,


the Brazilian footballer is at a dinner in the city,


where fans are paying up to ?900 to meet him.


Our reporter David Currie got to speak to him for free.


40 years after hanging up his boots at the age


of 75, the great Pele is


making the news still despite not turning up.


Younger viewers might wonder what all the fuss was about.


That is Brazil's 100th goal in the World


The greatest footballer of all time, Farhat.


The only three times World Cup winner.


His only other visit to Scotland was 50 years ago


during preparations for the 1966 World Cup.


Does the man who inspired generations of footballers have any


advice for aspiring Scottish football superstars?


Fans are spending up to ?900 for an evening


You never think that you are the best and you know everything. You


have to always tried to do better. Never think you know everything.


That is the advice my father gave me when I was young.


He is donating some of that to charity.


For his super fans, meeting Pele is priceless.


Unfortunately, David still hasn't managed to speak


It's over to Christopher now with the weather forecast


The evening. Plus a lovely day. It will be rather chilly overnight


tonight. You can see why, this ridge of high pressure building its way


keeping things dry and settled. Temperatures in towns and cities


will be around seven, but cold in the countryside. A chilly start the


day for some tomorrow morning. Mist and fog patches quickly going and


then dry and bright with spells of sunshine lasting for most for most


of the day. A different story if we had said that the border, there is


thicker cloud, thanks to an old weather front across eastern


England. Some sunshine coming through for Wales and Cumbria,


Northern Ireland as well. We will have temperatures of a similar note


by mid-afternoon. With light and variable winds that will feel quite


pleasant at times. Some cloud coming and going across the Highland


region. Figure cloud for the Western Isles and perhaps at times. The


winds will tend as that weather front arrives bringing thicker cloud


and Harry Briggs of rain. A very different day in store for western


parts of the country on the second half of the weekend. You can see it


will be cloudy for many central western areas. That brain just


getting into words the West Coast. Dreyer to the east and brighter with


spells of sunshine. The rain will come into words Glasgow and


Inverness late afternoon and march its wheat used with overnight.


Eventually it will reach most parts of the mainland. But the forecast


Thanks, Chris. And that's Reporting Scotland.


Our next update is tomorrow evening at 5.25pm.


But, from everyone on the late team here in Glasgow, good night.


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